My Mum, My Cum Ch. 05

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She held me in her mouth, her nose inhaling my pubic hair. As she breathed in and out, I saw my pubes sway with her breath. I was hard as hell, and right down her throat!

“Wow, Mum,” I managed….”That’s unreal!”

I slowly started moving in and out. I really had to cum! I held her piss-wet hair and used her mouth like a blow-up toy, pushing her face in, letting it out. Because she could only breath through her nose, snot dripped along her upper lip, and gathered on the shaft of my penis.

Slowly I slid in and out of the vacuum that was her lips. My pubic hair was covered in her snot, as each forward thrust gathered more from her nose. Her locked lips pushed the snot like a broom, shovelling it up to the top of my penis.

When I was right down her throat, I decided to take things a step farther.

“Hey, Mum?” I asked, as her nose was in my snot-covered pubes. “Can I fuck you?”

She slowly withdrew her mouth along the length of my cock, and it fell out with a ‘plop’ sound.

“Mmmm…” she said, as she rubbed her pussy on my leg. “I think I would like that.”

Shit but she reeked! Pissed on, cummed on, and spat on. I took my cock and put it back in her mouth.

“I wanna fuck you, Mum.” I said. She grunted an ok sound, while flicking my penis with her tongue.

“Wanna go to bed?” I asked, as the bathtub taps scratched my back.

She kneeled up in the tub, and pushed the wet hair from her eyes.

“Okay, Daniel. But do you have any condoms?”

“I do, Mum.”

We stepped out of the tub, me naked with cock hard. Her in piss wet schoolgirl dress.

I followed her into my bedroom, where she lay down and peeled off her skirt. She pulled her wet shirt over her head.

There she was…in just panties, skin glistening in the light.

“Wanna take them off for me?”

I lifted her legs high, and peeled them down and over her feet. She was naked. On my bed!

She reached over with her nails and scratched at my balls. Her fingers went back, and touched my asshole.

“I want you to cum inside me.”

Then she laughed…”where’s the condom?”

I went to the drawer and pulled out the pack.

“Open one for me,” she asked.

I did, and gave it to her.

“Watch this,” she said, as she put bursa escort bayan the rubber in her mouth.

She positioned her head over my cock, her hand guiding it up and into her mouth. Within a second the raincoat was on!

“Wow!” was all I could offer.

“Fuck me, Daniel,” she begged, lying back on the bed, legs spread wide. Her hands went to her pussy, and opened it up for me.

I put my cock inside my Mother and began pumping in and out. The few times I fell out she put me back in. Her cunt was sopping wet!

“Mum?” I panted.

“Yes, Son?”

“I can’t hold back anymore!”

“Then cum, baby! Cum inside me! Fill that condom!”

I did a few more push-ups, and then came a torrent of sperm into the condom. I even grabbed a mouthful of her hair in my mouth, and tasted my own piss. I quickly kissed her on the lips as I finished.

“You spent?” She asked, squeezing me with her groin muscles.

“Yeah, Mum. I’m finished!” I pulled out, and lay back on the bed, exhausted. Then she asked a strange question.

“You have any gum? I need something to chew on.”

“Oh, Mum! I need to rest!” I thought she wanted to blow me again, but I was wrong!

“Mmm…lookee here,” She giggled as she softly lifted my penis from its flaccid state on my belly. “You filled it all up for me!”

With that she bent down, lifted her leg over my head, and her ass was at my face. I spread apart her cheeks and looked at her anus. Wow, it was so pretty! Slightly darker than the rest of her skin, but it folded inwards in a way that reminded me of what a black hole does to the universe. I touched it gently with my finger.

“Mmm,” She purred, as I felt her fingers lifting off the condom, “I don’t want to let any loose!”

When the condom was just about off, she took me again in her mouth, and pulled the rest off with her teeth. I felt her sucking on my limp cock as I stared at her anus.

Then she swung around, girlish and childlike again. She crossed her naked legs and sat to the right of me. Her breasts bounced up and down, even when she had stopped moving!

“What you up to, now, Mum?” I asked.

“Yummy!” She said through a mouthful of condom. “I almost got it all.”

