My Sexual Awakening

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I would like to thank KatieannBB and Horde for help in editing this story and for teaching me a lot about how to make a story better.

There comes a time when a man examines his life to see if it has been well lived. This is such a time for me. I am content and these reflections help me remember that I have had a good life. This is a true story.

I was a late bloomer, 21 years old and no sexual experience. I was very skinny (six feet tall, 125 pounds) and awkward. But worst of all, I was very sick, in and out of hospitals for a number of years. I had several surgeries and was strapped in a back brace throughout high school.

I was almost 19 by time I graduated from high school and very naïve. I had always preferred to hang out with girls rather than guys, but only dated a little. This one time things started to get physical, but the experience scared me and I quit trying to gain more experience. To be honest, the sex thing scared me. Two of my friends had got their girl friends pregnant and had to marrying them. That was the way things happened in the days before the sexual revolution. Both were miserable and I had no intention of ending up like them.

By the time I started Community College, I was still fighting health problems. I ate lunch every day in the cafeteria; usually with some sorority girls. As I was running for student body president, my presence at any group table was considered a plus for that group. It looked like I was popular, but truth be told, I had not had a real date in almost two years.

I was particularly close with Nora, but she was going steady with the big man on campus and they were considered “the couple” of the school. She was out of my league. She was Hollywood beautiful: blond, blue-eyed, a good figure, terrific legs, and a knockout personality. In my opinion, she could have had her choice of almost anyone to be her boyfriend. On top of that she came from a wealthy family, drove a Karmann Ghia, and lived in a large new house in a gated community. She seemed to have everything.

One day I was having lunch with Nora and after some small talk, she said in a conspiratorial tone, “I broke up with my boyfriend.”

“Why? I didn’t know there were any problems, what did he do?”

“He did do anything wrong, I just want to go out with someone else.”

“So who do you want to go out with?”

“John, you have always treated with dignity, even after you found out that I was going steady. You have always been kind to me, don’t you see, I want to go out with you? Will you please take me to the sorority party this Saturday?”

I was dumbfounded. I hesitated to go out with her. It felt like it was some kind of a joke, this beautiful woman wanting to go out with the likes of me.

“I can’t go this weekend as I have a student government conference that I am going to in Monterey,” I replied with relief, “besides; I won’t fit in with a sorority,”

“You have lunch with us almost every day, these are my friends,” she said waving her hand at the group of girls at the table. “This is who is going to be at the party.”

She invited me to several more sorority parties and I finally went to one with her. All of her friends kept telling me it was about time we were going out since Nora had been talking so much about me.

We started to go to parties every once in a while and she was becoming more affectionate all the time. There were tender looks, gentle handholding, kind words, and expressions of concern for my health. She was really a good person and I started falling in love with her, yet we had not even kissed yet. She stood for everything that I thought was so far out of my reach: money, beauty, and social standing.

Between classes and student government, Nora and I rarely found time for dates. After one of our dates, I walked her up to her front door and finally summoned the courage to kiss her. I leaned in to give her a very chaste kiss and she threw her arms around me, giving a kiss so passionate that it left me out of breath and confused. I longed for more. The whole drive home, I was lost in a haze, flying over the road.

As time progressed, our feelings intensified. We started to talk about our future. We were both virgins, she for religious reasons, and me for lack of opportunity. She wanted to remain a virgin until marriage, as that is what her religion had taught her. The thought of marriage had not even entered my mind. I told her that I would respect her request to remain faithful to her beliefs, and I meant it. I have always thought of myself as an honorable man.

In fall, I started school at the University. Nora was still at the Community College, but our passion was rising.

It seemed things crept further along each date, but she would pull back if she felt it was going too far. I had never been inside of a girl’s clothes, let alone her panties, so I had a lot to discover. I learned the excitement of that wonderful area between the top of her stockings and the bottom of Kurtköy Escort her panties. Her skin there was so soft, silky, and intoxicating. This is still one of my favorite things, though no one wears stockings any more. It was heaven and I was satisfied for a while. Our kissing was also becoming more intense with our tongues getting a lot action. I started to explore her ears and neck, each time I would go a little further, turning her on. I could almost hear the internal debate going on in her head. I suspected at some point, her resolve would melt, but I was also trying to respect her wishes.

