My Muscleman Roommate Pt. 03

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The anxiety I felt was unsettling. Andrew would be home in about a half hour. As usual, he would be super horny from his workout, and he already made it clear that he intends to try and mount me.

I showered and shaved my body totally smooth, to be perfect for him. As I soaped myself down I was feeling my asshole. It felt extremely tight, and that’s what he loved about it. However, I understood it would never feel like this, ever again, if he has his way.

My ass triggered his strongest of sexual urges, and Andrew would articulate his feelings by saying, “Look how tight, sexy, and irresistible it is. I want to stretch it all out, and open it all up.”

I know that I actively facilitated his urges, by my words, and my suggestive actions. The truth is, I love that he wants me in the most extreme way possible. That doesn’t mean I’m not scared of what his enormous cock would do to me.

Undeniably, my little ass had triggered his super masculine urges to conquer, physically break down, and own it. After all, a super stud like Andrew needs to experience, and to exhibit, the full potential of what his enormous cock is capable of doing. Part of me wants that too. I fantasize about it, particularly thoughts of him pumping me, and then breeding me with all that sperm, like only he can.

Consistent with his instinctual needs, he has been diligently courting and tempting me, using his fingers, tongue, and lips to sensitize my ass. To further entice me, he proudly shows me his enormous cock, and when he does, my mind becomes singularly focused on it– the enormous size, manly smell, big veins, and my sexy thoughts of what it would do to my little virgin asshole.

I was thinking about big muscles, and big cocks, all the time. I found myself spending more time looking at the muscleman magazines he got me. Then, I’d go online to look at big cock. Andrew brought home more and more muscleman magazines for me, and encouraged my internet searches.

The last time we looked at a muscleman magazine together, I made a comment about several big black muscleman we were looking at. At that point, Andrew mentioned I would probably like his workout partner, who was also a black guy. He said his workout partner was, like him, much more muscular than the guys in the magazine.

I was a little surprised, but said, “Wow, you never told me about your black workout partner! But yeah, I probably would like to see him, especially if he’s as built as you are.”

“Cool, I’m sure you’ll meet him sometime,” he matter-of-factly concluded.

In any event, I wanted Andrew to mount me, and fantasized about him fucking me into utter submission, but my anxiety was palpable. I was very conflicted. At this point, I just wanted him to fully take charge, be assertive, and do what he must to me.

Facilitating the inevitable, I ended up wearing the baby blue silk robe he liked the most. It was the shortest one I had. I wanted him to know I was interested in giving myself up to him, completely.

I was in the kitchen when he came home. Andrew went directly into his bedroom, and I could hear him removing his sweaty gym cloths. He delayed coming out because he kept looking at himself in the full-length mirror, reveling over his muscular, pumped up, and smelly body, and his semi-hard, giant cock.

Finally, Andrew came out to greet me, and I eagerly ran to him. We hugged passionately, and he was beyond horny. He thanked me for wearing the baby blue robe.

I could tell that he worked out especially hard. I don’t think I’d ever seen him so pumped up, and so super smelly. His skin had a naturally oily sheen, and his dense muscles glistened from it. Andrew wanted to make an impression on me, and he succeeded, in a very profound way.

Neither of us was sure what to do next. Normally, I would have already been worshiping his muscles as a prelude to sucking him off, and he would have been flexing for me. But in this case, we just held each other tight. Finally, Andrew broke the silence and implied that we didn’t have to do “it” if I didn’t want too. It was my opportunity to back out. A last chance to change course, which I didn’t.

I wasn’t sure exactly how to respond, and just kept holding him close. Then he moved me off his chest, kissed me, and pushed me down to my knees and said, “Don’t think too much baby, just do what you do best.” His cock looked astonishing, bigger than I’ve ever seen it. I couldn’t help but sniff it’s potent smell, üvey kız kardeş porno rubbing my nose on it sensually, as I did so.

A remarkable amount of nectar was oozing out of it, coating his enormous cock. Andrew loves showing off his sheer size, and was emphasizing it in order to entice me. I started kissing, licking, and sucking it, uncontrollably. I was in heaven. It tasted and smelled stronger than it ever had.

The more I worshiped it, the more I fantasized about him fucking me. I think that was precisely his objective. Eventually, I was so turned on, that my trepidation subsided, and I actually wanted him to mount me.

Pre-cum was all over my face, as I looked up at him with unrelenting desire in my eyes. Then, I reached down under my little silk robe, and lightly fingered my tight ass, making him grunt and moan, as I sensually signaled my apparent interest. Andrew’s big cock now started throbbing, and oozing extra pre-cum.

He lifted me up, and carried me to his bed. As he did so, I wrapped my arms around his neck and shoulders and tenderly nuzzled my head into his upper muscular chest, and whispered, “Andrew, please don’t hurt me too badly. I’m ready to prove my love for you now.”

He held me there, and rocked me until he knew I felt safe, relaxed, and accepting of my fate. He moved his mouth to my ear and whimpered, “Baby, you’re about to find out how big I really am.”