So we sat on the bed, naked together, gorukle escort and I watched as my Mum chewed on a rubber that was filled with my sperm.

“That was good!” She told me, as she pulled it out of her mouth. “But next time get the ones without spermacide.”

I guess the look on my face was asking why.

“I don’t like the taste!”

We laughed a bit, and then fell asleep together. I have never spent a whole night with someone, so it was different, to say the least! But I kept waking up, and touching her nakedness. I had what seemed to be a constant erection.

I put my hand between her legs, my thumb resting gently on her asshole, and tried sleep again.

I couldn’t do it. Sleeping beside her was proving to be impossible. She was naked, and I couldn’t justify simply sleeping beside a naked female, even if it was my Mother!

I crept out of bed, and went downstairs to the couch. I grabbed a blanket and snuggled myself. Warm and cosy. I felt sleep slowly taking me.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING??” I awoke, groggy, trying to focus my eyes. It was my Mum, standing on the stairs, naked as the day God made her.

“Sleeping, Mum,” I said, as she motioned before me.

She stepped into the living room, not looking attractive, even being naked.

“You go back to sleep, Son,” She told me, as I watched her go into the kitchen. Her ass bounced up and down as she walked. “I’m just gonna give you something.”

She came back, in all her naked glory, but with a hand behind her back. She sat down at my legs. I moved them to the back of the couch so her ass could fit.

“You know, you really are your Fathers son.”

“I’m tired, Mum.” And I was. Also a little scared.

“Why did you leave me?” She asked. Spit flew from her mouth and gathered like foam on her chin.

“I just went to the couch, Mum!”

“You FUCKIN left me on the bed. That’s what you did. Just like your precious father did when he’d have a whore over. He’d leave me alone so’s he can go about his fucking.”

“Mum, you okay??” I asked, pulling the blanket to my chin. I shivered.

“I tried, baby. I tried to be everything he wanted me to be. I was his slut, but he wanted more.” Tears welled in her eyes.

“I bursa merkez escort bayan think that you’re cool, Mum!”

It was at this point that it became surreal, almost like a dream. She lay back, and spread her cunt…got me transfixed. Then she reached behind her back with her other hand and showed me what she was hiding.

It was a large chopping knife from the kitchen.

“I’m gonna slice you.”

“Mum,” I pleaded, “I’m not Dad.”

“Don’t give a fuck who you are.”

Her fingers left her cunt, and she used both hands to slice at the air with the knife. Tears were in her eyes as she waived it back and forth, getting closer to my face.

“Mum! Get control of yourself!” But she was in her own world.

I grabbed at her hands; she struggled like an insane woman.

“Fuck you! Fuck you!” She chanted, yelling the words.

She got my nose with the knife. Blood squirted in my eye.

I stood up, my face bleeding. I wiped the blood on my hand and looked at it.

“Look what you’ve done, Mum! Look!”

“Fuck you, you piece of shit!” She stood up and attacked me again. “I’m gonna fuckin kill you.”

I ran up the stairs to my room. As I locked my door I heard her slip on the steps and fall. Then it was quiet. As I dressed, I wondered if she was okay.

I sat on my bed, listening to the eerie silence.

I jumped when the gentle knock came on my door.

“Daniel? Are you in there?” It was her soft, loving voice. But this time it made me break out in a cold sweat. She knocked again.

“I just want your cum, Son. It’s all I ever wanted.” She began to sob. I heard the knife scratch at the door. “Let me in, Daniel…please.”

I sat, shaking, listening to the hypnotic scraping as the blade scraped at the door. I reached for the phone, and dialled 911.

When the police came, she was still sitting outside my bedroom. She was curled up in a ball, naked and sobbing. The two officers drew their guns when they saw the knife.

They eventually handcuffed and wrapped her in a blanket, and escorted her down the stairs. I opened my bedroom door and watched as she was being taken away.

She looked back, only for a second, and spat in my direction.

“Your cum tastes like shit, anyhow.”

“Let’s go,” said one of the cops.

I visit her every now and then for the occasional blowjob. She likes to put her head back in the toilet and let me pee on her face. She doesn’t have to cook or clean, and seems much happier nowadays.

But the white walls of her room do seem rather drab.

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