My Saving Grace

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Chapter One

I was writhing in pain as blood flowed down my forehead in into my eyes. My husband of ten years standing above me in yet another drunken rage of fury. Darkness was soon to overtake me, as it had many times before. But, before darkness takes me to oblivion, a thud lands beside me and a flowing gown sweeps past my vision…but only for an instant, then blackness.

Weeks earlier…

A large moving truck pulled up in front of the vacant three-story Victorian across the street accompanied by a sky blue vin-tage 1965 T-Bird convertible, which parked in the shrub-lined dri-veway. Out popped the most stunning redhead I’ve ever seen. She was shapely and petite, standing about 5’6″, I would guess her to weigh about 130 pounds and have a 36D-24-36 figure.

I’m 5’4′, about 115 pounds with shoulder length blonde hair and hazel eyes. I’m still fairly in good shape.

Going into the kitchen, I pull out a Tupperware covered serving tray and set it on the counter. Opening the fridge, I look inside and begin to gather some cold cuts and cubed cheese. I then arrange then neatly on the try then I cover it, put the remainder of the food back in the fridge.

As I headed towards the door, I catch a glimpse of myself and sigh. My hair was a mess and my clothes were badly wrin-kled. I rush to slip the food tray back in the fridge to keep it cool before rushing upstairs to make myself a little more presentable to my new neighbor.

I stripped as I entered the bathroom and got the shower ready. Stepping in, I lathered up and washed over by body and gentle over the recent bruises on my abdomen and upper thighs. David had been abusive towards me over the past few years, drinking and frustration over work and not having a child has tak-en it’s toll…mostly on me.

By the time I had finished showering, getting out my favorite sundress, panties and bra, the movers had finished and left. So, I hurry into the kitchen and get out the meat and cheese tray I had put together earlier, I slipped on my sandals and walked across the street.

Nervously, I reached for the doorbell and pressed it. I shifted from one foot to the other like a schoolgirl on a first date as I waited.

“Come in,” an angelic voice called from the other side of the door. “It’s open.”

With a shaky hand, I turned the knob and eased the door open slowly, peeking around it to see where my new neighbor was. Stepping in the entryway, I heard a sound to my right in the living room and got the sight of my life.

There, bending over reaching into a large box bursa eskort was the most heavenly sight I’d ever seen. Long well tanned legs spilled out of the shortest Levy cutoffs I’d ever seen. In the light I could just see my new neighbor’s bare pussy lips, fringe of thread dangling down a little bit, almost like whitish-blue pubic hair. I let my eyes flow higher still, awing at her cute bubble butt as it wiggled from side to side. Above that was the small of her back which sported a lengthy tattoo across the tan skin.

I must have been so lost in her beauty that I didn’t notice her rise up out of the box and turn to face me. I let my eyes wander upwards, taking in her halter-covered breasts, which were almost visible, the halter just a couple of sizes too small.

“Is that for me?” she asked with the hint of a giggle in her voice.

I looked down at my hands as if seeing the tray of meat and cheese for the first time. Blushing profusely, I raised the tray up to her like an offering to the Gods.

“Why, thank you…uh…” She started, pausing for my name.

“Desiree…” I whispered softly, almost afraid the mere sound of my voice would make her vanish into thin air.

“Desiree,” she said with a broad smile and a sparkle in her eyes. “My name is Grace. Care to join me for some coffee and this wonderful tray you’ve brought me?”

Catching my breath, which I just noticed that I had been holding while admiring the view, I nodded dumbly. Grace strolled almost seductively towards me and took the tray from my trem-bling hands, lightly brushing them with hers as she smiled. A clear sparkle twinkled in her light green eyes.

She turned towards the kitchen giving me a little wink over her shoulder and walked away. I followed, almost dream-like, watching her cute bubble butt wiggle as she walked.

“Have a seat at the nook and I’ll get us some wine to go with this lovely welcome gift,” Grace cooed as she directed me to the breakfast nook with her head and set the tray down and turned to a nice, well supplied, wine cabinet. She pulled out a nice Merlot wine and two glasses.

After sitting down and filling both glasses about half full, Grace passed one to me and opened the tray and stopped, got up and went to a dish cabinet to retrieve two small plates and some napkins. She returned, sitting next to me, half turned with her flawless legs slightly crossed as she began serving us each some cheese and meat.

“So, Desiree,” she began. “How long have you lived here in Vista Point?”

Snapping back to the here bursa bayan escort and now, I cleared my throat softly and smiled.

