My Perfect Other Half Ch. 17

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Chapter 17: Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

“Good morning, Slave.”

A startled Tyler looked wide-eyed at Goddess from his curled position on the hardwood floor. The cock had been pulled from the mirror sometime during the night. It lay by his side.

“How long did you stay up?”

“I don’t know. A few hours at least.”

“Can you swallow it without gagging?”

“Y-yes, Goddess. I think so.”

Zala came and squatted beside Destiny. “There’s one way to find out. Shall I?”

“No Zala. Let him show us. Put the dong back on the mirror and show me.”

Tyler started to cry? “What if I can’t?” He asked in a pleading voice.

“Slave,” Destiny scolded. “You don’t get to ask questions. Just do what I tell you.”

Without another word he knelt, fixed the dildo to the mirror and stared at the menacing brown cockhead. He hated that thing.

“I don’t think he can do it,” Zala presupposed. “Otherwise he wouldn’t be stalling.”

“Zala, hush!…. Tyler, let’s see how good you are.”

He approached the phallus, opened and pressed his face toward the mirrored door. The cock went down easily until it was nearly in – and then he retched.

“I told you! See?”

“Enough!” Destiny barked. “Not another word!”

Turning her attention to Tyler, she looked at him with a less than pleased expression. “Why? Why did you go to sleep before conquering this thing? You had all night.”

“I tried, Goddess. I really did.”

Shaking her head she stood. “Your definition of trying isn’t the same as mine. You disappoint me. Go get a shower and get back out here.”

When Tyler next saw the girls, they were standing by the mirror. Mounted were two dongs, the familiar brown one and next to it, the humongous black one.

“Boy, kneel!” Zala commanded. “You have five minutes to practice. If you can’t swallow and keep the brown cock in your damn mouth for fifteen seconds without gagging, you’ll be making love to a real one.”

She started the stopwatch function on her phone and flashed it his way so he could see. He was burning time.

The girls waited impatiently. The all-too-familiar sound of retching returned. It wasn’t nearly as woeful as last night but he wasn’t deep-throating with any sense of style or grace either.

“Time!” Zala yelled. “Swallow and keep it there.” Not wanting to wait, she shoved his face into the door and held him there. To everyone’s amazement, he didn’t make a peep.

“Damn, slave!” Destiny said. His performance amazed her. “Let him go. He did what I asked.”

Zala backed away; the disappointment on her face obvious. She was drooling at the chance of shoving the other cock down his gullet.

Destiny stood over him. “Slave, look at me.” She saw sad and exhausted eyes. He looked broken. Destiny hadn’t seen him like this since the days after Rachel when he was truly broken. Part of her felt pity for him but another part knew this exercise had been a good one, and one that would help to remind him what real slavery sometimes entailed.

Goddess and slave had been in Addis Ababa for only a day. There was no way she could have ever planned their first night to play out the way last evening unfolded. Zala was all she had hoped she’d be and more. She was beautiful, dominant, obedient, affectionate, sexy and even submissive when their time included sexual service. Zala had doted over Destiny’s body for more than an hour after leaving Tyler last night. Her mouth had taken Destiny to places unknown and after having enough, Destiny loved cuddling with another woman.

It wasn’t that she preferred one over the other but rather that Zala was different. Tyler made her feel safe and secure, and his submission gave her the confidence only obtained from subduing a strong male. Zala provided Destiny with a different feel. She was different but equally satisfying lover. Her slender body snaked itself around her body perfectly. She was smaller, lighter but just as strong as Tyler, albeit in different ways. Where Tyler’s strength came from his brawn, Zala’s came from her will. Destiny felt that rush of adrenaline knowing she could conquer both. The time spent with her last night, knowing Tyler was working hard to swallow a cock made for a perfect ending to an already fabulous day.

Destiny held Zala close while listening to her preview their upcoming itinerary. It included two days in the capital city, several days traveling to National Parks and museums, and ended with a trip into the Omo Valley where Destiny believed her family roots originated.

She suggested they make time to visit a well-known restaurant frequented almost exclusively by women of power and their owned slaves. “They have a weekly event we must attend. It will be good for Tyler,” she said giggling. After learning about what the Cum Drop had to offer, Destiny agreed. Tyler’s heart sank. They would frequent the establishment tomorrow afternoon.

“I must make reservations,” Zala insisted. “Otherwise he will not be able to be a part of the festivities.”

