My Sister, My Lover – Week 06

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This is the 6th Chapter in a much longer story. For your maximum enjoyment it is suggested you read Weeks 01 to 05 first.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

As the new week dawned I was all too aware that our summer break was ending in seven days and the amazing time that I had spent with my sister Mary over this exciting six-week period was going to end.

How we would manage our relationship – this illegal, incestuous relationship – in the future was starting to bear down on me. I knew I loved Mary completely, that I wanted and desired her all the time, that my life would be incomplete in the future if she was not central to it. And I knew that she was my sister and that the world would not approve of our relationship or condone what we were doing.

We found time to be together whenever we could. In the evenings, when our parents were around, Mary would tease me by engineering ways for us to rub our bodies together as we passed in the hallway, she would grab opportunities to kiss me and grope my cock when we were clearing away the dishes and she would contrive to flash me views of her pussy or breasts whenever she could do so safely. It was such an awesome time; I was almost permanently erect and drooling with pre-cum.

I was desperately in love with her and would never be able to love anyone else so deeply or so completely. And she loved me too, and all her wanton behaviour was reserved just for me.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

I had a shift at the supermarket that I worked in for my summer job on the Monday morning but had the afternoon off before I had to go back in the evening. I was looking forward to getting home so that I could make the most of the time that Mary and I had left before normality returned at the end of the week and we would both have to return to college.

Arriving home, I walked into the kitchen and saw a note that Mary had left on the table for me. “Hi Adam” it read. “Lunch is in the fridge. I’ve just popped out but will be back very soon. Mary xxx.” I smiled in gratitude as I was really hungry, so I collected the sandwich, made a coffee and took the plate and mug into the lounge so I could play some music on the hi-fi whilst I ate my lunch.

I had not long finished and was laying on the sofa, eyes closed and humming along to the music when I heard the front door open and close and Mary called “Hi, I’m back. I’ll join you in a few minutes.” I then heard her bedroom door close behind her. I was toying with the idea of getting up and going to join her in her bedroom, but the fact that she had said she would join me and also that she had closed her bedroom door made me think better of it.

I was very happy to wait – Mary never ceased to amaze me every day; always thinking of new ways to surprise and excite me and to keep our regular sex sessions fun and fresh. I was feeling very randy after a weekend of her teasing me mercilessly whenever she could and my cock was already half erect in anticipation.

The lounge door opened and I turned my head to look as Mary entered. My heart leapt in my chest, my throat became immediately dry and my mouth dropped open. “Oh my God, Mary…” I spluttered. She had done it again – no matter what I was expecting and how prepared I was for her to surprise me, she always ratcheted things up further than my imagination had been able to go.

She was wearing one of my shirts, which was far too big for her frame except where it passed over her huge breasts, which were straining against the fabric. She had a belt cinched tight at her waist, causing the shirt to mould to her hips as it flared out over her hips and butt. The shirt had the top four buttons open, revealing the start of her deep cleavage and showing the white lacey top trim to her bra. Beneath the shirt I could glimpse the top of her pale stockings and she was wearing, for the first time that I could ever remember, a pair of white stiletto heeled open toed shoes. Her hair was tied up loosely on top of her head and she had used dark makeup to accentuate her eyes and eye lashes and had a trace of pink lipstick to exaggerate her full lips.

She smiled provocatively at me. “Do you like what you see, Adam?” she asked. “I think I can tell that you do” she giggled as she looked down at my throbbing cock as it swelled against the front of my trousers. “Oh Mary,” I managed to croak. “You look astounding.”

I was sitting upright on the sofa, unable to move. I could not take my eyes off her, she looked amazing. I could feel the front of my boxers growing wet and sticky as my cock leaked pre-cum in anticipation. Mary moved over to the hi-fi and, with her back to me, she leant forward so that her butt stuck out and the shirt rode up over her butt, revealing the skimpy lacey white French knickers she was wearing, with the gusset pulled tight and disappearing between her arse cheeks. I could also see the straps of her white suspender belt as they emerged beneath her knickers and clasped to the tops of her stockings to keep them tight. She changed the music to a soft, soul Alanya Sarışın Escort disc and turned back to face me.

