My Name Is Heather Ch. 02

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Intro: This is a chapter of the My Name is Heather series. These are meant to be read in sequential order, and may not be understandable otherwise.”


I’m a bit confused as to my sexual orientation. Although I had fooled around with a couple of girls in school, I have always thought of myself as being heterosexual.

My name is Heather; I’m a copy editor for a local publisher. Recently, in spite of believing I am straight, I have become involved with another woman. The relationship is rather one-sided, though, as I haven’t been able to reciprocate sexually when she pleasures me.

A little over a month ago, she had to go to Europe for business reasons, but before she left, she helped me find an apartment closer to the downtown area where I work, and we traded keys to our respective apartments.

There’s a laundry room in the basement of the twelve-unit apartment building that I moved into. The four pairs of washers and dryers were normally busy during the first three weekdays and on weekends, so I do my laundry on Thursday afternoon, after work. It was the only time I find the units idle, and I made that a routine.

Sometimes, a very attractive woman from the first floor washed her clothes at the same time that I did. It was okay if I only needed two washers, but sometimes I needed three and there was a conflict. However, I was too timid to ask her to do hers later in the afternoon.

After a few weeks, I finally decided to do my laundry two hours later, but she showed up and took two washers again. I had to bite my tongue to keep from saying something nasty to her.

So far, we hadn’t spoken to each other during these silent laundry battles, I decided that, maybe, if I got to know her, we could discuss a schedule that would be mutually agreeable.

So I swallowed my pride and said, “We live in the same building; we should at least introduce ourselves. I’m Heather; I live on the second floor in 2C.”

“Hi. I’m Paula. I live in 1A. It’s nice to meet you.” She seemed sincere about that, which was a surprise from someone in this city. “You haven’t lived in the building very long, have you?” asked Paula.

“No, I moved here from another part of town about a month ago. Have you lived here long, Paula?” Heather asked.

“Six months or so,” she said, turning to face me.

Her t-shirt had a very suggestive slogan for one of the breast cancer awareness organizations across the front, accentuating her pert breasts: If you don’t check them I will. My mouth went dry at the idea of following the slogan’s suggestion and I found it hard to speak for a moment.

“So, what do you do?” I tried again.

“I’m a secretary for a company downtown,” she was still being very vague. “And you?”

“I’m a copy editor for a publisher. I read and edit manuscripts.” I replied.

“Oh, maybe you’ve edited manuscripts for my boss, Adelene Sterling. She writes technical instruction manuals.”

“No, the name isn’t familiar.” I admitted.

“Heather, I have to ask you something, it’s a bit embarrassing. The tenants here have a pact that we can wash the clothes we’re wearing. Would that be alright with you?” Paula asked.

“I’m sorry. I’m not sure I know what you mean. Of course it’s okay with me if you wash all your clothes,” said Heather with a quizzical tone in her voice.

“Maybe I didn’t phrase the question properly. Usually, it’s the family in one unit who are using all the washers at once,” Paula tried. “You and I are the only singles and live alone. Here read this card. That should explain what I mean.”

Paula took an eight by eleven card from a shelf and handed it to Heather. The card read in large print: ‘Please don’t open the door. I am washing ALL my clothes and I’m undressed. I’ll be out as soon as my clothes are dried and I can get dressed again.’

“Wow! Will you be taking off all of your clothes, Paula? I can come back later if you want privacy. How long do you need?” asked Heather.

“We use this room as a retreat. That’s why there’s a TV, a small refrigerator, books, and magazines in here. People can get away from their kids or wife or husband for a while. About two hours. I stay here because someone might take my clothes out of the units and do their own. That’s happened before. If I keep the door closed and stay here, that won’t happen,” Paula explained. “I usually take all my clothes off, but I could keep my underwear on if you’d be uncomfortable otherwise.”

Heather’s mouth was very dry. She had been ogling this woman and found her extremely attractive. Paula was a little shorter than Heather, with a narrow waist, wide hips and high firm breasts. Heather could practically see Paula’s braless breasts through the thin T-shirt she was wearing. Her almond shaped eyes, deep black hair and high cheekbones made for a beautiful face. Heather became excited about seeing Paula naked.

“Um, um, uh,” stammered Heather, not because she didn’t want Paula to strip; just the opposite. She Gaziantep Gecelik Escort wanted her to take her clothes off, but was embarrassed about saying so.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Heather. You were here first. I’ll come back later,” exclaimed Paula.