“Wait on that Kurtköy Escort for now.”

Her comment caught Zala by surprise but she didn’t want to confront. There was too much at stake to ruffle any feathers. Instead, she kept talking about the days to come.

Meanwhile, Destiny’s mind had gone elsewhere. She half-listened but half-pondered how best to handle the situation with Tyler not taking the phallus without gagging. While Zala rambled on about their sightseeing plans, Destiny decided to go public with Tyler’s slavery while in Ethiopia. Thinking the experience would be good for them both, she intended to show him to the public-at-large, knowing this might be something she’d never do again.

“Slave, today and tomorrow we will tour the city. When we are out, you will be leashed. When we eat, your place will be beneath me. Because you did not swallow the cock as I told you, you will spend ten minutes practicing on the black one every hour whenever we are here. Afterward, you will spend another five minutes practicing with the brown one. Hopefully, you will realize that when I give you something to do, I expect you to do it.”

“And rest assured, I will be bringing them with us. This will be something you will be doing throughout our stay. It will be up to you to remind yourself. If Zala or I have to hold you accountable, your time will double.”

Tyler nodded resignedly. There was no way he would ever be able to swallow the black monster. Just thinking of it filling his throat was petrifying.

Destiny continued. “But, because you have worked admirably, and because you took the brown one after a bit of practice, I will let Zala assist you in cumming.” Destiny embraced him and forced her tongue into his mouth. “I love you, my slave.”

“I love you, Goddess.”

It almost hurt to say those words. Her affirmation, after having struggled through so much since arriving in Addis Ababa, had turned him into an emotional train-wreck. He didn’t understand her comment about Zala assisting in his cumming and wondered what it was they had talked about that he wasn’t privy to.

Destiny pulled herself free of his grasp and looked hard at Zala. “Take him over there and drain him as we agreed.”

Zala snapped, “Come, slave. Get on all fours. Right over there. Move!”

Twenty minutes later Zala had him softly moaning. While she sat nearby occupying herself on her phone waiting for the vibrator in his ass to produce its results, Tyler knelt with his face almost touching the door to their suite. Beneath him rested several ice cube trays containing shallow indents in the shape of small half-spheres.

Destiny smiled when seeing them one beside the other. Coming to Zala she spoke. Her words made her jump in surprise. She had been absorbed in whatever she was staring at. “Give me a kiss,” She waited for Zala to stand. When she did, she pulled her lithe body tight to hers and made love to her mouth. Both women moaned while exploring the lips of the other.

“Milk him good. I want him completely drained.”

“I will. I’ve done this many times. He’s getting close if you want to see his worm in action. It won’t be but another ten minutes before he starts leaking.”

Dez stroked her face and smiled. “Not this time. But, I am learning by watching what you’re doing. I might add this to his routine if it turns out the way I think it will.”

“That’s why you need to watch and see how I do it.”

Destiny stiffened. “I just said, not this time.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to push.”

“Apology accepted. This time it is. Don’t push me Zala – not ever.” Zala’s expression changed suddenly.

In a contrite voice, she responded.? “I won’t. I am sorry. I really am.” She looked from Destiny to Tyler. “I think milking is my preferred release method because it lets him realize his prostate can be drained without any sense of self-pleasure. It reinforces the slave mentality when they look between their legs and see their cum leaking out but don’t feel anything close to an orgasm.”

Destiny chuckled. “I find the process fascinating. I want to see what this does to him here.” She pointed to her head. “I want to control that more than his cock. And I am glad I have you to do this for me.” Destiny kissed her softly.

“The pleasure has been all mine. Taking charge of him is ok but it doesn’t compare to what we’ve done together. I love being with you, Destiny.”

Her comment brought out a beautiful grin from Destiny. “I want us as much as you do,” she confessed. “So far, you are everything I hoped you’d be.”

Her comment was not what Zala expected. It blew her away! Zala processed her thoughts. “Destiny wanted this too? I was all she hoped I’d be? That had to mean she must have thought about me long before yesterday! But for how long?” She had so many thoughts – all of which were deliciously wonderful. They danced and celebrated in her mind while she did her best to stay composed.

Destiny had divulged a profound revelation and one that excited Zala to no end. Pendik Escort She was giddy with joy. She had hope! The possibility of garnering this magnificent woman’s love stood as a realistic possibility.

“Oh, Goddess,” she said excitedly. With a face bright with jubilance, she looked into the dark eyes of her beholder. “Do you mind me calling you Goddess?”

