My Second Lover

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Bachelorette Party

I was 21 and horny as usual. I have blonde curly shoulder length hair and blue eyes. I’m slim 6′ and 135 pounds.

It’s Saturday night and I went across town to check out a few bars I’d seen but never entered before.

I enter the first bar and notice a lack of women. I didn’t think too much about it at first as it was a small corner bar. I ordered a beer and sat at a table as the bar was full.

As I sat there a few guys came over to play the bowling game near my table. There were three of them. A tall clean cut guy in his mid twenties with dark hair and green eyes. There was a small feminine black guy who could pass for a woman with very little effort also in his early twenties . The last guy was about 5’7″ tall and slim with long straight light brown hair and 23 years old. None of us had any facial hair.

The long haired guy asked me to join them in the game to make up teams. His name was Alan. I introduced myself and we all got to playing the game and drinking. Everyone was fun and I was having a good time.

Then I noticed at the bar there were a couple guys making out and a man wearing makeup had entered. Still no women were in the bar.

I was enjoying myself and stayed there drinking and joking with these three new friends.

It got late and as I said my good byes Alan asked me if he could catch a ride with me, as he lived on the way to my house I said sure.

When I pulled up to his house he invited me in. We went to his room and drank another beer.

Then he laid back on the bed and put his hand on my thigh. I looked back at his face and his eyes were shut. I looked down at his package and could see a large bulge in his jeans.

I reached out and began to rub his swollen cock through his jeans. I had to have it. I began to open jeans up and reach Ankara Escort inside for his cock. Not satisfied with the access I had I moved between his legs and began to remove his jeans and underwear. He lifted up and made it easier for me.

Finally I could see his beautiful cock. 7″ long and not as thick as my own 7″ dick but it was nice. I put my hand on it and began to stroke him. His cock was so hard and felt so good in my hand.

I lowered my head and began to lick it from the tip all the way down the underside to his balls. I was so turned on. I took his balls in my mouth and worked them over good.Sucking and licking them one at a time. All the while gently rubbing his cock.

I kissed and licked my way back up his cock. I reached the head to find it dripping with precum that I lick off. It tastes sweet and I like it.

I open my mouth and slowly take his cock in my mouth. Sucking him and going down little by little until I swallow all of him down to his balls. I’m so hot with his beautiful tasty cock in my mouth. I bob up and down working my tongue on his cock as I due. My mouth is watering as I suck his hard cock. I can taste his sweet precum constantly now and I want more.

He is moaning and humping at my mouth. The flow of precum is steady and tastes so good. I speed up my pace. He begins to buck his hips in quick jerky movements. His breathing is heavy. He is moaning and then he erupts his load of cum in my mouth. He shot five big spurts of thick cum. Then it tapered off and I keep sucking his cock to get all of that sweet juice.

I release his deflated cock from my mouth. He lays there spent. I stripped off my clothes and crawled up next to him. He put his arm around me. My hand rubs his chest. He catches Sincan Escort his breath, removes his shirt and we slip under the covers. He’s spooning me, kissing my neck and shoulders as his hand slides over my waist and hip.

I feel his cock stir as it begins to swell. He adjusts and it is between my ass cheeks and the small of my back. It feels great, I push back into him. He holds me tighter still kissing my neck and shoulders. I feel him begin to ever so slightly hump against me, I push back to him.

His hand slips from my hip and he grabs my ass spreading my cheeks. His finger tips roam the crack of my ass. Then it happens. I feel a finger rimming my hole. Pressing on it. My heart is racing, I am so turned on.

He releases me and rolls over. I hear him in his night stand. I look to see what he is doing. He has lube in his hand. I can’t believe it, but am thrilled. I turn back and wait. He grabs my ass and spreads my cheeks. Then I feel the cool lube touch my most intimate spot. He spreads it on me and then pushes his finger in. I gasp with delight.

My lover continues to lube and finger my little hole. Soon I’m slick and well lubed enjoying him fingering my ass. My cock is hard as a rock.

He again spoons me. Kissing my neck and shoulders as he had done earlier. I feel his cock hard against the small of my back. He reaches down and I feel him rubbing his cock up and down my well lubed ass crack.

Then he zeros in on my hole. He begins to push his cock trying to enter me. I feel the pressure and I try to relax for him. More pressure and then he’s in. A moan escapes my mouth, he pushes deeper, grabbing my hip.

He pushes still deeper trying to get all of his cock into me. I push back to him. His grip is firm Etlik Escort on my hip. His chest against my back, arm under my head, my hand in his gripping each other tightly as we grind to get his cock as deep in me as we can.

I’m moaning and breathing heavy as he bites and sucks my neck. His free hand pulling my hip to him. He begins to hump my ass steadily. His strokes increasing in length. It feels so good. I want him to fuck me like this all night.

His cock seems to be getting stiffer and bigger as he begins fucking me harder.

He begins to push me over onto my stomach, all the while humping my ass. He is soon on top of me. My legs closed with his legs outside of mine.

His cock is now entering me deeper than before. I feel it rubbing my prostate as he fucks me harder. I’m moaning in pleasure and a little pain as he begins to savagely fuck me deep and hard. I love it. He is lost in his own lust and pleasure. Fucking me as hard and deep as he wants.

His pace increases and his thrusts become shorter. His cock seems to be larger than ever. Then with a grunt he buries all of his cock in my ass and shoots his cum. He pulls out a little only to slam back into me pumping more cum in my ass. I’m in heaven as he does this over and over.

He lays on top of me kissing my neck and face. We are both trying to catch our breath. He tells me to roll over with him. We roll to our sides with his still hard cock in my ass we are spooning again.

I feel so good as I relax in his arms full of cum and his cock plugging my ass.

Soon I’m drifting off to sleep when I feel his softened cock slip from my ass followed by a stream off cum and lube. My lover is asleep and I just lay there feeling well used as I drift off in his arms.

I awake before him and use the bathroom before getting dressed. I let myself out and went home enjoying his cum in my belly and his taste in my mouth. My ass was a little sore but in a good way. When I got home I showered and lay on my bed and jerked off thinking of the previous night. I came so hard and shot a huge load which I licked off my fingers as I scooped it off my cock and belly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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