“Oh no, Paula. It would be a pain for you to have to come back later. No. It’s okay. I mean you can take your clothes off. I won’t mind if that’s what you do when you do laundry. I was just taken aback. It was so sudden that I didn’t have time to think. By all means, take your clothes off. That sounds funny. Oh, Paula, just do what you’re used to doing.”

Heather thought she was about to hyperventilate imagining Paula naked. Heather still thought of herself as heterosexual. How could the thought of this woman nude cause such stirrings in her?

Paula turned her back and pulled off her blue jeans. She was wearing thong panties and her bottom was round and firm. Heather stared at those luscious cheeks and felt herself getting wet. Paula pulled off her T-shirt and her C-cup breasts were firm. They looked like two large pears pointing straight at Heather. Paula had a bit of a belly, but it was round and feminine.

No longer dry, Heather’s mouth began to water. She was salivating over this girl’s sexy body. She wondered what was happening to her that Paula’s body was getting her aroused. What would her SO, her significant other, think about Paula turning her on?

“Heather, would it be alright with you if I washed my panties, too? I don’t have many, so I have to wash them every week. They are so expensive that I can’t afford more than a few pair.”

“By all means, Paula, go ahead and wash them.” Paula sat back against a washing machine and pulled off her briefs. Her black pubic hair was cropped close to her mound and shaved around her labia. Heather pretended not to look at Paula’s pussy, but found that she was breathing heavily.

“Oh, I must be embarrassing you, Heather. I’ll wrap a towel around me. There. I hope that’s better for you.”

No! Heather thought. I want to look at your nude body.

“That’s fine, Paula, but it would have been okay without the towel.” She hoped that Paula would take it off, but the woman kept it on. Paula began loading the washer from a basket of clothes; every time she bent to transfer clothes to the machine, Heather got a glimpse of her bottom and her vagina as the towel rode up on her thighs. She started to hyperventilate and tried hard to control her breathing.

After Paula turned the washer on, Heather noticed that Paula was pressing her crotch against the corner of the machine. As the washer vibrated, so did Paula.

The girl’s shivering body fascinated Heather. When the machine changed cycles, the towel dropped from Paula’s rear and was only between her crotch and the machine corner. Her buttocks shook along with the washer. As she watched Paula’s bottom quivering, Heather tried to keep her hands away from her own pussy. She was strongly stimulated and wanted desperately to bring herself to orgasm.

When she smelled Paula’s arousal, Heather groaned, but Paula was engrossed in her proximity to her own orgasm and was oblivious to Heather. Suddenly, Paula threw her head back and emitted a long, low wail from deep within herself. Heather could see liquid running down the inside of Paula’s beautiful legs. Finally, Paula pulled herself together and wiped her pubes and legs with the towel.

She turned and gave Heather a weak grin, “My, that went well. Oh my heavens! I’m so sorry, Heather. That was much more than you wanted to witness, I’m sure.”

“What are you referring to, Paula? I was reading this magazine and wasn’t paying attention.” Heather noticed that she was holding the magazine upside down and hurriedly dropped it on the chair before Paula could see it.

Paula felt her legs trembling and her knees were weak. She spread the towel on the chair next to Heather and collapsed onto the seat. Her scent was hanging in the air in this small, closed room, and Heather couldn’t help but breathe it in. She wanted to masturbate, but didn’t dare let Paula know she was aroused.

The two women sat side by side waiting for their clothes to dry. Heather had become acclimated to Paula’s ‘aroma’, and had calmed down a bit. The first thing she wanted to do when she took her clean clothes up to her apartment was to find BOB, her ‘battery operated boyfriend’ and relieve the tension in her loins.

As Heather was about to leave, Paula put her hand on Heather’s arm and asked her if she would like to have dinner with her in her apartment. “Heather, I have had a crock-pot cooking up beef stew since early this morning. Come back down when you’ve put your laundry away. I’ll be working on a Cobb salad, and dinner will be ready in about half an hour. Please join me. I hate to eat alone.”

“Gee, Paula, I don’t want to impose. I don’t have even a bottle of wine to bring with me. Could you wait until I go to the store and buy one,” Heather asked.

“No way. I have wine, too; however, I don’t know what goes with beef stew: red or white. Does it matter to you?” Paula queried.

