My Not So Innocent Daughter

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Part One

Being a single dad to a young daughter is not easy. Especially when she is beautiful and growing up to look like her sexy mother. I see how boys and men look at her. I must admit in my most quietest moments I thought of her too.

At eighteen, Chrissy is built like a sex goddess. She has her mother’s curves and large bosom. Though her body is all woman, I thought she was still very innocent. When her mother died, I put her in an all girl’s private school. She’s very good at her studies and never had a boyfriend before.

I’ve never thought of remarrying again. Of course I have needs and have over the years had fuck buddies or casually dated. My main focus has been Chrissy. We’ve been a close duo and Chrissy will still live at home as she goes to college. Luckily we have a good university nearby but I’m sure when she is in college I’ll have to deal with her bringing boys around.

Around the home she never wears bras. So often she walks around the house in only an oversized shirt and panties. Many times the shirt rides up and I see her panties. Her perky tits jiggle as she moves.

Today she’s in a white tight shirt that doesn’t hide that she has pink nipples. It is a little long but only covers half of her cute ass.

Today she thinks it’s a daddy and daughter game night. However I’ve invited my two older brothers. Jim is five years older than me at fifty two. My middle brother, Tom, is forty nine.

My daughter seems innocent but for a while now I’ve wondered if what she wears, or doesn’t wear, around the house is on purpose. Something I found in her search history made me think she’s been purposely teasing me.

Two weeks ago, she had her tablet on the coffee table and it wasn’t locked. She had gone up to bed. What I found shocked me.

Lots of searching for the most taboo and raunchiest type of pornography. Older men with barely legal teens, rough gangbangs and what stopped me in my tracks was a lot of incest porn.

Her favorite topic seemed to be father and daughter porn. However the last video she watched was a father sharing his daughter with other men.

I was flabbergasted but hard as a rock. I’m not sure how she got around parental controls. Kids always find a way to trick their parents, I suppose.

I wanted to have a conversation about it in a non judgemental way but it got me hard thinking my innocent daughter looked at filthy things like that. My obsession became thinking about her getting off to the thought of being a slut for her daddy.

Every night for two weeks I would come to the thought. Though I know it’s wrong, I decided I wanted to make my baby girl’s fantasy come true. Whenever her uncles are around, I’ve noticed them looking at her like every other heterosexual male that are ever over.

I was over Jim’s house last week drinking. Liquid courage gave me the chance to mention it to them. At first they thought I was joking but then were all too eager to agree.

And now it’s finally the big night. Chrissy comes over to sit on my lap and gives me a kiss. My cock is hard and I know Chrissy feels it too because she wiggles her little ass on it but is pretending to be all innocent.

My mouth goes to her ear, “I know you want Daddy’s dick.”

Chrissy is shocked and stops moving.

“I know what filthy things you watch.”

“Daddy, I’m sorry,” Chrissy is almost in tears.

“It’s ok, sweetheart, I move to kiss her neck, making my barely teenage daughter moan. A hand reaches out to cup her breast. Chrissy is breathing heavily as I go under her shirt.

“Are you still a virgin, sweetheart?”

“Yes, daddy,” Chrissy says. It makes me want her even more.

Passionately I kiss her and wonder if I’m the first man to kiss her like this. The first man to have his tongue invade her mouth. She doesn’t seem experienced but she makes up for it in enthusiasm.

“God damn, Ryan, you couldn’t wait for us,” my brother Jim says with Tom behind him.

My brothers have a key to the house. They must have been waiting for a few minutes if they let themselves in.

Chrissy was startled but I told her we all loved her and wanted to make her dreams come true. She looked scared but as I was reassuring her my finger found its way into her pussy. She was soaking wet.

“Baby, your pussy is so wet. That’s how a man knows you are turned on. Don’t pretend you don’t like this. We’re gonna teach you what men like.”

I decided we should all go up to my bedroom where I had a king size bed. Chrissy was instructed to take what little she had on off. At first she hesitated.

