My Second

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I nearly fell from the chair when the door bell rand. “Coming,” I answered the ringing. I opened the door, inviting my friend, Ash, in.

“Hey,” she smiled dropping her bag to hug me.

“Hey,” I hugged back. I let go of her to put her stuff on the stair case. “Lets go into the living room,” I suggested.

She laughed when I put everything down. Grabbing for my hand, as we walked into the living room, Ash asked, “Do you think about sex, Rei?”

I spoke through my laughter, “Of course! What teen doesn’t? Don’t you?” She nodded as her cheeks flushed scarlet red. I chuckled softly.

“Do you have porn?”

I nodded and pulled my smaller hand away from her larger hand. I ran up the stairs, to my room. From there I gathered my “toys”, bondage, videos, stories, Playgirls, and my boyfriend’s Playboys.

Even though she wasn’t bisexual or lesbian, like me, I figured she would want to see everything I got. I returned down stairs to her holding everything within my arms. “Does this answer your question?” I asked with a smirk.

We once more filled the room with laughter, as I dropped everything onto the ground. She slowly bent down from her sitting position and reached out, grabbing one of the Playboy magazine. I looked with her and began to come wet between the legs.

By the way she was looking at me, I could tell she knew I had become horny, from this. I shook my head, and began to laugh. She laughed with me as we fell from the couch and onto the floor, Ash landing on my lap.

“Hey, Rei,” she looked some what down at me.


“Be honest. You’re not pulling my leg about you being bi, are you?” Her glance turned some what away from me from embarrassment. I was kind of funny being asked that, so I burst out laughing.

“What?” She looked at me.

“I’m not,” I stopped in mid-sentence and looked at her. “Why?” I asked her. She looked away once more and went silent. I moved my right hand to her cheek, and pulled her to face me. “What is it, Ash?” I changed my question this time.

“Rei, you know we have been friends for like ever,” she began and I nodded, “Well, would you…” she stopped and tried to look away, her legs coming closer together. I chuckled a bit, know what she wanted.

With out her permission I lend over and kissed her fully on the lips. “Go into my room and I’ll do it,” I whispered into her ear, purring. With no words from her lips, she nodded and got up, moving her hips as she left the living room.

I Gaziantep Genç Escort listened to her foot steps, going up the stairs, as I stayed down stairs. I started to wonder if this was the right thing to do. I knew she wanted me and I knew I wanted her; not for love, but for lust.

This would have been my second time with a girl, since Kitty moved and we made a promise to have as much fun with life. I sure as hell wasn’t going to break a promise.

Laughing, I rush up the stairs, and into my room. I burst open the door and there I saw her, Ash. She was standing with her right arm but her side and the left covering her nude stomach. She was only in a silk white thong and bra, that covered her lovely C breasts.

She came to me, her hands sliding down to the bottom of my black “Grave Digger” monster truck t-shirt. Her hands gripped the shirt, and lifted it up and over. This left me reviled in a black satin bra, that covered my D sized breasts.

I had to touch her, but she wouldn’t allow it. Her hands ran down my stomach and to my black long fashion cargo pants. She gave me a look as if asking if she could continue. I nodded.

Slowly her fingers began to work on the metal nickel size button. With in seconds she had the it undone. Her digits then moved to the metal thin zipper, pulling the thing down with a “zip” sound. Once she had done her task of loosening my pants, my pants took their cue and slide down my pale silken legs.

As I now stood there in nothing but my black satin bra, and black satin boxers, she leaned over to me and softly blew into me ear. She then moved her lips apart and allowed her tongue to slide out. She moved her tongue down along the back of my ear to the sensitive spot, my neck. I was becoming more aroused. I couldn’t take the licking of my neck from any male or female.

When she moved her tongue down more, onto my upper chest and then to the uncovered part of my breasts, I was taken over by the strong feelings that I had to have her. With that final lustful thought, I pushed her down onto my water bed.

She trusted me enough not to go too far until she was ready. She relaxed and spread her legs wide before me, leaving me the beautiful site of her open and wanting body. I moved my form in between her legs, closer to her.

I ran my hands gently over her body and then traced the out line of her thong. Her body was so sensitive, she gave out a low shivering gasp of a moan, to my cold small hands. I stopped, leaving my hands where they where, and looked into her hazel eyes.

