My Naughty Cousin

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Big Tits

I had just nodded off and I don’t know how long I slept, but something woke me up. I realized what it was. I was feeling a bit cold. I could feel that the blanket was on me but I could also distinctly feel a slight chill. I remember going to bed wearing a robe that opened from the front and I remember that I had tied it up. For some reason, I could feel that the robe was unfastened and my front was parted open. I then felt a palm cupping my pubis.

I was very startled and I tried to move away but I couldn’t. Oh my god! What’s happening? Who was touching me? I thought.

It came to me. Oh my god! It’s Ellie. She is my cousin and she’s visiting. She always slept in the same bed with me ever since she was 6 and I was 10. Now she’s a college sophomore and going to the University nearby. She was staying with me with my parents gone on a vacation.

I tried to move but couldn’t. Why wasn’t I able to move? I felt Ellie caressing my pussy slowly. I could have sworn that I was wearing a panty when I came into the bed. That bitch must have pulled it out. Meanwhile I felt her fingers on my pussy lips. I tried to move but I was paralyzed. Because of shock presumably. My sweet Ellie was exploring my body.

Oh my god! She is a lesbian. She is shy and probably didn’t officially come out. And she saw a chance with me and took it. She always confides in me and never once did she tell me that she went that way.

Meanwhile Ellie was getting bolder by the minute. She had found my clitoris and was rubbing it. I felt a current sweep up and down my body. Whatever she was doing felt good. I was getting very aroused. Damn it Ellie! Why was she doing this to me? I still couldn’t move. She continued rubbing my clitoris until I felt like a bowl of jelly. I felt a finger caressing my anus. I liked it. She continued until I felt her pushing her middle finger in my hole. The bitch. She was finger fucking me. My anger melted away once I started to enjoy the circular movements she was making with her fingers. I tried the look in her direction but I was frozen stiff. Decided to keep my eyes özbek gaziantep escort closed.

Since I wasn’t able to do anything, I decided to let her continue and enjoy it. I will confront that little shit in the morning if I wasn’t paralyzed permanently. Except Ellie wasn’t little anymore. She was a good two or two inches taller than me and had a killer body. She was going to University on a swimming scholarship. Maybe she had seen naked girls in the shower and decided that she liked girls cus I had never heard her discuss any boys. Usually she tells me everything. She’s my uncle’s kid and we’re both the only children of our parents. And I have been taking care of Ellie since she was born and I was four years old. She had no qualms about being nude in front of me and neither did I.

Then why is she finger fucking me now and why am I not able to stop her. Has she drugged me? Oh my god! Is she sexually attracted to me? Had she been fantasizing about me all this time and today, she finally took that opportunity? My mind was boggling.

I felt Ellie slowly sliding down, inside the blanket. I could feel her slowly parting my legs apart. Oh my god! She’s going down on me. I could feel her settling on her belly between my legs. I felt her slowly caressing the inside of my thighs. It sent a tingle down my body and I could feel my pussy wet. All this while I was hating her guts and audacity but now I was praying for her to finish what she started. I was aroused and I needed closure. And I knew I was getting it when I felt her breath on my pussy. It tingled me further. I felt a kiss on my pussy. I prayed that wasn’t all she did. She had taken me to the edge and by god, if she stopped now I am going to kill her in the morning.

I felt her tongue slowly flick my clit. She was going all the way. I was rooting for her to end my misery. I wanted to raise my hip and thrust my pussy into her mouth and grind until I exploded. I still couldn’t, but Ellie was a slow and considerate lover. I felt her slowly suck my pussy gaziantep özbek escort lips. My body turned to mush again. This is an experienced pussy licker. She knew her job and was doing it perfectly. Aside from the fact that she hadn’t taken my permission, she was doing wonderful. Like I said before, she told me everything but she omitted to mention this aspect of her. Maybe, she thought I wouldn’t understand. Is she trying to tell me now, by fucking me while she thought I was asleep? When I wonder aloud in the morning, ‘who gave me a cunnilingus, last night?’

She’s gonna raise her hand and say ‘me, me, I did!’

And I am going to hug her and say ‘great job!’. Is that what she thought?

Permission or not she was devouring my pussy and she had brought me closer to an eruption. Soon I exploded into her mouth. I think I squirted and she drank it all. I was spent but I could feel her slowly climbing atop me till her mouth reached parallel to my, now exposed breasts. I hadn’t bothered wearing a bra underneath my robe, so she had easy access to my boobs the moment she untied my robe. My boobs are firm and fairly large at 36C. I have received stares from both sexes.

I felt her lowering herself on me, with her chest crushed against the top of my belly. With a pang, I realized that I could feel her stiff nipples against my belly. Oh my god! She was topless and most probably totally nude but I had no way of knowing that in that moment. She squeezed my boobs together with her palms. Then she took my right nipple in her mouth while her fingers played with the other one. I was aroused again. She had parted my legs wide apart so that my pelvis was grinded against her bare belly. She was slowly making movements with her belly so that it was rubbing against my pussy and sometimes against my clitoris. It was obvious that she was a practiced hand at making love to women and now she was making love to me. She then reached up and kissed me on my neck. It tingled my whole body and I could feel pussy juices slowly oozing gaziantep özbek escort bayan out of my love hole. She then kissed me on my lips. I held my breath as I completely surrendered. I wanted to kiss back but couldn’t move a muscle. She then whispered sometimes into my ears. It didn’t register the first time but I heard it. She kept on whispering ‘I love you Shelley!’. Shelley is my name and I heard it better when she started to whisper it in my ear and then nibbling my ears. Her smaller breasts were now flattened against mine and her pubes were now firmly grinded against my clean shaved pussy. She was naked. I was extremely aroused by the slow grind of her hairy pelvis against my wide open pussy. She kept nibbling my ears and kissing my face while she continued to grind with her hips and her palms massaging my stiff nipples. I have no idea whether she thought I was awake or asleep but kept continuing unconcerned. Her hip movement became frantic and gradually increased in pace. I was close to another orgasm and I could feel she was close too. Surprisingly she came first and hard and she held me very tight while it was happening. I climaxed soon afterwards. She lay spent on top of me for a while. She soon stirred and started all over again. After multiple orgasms for both she fell asleep by my side with her thigh placed on my belly and one hand firmly cupping one of my breasts.

I listened to her gentle breathing while I kept thinking about the whole night. Even though it was a strange experience in the beginning because she had caught me by surprise and I was totally handicapped by that psychological paralysis thing (what was that?), this was the best sex I ever had. None of my boyfriends even compared. They were amateurs, at best. I will confront her for this stealth attack on me but I will also thank her for the experience. And I will tell her that my body was hers, to do anything. And I would ask for the same privileges.

I confronted her at breakfast but she responded by picking me up and throwing me on her shoulders and marching upstairs. I knew she is a star athlete and strong but she was treating me like a rag doll. I let her. She threw me on the bed of my parents and pulled my clothes off of me until I lay naked. She stepped away from the bed and stripped naked herself and climbed on the bed. She kissed me and said ‘I love you Shelley!’. I mumbled that I loved her too and we started to make love. We had our whole lives ahead of us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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