At Thanksgiving, we went to her family’s ranch just outside of Sequoia National Park, a four-hour drive. It was dark and foggy and no one could see into the car. Nora was driving and I teased her that I was going to take off all my clothes and she couldn’t do anything about it. She finally dared me to do it, so I took off my shoes, waited a while, then took off my socks. After another long wait, I took off my shirt, then my undershirt. I waited. She said nothing. Finally, I asked her if she wanted me to continue. She thought about it for a couple of miles then she said she wanted me to take my pants down to my knees, but not my underpants. By the time I got my pants down, I had a huge erection that could hardly stay in my underpants. I reached over, took her hand, and placed it in my lap. I swear that almost caused an accident when she jerked away. It was the first time she had touched me there, and it scared her. For the rest of the trip I teased her that I was going to take off remainder of my clothes, which made her squirm in her seat, but by the time we reached the ranch I had put my clothes back on.

We slept in separate rooms. The next morning her parents left early in the morning to go into town. Nora and I were still in our bathrobes. We fixed breakfast and were sitting around reading the newspaper. She got up to go into the other room, and as she walked past me, I reached out and took hold of the edge of her robe. Feeling my grasp, she turned around, letting it slip off of her. I was now holding her robe and she was standing there in only her blue silk Olga nightgown that went to the floor. I could see her shapely body through the thin fabric. Her nipples were at attention. I asked her to take off her nightgown. She was shocked. She started to say something, stopped, started again, but finally stopped again with a look of confusion.

Slowly her face relaxed and she said softly, “I will if you promise that we won’t have sex.”

“I promise.”

“I am very uneasy about this, but I will try.”

Shyly, she turned her back to me and slowly, lifted the gown over her head and let it fall to the ground. I asked her to turn around, but she refused.

“Nobody has seen me naked other than my mother.”

I reached forward, took her by her hips, and slowly turned her around. She had her panties on, but kept trying to cover her breasts with her hands. She also tried to cover her pussy, not realizing her panties were still on. She kept moving one hand from one breast to the other, back and forth while keeping the other hand over her pussy. I reach up and pushed her shoulders down; she went to her knees without any resistance. This brought one of her perfect, perky breasts, with a very erect nipple, right in front of my face. I could not stand it any longer, so I leaned forward to kiss her nipple but it slip so easily into my mouth that I slowly started to suck on it.

I had never in my life experienced such joy and passion. Her nipple grew in size and hardness, which surprised me. A mysterious, primal sound came from somewhere deep within her, a sound I had never heard or even imagined. Nora was so turned on that I knew we were going to have sex in a little while if we didn’t stop. After a short while, she pushed back from me and put her nightgown on again, but I could tell she was conflicted.

I stood up hugging her very tightly and we started to kiss. The next thing I knew, I was on top of her on the floor, slowly working my way between her legs, with my pajamas and her nightgown being the only thing between our organs. I was moving back and forth between her legs without knowing exactly what I was doing. In a few strokes, I had my first orgasm with another person, and it seemed to go on and on. My body stiffened and my pelvis twitched until I collapsed on top of her. It felt like I had spewed a gallon of sperm all over the inside of my pajamas. What a feeling and what a mess, something I had never thought about before. Nora was so excited, knowing she had caused it, but also relieved that things came to a halt. We got up, took separate showers, and got dressed. A little while later, her parents came home. We spent the rest of the day hiking and hanging around the house, pretending as if nothing extraordinary had happened.

On the way back to Los Angeles, we finally started to talk. It was all too evident that she was conflicted; I could Maltepe Escort almost hear her struggles. She started to say something, but then went quiet, looking out the window.

