My New Sister Ch. 04

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It was turning out to be another lonely weekend for Carol with her husband out on business. That’s not to say that it wouldn’t have been lonely if her were in town. As their marriage declined through the years, Carol threw herself into raising her kids, trying to be the type of mother she had wished to have growing up. A guiding light but leaving the boundaries as loose as possible as long as they were safe.

Dave was easy. A hermit mostly, concerned more with computers than real life. It had came as a shock that he actually found a girlfriend. The relief was short lived though as it had been over a month now that she hadn’t seen her little boy.

Cindy was the opposite. The older sister was always flaunting her independence over Dave, doing everything she could get away with, and some she didn’t. Carol envied her daughter more than a little. To be young again and hanging out with the virile lovers she imagined in her daughters arms.

Slipping her short silk robe over her two piece baby doll lingerie, she made her way down stairs to slip into a TV induced coma. Passing by her usual discovery channel shows, Carol stopped on a trashy (sometimes raunchy) low budget show about a group of inner-city friends and more predominately, their sex lives.

Just as things were starting to fog up the TV screen the door bell rang. With a sigh Carol switched the channel back to discover for appearance sake, checked the knot on her robe and finally opened the door to find Cindy’s friend Samantha smiling in front of her. The young women shivered slightly in the night air. ‘No wonder,’ Carol thought, looking over the girl who was dressed in a micro bustier and one of the tiniest skirts she had ever seen.

“Hello dear, Cindy stepped out for the night.” She said stepping to the side allowing the girl to come in to warm herself.

“Yeah, I figured I’d missed her. Mind if I stick around though? I don’t feel like being alone right now.”

Carol’s motherly instincts took control as she guided the girl to the couch. With a quick look of longing at the TV she tried to put the trashy show out of her mind. “Is everything okay hun?”

“Oh, yeah. Just one of those nights you know? Just feels nice be near someone.”

Carol smiled reassuringly. She was used to many of those nights herself. “Come watch some TV with me then.”

“Sure! What’cha watching?”

Carol gave the TV a quizzical look. ‘Commercials, damn!’. “Ah, I don’t know. I really had just turned it on,” she stumbled.

“Oh?” Sam gave her a smirk and hit return on the remote. The room filled quickly with the sounds of moaning. “Ha Ha! I love this show too! It’s sooooo trashy! Did they find out Jesse is Tammy’s brother yet?”

“ah…. No.” Carol gave up and curled back on the couch in her usual spot. Sam jumped up right beside her, cuddling in close. Torn between the discomfort of watching sleazy shows with her daughter’s friend and not wanting to offend the poor girl who was lonely, Carol relented an continued to watch the show. As the warmth passed between their two bodies, she was forced to realize just how much she missed the intimacy of her marriage.

The night continued with gossip and sleazy shows. As the celeb gossip well began to dry, Sam began to turn the conversation back to Carol. “So, where’s Mr. M anyways?”

“Oh, he’s out on business this weekend. Truth be told, he’s bursa eskort bayan probably at a strip joint right now.”

“Yeah, there fun.” Sam replied, drawing a tweaked eyebrow from the older woman. “Though they pale in comparison to the real thing.” Noting Carol’s sudden quietness, Sam continued. “It must make him pretty randy when he gets home though eh?”

“Not really,” Carol sighed. “We don’t really do that kinda thing anymore. When you get older, it becomes less important.”

“Bull Shit!”

“What?” Carol laughed somewhat exasperated.

“I’m calling bull shit on you. I can tell you right now, that if I had a nice piece of ass like you waiting in my bed, I’d never let you get bored.”

“I’m not bored-“

“Yes you are. And who could blame you. A woman has needs too. And if he’s filling his needs with strippers, I think you should do the same.”

“You want me to go to the strippers?”

“Damn right.”

“I’d be too embarrassed to even walk in there.”

Taking a short pause to think her strategy through, Sam slowly stood up. “Okay, I’ll strip for you.”

“That’s okay dear.”

“Hush now, I’m actually pretty good at this. And believe it or not, you’re not the first woman I’ve danced for. It’s not gay or anything, just nice and erotic. An expression of beauty, and face it, I’m hot!”