“Am I your goddess?”

“I don’t know. I want you to be.”

“If I was, then you would have to be my slave. There can be no other path to that end.”

“I wouldn’t mind. Not at all.”

“But are you?” Destiny smiled.

“In a heartbeat, I’d become yours.”

“If that is true, then I expect you to refer to me as, Goddess,” Dez answered quietly. Destiny had confirmed what she expected. They had both declared their intentions and, both had learned their intentions were mutually acceptable.

Zala giggled quietly. “I like thinking of you as a goddess. I like, I mean, I love thinking you are. I can’t imagine anything better – to be yours, that is.”

“But then you would be my slave.”

“Yes, yes, of course!”

Then show me. If you feel as you say you do, then kiss my pussy, Zala. Bow before my cunt. Humble yourself.”

Zala kissed her lips and knelt. Tyler knelt just to her side.

Although he couldn’t see their interaction, he couldn’t avoid hearing everything. Destiny’s intentions that she had told him about yesterday came to mind. She was going to pursue this woman and see what she was like.

“She loves me. She loves me,” he repeated in his mind. He knew she did but it didn’t feel like it. Goddess only wanted to enjoy her and not him and that hurt. Even though she told him she was going to pursue her, it still hurt. Even though she had reminded him of how much she loved him, it still hurt.

Despite his feelings of rejection, he knew his only recourse was to trust and obey. He couldn’t change her path. He had no influence over the actions of his wife. She ruled; he submitted. She had the freedom to do what she wanted, and to Tyler’s credit, he had encouraged her to live this way a thousand times. Now that she had, however, all he did was worry.

“I’m her slave; she loves me.” It was that mantra he repeated last night, and again this morning. It was a mantra that gave him hope. She did love him.

Destiny pressed Zala’s face deep between her legs. “You make my pussy ache, little one.”

Zala stared up with pleasing, happy eyes. Her tongue flitted over Goddess’s sensitive labia.

Destiny looked down. Beneath her knelt the most attractive woman. Zala was beautiful. She had so many attributes of a beauty queen. She was tall, slender, curvy in all the right places, and possessed an exotic attraction. But to Destiny, her appeal came not so much from her physical beauty as it did from Zala’s conveyed desire to give of herself. That appealed to her more than even her physical beauty.

Destiny’s glance moved from Zala to her husband. She grinned when seeing the cord hanging from his ass. White trays beneath his cock waited to be filled.

“My, oh my, I am indeed blessed,” she said aloud.

She had it all. A slave-husband. A woman lover. The question she kept considering was, “Is this what I want? Do I want two? Do I need two? How would owning two play itself out longterm?” She wasn’t sure although right now, it felt damn good.

“Stand my girlie-slave.”

Zala rose and grabbed a nipple between her teeth giving it a playful pull on her way. “Goddess,” she said draping her arms over Destiny’s shoulders. “You make me so happy.”

“Mmm.” Destiny kissed her. Grabbing a fistful of hair she pulled her lips to hers and assaulted her mouth. Running the other hand down between her thighs, she heard Zala moan when reaching her special place.

Zala parted her leg, ironically resting her foot on Tyler’s back Two fingers dipped inside.

Destiny felt her soaking wet hole. There was no doubting Zala’s desire for her was sincere. She couldn’t fake what her fingers felt. She was dripping with arousal. If Tyler wasn’t on the verge of releasing his cum, she would have put him to work cleaning them both.

Dez pulled Zala’s head back roughly to look at her. “Play is fun, my little slave, but I need to get some work done. Take care of him. Let me know when his milking is through.”

“Oh, don’t go. I like being your girlie-slave,” she said giggling.

“We will have plenty of time to play. Now be a good girl, and obey your goddess.”

Zala smiled. “Yes, Goddess.”

“Thank you. Oh,” she said after releasing her grip, “you may call the Cum Drop.”

“Great! I’ll do it as soon as I’m done with him!” Zala plunged three fingers into her hole and seductively brought them to her mouth.

The show made Destiny smile. After chewing on her lip, she blew Zala a puckered kiss. “I must work, my playful-slut. Attend to him.”

With a pouty face, she answered, “Yes, Goddess.”

Tyler groaned yet again. Zala rolled her eyes. “Men! I don’t know why we don’t Mutlukent Escort castrate them all,” she murmured.