“Tell me what you are thinking,” I asked.

“Yesterday was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to me. I really liked it, it felt so good, but it scared me,” she replied, looking a little frightened.

“Are you sorry we stopped when we did?”

“There is part of me that wanted to go all the way, but as I think about it today, I still want to wait, I don’t want to have to go to confession because of what we do.”

The next couple of weeks were very busy for both of us and we saw each other only a couple of times before Christmas, all very proper. I ached when I was not with Nora and longed to be with her. It seemed a part of me was missing when she was not with me. I had a lot of time to think about our relationship, I really like being with Nora and knew I was in love with her. On Christmas day, I went over to her house and after talking to her for a while; I got up the nerve and asked her “Will you marry me?”

“I thought you would never ask! Yes, of course I will!” she said excitedly as she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me.

“I have been in love with you for a long time.” I said between kisses, “I want to be with you forever.”

“I want to be with you too. I have dreamed about this day for months. I can’t wait to tell my parents, they like you a lot; let’s go tell them right now.”

It had never dawned on me that the proper thing to do was to ask for her father’s permission, but her parents were happy to hear the news and her father told us they would give us the ranch as a wedding gift. I felt like I had just hit a homerun and wanted to yell to the world that I was engaged to the most beautiful woman in the world. This day was the best day of my life so far.

We continued to date, but the pressure between my legs increased every time we would go out. Keeping our clothes on was more difficult each time.

We started to push the limits. Nora was a more willing participant, wanting the intimacy and enjoying the passion. I was becoming an expert with buttons and zippers. I was now regularly reaching behind her, unfastening her bra and playing with her firm, round breasts, teasing her nipples and sucking on them. I loved the delicious feeling of her nipple getting hard in my mouth. Her breasts were creamy white, without a blemish on them. Each time I would suck on a nipple, her body would go rigid and she would moan uncontrollably. I was so proud when I got to the point that I could unhook her bra with one hand. She went wild when I rubbed her pussy through her panties. She would rub my penis though my pants. She really loved giving me an orgasm. It made her feel powerful, knowing she could make me lose control.

We had plans to go to a fancy formal party one evening and she called and asked me to stop by the store and buy her a pair of stockings. I had no idea what to do, where to go or what to ask for. She giggled and told me what to do; she was enjoying making me feel uncomfortable. Buying them was one of the hardest things I had ever done and I was sure the store clerk was secretly laughing at me. I showed up to her house wearing my charcoal gray suit, best shoes, and a blue stripped tie, but she just smiled at my discomfort. I handed her the stockings.

She was wearing a beautiful new red party dress that flared out down to her mid-calf. The top was just low enough to show just a hint of cleavage and the dress hugged her waist, showing off her outstanding figure. Her make-up was perfect, barely visible, except for the bright red lipstick, which matched her dress and fingernails. She had on her finest jewelry that sparkled in the light. The outfit was finished off with black high heels that strapped around her ankles making her legs a thing of beauty. Her hair was expertly done, which made her head glow in halo of blond hair. She had on just enough perfume that I had to get close to know it was my favorite, Shalimar, She looked very mature and sophisticated.

Sitting on the couch, she lifted up the hem of her dress and slip showing me her stockings. There was a long run down the side of her right leg, as she was about to unfasten it from the garter she got a twinkle in her eye and said , “Would you like to help me take my stockings off?”

“Can I cut it off?” I asked, getting out my Swiss Army knife.

“Oh, wow, that looks really sharp, please be careful.”