Slowly moving her hands up, she started to undo the remaining buttons on the shirt and released the belt at her waist. As the shirt fell open it revealed not a bra but a tight teddy-style corset that fitted her breasts and body like a glove, pushing her tits upwards and together – emphasising their size and the valley between them. She walked seductively over to stand right in front of me as I continued to gawp at her from a sitting position, almost frozen in place.

Mary slowly slid the shirt off her shoulders and, as it dropped to the floor at her feet, she straddled me, with her legs kneeling either side of mine and her arms wrapped around my neck. I could feel her breasts pressing tight against my chest and I could sense her rapid breathing as her own excitement grew. She reached down between us and cradled my cock through my trousers and searched for the zip. I moved my hands to help her, opening the waist of my trousers, pushing my zip down and then lifting my hips upwards so that I could slide my trousers and boxers down and off my ankles. My cock swung upwards as it was released from my boxers and slapped into her pussy. “Oooohhhh” Mary moaned as she wiggled her hips and ground her crotch across my swollen cock. I could feel her juices leaking through her knickers and coating my prick and smearing across my pubic hairs.

“I can tell you want me as much as I want you,” she whispered in an excited, seductive voice. She moved her head forward and gave me a deep, long kiss with her tongue pushing deep into my mouth.

She rubbed her hands over my chest and then undid my shirt and helped pull it off so that I was now totally naked. Mary took my hand and pressed it firmly to her right breast, squeezing and kneading her breast with my hand. She released my hand and moved to her left breast and began to knead and squeeze it in time to my own ministrations of her other breast.

I lowered my head and found the rock-hard nipple of her right breast and began to attack it with my tongue and teeth. “Aaaahhh” Mary moaned as she gasped at the onslaught as I bit and licked and sucked on her marvellous globe. I was fast losing control and, almost without thinking, my hand moved behind her, pulling open the straps on her corset as fast as I could.

“Oh, yeesss, that’s it Adam. That’s soooo nice. Please don’t stop!” she cried as I sucked hard on her nipple. With a combination of pulling and tugging I soon had her corset undone and I pulled back from her breast so that I could remove it completely and drop it to the floor. Mary reached her hands up and cupped both her breasts, pushing them upwards and offering one to me which I eagerly lapped at as she lowered her own head and started to lick at the nipple of the other one. I could see her tongue out of the corner of my eye as she licked and sucked on her nipple, leaving a trail of drool running down and over her breast. We both feasted on her breasts and nipples, biting and licking and sucking with abandon.

Mary raised her hips and I pushed aside the gusset of her panties and, looking down, I could see her juices gathering and smearing over her pussy lips and the tops of her thighs. She released her hold on her breast and reached down to move my cock into position and she lowered herself onto me. I could feel her fingers as she moved them to her clitoris as I slid my length inside her. The sheer pleasure as my swollen prick ploughed deep inside her crashed over me, almost bringing me to orgasm. I bit my lips and held back the surge of my spunk as Mary leant back, one hand massaging her clitty and the other firmly clamped behind my head as she rocked herself on my prick while I continued to pump up into her. It didn’t take long before both of us couldn’t take it any longer.

“Oh yes!! That’s so good. Adam, I can’t hold… oh God I’m cooooming!” she screamed.

I was out of control too. “Yes Mary, let it go, my darling. I want you to come on my cock. I want you to come all over your brothers’ cock” I was grunting over and over. “Come for me, Mary. Come for me!!”

I felt her pussy explode around my cock as a spurt of her juices flowed out from her and soaked down over our thighs as we kept pumping. She clung on to my neck, her body limp and pressing against my chest as she allowed her orgasm to flow through her. I gave a couple of extra deep pumps of my hips and released my spunk and felt it spurt up and deep into Mary’s cunt. I pumped and pumped as I emptied my balls and could feel the warm, sticky come drooling back downwards around my shaft and leaking out of her pussy lips.

Eventually she pulled away from me, her breasts pulling away from my chest. I leant down and kissed each of her nipples tenderly and noticed the faint bruises around her breasts where we both had been sucking on them so hard. I could feel the warmth of our intermingled juices in my crotch, around my cock and across my thighs. Alanya Şişman Escort Her knickers were soaking wet and so were the tops of her stockings.