“All my life, actually. We, that is, my husband and I, moved into our house about five years ago. Right after we moved out of my mom’s place.”

“No privacy there?” Grace asked.

I laughed softly.

“Nope. Not much at all. My dad past a few years ago and Mom complained we made too much noise at night. Those were the days, though.”

After I said this, I began to wonder why I was being so open with Grace. Something inside me told me to stop, yet another part was saying that she could be trusted.

Grace eyed me briefly, with a hint of concern, as she nibbled on come cheese. After washing it down with some wine, she uncrossed, then recrossed her legs, right over left, and took my left hand in both of hers.

“So, what has changed, dear?” Grace asked with a hint of concern.

I looked down at the plate of food in front of me, closing my eyes briefly and taking a deep breath, feeling the warmth and softness of her hands delicately wrapped around my hand. Look-ing back up into her eyes, I made a decision…one that would change my life forever.

“David found out we couldn’t have children due to a sports injury that made him sterile,” I confided in a hushed tone as a tear began to form in my deep blue eyes.

“And that’s when the sex dried up, right?” Grace replied, knowingly.

Nodding silently, I began to openly cry as Grace got up from her stool and wrapped her loving arms around me, making soft ‘shushing’ sounds as she stroked my medium-length blonde hair. Softly, Grace placed a kiss on top of my head, like my mother used to do when one of my many dates went terribly wrong.

After I finally calmed down, Grace stepped back and looked at me from arms length and smiled sweetly at me. She feathered back my hair so that it was out of my eyes, then she reached for a Kleenex and gently dabbed the tears from my eyes and leaned in to kiss both of my now puffy eyes and rubbed my shoulders before sitting down on her stool.

We were finally able to finish eating in silence. I could feel the weight ease off of my shoulders and even was able to muster a smile as Grace’s eyes never left mine.

“Would you like to help me with unpacking some of my box-es, Desiree?” She finally asked, breaking the eerie silence.

I looked at my watch and noticed it was only about 1:30 and

I knew David wouldn’t be home for a few more hours.

“I bursa ucuz escort would love to, Grace,” I replied as I took the final sip of Merlot and smiled.

Together, we rose up and walked to the living room and each picked a box, then began to unpack them. The box I picked had paintings in them. As I pulled out the first frame, I was taken aback by the near naked image of with her left arm resting on a large boulder, long flowing black hair, a near transparent garment draped over her upper left arm and wrapped just above her waist. In her right hand looked like an ancient golden harp. Calm seas and darkened skies filled the rest of the painting behind her.

I don’t know how long I had been standing there staring at this dark and lovely image before I noticed Grace lust behind me looking over my right shoulder, her breath just brushing past my right ear.

“Lovely, isn’t it?” Grace said, almost sighing as she, too, ad-mired this work of art.

“Wh…who is this painting of, Grace?” I sighed softly. “She’s beautiful.”

“This painting is called “Sappho” by Charles Mengin, painted in 1877.” She announced proudly. “This one is a replica, as the original is being kept in some museum. I can’t remember which one though. Would love to see it someday.”

“Sappho?” I gasped. “You mean, the original les…”

I could finish the word, much to Grace’s amusement.

“Lesbian,” Grace finished for me. “She is my idol, as it were.”

“You’re a…”

“A lesbian, dear.” Grace giggled. “You can say the word. I won’t be offended. I’m proud of who and what I am and I don’t hide the fact either.”

I blushed a bright crimson as the twinkle in Grace’s eyes flashed at me.

“I…um…I’m sorry, Grace,” I stammered, trying to regain my-self. “I meant no disrespect. It’s just…um…I’ve never…I mean…”

“It’s ok, sweetie,” Grace laughed softly. “I don’t go around trying to convert every woman I meet into a lesbian.”

I blushed even more, but was able to manage to collect my-self and laughed along with Grace.

“Have you never met a lesbian before, dear?” Grace finally asked after we managed to stop laughing.

“I’ve heard of a few girls on my cheer squad talk about… doing things together. But I’ve never actually…um…seen it done.”

“Well, my dear Desiree,” Grace said. “I don’t want to toot my own horn, but it’s an experience you should try sometime. It’s better than sex with a man. But, as I said before, I don’t go around trying to convert others.”

I smiled sheepishly as I lowered my head slightly, pondering Grace’s word.

“Shall we finish unpacking, my dear?” Grace announced, breaking me from my revelry.

For the next couple of hours, I helped Grace unpack the liv-ing room, hang paintings and place knickknacks on the mantle, just below the portrait of Sappho.

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