“Sam I-“

“You can’t deny that can you!”

“Well no, but-“

“Than hush!”

Sam switched the TV to a satellite radio station and started to sway to the music. Locking her eyes with Carol she liked her lips and began to graze her fingers down her body. With Carol stunned silent, Samantha gyrated herself closer to the her, brushing ever so softly, breast to breast.

As the music picked up tempo, Sam pulled the strings of her bustier loose releasing her tits, and repeated her grazing path along the older woman’s chest. This time Sam straddled her legs and pressed her pelvis hard against Carol’s, still keeping to the beat. Lifting her torso, Sam pressed her soft breasts into Carol’s cheeks. Encouraged by the woman’s gasp, Samantha slipped off turning around to giggle her ass tantalizingly. A quick motion later, left her in only a thong.

Pressing her bare ass back into Carol’s pelvis, they both began to grind to the music. Grazing her fingernails lightly down each arm, Samantha guided Carol’s hands onto her thigh and breast, massaging her woman’s hands into her supple skin. Leaving Carol to continue her ministrations, Samantha reached back to caress her face. Lightly guiding it down to her own. A breath away, Sam pulled back twisting to her feet and sliding into the beat of a new song.

Again, the young woman swayed her form tantalizingly near. Hooking her thumbs into the flimsy thong, she bent down between her own legs as she slowly pulled down. Her ass still bouncing to the music, Sam watched the older woman in rapture of her young pussy. A few turns and dip more, and Sam pressed her young naked body into Carol a third time. Each woman ground against each other to the increasing tempo of music and lust. Again, Sam guided Carol’s hands, who this time needed no more encouragement to caress the nubile woman.

As their lips drew closer for a second time, Sam did not pull away, but waited an inch from her goal. Time seemed to slow as Carol dipped her head down until their lips met bursa merkez escort softly. Samantha now pulled her head down more passionately and was rewarded with a pinch on her erect nipple.

Still grinding together, Sam weaved her free hand into the loosening robe to caress Carol’s inner thigh. Carol moaned into Sam’s mouth, not wanting to break their locked lips. Feeling daring with this young woman on top of her, Carol skimmed her hand teasingly across her clit. Taking time to tease her outer lips, Carol massaged Samantha’s clit, while slipping two fingers into her moist love.

Already well primed by the success of her seduction, Sam climaxed quickly, loosing timing with the music. With the pretense of the dance now gone, Sam slipped to her knees, taking hold of the older woman’s hand to clean each finger that was covered in her juices.

Seductively, she sucked hard on each digit, smiling as Carol arched her back in response. Hooking her own fingers into Carol’s wet panties, Sam slid them down to the floor. Pulling her up to the edge of the couch, Sam locked Carol with a gaze of pure lust, as she slowly lowered her lips to her treasure.

Carol’s gasp took Sam by surprise as the woman moaned loudly into the empty house. “oh FUCK,” Carol screamed pressing herself harder into the dexterous tongue.

Sam, mesmerized by the heaving woman, watched as each lick sent new waves of pleasure to her highly expressive face. As her climax neared same thrust two fingers into her dripping pussy, using the change of stimulation to stay off the older woman’s climax. Again and again, Sam switched her tactics, drawing Carol close, but never to climax.

“Oh please!” Carol begged, sweating profusely from the extend lovemaking.

“Cum for me,” Sam whispered above the moans, and sucked Carol’s clit hard into her mouth, lashing it with her tongue, while a third finger pumped hard into her pussy.

Sam climbed back onto the couch and watched the older woman catch her breath. Carol seemed to glow, glistening with sweat and cum. Samantha caressed her lover’s face delicately brushing away a few tears that had begun to fall.

“Did you enjoy my dance Mrs. M?”

Carol cold only giggle between heaving breaths, kissing her daughter friend once again. “That was amazing.”

Reluctantly re-clothed, or short time later, Sam listened to Carol’s stumbling words as she tried to express what she had felt. “I only wish, Ted would be willing to do that. He has always been put off by the thought of tasting pussy.”

