My Neighbor, the Sex Worker Ch. 05

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Note: 99% of this chapter is girl/girl, but there will be instances of other kinds of sex. I figured it just makes sense for that to happen given Lia’s bisexuality and the setting.

There were lots of places I liked to chill at, you know? Mainly my apartment, I’ll be honest, but sometimes whenever I went out to get groceries I’d sit down somewhere and just breathe for a little. Okay, fine. My options were severely limited by the fact that I was a massive introvert, but I did have places I thought were pleasant, even if I never actually went there.

A nightclub wasn’t one of them though.

The invitation came when I was watching some random show on the Food Network in the morning. Someone (pretty obvious who at this point) knocked on my door. On my way to answer it, I noticed a smile naturally formed on my face. I sighed. Yeah, I was pretty screwed.

Once I got to the door, I found a beautiful (and now, familiar) smile looking back at me.

“Hi!” Lia waved and I felt my head get lighter. “I didn’t make you anything.”

“Wow,” I replied. “I think this is the fastest I’ve been disappointed. I’ve been awake for like an hour.

“Let me finish.” She put a finger up in the air. “I didn’t make anything because I wanted to make something with you.”

“Oh.” My eyes widened as she walked inside. She left her sandals by the door and walked around barefoot, over to my kitchen. I noticed she had a jar of something in her left hand. “I mean, I can’t really…”

“It’ll be fun, just wait.” She promised. “Now, come over.”

The dish ended up being crepes. The jar she’d been holding was Nutella that she spread over some dough and after a long process that felt more like a lab experiment than an actual cooking session, the two of us sat down and got around to having what was lunch for Lia but breakfast for me.

“So…” She started.

“So,” I said, crossing my arms as I put my fork down on the plate.

“Did you enjoy last night?” Lia asked me.

“Nope. In fact, as soon as I’m done with these crepes, I’m kicking you out.”

“You’re not funny,” Lia replied with a smile, but I could see some worry sneaking into her expression.

“I loved it,” I told her honestly. Truthfully, things did make me feel strange, but I did enjoy it in the end. “Kiya is… Really good at… You know…”

“At eating ass?”

“Goddammit, Lia.” I laughed as she stuck her tongue out.

“You’re too cute.” She told me before reaching forward and taking my left hand in hers. “So, seriously, you liked it?”


“Good.” She nodded. “Good.”

“That said, uh…” I scratched the back of my neck. “I don’t think I’d do something like that again for a while, anyway.”


“I mean, it was pretty new to me.”

“Isn’t the best way to get used to something to do it often?” She asked. I rolled my eyes and snorted.

“That doesn’t apply to everything.”

“Whatever. Well, I’m just glad you had a good time.”

“I did.”


“Well, great.”


“Stop.” I smacked her hand away lightly.

After that, we fell into what I thought was a comfortable silence. I just couldn’t believe that I’d lucked out like this. With that being said, you might think I’d be okay with being where I was. Where she and I were, rather. But… I had to admit. Last night lit a bit of a greedy fire under me.

Now, I knew she was going to be with other people due to the nature of her job and maybe just due to her nature as a person and I was down to learn to respect that. My new issue was… I wanted as much of Lia as I could get.

That’s what prompted me to ask the question that led to everything that happened today.

“So, are you doing anything later?” I asked without making eye contact. Lia’s brows raised and she leaned in.

“Hm… Not really.”

“Oh? You aren’t meeting up with Kiya again or anything?”

“Nope.” Lia shook her head. “She’s a friend, yeah, but what we did last night was business, Alice. And I don’t come cheap.” She declared and I nodded. “So, yeah, I’m free today.”

“Oh, um, okay.” I looked away again.

“Is there a reason you wanted to know whether I was doing anything?” She asked with some humor in her tone. “Like possibly, maybe, you were going to ask me out or something?”

“What? Psh, of course not. I mean, not unless, like…”

“Ali.” She reached down, under my chin, and tilted my head up so that I was looking at her. “It would be very cool to go do something with you.”

“Oh… Well, cool.”

“Mhm.” She giggled and I blushed. “So, what did you have in mind?”

“Uh, to tell you the truth, nothing. I didn’t really plan beyond this step.”

“Really? Well, how about…” She twirled her fork in her hands. “We go out to a club nearby.”

There it was.

“What?” I blinked.

“You don’t like it?” She asked.

“No, I-I mean, I just don’t really think it’s my scene,” I replied.

