My Mother

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My mother started a business of her own after my father walked out on us just after I was born. She worked hard building it up and now had three female employees.

She never seemed to go out and enjoy herself or bring any guys home at any time but as I grew up I wasn’t at all curious about this, I just thought it was normal.

I did notice that occasionally when I arrived home from college there seemed to be quite a strong smell of sex in the upper rooms of the house.

I often wondered what was happening while I was at college during the day. I always thought my Mom was at work, but that was not apparently so.

One day I wandered past my Mom’s bedroom and noticed something on the floor. It looked like a baton, so I went in and picked it up. Much to my surprise it was shaped like a penis with ridges and was battery powered, plus it was about 10″ long and about 2″ wide. It also had balls attached which, if you pressed on them shot a cum-like substance from the hole at the top.

I stood there and studied this phenomenon wondering what it was doing in my Mom’s bedroom. Even though I had just turned 18 I was still a virgin in all ways sexually, and all I knew how to do was masturbate when I became aroused.

I arrived istanbul escort home early a couple of days later and could hear Mom’s voice coming from her room. I crept up very quietly to her door which was half open and heard a female voice saying, “Take this cock deep in your cunt, slut. You know how you love it.”

Mom then moaned loudly telling her friend, Jane, as I found out later. “Fuck me harder, ram it up me, I’m cumming.

Jane told her that she had all the 10 inches right up her cunt. I peeked in the door and saw Jane with the strap-on bending over Mom, with her bum pointing towards the door. Mom was lying naked on the bed and Jane was pounding her cunt with a lot of force. Mom was loving it. I could see that she was just about to cum; she was writhing and pushing up to meet the force of the prick as Jane rammed it into her open pussy, and breathing very heavily.

My cock had become a lance by that time, and I quickly walked away before I was caught by either Mom or Jane. I went to my bedroom and closed the door, and took my cock out of my jeans and thought about what I had seen. It didn’t take long for me to shoot a large load of cum, and I felt it would never stop. I cleaned kadıköy escort up and left the house without them realizing that I had been home.

As I passed Mom’s room again, I heard her tell Jane that she was now going to make love to her, and that it was her turn to get fucked by the dildo.

I returned home later that day and everything seemed to be normal. A couple of days later though, I got home early from college and again I heard voiced in Mom’s room.

I thought I would have to share this moment once again with these two horny ladies, without them knowing. Mom was stepping into the strap-on and had lubed it up with lots of KY jelly, as well as rubbing a lot onto Jane pussy both inside and out. She then approached the bed and slowly worked the large appendage into Jane’s hot moist cunt. Jane told her to slow down a bit or she would cum too soon.

By this time, I was getting hornier and standing by the open door, I slid my zipper down and eased my hard cock out of my jeans. I started to wank myself whilst watching this live pornographic show. I must have let out a moan and Jane glanced round and noticed me rubbing myself; then Mom looked to see what Jane was looking at kağıthane escort and also noticed me. She had the look on her face of a scared rabbit caught in headlights when she realized who had been watching the two of them fucking.

Mom pulled the dildo out of Jane and told me to get out, but Jane said, “He has already been watching for a while, we may as well let him stay and see what we are doing.”

“No,” said Mom.

Jane just pulled her round and inserted the prick inside her cunt again and told Mom to continue to fuck her. She called me to come and stand beside the bed. I looked at Mom. She then said, “Well, you have seen what Jane and I are doing but I want you to promise that it will never be mentioned outside this house, OK.” She then proceeded to continue to fuck Jane while I watched.

Jane pulled me closer and grabbed my hand and placed it on her breast, and told me to play with her nipples. They were long and hard standing out about ½ inch. She was very close to cumming and she then took hold of my cock and started wank me while I played with her boobs.

Mom was really fucking her now and just as Jane exploded, I felt myself launch a load of sperm that hit Jane on the stomach and sprayed over Mom’s tummy too. I didn’t think it was ever going to stop, I don’t think I had ever cum so hard.

Jane laughingly said to Mom, “Looks like we have both had a cum bath.”

We all got in the shower together and while washing each other, started to turn each other on again.

Further adventures still to cum with Mom. Keep reading.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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