Zala waited for the door to close. Once she was certain Destiny wouldn’t return she came to Tyler.

Grabbing his head, she forced him to look at her. “I guess you have figured out by now that I’ve inserted myself between you and your wife. I don’t intend to back off. I’m going to get what I want. Too bad for you but I hold the keys to her heart, not you. You are powerless to do anything.”

Tyler was about to comment but Zala leaned toward him and wagged her finger. “Not a word, boy. I don’t give two shits about you or what you think. By the time I’m through with you, you’re going to have an entirely new perspective on what it means to be a slave. You’re nothing. You’re nothing more than some rich boy who needs to be taught his place. And trust me, I intend to do just that.”

While Zala made her intentions known, a slow but steady stream of cum drizzled into the ice tray below. Jumping to her feet, Zala moved it slowly under his flaccid penis, allowing each indent fill with white cream.

“Mmm, nice. I love it. A heavy cummer. This is going to work out great! Doesn’t this feel wonderful, slave?”

“I don’t feel much of anything.”

Zala smiled although he couldn’t see her change in expression. “Exactly! Look! Look at your worm. Watch and learn.”

It was an amazing sight. His cock hung semi-erect. Although he felt the tinglings of something better to come during the time up to his oozing, they never came. Yet, his cum did. A slow but steady trickle of thick white goo oozed and sometimes dripped before oozing again.

His leaking took almost a full minute. The volume was mind-boggling. He couldn’t believe how much the vibrator had extracted.

By the time he was through, Tyler filled nearly all the indents on all of the trays. “We’ll be doing this again later – asshole,” she hissed. “Next time I’ll get even more. The first time never empties you the way the ones to follow will. Just think, you ejaculated and it didn’t even feel good. Think about that, slave. Just think, if I wiggle my way into the heart of your woman, I’ll convince her this will be the only way you will ever ejaculate for the rest of your life.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“Like hell, I wouldn’t. If I had my way, these nuts of yours wouldn’t even be hanging. Be thankful I haven’t given her that to think about.” Zala’s cackle emphasized her distaste for him.

It was his first-ever milking. It wasn’t at all how he thought a milking would feel. He had always assumed that if he were to have his prostate stimulated, Destiny would be the one performing the honor. He had always pictured Goddess with a finger up his arse massaging his gland. Instead, Zala had been the one. She hadn’t used a finger or even stood intimately nearby. Everything had been done mechanically and impersonally.

“Shove this up your ass,” she had told him when handing him the bullet massager. He felt like a cow in a milking stall. There was nothing intimate about the process.

She paid him little attention while his body readied itself. The emotional disconnect between them couldn’t have been greater. Tyler disliked her and knew she held the same degree of animosity toward him. And yet he had cum for her – limp dick and all. To his amazement, he came with more volume than during his most prolific ejaculations. But everything felt so utterly empty. There was no satisfaction, no relief; not even the slightest. He felt used. If he had ever felt like chattel it was now. Zala had reduced ejaculation to a mechanical act devoid of personal attention. Maybe it was that feeling – that feeling of her reducing his most sought after act to a mechanical one. It made the entire ordeal repulsive.

He wondered why had Destiny given her so much influence in their relationship? Only two days ago they walked the streets of Rome hand-in-hand. Just two days ago they had lain in bed embracing while sharing thoughts of their future openly and honestly. In the span of a day, everything changed.

Had this all been pre-planned? Had Dez been planning this rendezvous with Zala for months? It sure seemed so. Why had Goddess given her such power and why did she suddenly want to be with a woman? He knew something had happened between her and Bree but they were drunk. And Bree was an older woman. Zala was younger; not as young as Cydney or Addisyn but still younger than Dez. It didn’t make sense.

Ever since their marriage, Destiny had seeming devoted herself only to him. Although Addisyn and Cydney had come over for ‘play-dates,’ Destiny had monitored them. There wasn’t any sex. When she accepted the invitation to play at Bree’s, Destiny had limited her sexual play to mild petting and nothing more.

Zala seemed to have opened her life to an entirely new interest with women. Why her? Yes, she was beautiful. She had a sexy sultry way about her but she wasn’t in the same league of Goddess. He wondered what it was about Zala that drew her so strongly.

Tyler had never known Goddess to sleep with another woman. That is, up until last night. Zala had either seduced her or she had made the conscious decision to become bisexual. No matter what the reason, it made no sense and he had no power to change anything!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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