“Have you ever been to one?” She asked.

“I ataşehir escort mean, no, but…”

“Then how do you know?” She smiled, but this time was different. It was more like yesterday’s smiles. The kind that hinted that she knew more about something than she was letting on.

“Well, you don’t have to touch a stove to know that it’s hot.”

“But you do have to go into the house to see where the stove is.”

“Not if the house has glass walls.”

“The point is,” she reached forward again. “I think you’ll have fun. It’s not just any club, I go there a lot and it’s always… Special.”

I gulped. Well, yeah, I hadn’t been to one, but growing up things like dancing and general interactions weren’t really my thing, you know? A club was like a mash of so many different things I just didn’t do. Dancing, talking, drinking (though I’d done that one recently). I could guess what would happen was that I’d go there, Lia would be taken away by someone much hotter than me and I’d have to spend the rest of the night alone till she got back.

Did I really want to do that?

“Listen,” Lia said. “You’ll have a lot of fun. I promise. I’ll be there to help you out and stuff the whole time.”

“You… Um, you promise?”

“I promise.” I could sense her getting more and more excited. Fuck, there really hadn’t been someone in my life that I couldn’t say no to. Now that there was, I didn’t know how to handle it.

“Fine,” I mumbled. She leaned across my table and hugged me.

“You’re going to love it.” She whispered into my ear and I felt shivers crawl down my spine. “Wear something sexy for me.”


Just like that, it was official. I was going to a fucking club later. What the hell had I just agreed to? Well, it didn’t matter now. 9:00 pm rolled around, and ten minutes before Lia was going to pick me up at my door, I started to pick stuff out to wear.

This was the first hurdle of the night. See, I didn’t really have anything that I could classify as “sexy” because, after all, I myself wasn’t a sexy person. So, what use did I have to wear stuff that made me look good or whatever? That was all valid a while ago, but now it was a fuck-up. Because now, I was looking at my closet and it hit me just how boring my wardrobe was.

“Okay, okay,” I said to myself. “I can probably make something here work. I’m sure of it. Right?”

What did I have? Jeans… Some jeans… Oh, and jeans.

“This is impossible,” I muttered as I threw myself onto the bed.

A short little bit of stressing later, I was answering the door in a black, long-sleeved pullover and some, you guessed it, jeans. When I saw Lia, my jaw dropped.

“Wow. I’m really underdressed, huh?” I let out when I saw her red dress that, when combined with her blonde hair, gave her a fiery aesthetic that was a very good representation of what she was doing to my heart right now.

“No, no, you look gorgeous,” Lia winked. “If I touch you, I won’t be able to keep my hands off you.”

“That’s a good thing, right?”

“Mhm, not right now though. I don’t have any panties on. If we do anything, we might never leave.” she hummed with a grin as she swept over to my side and hooked her arm around mine. “Let’s go!”

I wasn’t really sure where she was taking me or why she had no panties on. I’ve said this before, I know, but I’ve been living in Lowlight City for so long and yet I didn’t really know much about it. I never imagined that at any point I would need to know where the nearest clubs where or which ones were good or whatever.

Walking next to Lia, on the nighttime streets with the moon spectating us as other equally dressed up people passed us by, it was a scene I never thought I’d be in. It was honestly surreal. When I drank with Lia before, that one embarrassing night where she ate me out and I fell asleep, everything felt like a dream. I was having that same feeling right now, but I was stone sober.

The whole time, Lia was unaware of the tornado going on in my mind. Well, either she didn’t know it was happening or she thought constant joking around and talking about the city would ease it. And, I guess it did. In a weird way, it felt nice having her with me for this.

Eventually, after around a twenty-minute walk, we ended up in front of a black building. No signs, nothing of the sort. Just a black building with a bouncer and a long line in front of it.

“This place is called Tydal.”

“Maybe they could have made a sign to tell me that?” I asked. Lia shook her head.

“I told you, this club is special,” Lia stated.

“This isn’t a crack den or something, is it?”

Lia laughed my comment off.

“No. Well, there may be people doing crack inside, but it’s not a crack den.”

“Where the hell are we?”

“Trust, trust!”

With those vague words, we stood in the line and waited. It didn’t take too long before we got to the front. All the club tropes were well and truly alive as the bouncer checked some dudes for their IDs but took one look at us avcılar escort and let us in without a word.