“Lord, no, I don’t know the difference either. Okay, that sounds wonderful. I hate to cook for myself, too. Thanks so much for the invite. I’ll be down in half an hour,” said Heather.

“Before you leave, Heather, would you do me a favor? Look outside the door and see if anyone’s out there. When you get to the top of the stairs, signal me if there is no one in the hall. I don’t want to get dressed in here and then undressed when I get to my apartment,” Heather agreed, looked outside, and carried her basket up the stairs.

When she reached the hall, she motioned Paula to come ahead. Paula rushed up the basement stairs with her laundry basket. Heather watched Paula’s breasts bounce as she climbed the stairs. Heather was aroused again.


After Paula closed her apartment door, Heather went to her apartment; she found her vibrator and was able to reach an orgasm in just a few minutes. Her tension was gone. She put her clean clothes away, took a quick shower, dressed and hurried down to Paula’s apartment.

When Heather reached the first-floor apartment, Paula welcomed her with a glass of white wine and told her that dinner would be ready in five minutes.

Paula was wearing only a long T-shirt and sandals. Heather felt overdressed in jeans. She would definitely keep Paula’s present appearance in mind the next time she masturbated.

‘Ummm. This is really good, Paula. Do you cook like this often?” Heather asked.

“No. But if I had someone else to cook for, I would cook more often. I love being a chef. It’s a hobby of mine,” Paula said with a sigh.

“What about your boyfriend? Don’t you cook for him?” asked Heather.

“No boyfriend, Heather. There are no eligible men where I work, and I don’t go anywhere where there are any. Where is your significant other?” Paula inquired.

“It’s hard to believe that someone as attractive as you doesn’t have men breaking down your door. Oh, my significant other, well, uh, overseas.” Heather offered.

“In the army you mean? In Iraq or Afghanistan?” Paula asked with an inquisitive tone in her voice.

“Well, uh, umm,” Heather stuttered.

“Oh, I don’t mean to pry. One of those secret military places, I take it? I won’t ask any more questions. Sorry,” Paula apologized but wondered what the mystery was.

“Heather, I just had a thought. Since you don’t like to cook, and I do, why don’t I cook for both of us? I’d love to try new recipes if you’d be willing to risk your life on my cooking.” Paula asked jokingly.

“That is so generous of you, Paula, but I feel that would be taking advantage of you,” Heather said uncomfortably.

“No, no. I’d love it. I’ll tell you what we can do; let’s eat together regularly. We’ll split the grocery bill, and if you feel you have to help, you can clean up afterwards. Please say yes. We can shop together at that market down the street. Please, Heather. Just until your boyfriend gets back from overseas. Okay? I’d love your company,” Paula pleaded.

“That would be absolutely marvelous. I feel lonely myself and that would be …” Paula had one foot raised up on the chair she was sitting on. As Paula was wearing no underwear, Heather could see her pussy. She found it difficult to speak. What is happening to me? Why is this woman raising my blood pressure? She thought: I hope she dresses this way when I’m here again. But what if she has some ulterior motive for suggesting we eat together? Well, I can always find some excuse and end it. It’s not like she is going to attack me or anything.

I can’t wait to see her naked again. I hope Paula takes her clothes off the next time we wash clothes together. She has such a great body.

“Paula, do you want to wash clothes together again? We can talk and the time will go by a lot faster,” Heather queried.

“You must have been reading my mind. I was about to ask you the same thing. I really like this, Heather. It’ll be almost like we’re living together,” Paula replied.


Four weeks have gone by and the two women have had dinner together every evening and washed clothes together every Thursday after work. Paula locked the laundry room door, took her clothes off and used the washer as a vibrator. Heather was so turned on each time that she rushed upstairs and masturbated. Paula’s scent stayed in her nostrils until Heather came one or more times. She was not as anxious for her SO to come home now.

One evening as she was about to fall asleep, the phone rang. “Hello,” she said sleepily.

“Heather, it’s me, Paula. I can’t sleep. I think someone turned my doorknob. Maybe it’s a burglar or worse. Is it all right if I come up to your apartment? I can sleep on the sofa. I’m really scared, Heather.” Before Heather could say yes or no, Paula continued, “Heather, can you watch for me coming up the stairs?”

“Sure Paula, give me one minute to put on a robe, and I’ll open my door and watch until you come up,” suggested Heather with anticipation.

