My Peeking Roommate Gets Curious

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I had been living with my roommate for just a short time when I began to fantasize about him. We had met in college, worked together, and slept with many college girls during our party days. He was athletic, built and hung. We had been working out together and came back for a shower. I went first and while I was in there I heard the door handle turn. I mentioned that if he needed to use the toilet he was welcome to even tho I was in there.

Neither one of us was gay even tho I had experimented a couple of times. I had a fascination with the human form whether it was male or female. My roommate and I had been in the same fraternity when a couple of the members came out as gay. We never discussed it but it was on everyone’s mind. My roommate and I had pretty good sex lives with our girlfriends but found ourselves wanting at times.

He didn’t use the toilet after peeking at me in the shower which I found to be very curious. I continued to wonder what he was up to so I thought I’d play a little to see what he was open to. I got out of the shower and instead of going to my room, I went out to the living room and sat down in my towel. He came over and sat across from me as we talked it up a bit. I had tied my towel in front allowing it open a little revealing my inner thighs a bit more. I began with just moving sarıyer escort my legs open and closed a few times and I knew he could see up my leg a bit. He tried a few times to bend over and look up at my crotch. Each time I’d spread my legs a bit more and feeling my cock getting harder each time he tried to ‘peek’. At one point I said I need to dressed. Our conversation continued and he followed me into my room. Not sure what to do now that I was tenting out the towel with my now rock hard cock and with it even peeking out a bit if I turned just right. Well, I as I was looking through my closet for something to wear, his eyes were fixed on my raging hard cock as the head poked out about halfway. I dropped the towel as I found something to wear. His eyes wear glued to my hard on and it felt harder than it ever had been. I brushed against it as moved my clothes around to the bed causing it to bounce. I tried to stuff my eager cock into my shorts even though I had grabbed a very loose pair. as the conversation had dropped off altogether and turned into live exhibitionist show with my voyeur just a couple of feet away.

Next we were heading out to the beach in my convertible and as we drove he marveled at the 8″ bulging through my shorts. He finally reached out and grabbed sefaköy escort it through my shorts. I pulled it out through the pant leg so he could grab it skin on skin. After a nice drive to the beach with him just fascinated with my hard on, we made our way to the Boardwalk. We had brought our rollerblades and decided to skate the entire distance and back. This took most of the afternoon. I was maintaining a great semi most of the time as I watched his glistening dark skin. Things were a bit more relaxed on the way back home. Once back at the apartment, we both cleaned up and ate. I began to talk about my masturbation habits and how I was beating off a couple times a day. To my surprise he asked if he could help! Wow, was I hearing this correctly? I took him into my room and dropped my shorts and pulled off my shirt. I was completely erect and as hard as a rock. I began by stroking myself and then inviting him to join in. Before today, he had never played with anyone else’s cock before and was curious, gentle, and determined to play along. He began stroking me softly. I got some lotion and squirted some on me as he pistoned back and forth on my rock hard rod. We enjoyed this for a while before I exploded launching ropes of cum across the floor. He was like a little kid discovering şerifali escort his new favorite toy for the first time.

That night as we lay next to each other while playing with ourselves I reached over and grabbed his dick. It was huge. A little over 9″ and uncut! I had never seen a cock this big. As I played with him, I leaned over and took him in my mouth. Gawd, I tried to deep throat this massive rod but could barely fit it all in. I got most of it in and fisted the base stroking as I bobbed up and down. He threw his head back moaning as I polished his glistening cock. I continued my assault bringing my friend to an explosive orgasm. I did my best to swallow all that he gave me but it just wouldn’t be contained. As he continued to release, cum was dribbling out of the side of my mouth and down my chin. As I sucked him dry, he remained prone and helpless, completely exhausted from my assault on his cock. We fell asleep and slept soundly until we awoke with some amazing and raging morning wood. We had another glorious repeat session where he tried to suck me off. He did pretty good bobbing up and down like he’d done this before. He pulled off before I exploded in the air raining cum back down on my chest and stomach.

From this point on, when we were ever short on pleasure from our girlfriends, we always found a way to stay satisfied whether it was a quick shower job or an all-night of fun.

Even though, that had never happened through our college days, it did pick up a few more times as our lives intertwined as time went on. Whether it was camping or fishing or just when the wives were gone with the children.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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