My Neighbor Ch. 05

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Peggy and I, kind of, started dating after she teased me last. What I mean is that we’ve gone out a bit. But we have spent every night together for the past two weeks. And we’ve done a lot of rather traditional fucking.

The sex, while vanilla compared to how we started, has been great. I’ve cum so many times and in so many ways that I’m really getting spoiled. And I’d like to think I’m returning the favor as she’s cum a lot too. Even without the teasing, these past two weeks are the best sex I’ve ever had.

A couple of nights ago she gave me a blow job. And she followed that up by telling me she had something special planned for today. Most importantly, I was not to cum (again) until then.

I struggled but managed to not cum over the last two days. Now, I can’t stop thinking about what’s going to happen tonight. Not knowing what’s going on is making me quite a bit more excited. And it’s taking a lot of will power not to masturbate. I find the willpower by knowing that Peggy wants me nice and worked up for tonight.

It’s 6pm and I still haven’t heard from her. I’m semi-hard just thinking about what tonight will bring. I struggle through another 30 minutes when the phone rings. It’s Peggy, letting me know she’ll be over in about 30 minutes. And that I should be ready to go when she shows up.

I’m guessing that means she wants me naked when she gets here. I decided to prepare early. Well, not early exactly, but immediately. About 2 seconds later, I am naked and not sure what I’ll do for the next 28 minutes. I’m also hard. And impatient.

I put on a stupid tv game show, and let it distract me. This gets me distracted enough so I partially lose my erection. But I’m still excited and can’t wait for her to get here.

I hear a knock on my door a bit earlier than I was expected. I’m definitely not going to complain about that. But then I realize it’s weird that Peggy knocked, she’s just come straight in for the past week. And she didn’t say anything. And she has a key. I’m guessing this is part of the game as I open the door.

I’m surprised to see a woman I don’t recognize. I move to hide behind my door but she already saw me standing at full attention.

“Don’t be shy Jeff. Come on out and let me see you some more. Peggy has told me all about you.”, she tells me. “Come on, I’m to bring you over for some fun.”

As she speaks, I notice that she is dressed in what I would consider a traditional dominatrix outfit. She has a leather corset on, no bra, and a short, leather skirt. She looks fantastic, I can’t help but stare.

“Looks like you like the way I look” she says while staring at my dick and smiling. She reaches out and lightly touches my cock. The touch is electric and I give a little moan which makes her smile. She removes her hand. “Did you do as Peggy asked and not cum since she was here last?”

“Yes” I reply.

“Yes, what?” she asks me.

“Yes, I didn’t cum since Peggy was here.”

“Yes, I didn’t cum since Peggy was here, what” she asks me sternly.

I don’t say anything, Maltepe Escort I just look at her a bit puzzled.

“Please address me as mistress or ma’am whenever you talk to me. So now, Yes, I didn’t cum since Peggy was here, what?” she asks me again.

I’m not sure what she means. But then my cock disconnects and allows my brain to work. And now I think I know what she is looking for and reply, “Yes Mistress, I haven’t cum since Peggy was here.”

‘That’s better Jeff. Now turn around and let me secure your arms. We can’t have you doing anything before we’re ready.”

I’ve started thinking with my cock again and turn around putting my arms behind me. She puts leather cuffs around my wrists and secures them together with a short chain. “There, that should take care of it. Now lets go and see how Peggy is doing.”

I follow her into the hall. She pulls my door shut behind her and it locks. I just realize what I did by letting her bind my hands. But I can’t do anything about it now, so I just go with it. And my cock doesn’t seem to mind.

We walk to Peggy’s apartment. She unlocks the door and waves me in. I enter and stop dead in my tracks when I see Peggy tied onto a gyno exam chair with her legs up in the air and far apart. A small vibrator is on her clit. I believe it’s been there for a while as she’s covered in sweat and moaning.

The mistress guides me to a weird chair directly across from Peggy. The chair has a spot for me to put my legs, a narrow seat with a hole in middle, and a narrow back. Mistress helps me sit down correctly, getting each of my legs into the right spot and sliding my arms behind the back of the chair.

As I sit, I hear a click. I realize my hands are now bound to eat other and the chair. Mistress moves in front of me and straps each of my legs to a leg of the chair. She puts another strap across my waist to keep my butt on the chair. When she’s done, I can’t move much.

Suddenly, I feel the sensor from the machine getting pushed in my butt. Now I know why the chair looked the way it did.

She gets the machine onto my hard cock and turns it on. She’s using the thin ring, the one Peggy used on me the last few times. Given how super horny this bizarre situation has made me, it’s not long before the machine is edging me. It’s turned to an intense level and it’s keeping me so close to cumming for what feels like a really, long time. Watching Peggy writhing around and hearing her moan is adding to my excitement and frustration.

I’m close enough to see how Peggy’s pussy contracts as she is getting edged. But I’m started to get tormented enough that keeping my eyes open to watch her pussy is difficult.

This continues for a few minutes when I feel my chair start to move. It’s straightening out, becoming more like a bed than a chair. When the adjustment is complete, laying on a board at about a 45 degree angle from the floor. And my cock is sticking straight out.

Mistress moves to Peggy. My cock has started to drip a bit of pre-cum. Peggy continues to Cevizli Escort writhe and she’s started this weird moan that seems to increase in pitch as she gets closer to orgasm.

