My Neighbor’s Secret Ch. 03

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My neighbor Will and I were starting to become good friends. We started hanging out regularly, and masturbated together more frequently. Late one afternoon Will called me up.

“Hey man. I’m really bored. Amy is power-shopping today. She won’t be home until later tonight. Wanna hang?”

“Sure,” I replied. “I just rented a few movies. Come on over.”

Will arrived shortly thereafter, with a 12-pack of beer in tow. He was wearing a gray sweater with a college logo on it, and some rather snug blue jeans. The shape of his bulge clearly meant he was going commando. I had on a black plain t-shirt and navy blue sweatshorts. I popped in one of the movies, and we went to work on the beer.

The first movie ended with us buzzing pleasantly. Will got up, went to the kitchen for a refill, and returned with a dvd case in his hand.

“What’s that?” I inquired.

Will handed me the case. A beautiful brunette with chestnut eyes and gorgeous tits was gripping a hard, thick cock; her lips were poised on the tip of it’s pink, glistening head. I giggled and Will laughed too.

“Just something I thought you would like,” Will replied. “It’s one of those four-hour compilations. The theme is big tits and blowjobs.”

I grinned. I absolutely love big tit and blowjob porn. “About half of the scenes are killer,” Will continued. “The rest are decent. It definitely has replay value.” He laughed. My cock twitched with anticipation as I studied the photos on the back of the case. I got up and went to the dvd player.

“Mind if I preview a scene or two?” I asked.

Will settled onto the couch and opened his beer. “Not at all, my good man. Not at all.”

I put the dvd in, then returned to the couch. I lit a cigarette and manuevered the dvd’s menus. I flipped through the scene selections and found the brunette from the cover. Finally I pressed play.

“This one is real good,” Will commented.

The scene started with the brunette on her knees. She was only wearing a black lace bra and black, sheer thigh-high stockings. A white guy stood in jeans and no shirt before her as she rubbed his bulge. Slowly she unzipped his jeans, pulling his soft cock out and stroking it. She flicked her tongue around his cockhead, staring up into his eyes. Her fingernails gently caressed his balls, and his cock began to rise. Soon she was sucking it with long, deliberate strokes of her mouth. The guy reached down and pulled her bra straps down around her arms, and she quickly wiggled the bra down around her waist. The hand that had been caressing his balls slid down to her silky pussy lips and rubbed them open. She moaned and worked her clit as his hot cock probed her mouth and tongue.

I remembered my cigarette, only to find it had burned out. A chunk of ash sat on my right thigh. I brushed it off, noting the precum staining through my shorts. My cock had reached its full six and a half inches, and was raging against the fabric of my shorts. I looked over at Will; he was fidgeting with the bulge in his jeans. He was absently biting his lower lip and watching the scene closely. I lit another Bursa escort bayan cigarette, then went back to the movie. The brunette was pushing her tits together from the sides, and had one of the guy’s balls in her mouth. She alternated, sucking each ball for ten seconds or so before going back to the other one. Her hands slid forward, and she rolled her nipples through the thumb and index finger of each hand.

“Dude, this scene is really fucking hot,” I giggled to Will.

He looked back at me and laughed. “I told you it was a good one. Hey, mind if I have a go?”

That had become our code for masturbating. On several occasions we watched porn and masturbated as we did so.

“Mi casa es su casa,” I smiled. Will laughed. He slowly undid the button and zipper of his jeans, and his hand went inside. He began to stroke his cock, and after a minute or so he lifted his ass and pulled down his jeans. His uncut cock pulsed slowly on its own as his hand massaged his balls, with his foreskin still covering the head. I licked my lips and felt my cock throb sharply.

“Be right back,” I said. I went to the kitchen and grabbed another beer. When I returned, Will had taken his jeans and sneakers off completely. He had worked the foreskin off of his cockhead, and was swirling precum underneath it. I wiggled out of my shorts before I sat down, and began caressing my own shaft. Will looked over at my cock and watched me stroke it for about a minute. I enjoyed his eyes on me as I watched the porn. The guy was laying on his back now, and the brunette was fucking her tits with his cock. After a few minutes she swiveled her legs around and onto his face in the “69” position.

I wiped some of my precum from the pink tip of my cock, and massaged it around my balls. I checked on Will’s progress, and found him doing the same. He pulled his foreskin almost the entire length of his thick, sexy five inches slowly.

“Looking really hot, man,” Will commented.

I checked Will’s cock out and replied, “Yeah, you too. Really sexy. Feeling good?”

“Oh yeah,” he moaned. “You?”

“I am so hot right now.”

Will smiled. “Yeah? Can I see how hot it feels?” He slid over next to me on the couch.

“Oh yeah, please…” I breathed. Will’s hand took my cock gently and played with it. Here and there he would watch the scene, then resume watching my cock as he stroked it. He teased his own cock and balls as he played with me. The brunette was now sucking the guy with everything she had. She pumped his shaft with one hand, while her lips sucked and licked his cockhead greedily. Her other hand massaged and pumped his balls, coaxing the hot, thick cum inside them.

“God, that looks so hot,” Will remarked.

“Do you want to feel that hot?” I asked.

“Yes, oh yes,” Will moaned.

I don’t think he was expecting my next move. It was partly the beer, but mostly my desire to suck his beautiful, thick cock. I slid off the couch and got on my knees between his legs. I ran my hands up his inner thighs; one hand rubbed his cock with just the palm, while Escort Antalya the other softly played with his balls. Will closed his eyes and moaned. I gripped his shaft gently, pulling the foreskin up around his head and then back down again. I cupped his balls, massaging each one with my thumb. With the thumb of the hand that was stroking him, I wiped some precum from his cockhead and swirled it around underneath.