“Darling, we can practically see your tits anyway. Besides Bodrum Escort you’re old enough to know sluts should do what they’re told,” Tom said as he pulled his dick out and stroked it.

Chrissy then removed her top and panties revealing a pussy that was completely shaved. Jim couldn’t wait to taste her and practically jumped on top of her. He had her on her back devouring her perfect tits before eating her pussy. Chrissy was beside herself and writhed in pleasure.

Tom and I got naked and went next to her. We played with her tits. Played with her erect nipples. Pinching, sucking and nibbling them. All of this made Chrissy have her first orgasm given by a man. Jim came up from her center and I could tell my baby girl’s juices were all in his beard.

“Good girl,” I told her as she was coming down from her orgasm.

“Daddy, I want to have your cocks in my mouth,” at that moment my little girl looked so wanton and needy.

She got on her knees as we encircled her. We told her how to lick us how we like it. Told her to not forget about a man’s balls and be mindful of her teeth. For a first time cocksucker, she did really well. She’ll need practice to take a man’s full cock but I’m sure we’ll have plenty more practice sessions. My brothers and I were all so turned on by my little girl’s efforts. We couldn’t help ourselves and Chrissy ended up with all our cum on her pretty little face. Also some was in her hair and even more trickled onto those perky tits.

Tom gave her a towel. Before she could wipe us off, I snapped a picture of my little girl looking like the perfect slut. When she has more practice, I’ll show no mercy and face fuck her.

After she cleaned up her face, I wanted to taste her. Her pussy is the sweetest thing I ever tasted. Again my baby was coming again. Tom wanted a taste and told Chrissy to ride his face.

As she rode him, I kissed her and groped her tits. Jim kissed her neck and had his finger on her asshole. Later, Chrissy would tell me Uncle Jim putting the tip of his finger in her tight hole is what made her cum all over Uncle Tom’s face.

My beautiful sweet daughter said she wanted to know what else she could do to make us feel good.

“I want you all to feel as good as you make me feel,” she said.

My first thought was to fuck her but before I could say anything Jim suggested she learn how to eat ass.

At first she made a face but because all she wanted to do was please us, she said she would do it. I went first and feeling her tongue on my asshole felt like nothing else. She didn’t hold back like some women would. She tried to lick as deep as she could.

Her teenage tongue on our middle aged assholes got the three of us rock hard again.

“Daddy, I want all of you inside me,” my baby girl pleaded, “but you first, Daddy.”

I kissed Chrissy as I moved between her legs. I tapped my dick on her pussy which made her whimper. Then I finally moved my dick inside her. First I went slow but when I hit her barrier, I pushed all in and became a man obsessed. Her young wet pussy was absolute bliss and I lost all control and was determined to make my big cock fit in my daughter.

Right before I came in her, I had some sense to pull out and cum on her stomach. I made a mental note to get her on birth control. I looked down and her virgin blood covered my cock.

I straddled her face, “clean it up baby.” Like the good daughter she was, she obeyed. Jim had replaced me in between her legs. I reminded him to not cum in her yet. He wanted to cum on her tits. Now her chest and torso was covered with cum.

Tom was happy to take thirds and added to the cum covering my daughter’s body. The natural minx that she is, Chrissy started to wipe up the cum and lick it off her fingers.

“Ryan, you are one lucky bastard,” Jim said.

I certainly am. From that day Chrissy sleeps with me. My alarm clock is usually her taking care of my morning wood with her sweet mouth. I have her getting birth control and when it kicks in I’ll be filling her pussy with my cum. So will Jim and Tom.

We watch porn together and my little girl has the most depraved fantasies. For her first time I didn’t want to be too rough. As her little body gets used to sex, I’ll fulfill her darkest fantasies with as many cocks as she wants.

Part Two

Life was really good after my brothers helped me take my daughter’s virginity, she sleeps in my bed every night. She is always eager to please her daddy. Chrissy has really been practicing her blowjob skills and can take more cock into her mouth. Hearing her gag as she tries to fit my cock all Bodrum Escort Bayan the way in, gets me to come so hard.

