My Neighbor Naina

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I am a 19 year old male who was studying in a college of science in Bombay.

I am focussed on my health and work hard. Mornings begin with a brisk 4 kilometre run on the slopes of Malabar hill at 5.30 a.m. this is followed by a 1 hour session of karate training, with a couple of friends who were close to getting their brown belts. After a breakfast it is college and home back by 3. Then home, lunch and then gym and karate sessions with my sensei on alternate days kept me busy till 8 p.m. then it was back home, dinner, studies and bed at 12.00

The routine keeps no place for any parties. And outings with friends were restricted to vacations alone. As the routine is of my own making I never grudge it. In the morning me and my friends train in the garages under the building. During vacations the training is a pain because of little kids who came to view the training. These brats generally admired us but ended up pestering us and making us lose our concentration. Nitesh was one such brat. Nitesh’s mother Naina was a beautiful lady who lived next door and her husband was an executive who is generally out of town.

One day in this vacation Naina met me with a request. She wanted me to help train her son Nitesh with the basics of karate so he could take the course in school’s gym class next year. I wasn’t very keen, as I was not sure that Nitesh would be a good student but Nitesh and his mother were persistent. I took Nitesh under my wing knowing that it was possibly a decision I would regret.

Nitesh was keen and he was pretty focussed on martial arts in fact he picked up the basics rapidly. Naina too kept on coming to my house to ask about his lessons.

Naina was a fair, pretty lady about 35, slightly plump but I hadn’t exactly tried to guess how she would look without her clothes on. To me she was just a neighbour whose son I was helping out. But I later realised that Naina had other intentions in sending her son to train under me.

In the vacation time the colleges are free and I generally had nothing to do between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. A few days ago Naina dropped in on one aksaray escort hot morning around 10 when there was no one in the house other than me. She told me that her phone was out of order and she wanted to make a call.

She called her sister and began telling her about her husband and how he was neglecting her. She even confessed that she was certain that her husband was seeing another woman. I never knew that a man could neglect a beautiful wife like Naina. I pretended not to listen but Naina could make out that I was overhearing the juicy details of her call.

I found my hardness growing and I went to my room. Naina kept down the phone and came to my room to inquire if I was ok. She came and sat on my bed besides me she pretended to carry on casual conversation about Nilesh’s progress in martial arts.

I asked her when Nilesh’s father would return. And was shocked to hear her talk of him in derogatory terms. Naina said that he was probably with his secretary in a conference and would return after a week. Then with a twinkle in her eye she told me that she knew that I had overheard her conversation with her sister. The presence of a beautiful woman sitting a foot away from me was having its effect and my erection was visible I was however trying to cover it.

Naina looked at me and asked, “do you have girlfriends” I shook my head and said that I didn’t find the time. Naina persisted she kept on saying that I should get myself a girlfriend to relieve me of my tensions with this I felt her fingers brushing against my erect penis. She apologised “I am sorry…am I responsible for your tension.” by now I was unable to control myself and I merely nodded.

“Wait let me help you,” she said. Her fingers had by then taken my hard cock out of my shorts. There was a moments silence as Naina looked at my hard cock I saw her licking her lips for a second before uttering “My god you are big” I was seventeen and had a big cock. I often felt that I had a racer and no licence to drive. I didn’t know what to do with my cock. In fact I had kept a full schedule only to keep my thoughts away from my surging testosterone.

Before I knew Naina had taken my cock between her lips and was sliding it in and out of her mouth. All the pent-up feelings burst like a bubble and within moments my cock sprayed her mouth with cum. she licked every drop and cleaned my cock before looking at me like a cat which had just finished a quart of cream.

I was apologetic. Naina waved aside my apologies. I guess she knew what she was doing. My dick was rapidly hardening once again. Naina was by now ripping the clothes off her body she lay naked on my bed and with a hand on my cock guided it into her pussy. The sensations of a soft and yet tight hot hole were something I hadn’t experienced before. Naina asked me to pull out and push again into her.

Soon I was caught in the rhythm of movement within her body. I felt her body jerk then I felt her cunt tighten around me and a small river of her pussy-juice flowed around my hot cock which was moving in her. I stopped for a moment and looked at Naina and continued with my movements in her. She was in ecstasy… she was screaming. ” This is why I gave you a blow-job…I wanted to feel your hardness in me for a long time.”

I think I understood that the tensions of my body were now within my control thanks to Naina’s lips and I kept thrusting in her. Naina twitched and I felt Naina climaxing three more times before I came in her. I lay with my arms around Naina caressing her breasts. I lavished her warm breasts with the cooling touch of my tongue sending her moaning again. My hardness was back again with me and as I thrust into her.

She was surprised that I had recovered so fast. “Yes fuck me again,” she said. And I thrust into her rapidly. She was moaning and yet her moans had acquired a shriek-like tone. With every thrust she would shriek and say “yes split me into two cut me into two with your fucking big cock”. Naina’s shrieks and her words were driving me into a frenzy. I began thrusting into her with all my might.

My body though inexperienced in sex was hard with years of training. Naina’s body on the other hand was soft and unused to hard sex or exercise. She was crying weeping under me I could see her feeling the pain of my thrusts. But she kept encouraging me with her moans and her words. She kept on yelling “Harder you fucker, harder…fuck me up till your cock enters my heart” yet I could hear her weeping silently at the pain and I could see her tears. I kept thrusting until she climaxed twice more and I kept thrusting harder into her body and finally I came and collapsed on her. For ten minutes we lay unmoving in each other. Then she began moving and as I drew my limp cock out of her. I held her and said I was sorry.

She kissed me softly and said that there was no need to be sorry she had wanted every inch of what she had given. In fact she told me that she had planned my seduction over the past few months and I had lived up to her imagination and more. Then she told me that she didn’t have a sister. And I realised that all the phone talk with her sister that had excited me beyond measure was in one word ‘phoney’.

I kissed Naina as she told me that she was sending Nitesh to a vacation camp. She also told me her mother who was now widowed had a huge flat nearby. Her mother Vrinda who was 55 years old knew of Naina’s marital problems and had offered Naina the use of a private bedroom in her flat. Naina gave me the address and helped me with a watertight excuse that would convince my parents. I knew then that the vacation this year would be a memorable one.

What I did not know then was that Vrinda hadn’t exactly given Naina the use of a private bedroom out of altruistic motives. Vrinda had been alone for a few years and she knew that an adulterous Naina would not be in a position to deny her anything. Vrinda too had plans for her daughter Naina’s lover. And I would soon learn and experience Vrinda and her plans. But that is another episode… for another day. At the moment I have to leave. For it is nearly time for my tryst with Naina. Naina’s fair round breasts flood my memory and the taste of her chocolate brown nipples teases my taste-buds. It is possible that we will meet again with another episode of my well developed neighbour Naina …and of course her shapely mature mother Vrinda.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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