Gently, he placed me on his bed, positioning me on my stomach, and then lifted me up on all fours, caressing my smooth body, moaning and grunting his approval. I was nervous, but loved the feeling of his big, strong hands, all over my smooth little body.

I arched my back, inviting him. Andrew went down on my ass as if he couldn’t control himself, kissing my butt, then working his way to my super tight, virgin hole. He started lapping away on it, and I arched my back as much as possible. The more he did it, the more I felt my tight hole relaxing, and finally, slightly opening for him. His manly moaning increased as he continued eating me out.

Then, Andrew moved to positioned himself towards the front and side of me, so that if I turned my head, my face was right next to his enormous cock. It looked so big, hard, and had such large veins, that I thought it might rupture from the pressure. He just held it there, as it visibly pulsed, proudly displaying it for me. I think his objective was to inform me of just how much he was going to open up my little ass.

At that point, he reached back and fingered me, relaxing my ass even further. He rotated his finger around in circles to stretch it, while he kept showing me the sheer size of his magnificent cock. I was moaning louder now.

After that, Andrew moved his big cock and balls so close to my face that they were slightly rubbing on my cheek, lips, and back and forth across my nose. He held my head in place so that I could take in the super strong manly cock and ball scent.

It was all too much, and I found myself begging him to mount me. He asked, “Are you sure that you’re ready for it?” He continued to hold his massive cock in front of my face to make certain I knew what I was in for.

I was simply too overpowered and overwhelmed, and softly replied, “Oh yes, I want it more than you’ll ever know.”

Andrew repositioned himself behind me again, and pushed down on my lower back to accentuate my arch, and fully expose his ultra-tight target. I liked the feeling of my ass being so vulnerable. He rubbed his thumb on it, and then pushed it inside as a final preemptive stretch. It was at that point that I felt his massive, juicy cock head push up against it. It was producing so much pre-cum, that it completely lubed me up.

His massive cock head felt gigantic against my tiny hole. He was slowly pushing harder and harder, but my asshole was so tight and slippery with his pre-cum, that the big head skidded off of it, forcing himself off balance. We both knew this wouldn’t be easy.

Not in the mood to give up, Andrew purposefully repositioned himself for more leverage, and tried to stuff it in more directly. After carefully pushing his big head on it, I finally felt my ass slowly start to give way, and part of the big head penetrated me. It started to sting and hurt, and I cried out in pain. Andrew paused, but still held it in place, not wanting to give up any hard-earned ground.

His strong hands were holding my hips xnxx porno in place, so I couldn’t pull away, which I tried to do several times. Not only that, but he seemed to get more excited with my efforts to escape from the onslaught, and said, “I like it when you struggle so much baby, but you can’t get away.”

Andrew waited patiently, then resumed, and this time bore down on it with more force. I could feel lots of pre-cum all over my asshole, and I could feel the nectar work it’s way inside me. I was absolutely lubed up. After what seemed like an eternity, I finally gave way enough to take the entire cock head, and with an audible pop, it penetrated me. It was a shock to my entire system, as a strong jolt of stinging pain hit me hard, then slowly subsided.

Notwithstanding the pain, I experienced excitement knowing he was actually inside me. He didn’t move for a few minutes, letting my ass adjust to the massive mushroom head. I was so grateful for the delay. The stretching was brutal, and I heard him say, “Oh my god, baby, your ass is stretched out beyond recognition, and my cock is way to big.”

After the all too brief respite, he started to push ever so slightly inwards, and then pulled back outwards. I noticed the big lip at the base of his cock head would catch on my sphincter, stopping it from pulling out any further. I realized that I was moaning and whimpering uncontrollably, and he was grunting like the super stud he is. I felt frightened, vulnerable, submissive, sexy, and had a strong sense of accomplishment, all at the same time.

Andrew began to apply more force again, as he instinctively craved opening me up even more, and to penetrate me as much as possible… At that point, for some reason, I flashed backed to the time I told him he had the biggest cock I’d ever seen. I remembered how very important that was to him. I recalled that I said, “Oh yes baby, your cock is a lot bigger than the biggest cocks I’ve ever seen in photos and at websites.”

“Are you sure, baby?”, was his inquisitive response.

“Oh, for sure, I like looking at photos and videos of big cock, and believe me, you’re much bigger than anyone else.”

I further explained, “When I look at them, I like thinking about how they would feel, how good they would taste, and how smelly they would be.”

“That’s hot baby, do you still look at big cocks?”, he probed further.

“I do, if you’re not home, and I start to think about cock, and I’ll go online and look at the biggest ones I can find.”

At that point, my flashback was abruptly interrupted, as my ass felt like it was going to rupture. I quickly reached back and used my hand to try and push him back, pleading with him to stop. I was at his mercy. I was whimpering out of control now, and he loved hearing that. I could feel his cock head move back towards my inflamed opening, and realized about two inches of his thick shaft was also inside of me. He had been working it in while I was focused on my flashback.