I see that Peggy’s legs are moving a bit further apart and a bit up. And she’s moving down making it harder to see her pussy. Now she’s moving closer to me. Then her pussy is right next to my cock. She gets adjusted a bit more and then my cock is pushed inside her. I’m almost fully inside her when the moving stops. She’s not touching the ring on my cock, though she’s close.

Now I’m being edged with my cock buried deep inside Peggy. I’m so frustrated, I just want to cum. But I so want this to last because it feels so good.

The machine starts going slower almost instantly; pretty quickly it’s down to almost nothing. I’m so close.

Peggy starts squeezing me. But, with the slow vibration, it’s just not enough to make me cum. Suddenly her pussy squeezes hard and she let’s out the most intense moan I’ve ever heard. Her moan changes to almost a scream. I think her machine stopped just before she was about to cum. Now she’s pulling at her bonds, pushing me in a little deeper. And she’s frustrated.

My machine speeds up a littiel. I’m trying to push into her pussy but the bonds are keeping me from moving much. Now I’m getting really frustrated. And I feel her machine start up again. It also makes her jump, she’s so sensitive right now. This is the most incredible thing I’ve ever felt.

We are both covered in sweat. We are both desperate for an orgasm. We are both moaning. We are both pulling against our bonds. And I no idea where Mistress went; she might have left for all I know.

We continue like this for what I later found out was 10 minutes. By the end of that time, all I can think about is my cock and how badly I need to cum. My machine isn’t giving me a break like in our past sessions; instead it is continually edging me. And I can’t do anything but lay here and take it.

I see Mistress return from the kitchen. I can barely focus on her as she looks at us and smiles. “I see you are both enjoying this. I’m wondering if it’s been going long enough or if I should leave going a bit longer.”

I hear this as I feel Peggy’s pussy pulsating even more than it was. I can barely focus on anything except the feeling coming from my dick. “Please let me cum.. oooooh”.

“Wow, sounds like you are really enjoying this. Ok, just a few minutes longer” she says as she heads back into the kitchen.

I start calling for her though my sounds are more like muffled moans and shouts. Honestly, I don’t think it was much different than my moans. And man do i need to cum. I think my cock has started to pulsate a little too because, when Peggy’s machine is off, she starts moaning in time with what I’m feeling.

The machine keeps me on edge. Peggy’s pussy and her moans and just seeing her like this gets me ever closer. But it’s just not quite enough for me to cum. I’m just sitting here frustrated, feeling Peggy’s pussy squeeze Atalar Escort my cock, feeling her juices running down my cock. And I can’t cum.

I don’t know how long it is until Mistress comes back. This time, she doesn’t say anything, she just walks up to Peggy’s machine and then mine.

I feel the intensity turn up a little. I’m so close to cumming. I feel my cock go deeper into Peggy’s pussy as she pushes her closer to me. I’m now fully inside her. And I start to cum. I can’t help but close my eyes and pull at my bonds. I moan louder and continuously. It feels like it is going on forever. But it ends. When it does, I realize that Peggy didn’t cum. I then feel Peggy getting pulled off of my cock.

I open my eyes and see that Mistress has pulled Peggy a few feet away from me. It takes me about a minute, but I’m finally able to ask “Why didn’t she cum”?

“She’s not allowed to. Yet. Not until late tomorrow.” She looks at Peggy and smiles. “That’s what she wanted.”

As she removes the vibrator from Peggy’s clit, I see that her pussy is swollen and her clit is bigger than I’ve ever seen it.

She leaves Peggy and comes over to me. She gently removes the machine from me, cleans me up a little, and adjusts me back into a sitting position. She doesn’t release me though, instead she walks back to Peggy.

“Can you free me?” I ask a little curious and a little tired.

“Not quite yet. I have a couple of things to take care of first.”

This gets me curious but I am also tired. So I lean back and quietly watch to see what happens.

Mistress walks into the next room. I take advantage of the break and ask Peggy if she’s ok. She looks really out of it but she does shake her head yes.

Before a minute has passed, Mistress is back in the room with a small bag. She kneels in front of Peggy, and pulls something out of the bag. It a really small cylinder that’s more oval than round. She looks at Peggy and says, “Ready?”

Peggy again shakes her head yes.

Mistress takes that item in her hand and does something that makes the bottom expand. She gently puts it over Peggy’s clit and does something to hold it in place. Peggy reacts with a moan when I hear Mistress ask her “Pinching?”

Peggy shakes her head no. Mistress removes another item from her bag, a chastity belt. She cinches the belt to Peggy’s waist then carefully pulls the chastity portion over Peggy’s pussy. She is carefully adjusting it, must be over that little thing she put on Peggy’s clit. When she has it just right, she attaches it in back. And then locks it in place.

She starts removing the bonds from Peggy helping her get her legs down from the stirrups and get out of the weird chair. Mistress then comes over and frees me. As I get up, she looks at me and says, “I hope you had a good time tonight, Jeff..”

I smile at her and shake my head yes. “It was a night I won’t forget, that’s for sure.” I notice Peggy walking gingerly to her room. I ask her, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just tired and frustrated and horny. But I’ve been through this a lot. Why don’t you go home and I’ll stop by in the morning. I’ll be feeling better by then.

And with that, Peggy heads into her bedroom and leaves Mistress and me. I walk over to my apartment and, using Peggy’s key, collapse into my bed.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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