“Oh God, yes, yes, that is perfect…” he whispered. I leaned forward until his cock was about three or four inches below my chin. I exhaled through my mouth so that my breath would blow across his cock. He opened his eyes to see what the new sensation was, and I smiled sexily at him.

“Do you like that, baby?” I cooed.

He smiled back right away. “Yes, yes, I love it…” he moaned. I leaned in and asked, “What about this?” and before he could answer, I licked his balls. Will’s mouth fell open, and I let my tongue roam his warm, rigid ballsac.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah baby…” he said. I took each ball in my mouth, savoring them and puffing on them with care. One of Will’s hands went under his shirt and began playing with a nipple. I moaned as I sucked and licked his balls for several minutes, until I could wait no longer.

My tongue slowly slid up the length of his cock. I could feel the blood pumping through the large vein that curved around it, and goosebumps ran along his thighs. I licked his cockhead thoroughly for a bit, and then took it in my warm, eager mouth. After a few strong sucks, I pulled it out and smacked it against my tongue repeatedly. Then it went right back in, and I began making my way down his shaft. After a few minutes I pulled it out again; I stroked his foreskin back up around the head, and then sucked it like that. Finally I stroked the foreskin back down, and started working as much of his cock as I could into my mouth. He was really thick, but I managed about three and a half to four inches. I took as much as I could with each suck, jerking the base of his cock in rhythm to my mouth.

I glanced over and saw Will’s hand gripping the couch cushions. He was breathing heavily and moaning loudly. I backed off, giving my mouth a break and holding his orgasm. I checked my own cock, and found a thick strand of precum dripping down and connecting to the carpet. I knew if I touched myself I would cum quickly. I looked back up at Will; he was smiling and his hips were thrusting forward to meet my strokes.

“Please make me cum, baby,” he whispered. I grinned, and then took his throbbing, sexy cock in my mouth. I sucked hard and fast, pumping the base and moaning in my throat. I felt my own hips bucking back and forth. A minute later Will moaned louder than I had heard ever heard him moan.

He looked down at me. “I’m gonna cum…” There was a look of uncertainty in his eyes, like he was trying to warn me. I moaned as loud as I could with his cock filling my mouth and turned my eyes up to him. I kept going, sucking and stroking his cock with everything I had. His mouth opened in a silent ‘O’, and then a long cry came out. Hot, Manavgat escort thick cum hit the back of my throat hard. I managed to swallow it quickly, and then the second shot came. I let it fill my mouth; it was sweet, hot and sticky. I swallowed the third massive burst, and the fourth and fifth shot dribbled slowly out of the corners of my mouth. Several more loads, each weaker than the one before, coursed into my throat and I swallowed whatever I could. Finally his cum was spent, and I slowed down. I pulled his cock in and out of my mouth in long, slow strokes. His cum glistened and coated his shaft and my lips. I slid his cock out of my mouth, sweeping it across my lips to collect his cum, and then sucked it back in. Finally, I stopped sucking him and stroked him easily for a minute or two.

“Oh my God, oh my God…” he giggled. I giggled too, and then sat up on the couch next to him. He exhaled loudly, and teased his softening cock. I grabbed my beer, noting there was a new scene playing in the movie. A petite blonde with massive tits was sucking two cocks at once. Will looked down at my cock. It was throbbing quickly and soaked in precum.

“I don’t know if I’m that good,” Will laughed.

“Dude, it’s not like that at all. I understand. It’s something you do if and when you’re ready to,” I said honestly.

Will’s hand found my balls and rubbed them sweetly. “Well, you know I’m not going to leave you hanging…”

He slid off the couch and dropped to his knees between my legs. I was caught totally off guard! He grabbed my cock and started to stroke it slowly, but I was too excited and turned on to hold my cum. Will leaned in and started licking my balls perfectly. He pumped my cock faster, and flickered his tongue all around my rigid sac. I moaned and cried out continuously. Maybe a minute passed until I had to let go.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” I cried. Will’s tongue slid underneath my balls. He licked up, down, and between my ass cheeks, but I was tense and he couldn’t get to my asshole. One final moan/cry announced my orgasm. The first shot flew up several inches and then splashed down onto Will’s hand and my cock, greasing my shaft as he stroked it. He licked my ass eagerly, and the second burst of cum landed on his cheek. He kept going, servicing my asscrack and pumping my slick cock over and over. I shot several more full bursts, which gave way to a few small ones that oozed out. I looked down at Will, surprised and so satisfied. He wiped the spot of cum from his cheek, rubbed it onto my balls and then licked it off, smiling! I moaned again and the last bit of my cum dribbled out. Will let go of my cock, looked at the cum on his fingers, and sucked some of it off. “God that is fucking hot,” he whispered.

I couldn’t help but laugh. He laughed too, then sat back on the couch. We lit our smokes and watched the porn for a bit, discussing our latest experience and exchanging compliments. I suggested a shower, and we took turns showering. After we had finished, we resumed smoking on the couch, but with the tv on. I asked Will if he had ever done it with a woman in the shower. He looked at me and grinned.

“Is that an invitation?”

I laughed. “If that was an invitation,” I countered, “I would’ve asked if you ever showered with a guy…”

I winked, and Will said, “Well, there’s a first time for everything…”

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