We kissed passionately and deeply again, and I nuzzled my mouth into her neck and nibbled at her ears as she continued to coo with pleasure as she stroked my hair. After some time she slowly pulled back and got up, her thighs, sticky with our juices, gently peeling away from my thighs. She grabbed her corset and the shirt she had worn and turned to walk out of the room. “Let’s get a shower” she said. “You’ve got to go back to work soon.”

In something of a daze I followed her to the bathroom where we shared an intimate, loving shower, holding each other, soaping each other and kissing each other very deeply until the water started to run cold. We got out and cuddled again before we both went to our separate rooms and I got ready to return to work for the evening shift.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

I had to work the day shift for the rest of the week and was unsure if I would get the opportunity to be with Mary again. But when I got home on the Thursday Mary was waiting to greet me with the news that Mum had already left for her evening shift at the Off Licence and Dad was working a late overtime shift and so we were alone for the next four hours or so.

“Give me a few minutes” she said eagerly, “I want to get changed for you.” She ran off to her room and I licked my lips in anticipation. I went to the bathroom and freshened up, thinking of what Mary was going to surprise me with today. I was still buzzing with the lingerie she had worn earlier in the week and was expecting something similar – and I was horny as hell at the thought of it.

I finished in the bathroom and went up to my room and stripped naked and lay on the bed. It wasn’t long before I heard Mary’s door open and then her footsteps on the stairs. I was already erect and was gently stroking my cock when my door opened and Mary came in. I should have known she would do something to ratchet things up a notch but just when I thought she could not surprise me any further she totally proved me wrong!

Mary had gone in the opposite direction. Out had gone the sophisticated sexual siren wearing very adult lingerie from Monday and in had come the child-like schoolgirl side of her personality.

She was wearing one of her old school uniforms – and my guess was it at least two years old and almost too small for her. The white blouse was straining across her ample breasts and, if she hadn’t opened the top three or four buttons, she would have split it at the seams. She had a school tie tied loosely around her neck with the knot hanging down over her deep cleavage. The pleated grey skirt was very short indeed and curved out over her hips and butt, accentuating her waist and her curves. She wore knee high white socks and black flat pumps and her hair was parted down the middle and tied into two bunches either side of her head. If that was not enough, her makeup was dramatic – heavy mascara with deep blue eye shadow and very bright red lipstick applied liberally to her full lips making them appear larger than ever.

“Do you think this will be suitable for when I start college next week?” she giggled. I was gobsmacked and couldn’t reply immediately. My cock was dribbling pre-cum like a leaky tap and my hand was sticky and very wet as I rubbed it up and down my shaft. “Jeez, Mary” I stammered. “

Mary did a twirl so that her skirt flared outwards revealing her knickers. They were not the flimsy lingerie I was expecting but instead were the big, generous type of white cotton knickers typical of schoolgirls – modest in the extreme! I realised that Mary loved to dress up to excite both of us. She clearly loved to do it and I just loved it when she did.

I rose and knelt on the edge of my bed as she walked over to me. I wrapped my arms tightly around her, pulling her tightly in to my chest and my hands roamed up and down her back and over her juicy rump. I slipped my hands under the hem of her grey skirt and up over the globes of her arse cheeks and across her thick cotton knickers. I was kissing Mary’s neck and up her throat and then I brought my lips to hers and we were kissing each other deeply and passionately.

Meanwhile, Mary’s hands were stroking down over my chest and stomach and then I felt them wrap around my cock and balls, squeezing and massaging them gently and slowly pumping up and down on my shaft.

I pulled away from her and stood up from the bed. I gently pushed Mary face forward so that she was leaning on the edge of the bed, with her arse pushed up prominently into the air. I flipped her skirt up over her back so that her white schoolgirl bloomers were on full show, stretched tight over her butt. I grasped the crotch tight in my hand and stretched it up so that it was pulled tight up into the crack of her arse and was slipping between the outer lips of her pussy, forcing them open.

Mary always produced a flood of pussy Alanya Sınırsız Escort juices at the slightest form of excitement and this evening was no exception. She was already very wet between her legs and the gusset of her knickers was soaking. The aroma wafting up to my nose was heavenly. I leant forward and started to kiss and lick Mary’s buttocks, nipping on them with my teeth and smearing my saliva all over them. I gently pulled the crotch of her knickers aside and lowered my tongue to her anal opening, licking all around it and gently probing the tip of it into her arsehole.