She walks around the house sometimes only in panties and always sleeps naked. Her sexy body is always curled up to me as we sleep. I can have her whenever I want. It is comforting just to be able to touch her body.

Jim and Tom have been over more frequently and many times she will take one upstairs. When one of my brothers comes downstairs, the other goes up to take his place. Many times when they have left, I’ll eat her pussy out that’s full of cream.

Chrissy has also been getting into anal sex. She’s a perfect ass slut. The first time I put my finger all the way in her tight hole, she came all over my cock.

I bought a set of butt plugs to help train her little ass. Gradually we worked up to the biggest. Sometimes she’ll wear one to her college classes.

Recently she’s started taking mine and her uncles cocks in her ass. The first time trying to squeeze my thick cock in her tight hole made me prematurely come. Chrissy said it hurt a little but it was ok because she wanted me to feel good. Well that made me lose it and I showed no mercy on her body. She screamed in both pain and pleasure.

We still do normal father and daughter things like game night and watching family friendly tv. However we watch a lot of porn too. My baby girl has depraved tastes.

For her nineteenth birthday, I’ve decided to surprise her with a gang bang. Rougher than what my brothers have done to her yet. I started going on Internet forums to see if I can find some men to participate.

A man named Derek and I got to talking and he says he hosts gangbangs. He said men will pay a lot of money to rough up such a hot teen. Of course I would get a cut which would be enough to pay off my mortgage and save money for Chrissy. Derek said he would set up a lottery to have nineteen men in the gangbang. He has over 200 men on his client list. My daughter will actually have twenty three men because Derek isn’t including my brothers, me or himself in the count.

Derek invited me to an event at the cabin he hosts these parties. He said I could go to one to decide if I felt comfortable this would be ok for Chrissy.

The event was held in a luxurious cabin in the woods that was private property. Inside there was a fully stocked bar with lingerie clad bartenders. There were beds in different rooms and a room set up for kink play.

Derek said he had guys there for security and I was glad to see they were big guys who no one would fuck with unless they had a death wish.

There were about thirty men there and three women to service all of our cocks. These women were pounded hard and covered in bodily fluids by the end of the night. One woman was fisted by a few guys by the time I got to her. I decided to fuck her ass because I figured it would be tighter than her stretched out pussy.

The night was a fun time and when I was there I kept imagining it was Chrissy being defiled by all those men.

Derek showed me to a room that had screens from cameras all over the cabin. Everyone who comes in has to give up their phones so no one takes videos that can be leaked. Chrissy doesn’t know she’s getting a gangbang. Derek’s security guys will supposedly kidnap her. Jim, Tom and me will watch from the camera room watching as she is defiled and after a bit will join in.

Chrissy has said this is a fantasy of hers. Being kidnapped from our home then being brutally forces to have sex. I’m only giving my little girl what she wants. Luckily her birthday is on a Friday and she can recuperate all weekend.


Today’s my birthday and I can’t wait to see what daddy has for me. All he said was that there would be a special surprise waiting for me when he gets home. I’m already naked for him and watching porn. Rubbing myself to an orgasm, I’m interrupted as I hear what sounds like a few men coming into the house. Their footsteps are coming up the stairs and two big and scary men burst into my room coming into the house.

I try to run but there’s nowhere for me to go.

“This bitch really is a slut. Already naked and wet,” he says as he covers my mouth with a large hand. His accomplice has grabbed my hands and is tying them behind me.

I try to scream though it’s muffled. I try to wiggle away but they are too strong. I can’t help but start crying but they only laugh at me. One of the men puts a gag in my mouth. The other man puts a knife to my throat,

“Listen, bitch, if you want to survive this you’ll stop resisting.”

Now I’m really scared Escort Bodrum and I want my daddy. They mockingly laugh at me again as I cry harder. There’s nothing for me to do but comply with them. They lead me out to where they have a van.