Then, he hesitated, and readied himself for the next merciless pump forward, highly motivated to break new ground, and stuff even more shaft into me. I quickly and desperately pleaded again, for him to stop, as the stretching became unbearable. I was in excruciating pain now, and I reasoned with him that there’s always next time. I was sobbing and begging him not to pump into me again.

He paused, and fighting off all of his overpowering manly urges to continue working on me, initiated the process of carefully pulling out. Unfortunately, my sphincter kept catching the lip of his big cock head, preventing it from releasing.

This was obviously turning him on. It was as though my sphincter didn’t want him to pull out. He kept trying, and each time I could feel my hole being distorted outwards. It hurt so much, but after a few tries the pain was tolerable, and it started to feel good, maybe too good.

I experienced a little panic, wondering if I would ever be able to release the monster cock head. He knew I was in pain, but for the first time, he could also sense my pleasure as well, and he moaned and said, “Oh yeah baby, take that big cock.”

He leaned over and kissed my back and neck. It was so erotic having his big cock head stuck in me, coupled with the sensation of him pulling my ass out, and then releasing it back in, over and over again. The extreme stretching and pulling eventually caused enough sphincter dilation that I finally zenci porno released him, literally popping it out.

There was a brief, sharp, and stinging pain as it released, and then I felt erotic tingling sensations, that wouldn’t subside. I was exhausted from struggling so much. We lay there as he held me from behind, his giant cock ran up my back, dripping profusely.

Andrew was so horny and excited about what we accomplished for the first try. I was relieved that I survived. I knew I could satisfy him fully, if we kept at it judiciously over time. But for now, I needed to take care of my super muscleman stud.

Andrew rolled me over like I was a feather, exposing his enormous cock to me, and I went down on him in earnest. His big cock head tasted so good, the same earthy and sexy taste that I experienced when kissing him after he ate me out, only stronger. I liked how it made me feel so nasty. I moaned sensually and told him I could taste my ass, and this caused his enormous cock to noticeably throb and twitch with excitement.

His excitement building, he stuffed the big head in my mouth just like he stuffed it into my tight, little ass. I used my little hands to milk his super thick shaft, and kept sucking as vigorously as I could on his tasty cock head. Andrew came so very hard, bucking his hips over and over, making my head jerk around violently. My mouth struggled from the bulbous head lurching so vigorously. A monumental rope of cum flooded my mouth, and before I could swallow it, another massive rope completely overwhelmed my mouth.

I pulled my mouth off in order to catch my breath, and subsequent ropes blew out all over me and the bed. I ate as much as I could, and rubbed the rest all over my smooth, firm body, as he watched in ecstasy. As I rubbed his load all over myself, thinking about what his big cock did to my once tight little ass, I knew my orgasm was imminent.

I hugged him passionately, we kissed, and then I started sniffing his super muscular body, which was sweaty from his efforts, and had such a super-intense, manly smell. As I did so, I rubbed my nose all over his big ripped chest, shoulders, and his biceps, which he was now flexing for me. I loved how he showed off his giant muscles, and I never could get enough of it.

I started humping his massive thigh as he flexed harder for me. I lost control as my nose instinctively moved down from his flexing bicep, to his shaved arm pit, which was framed by incredibly big, ripped muscles, all around it. It’s ultra-manly smell was attracting me, and it was overwhelmingly erotic. The stimulation pushed me over the edge, as I continued to take in deep breaths through my nose.

I spurted on his leg, as I involuntarily humped it. Then, as if I didn’t already get enough cum, I moved down to his thigh and licked him clean. He moaned in a deep manly way and said, “Oh babe, that’s so hot, you really are my little cum slut.”

I lay on top of him, as we both basked in what we did. I loved how I was still so tingling down there, and I reached down to feel what he did to it. I was alarmed at how opened up, sensitive, and swollen it was. Furthermore, I knew my hole would obviously take time to heal, but I liked how he changed it, blowing it wide open like that.

It would no longer be a cute, tight little hole. Andrew was making it his, physically breaking it down. I knew he owned me now. I also knew he would continue working on me until he achieved full penetration, and pumped me into oblivion.

Furthermore, I observed how he changed in profound ways, becoming even more confident, manly, and dominant. At the same time, he also became more tender and caring towards me, and I became more submissive, and feminine towards him.

He was physically changing me with his massive cock, both my mouth, and now my ass, were dealing with the consequences of its potency and sheer size. My ass would now tingle whenever I was sexually excited. My orgasms triggered a feeling of intense pleasure there. I kept thinking about what he did to me, and looked forward to the time I would offer myself to him again. I desperately needed him to breed me.

Our mutual cravings for it would always surface in a meaningful way when I worshiped him, especially as we each got more and more turned on. I even started finishing him off with my little hands, so I could focus on saying nasty things to him about what his enormous cock had done to my ass, and how I loved how it tasted afterward. It affected him so dramatically, that he always blew massive ropes all over me, as I verbally expressed my nasty thoughts, feelings, and cravings.

I was falling madly in love. The work has only just begun. He wasn’t about to stop, and I certainly couldn’t stop him.

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