I had been told that clubs let women in pretty liberally before, but to see it up close made me feel like I was in a movie or something. And, yeah, before long I was walking into my first nightclub.

The music was obviously the first thing I noticed. Booming EDM with bass so intense that I could feel a slight vibration on the ground. The second thing I noticed was the lights. The entire club was coated in a haze of blue. I could see the colors of people’s clothing and all, but it was almost like everything had a blue outline.

“A client showed me this place!” Lia yelled over the music. “Let’s get something to drink!”

“Sure.” I nodded and Lia smiled widely.

The club, from what I could see, was divided into four sections. What looked like a hall that led to a bathroom at the back, a bar to the right, some furniture (legitimately, couches and beds, why?) to the left and beyond that section, there was the dance floor.

Instantly, I felt that sense of “what the hell am I doing here?” hit me upside the head like a bat.

A warm hand gripped one of my own.

“Relax.” Lia had to lean in close for me to hear her, which meant that her breath touched my ear in a way that was a bit much for me right now. “It’ll be fine. We’re here to have fun.”

“Yeah, of course.” I mumbled back. She probably didn’t hear me, but she still got the message.

Then, two girls walked up to us.

“Oh my god! Lia, hi!”

“Chloe!” Lia and one of the two women locked up in a tight hug. The other one stood by, waiting for her turn as she cast a sneaky glance at me.

Chloe, the one hugging Lia right now, was a short, bright girl with short red hair and freckles I could just barely spot in the darkness. She was wearing a mini-skirt and some thick red eye shadow.

The other woman was a lot like Lia, but with an even more confident exterior. Long, blonde hair, a sleeveless white shirt and jeans like my own. She raised a brow at me as she finally got to hug Lia.

“I haven’t seen you in forever!” Chloe said.

“I know, I’ve been busy.”

“I bet.” The other girl said before taking a sip of her drink. Chloe smacked her arm but Lia didn’t seem offended.

“Business is good, yeah.” Lia chuckled. “You’d know, right, Jess?” The girl called Jess took a step back.

“That was one time.” She said and Lia shrugged.

“So,” Chloe stepped in, “who’s this cutie?”

Oh, wait, they’re talking about me.

“Alice. This is my girlfriend.”

You know, sometimes brains behave like computers. Either, because they do really smart stuff or in this instance, because they shut down. Yeah, my mind went blank after hearing that.

“Wow!” Chloe looked up at me with wonder. “She’s so pretty!”

“I’m not…” I looked away.

“You chose her?” The other woman said.

“Yeah, Nat. I did.”

Nat rolled her eyes and said “whatever”. I didn’t have to be a genius to figure out there was some history there. Still, she wasn’t as rude as this for the rest of the night.

Instead, Chloe walked up to me.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Chloe and that’s Nat, we knew Lia back in high school.”

“Oh, same. I mean, ‘nice to meet you’ same, not high school… Whatever.”

Chloe just cackled.

“Where did you find this girl?” She asked Lia.

“She’s my neighbor. I gave her… A bit of a special first impression.”

“That fast!?” Chloe gasped. Nat had walked away and was chatting up a brunette at the bar.

“No, no. Nothing like that. It was more funny than anything else.” She said, but not without a wink aimed at me.

“Oh, well I hope it will be ‘like that’ tonight.” What? Chloe’s smile turned devilish as she turned to me. “You’re more confident than you look, huh?”

“Um… I guess?”

“Good. Come on, let’s take some shots!”

And that was how the drinking began. I don’t even know what liquids ended up in the cup Chloe tossed my way. All I know is that everything I drank burned as it slid down my throat. Of course, I’m a mega-lightweight. So, all it took were two cups before I was losing balance.

That was when the party atmosphere really kicked off. People had swarmed into the club by now and the dance floor was fairly alive, at least by my amateur standards.

I was resting my head on the bar’s surface. I could feel that I still had a small semblance of sanity, so in an effort to hold onto it, I let my cup go.

I was alone.

“Where’s Lia?” I asked myself. The room was spinning both because I was drunk and because of the bright blue lights. I shook my head to regain some focus as I scanned the club.



So, that’s why this club is “special”?

I looked over at where the furniture was and I saw people… Well, they were fucking. There’s no better way to put it. A girl was kneeling on a couch in doggystyle getting pounded by some male stripper type. Two women were eating ataşehir escort bayan each other out on a bed. Hell, one guy was giving another dude head just before the dance floor.