She put her foot on my lap, exposing layers of lace and ruffles that I would have loved to get lost in. My god, I was in heaven, lace, ruffles, silk and stocking, it couldn’t get much better. I took off her shoe, and, of course, her toenails matched her lipstick, fingernails, and dress. I took my knife, starting at her foot; I slowly worked my way up her leg to the top of the stocking, the razor sharp blade meeting no resistance Tuzla Escort from the sheer cloth. I admired how shapely her leg was and how tight her calf was. The sight and feel of the cold, sharp steel against the inside of her leg almost sent her over the edge. Her breathing was fast and heavy. When I got to the top, I unfastened the stocking from the garter and then put on the new stocking, not very gracefully as I had never done it before. After fastening the new stocking to the garters, I let my hand travel down her smooth, silky leg, giving me a huge erection. She noticed and smiled, asking me to do the other stocking, which went a lot easier than the first one. She stood up, a little uneasy and stepped into her shoes. I noticed that her breath was short, but we were running late, so I knelt down, buckling that strap around her ankle. It took all of my self-control to keep from running my hand up her perfect leg to the very top, where I knew I would find wet panties. If not for the party, I’m sure that we would have shed our clothes right then and there.

As time passed we kept slowly progressing towards intercourse. However, we were starting to have a lot of disagreements over insignificant things. While I was still enjoying our sexual progression, I was getting less comfortable with the relationship.

One day we were driving to one of her friend’s house in Brentwood, admiring the grand old houses. I saw one house that I considered to be the grandest house I had ever seen, brick, slate roof, leaded glass windows, plank doors, and ivy growing up the sides of the house. I stopped the car to admire the house and told Nora that it could be my dream house.

I was floored when she said, “I will never live in a used house because I will never live in someone’s reject.”

“Wait a moment, just because someone sells a house does not mean that they are rejecting it.”

“I don’t care; I will never live in a used house.” It was clear that she knew no other way to live.

I finally realized what was our problem – our values were different, and I knew I could not exchange my values for hers. That led me to believe that we could never be happily married.

The next week I told Nora, “I have thought over what you told me last week about not living in a used house. I don’t think I can be the person you need as a husband. Our values are too different and I can’t pretend to be something that I am not.” Nora closed her eyes and went quiet.

“I was afraid you may think that,” she replied dejectedly. “But John, it’s important for me to maintain my status and life style, that’s all I know. That is what I have been all my life and I don’t think I can change either.”

“I still like you and enjoy your company,” I replied hopefully “but I don’t think that marriage is in our future. I know you must be disappointed and I will understand if you don’t want to go out with me anymore.”

She looked at me sadly “Yes, I am disappointed,” she said finally. I think you are right about marriage, but I still like you and want to continue our relationship even if we aren’t going to get married.”

She paused before continuing, “I’m not sure what I want in the long run. John, I’m so mixed up, and I’m having a hard time figuring out my future. I am confused…things are not as simple as I thought they would be.”

At that moment, I felt sorry for Nora. Even thought we had our differences, her plight touched my heart.

We continued to go out and explore each other’s bodies. I knew so little about female anatomy; each step was an exciting surprise. I was learning female anatomy by Braille and usually in the back seat of car parked on some dark, out of the way road. We had got to the point that when I ran my hand up the inside of her thigh, Nora would slowly open her legs, inviting me to go further. A woman opening her legs in invitation is one of the most erotic things I have ever experienced and I still get a thrill from it. The female genitals were complex and I was not sure what to expect, most of all, I never knew how she would react.

One evening, when I got to her wet panties, she raised her hips off the seat; tempting me to remove the panties. She almost caused me to have an orgasm by the invitation. The panties were silky with lace trim and felt so good and so sexy between my fingers. It was not difficult or complicated to take the panties off until I got to the stockings fastened to the garters. Nora reached down unfastened them with one hand so fast that I hardly had to pause.

With the panties removed, I had my first entry into the mysteries of the pussy. I had felt her pussy through her panties, but I had never seen or touched it. The first touch caused Nora to jump and suck in her breath so loud that I was glad no one was around. After a little exploration, I tried to enter her vagina with my finger, but being a virgin, she was too tight, and she complained about the pain. So I started to explore other areas. Quite by accident I discovered her clitoris, which I knew nothing about, but soon realized it was a magic button that sent Nora into fits of pleasure. I touched, massaged, rubbed and pinched her clitoris until she could no longer stand it an ordered me to stop.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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