She smiled up at me and nodded, giving me permission to continue. I closed my brown eyes, leaning down to hover over her stomach. I planted soft kisses along her stomach. Her body, the taste, the smell all intoxicating. I couldn’t wait any longer. My hands moving to her bra, my digits taking hold of the fabric and undoing it. I move my hand to pull the material away from her body, to revile her breasts.

I moved up to place my lips along her body, leaving passionate kisses. Each kiss would land lower to her exposed breasts and nipples. I looked at her breasts in awe, they were perfect and I wanted to taste them.

I slowly moved my lips to the left breast at first. My lips parting as I got to the nipple and took the tiny softened bud into my mouth. I began to suck on it like I was her infant, but the wild side of me, forced me to start nibbling on it as soon as it became hard. Her lips parted as she released moans of pain and pleasure.

While my mouth was busy, suckling on her delicious nipple, my fingertips began to play with her thong. I could already smell the sweetness of her sex ad mine as well.

My mouth began to water around the aroused bud, as I pulled down her tight thong and uncovered the most wonderful, precious, beautiful womanhood I have ever seen. I maneuvered my hand to pull her thong down her long tan legs, and then dripped them to the ground.

I removed my lips, licking them, from her nipple and moved my face to be in front of the lower “face”. I moved my head to the side so that I could at first lick up the side of her right leg and up to her upper inside thigh. I was so close to that sex, that I could smell and taste the wetness within my mind. Then as I was about to dig in, hands where placed onto my shoulders. I looked up and saw Ash grinning from ear to ear.

She pushed me off of her and I with that I thought I did something wrong. She suddenly grabbed my shoulders, spun me around, and then pushed me onto the bed. I then saw that she wasn’t upset, just intent on having me moan.

Not waisting time, she removed the rest of my clothing. Her hands slowly ran down my body, her mind was dangerous for she wasn’t taking it slow, but she forced her head between my spread legs, and into my steaming sex.

I gasped, my eyes widening. Her tongue began to stab at my juiced cunt and then my harden clit. This forced me to arch and open my mouth to release a low soft moan.

She was teasing my sex hole with her breathe and tongue, blowing and licking. I gasp when she licked down and forced her tongue into my neither hole. I then let out a whimper for I had not had anything up my ass before.

Seeing that I did not like the feeling of her tongue inside my rear, she moved her mouth back to my sex, and began to eat at it hungrily. My body twitching with each new torment she gave to me. I couldn’t stop her, she was going to make me cum. I flinched and then my body tensed going into a violent twitching manner.

I was right, I was going to cum right on her face, and i don’t think she was ready for it. I couldn’t hold it back and released in her mouth and on her face, her eyes widen. After collecting my thoughts, I sat up and looked at her, I couldn’t say a word.

“Rei, please,” was all she said and rolled next to me. I let out a soft chuckle as I moved down to kiss her, tasting some of my juices on her lips and tongue. She let out a soft moan when I I stabbed the inside of her mouth with my tongue.

I then moved down, kissing her breasts, nipples, belly button, and then I kiss above her southern lips. I couldn’t believe how she smelt down there, it made my mouth water. She was getting wetter then I was. I had to have her, the lust was taking over me.

My lips kissed her lower lips, my tongue dipping between them and licking the inside of her inner lower mouth. I had to tease her clit, so I took it between my teeth and slowly gnawed on it. She moaned out. I could tell by her movement and breathing that she was ready to cum, but I didn’t want her to, not just yet.

I pulled away, her moans turned to whimpers. I couldn’t deny her. I licked my lips and fell back between her legs, biting, licking, nibbling, and using my fangs for a more intense reactions.

Her butt came off the bed, and her sex came closer to my face. I placed my hands onto her bottom and held her, as I feasted upon her, drinking her wetness. She started to moan louder and then she screamed my name, it was the first time I’ve ever heard my name screamed. Amazing, the rush, the hunger, she had cum right into my mouth. I tried hard to keep all of it in my mouth, but so much for my young mouth that some of her juices slipped between my lips.

She was still whimpering when I cleaned her and moved away, once I finished. I couldn’t help and see how beautiful she was laying there, breathless. I lend over and kissed her once more, holding her as she recovered. As she laid there, she fell asleep in my arms and I did too, dreaming of her and our ever lasting friendship.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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