“Damn she is sexy,” the driver looks back as they throw me in.

They paw at my breasts roughly and tell me I’m built like an easy slut and that’s why they chose me. For the first time I feel ashamed because they are right. I am an easy slut but only with Daddy and Uncle Jim and Uncle Tom. Though I have come many times to thoughts of scenarios just like this. Be careful of what you wish for.


Derek has cameras in the van that members of his security team took to pick up Chrissy. Watching her cry, my mind said I need to rescue her but my cock got rock hard.

When they finally get there, all the men are naked and rock hard waiting for her. They cheer when she is brought in and my little girl looks scared. She’s also completely naked with hands tied behind her back. The security guard throws her to one of the naked men. They begin to surround her and grope her. She gets tossed around with hands all over her. Mouths are all over her tits. They suck on them and smack them too.

Derek is one of the men down there with the nineteen men who paid a small fortune to rape my little girl.

He takes charge of my helpless little girl. He takes her over where restraints hang down and removes her restraints. He lifts her arms to put them in its hold. Derek licks her cheek, licking up the tears that fall down them. He tells her she’s a slut but she denies it. He smacks her and calls her a little liar and then shoves a finger in her pussy.

“She’s already wet but I bet we can get her drenched,” Derek says and goes to get a hitachi vibrator. He puts it to her clit and it starts going. At first Chrissy is shaking from fear but I can tell the vibrating sensations on her clit are starting to feel good. Men go over to touch her, slap her cheeks, spank her ass and then my daughter has her first orgasm of the night. Again the men are cheering and saying how she can’t deny she wants this. Derek forces her to have a few more orgasms with the hitachi but then sticks a dildo in her pussy and a few men have fun putting one in her ass.

When he stops forcing orgasms on her, he lets her out of the restraints and she falls to the floor. Someone pulls her hair and forces his cock into her mouth. He face fucks my baby girl causing tears to run down her cheeks. When she’s pulled off of one man, another forces her to take him. Some men don’t cum but a few others cum in her mouth or her face. One guy decides to come on her tits. She’s then put on a bed where a man starts eating her out while another makes her lick his cock and balls. She has another orgasm and when another man takes his place, she squirts all over his face too.

Watching the scene, I don’t want to hold back anymore and neither do my brothers. We decided to join the party. Someone’s fucking her pussy now. Jim, Tom and I go over to Chrissy. Derek tells the men surrounding her that I’m the father and to let me in.

“Daddy,” Chrissy says in a whisper. I tell her she’s a good girl while I jerk off and come on her tits. I know I’ll be able to get hard again and I’m right because it doesn’t take long for my cock to wake up again.

Men take turns in her pussy. Then after the eleventh guy to explode in her pussy, the twelfth guy decides to fuck her ass. Chrissy screams when he enters her but she manages to eventually have an orgasm. Once her ass was taken, a lot of the men want to fuck her hard there.

Finally I have my turn, she manages to ride me. As she does, another man goes to position himself in her back entrance. This drives Chrissy wild. Watching my cum covered daughter shake with a strong orgasm, encourages my own.

“Daddy, I’m so full,” Chrissy cries out.

All nineteen men plus Derek, my brothers and I had the chance to come in or on her at least twice, some three and some even four. It’s early morning when we are done using our fuck toy. Chrissy lays on the floor dripping of cum and exhausted. Even us guys have some of that mixture of everyone’s spunk on us as we never made an attempt to wipe away the mess on her body. I’ve never seen a woman, not even in porn, be so covered in cum. As she lays there, a couple guys decide to piss on her. This causes the rest of us to relieve ourselves. When everyone leaves, Derek says we can stay as long as we want in the rooms upstairs. I carry my daughter to the large ensuite shower and wash her then make up a hot bath for her.

Chrissy was sore the next couple of days but she said she loved what I did for her even if at first she was scared. Derek asked if Chrissy would want to do other events and she seems to be interested but I want her to wait a few months. Derek has already set up a lottery her twentieth birthday.

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