I was way out of my league here, huh?

“I need to find Lia.”

“Alice!” I heard a voice call to me. Because I’m so whipped, a smile bloomed on my face and died when I saw that it was Chloe who called to me. “We lost you! Come over here, have some fun with us~” She said with a flirty tone.

When I looked ahead, I actually gasped.

No one was dancing on the dance floor. Instead, the same stuff as earlier was going on with the only change being a lack of furniture. All I could see were naked bodies licking, sucking and of course, fucking to the EDM beat pulsating behind it all. And, in between it all, was Lia.

Lia stood at the center. Standing up and bent forwards, she was kissing a redhead as a man held her by the hips and pumped. My drunk mind wondered how he could be having sex with her while clothed, then I pieced together that this was why she didn’t wear any panties here. To make things easier, I guess.

It was like a weird dream. My body didn’t know how to react. I didn’t know whether to feel cold or warm, jealous or horny. All that washed away though when she stopped kissing the other woman and noticed me.

She grinned like a succubus. Maybe knowing that I was watching spurred her on a little, because she resumed her kiss but this time she stuck her tongue out to give me a good view of it going into the other woman’s mouth. The guy behind her, tall and muscular, was doing the same thing but Lia started humping back, making a show out of everything around her.

And, okay, it worked. Sure, I wasn’t all that interested in the woman in front of her or the guy behind her, but seeing her like that, seeing her turning virtually primal in front of me, just a few feet away… It was wild.

She pushed the guy away lightly and he quickly went on to another girl. The woman she was kissing did the same. With me in her crosshairs, she made a beeline straight for me.

She wrapped her arms around my back.

“Did you enjoy the view?” She whispered into my ear. She didn’t wait for me to respond. Instead, she pressed her lips to mine and kissed me deeply. Maybe it was because I was drunk, but I didn’t have any desire to wait either. Our tongues were wrestling in no time.

“Nice, nice!” I had forgotten Chloe was there until she started cheering for us. “Can I have a taste?”

“Go ahead.” Lia said, looking into my eyes. I didn’t understand what they meant until I felt the girl unzipping my jeans.


Lia put her index finger over my lips and started kissing me again. My words died in my throat as I focused on massaging her tongue with mine. Chloe didn’t stop. She pulled my jeans all the way down to the floor. When the cold air hit me, I noticed she took my panties off too at the same time.

Two small hands squeezed my butt. Lia pulled away and we looked deep into each other’s eyes as Chloe split my cheeks apart. Then, a cold tongue touched my pussy.

“Fuck…” Clearly, I didn’t have to be romantically into Chloe for her to feel good putting her tongue on me.

“You’re so cute.” Lia smiled as she started kissing my neck. Chloe dragged her tongue over my pussy, from behind, slowly.

I turned my head to the side to give her better access. From where I was, I ended up spotting out Nat. She was standing by the bar, getting eaten out as a bartender served her. The bartender carried an unimpressed look, like this all happened too often for her to care.

Then, a group of like, four or five women walked up to us.

“Hey! You’re hot, wanna dance with us?” The more sociable one among them asked Lia and I.

“Of course!” Chloe, who heard the question, replied. I nearly asked her to keep licking me. The last thing I wanted was to dance.

Yeah, my switch had been flipped.

“Don’t worry,” Lia told me, sensing my distress. “They’re not actually talking about dancing.”

“Oh.” I nodded like a dumbass and let them drag me somewhere.

Before I could ask someone, fucking anyone, to keep eating me out, clothes were flying off bodies. Lia had somehow gotten naked. Those girls from earlier were all over each other.

A pair of hands squeezed my butt.

“I can see why Lia likes you.” Chloe rested her head on my right shoulder as she caressed my ass. She turned my head towards her and kissed me. Maybe this is the drinks talking, but the attention felt electric.

Another hand found my pussy.

I looked to the front, still kissing Chloe, and I saw Lia and some other women spectating my body.

“Me first!” Apparently they had been talking before I noticed them. Anyway, one of them walked forwards and kneeled in front of me. Her breath hovered over my clit and my knees shook. It took everything I had not to just pull her into me. Thankfully though, she didn’t take long before she started.

With the music causing the ground to vibrate under me, that random girl started licking my pussy.

“Holy shit…” Chloe took my tongue with her teeth and sucked it into her mouth.

“Have fun.” Lia laughed as the remaining girls in that group started doing her.

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