Heather opened her door and watched Paula, wearing a shorty nightgown, run up the stairs. When Paula got to Heather’s apartment, she grabbed Heather, pushed her into the apartment, turned and closed and locked the door. She turned and hugged Heather and held her for several minutes. Heather didn’t push her away. She liked the feel of Paula’s body against hers.

“Gee Paula, I thought you would be dressed. I don’t have extra bedclothes to put on the sofa. Well, I suppose you’ll have to sleep in my bed. It’s queen-size, so there’s enough room for two. Is that okay with you or would you rather go back down and bring up a pillow and a sheet for the sofa?” asked Heather.

“I think your bed would be more comfortable. That’ll be fine; that is if it’s okay with you. I wouldn’t want to crowd you.” The two women went to bed and faced away from each other. Although she was a bit stimulated by Paula’s presence, Heather fell asleep within minutes.

“Heather, are you asleep? ….Heather? Are you asleep, Heather? …..Heather? …. Heather?”

“What is it, Paula? I was asleep. Can it wait ’til morning? I’ve been reading and editing a manuscript since dinner, and I’m exhausted. Let me go back to sleep.”


It was Saturday, six thirty in the morning. “Heather, are you awake yet?” …Heather?” Paula was pressing up against Heather, spoon fashion. She was kissing the nape of Heather’s neck and had her arm around Heather. “Are you awake, Heather?”

“I am now. Paula, this isn’t going to work if you keep waking me. Paula, do you realize you’re holding my boob?” Paula took her hand away. Heather looked at the clock. “Cripes Paula, it’s six thirty. Let me sleep at least another hour. Okay?”

“Heather, are you awake? It’s seven thirty. Can we talk?” asked Paula.

“Yes, I’m awake now. Paula, you’re holding my tit again. What is so important that you have to talk about it so early?” She sat up, rubbed her eyes and looked at Paula who was now sitting up. Heather had enjoyed Paula holding her breast, but the stimulation made it difficult to sleep. She saw that Paula had taken her nightgown off and was naked.

Heather admired Paula’s big pointed breasts and thought: I’ve always considered my breasts to be my best feature, but Paula’s are beautiful, too. They aren’t shaped like mine, but they are really yummy. I have an urge to bite them.

“Heather, I have a confession to make. Something is really bothering me. I’ve been doing something that I’m ashamed of, and I want to tell you…Heather, I lied to you; there is no pact among the residents in this building about washing all their clothes and being nude in the laundry room. I made that up because I was trying to excite you. I made that sign; I put the lock on the door; I took my clothes off and used the washing machine to get off because I wanted you to respond. I wore a T-shirt when we had dinner and put my foot up on my chair, so you could see between my legs when the T slid down. I wanted a reaction that I never got, and I’m ashamed of myself. Heather, I’m gay. I was hoping you were gay, too. I couldn’t bring myself to come right out and ask you, so that’s why I did what I did.

“Even after you told me you had a boyfriend, I hoped you might be bi, and we could make love until he got back from overseas. I’ve been watching you ever since you moved here, and I am smitten with you, Heather. Smitten. Do you think you could like me even a little; enough to have sex with me, I mean? Pleaded Paula.

“Heather, I’ve read that men don’t mind their women having sex with another woman; they even enjoy it. The most common fantasy men have is having two women in bed at the same time. I’d be willing to do that when he gets back home; I don’t mean having sex with him but letting him watch me pleasuring you. Please Heather, think about it. I know you’re straight, but you could close your eyes and pretend it was your boyfriend going down on you, sucking your boobs, licking your thighs, and…”

Heather didn’t let Paula finish her thoughts, “Paula, my significant other is very important to me. My feelings of love, devotion, even adoration will never change, and I will never consider leaving that relationship. As far as I’m concerned, that commitment is for ever,” Heather declared.

“That being said, I want you to know that I have responded to your sexuality – and nudity. I have been stimulated and aroused by you; I just didn’t let on because I didn’t know you were gay and trying to entice me. I thought your actions were purely incidental and naïve,” Heather admitted.

“I’m not sure I could actually have sex with you, but I am sorely tempted. I may be bi-curious if not actually bi-sexual. I may regret asking this, but what did you have in mind?” Heather wondered if she was making a grave mistake by not nipping this in the bud, but she was needy and Paula was yummy. This was compounded by the fact that her significant other was not there to take care of her physical needs.

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