Mary was wiggling her arse with pleasure and was grinding her hips backwards trying to impale herself on my tongue. My cock was throbbing between my thighs and drooling pre-cum out from the end to dribble downwards onto the floor.

I helped her move further up the bed and turned her over so that she was now laying on her back. I slowly undid the remaining buttons on her blouse and opened it wide, revealing a white lacey half-cup bra which allowed her hard, ball-bearing nipples to stick out above the lace. I lowered my head to suck on her nipples and to bite them gently – pulling them out as far as possible before releasing them and watching them snap back into place. “Mmmm…” Mary was groaning and writhing in pleasure. “Are you going to punish your naughty little schoolgirl?” she asked in a little-girl voice. “I have been so naughty and I need you to punish me.”

“Mary, I am going to punish you with my cock” I growled. “You will get all the punishment you deserve!” I reached down and started to peel off her knickers. “Oooohhh, Adam, that sounds good” she moaned back.

Once I had her knickers off I pushed her knees back so that her thighs were pressed against her chest and she moved her arms so that her knees were hooked behind her elbows, leaving her cunt and arsehole fully accessible to me. I lowered my head and sucked hard at her erect clitty as it poked out of its hood and she squealed with pleasure at the sensations it gave her. I swept my tongue down over her pussy lips and on downwards to her tiny rosebud.

I continued to lick at her arsehole, pushing my tongue up through her sphincter whilst she bucked her hips as far down onto my tongue as she could. When she was really wet I slipped one finger inside her. Her pussy juices were streaming down all over her arse and I was using them to lubricate my finger and around her rosebud.

“I love you, Mary” I said quietly as I felt her lift her arse. She was getting really slick around her arsehole and I gently slipped a second digit in to join the first. “Uuuumph…” She groaned and I paused, thinking I may be hurting her, but her response was to push herself harder down onto my fingers, forcing them inside her.

“Adam, I want you to punish me properly” Mary whispered. “I want you to fuck me in the arse. I have been so naughty and that is how you have to punish me.” My cock jerked and twitched with excitement at the thought of fucking her arse. I had dreamt of doing that so many times and now she was asking me to do it.

My fingers continued to penetrate her arsehole and my tongue was licking deep into her cunt and up and over her clitty, causing her to shake and tremble with excitement. “Adam, I am ready… I want to feel you inside my arse” she gasped.

I moved up so we were face to face and supported myself on one arm while I held my cock in my other hand and gently wiped it over her cunt and through her sticky pussy juices to get it well lubricated. I felt her lower her hands down under herself to grasp her buttocks and spread them apart. The tip of my cock was now pressed against her tight rosebud and I held it in place to guide my wet and sticky prick very slowly and gently into her puckered entrance.

“Yes, baby. Give it all to me” Mary murmured. I pushed slightly harder and could feel my shaft press deeper into her as her arsehole opened to accept me. “Oh God Adam” she muttered. I stopped, not wanting to hurt her but heard her say “Keep going, I want all of you. Give me it all.”

I pushed again and felt myself slide all the way in until my balls banged against her butt. “Oh fuck” I gasped, it felt so amazing. I started to pump inside her but I felt Mary wince slightly and I started to pull away. She grabbed me, “No Adam” she said, gripping my cock with the muscles of her ass. “Keep doing that… do that again” she practically begged.

I willingly did as she asked. She moaned as I pumped in and out, pulling the head of my cock right back to the entrance to her arse and then thrusting it forward again until it could go no further. Mary was moving her hips in rhythm with my thrusts. We were both whimpering with pleasure and after every few strokes Mary would clench my cock with her muscles milking it with her sphincter.

“Mary, it’s so tight… it’s so lovely” I panted as I continued to pump into her butt, fighting as hard as I could against the need for my spunk to shoot out into her.

“Yes Adam… oh my God Adam” she panted. Her juices were running like a waterfall from her pussy soaking into her arse crack and keeping my cock lubricated as, over and over, I pumped it deep into her arse. I could feel my balls slapping against her buttocks, making a slapping sound that drummed out our rhythm as I pistoned into her anal opening.

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