“He doesn’t know what he’s missing.”

Carol smiled back between pecks.

“Believe it or not I may be able to help you there too.”

“Oh?” Carol asked, feeling a familiar tingle rising again.

“I have a square recipe that tastes like nothing. Or more precisely heightens the taste of what you add to it. I could help you bake a little something for him, and if he likes it, you let him know where to get more.”

Carol laughed at the insinuation. “Oh, but how will we get what we need?”

“Just leave that to me.” Sam winked.

Late that night Cindy returned to find her friend lying in her bed dressed in her mothers lingerie. Quietly closing the door, Cindy almost squealed as she ran across the room. “Okay bitch, tell me everything!”

“Where were you tonight young lady?” bursa sınırsız escort bayan Sam scolded in her best motherly voice.

“Oh, I was out whoring my sexy body mom.” Cindy said playing along.

“Such a bad, bad, girl! You need to learn a lesson!”

“Oh please mom, teach me!”

With a coy smile, Sam bent her friend over her knee and spanked her pantied ass beneath her skirt. “there now, maybe you’ll learn. Whoring starts at home. Now give your mother a kiss.”

As the two locked in a passionate kiss, Cindy could taste something familiar but different. It was definitely pussy, and her mothers at that! The thought of tasting her mothers cum on her lover’s lips sent Cindy over the edge.

Sam laughed at her shuddering friend. “I thought you’d like that. Your mother and I had quite the night!”

“Tell me!”

The next Monday morning was a typical family breakfast with the exception that Samantha replaced David at the table. Idle conversation filled the air as each killed time until heading off their own way into the real world.

Gathering up the nerve, Carol final took out a tray of squares for a special breakfast dessert. “Samantha gave me a recipe that I’m dying to know if you like hun.”

“What are they?”

“A square, just try them.” Carol blushed deeply, setting the tray down in front of her husband.

“Oh, may I Mrs. M?”

“Of course dear, you helped me.”

Scarfing one down quickly Sam moaned. “Damn good Mrs. M!”

“Okay, lets give it a shot,” Ted said with a sigh. No sooner than it hit his tongue, he spat it out into his napkin. “that’s nasty!”

“Your crazy dad. They taste great!” Cindy said shoving another into her mouth.

“Cindy!! Those are for your father!”

“Let her have them. They’re horrible. I’ve got to get going now anyway, bye!” Ted leaned in for a kiss, but Carol could only stand there while he pecked her cheek and left.

Samantha jumped out her chair to allow Cindy’s mother to sit. “It’s okay Mrs. M. They really are great. He just doesn’t have any taste.”

Cindy got up to follow her father, leaving the two alone and an empty trey on the table.

“Did Cindy eat them?” Carol asked horrified at what her daughter might have tasted.

“Yeah, she kinda pigged out.” Sam laughed at Carol’s horrified look. “Don’t worry, she knew what they were. Do you have any more?”

“No,” Carol said not sure if she understood what was goin on.

“Oh, that’s okay than. I don’t mind fresh.” With a wink Sam was under the kitchen table and Carol’s troubles were fading away.

“Dad, you know you really upset mom eh?” Cindy said running after her father.

“Sorry Cin, I don’t have time for your mothers mood swings right now.”

“Mood swings?!” She screamed at him. “Your being an asshole! She made something special for you and you spit it at her! Fuck!” With no patience left, Cindy stomped up to her room to get ready for school.

Ted, having a change of heart in light of his daughters tantrum decided it was in his best interest to make a quick apology before a bigger fight came around the bend. Practicing his words he stepped tentatively into the kitchen.

“hun- What the fuck!!”

“Ow! Shit!” Samantha screamed, hitting her head off the table in surprise.

“Hi Ted.” Carol said feeling detached and bold. “See Ted, some people like my taste.”

“What the fuck are you- No I don’t care! Tell the kids I’ll be at my sisters.” He screamed and slammed the door behind him.

Carol sighed. This was not how it was suppose to be this morning. “Sorry Sam, I seem to be a bit late as well. I should get goin- OH! Well, I-I have a minute I guess.”

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