My sister-the consequence

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My sister-the consequence

What do you say at a time like this?

My cock shriveled, my sister jumped off of me and her husband charged at me. I had to decide whether to let him beat the shit out of me, as I deserved, or fight back. I chose to take my punishment.

He grabbed me by the shirt and reared back with his fist, and I waited for the knockout that didn’t come.

Him: it’s not worth it. You two are both cheating perverted assholes.

He stormed out and left my sister and I standing naked and in shock. We heard his car’s squealing tires leaving the house, and I finally took a breath.

Her: What are we going to do now?

She began sobbing and I immediately grabbed her and held her tightly trying to console her.

Me: It’s going to be okay sis. Somehow I’ll find a way to fix this.

I hadn’t even noticed that our naked hug had caused my cock to go fully erect and poke into her stomach.

Her: How can you be aroused at a time like this. Our two marriages are now ended.

Me: I know that it feels hopeless, but we need to do something to take our minds off this.

Her: How are we supposed to do that?

Me: let’s finish and free our minds for a few minutes.

Her: You want to fuck, after what just happened?

Me: What else would you suggest? Sitting around crying and feeling hopeless.

I moved back to the sofa and pulled her into my lap. She wasn’t as moist as before, but she still slid down my shaft and shuddered as my throbbing cock filled her pussy. She began to rock back and forth milking my cock.

Me: Sis you feel so good. Milk me and Bostancı Escort take my cum.

Her: Okay hold me tight, I’m going to take my mind off things and fuck you until you fill me with your cum.

It didn’t take long to reach climax. With her riding and milking, and me thrusting upwards, we both orgasmed at the same time. As I sat in the afterglow of an incredible orgasm, she looked into my eyes and began sobbing again.

It took about ten minutes of crying hysterically, but she finally looked me in the eyes.

Her: What should we do? How can we fix this?

Me: I wish I knew. We’ll have to think this fully through and not make any rash decisions.

As she shifted her position slightly, my cock once again began regaining full hardness.

Me: I’m going to fuck you again and make you feel good for a few minutes.

I picked her up and laid her down on the sofa and began kissing and licking down her body. When I reached her pussy, I hungrily dove in and licked with every ounce of strength I had. I knew her pussy was full of my cum and didn’t care. My tongue dove deeply into her pussy and the combination of her juices and my cum spurred me on. As I brought my tongue up to her clit and began licking and sucking furiously, she began to respond. She squeezed her thighs together pinning my face, and then she began rubbing my face with her hands.

Her: Switch positions, so I can suck your cock at the same time.

I didn’t need to be told twice. I moved us into a 69 position with her on top, and she hungrily sucked my cock deep into her throat. As I thrust upwards and she pushed Bostancı Escort Bayan down onto my face, we were headed for another orgasm. She came first and I followed right after, pumping her mouth with what little cum I had left. She swallowed and moaned as her orgasm began to subside.

After a passionate kiss that co-mingled our juices in our mouths, we lay side by side and hugged. Then the sobbing started again.

I had no words that would console her, so I just hugged her tightly and let her release her fears and frustrations.

Her: What are we doing?

Me: What do you mean sis?

Her: Our marriages are over. We’ll have to find new places to live. So many things to sort out. Constantly fucking is not going to solve all our problems.

Me: I know sis, but we’ll figure it out.

After an hour of sobbing, hugging and talking through our situation, we were no closer to knowing what to do. We got up, showered together and got dressed. As we sat at the kitchen table drinking coffee, it suddenly came to me.

Me: Fuck, I wonder if he called my wife. He was sure mad and would be looking for revenge.

Her: Maybe you should call her.

Me: You’re right.

After dialing the number, the call was picked up by my wife’s sister. She told me that my wife packed up and was on a flight back home.

Shit shit shit

Her: what’s wrong?

Me: my wife is on a flight back home right now.

Her: He must have called her and told her everything. Now what?

Me: I better head home and deal with this. I’ll call you and let you know what happened.

It took Escort Bostancı me a couple of hours to get home and when I arrived my brother in law’s car was in the driveway. Oh shit, this was going to be nasty. The door was locked, so I used my key to enter slowly and quietly.

I didn’t find anyone right away but I could hear voices upstairs. I stopped and listened carefully. What I heard next shouldn’t really have surprised me, but I was still shocked.

My Wife: Let’s show those cheating bastards that two can play their game.

Him: What are you suggesting?

My Wife:If you get naked, I’ll show you.

Well, I guess I deserved this after what I did with my sister, but it still unnerved me. It wasn’t long before I heard the sounds of sucking and fucking.

I made my decision. I was going to confront them and let them know that they are as guilty as I am. I silently approached the bedroom and gently opened the door. My wife was astride him, with his cock buried deep in her. I waited until I thought they were close to orgasm and then announced my presence.

Me: So, I guess this is your way of getting back at me. Touche.

My Wife: You go to hell you cheating bastard. Get the fuck out and never come back.

As the words left her mouth, she continued fucking him with renewed enthusiasm, although I could tell he had wilted at my intrusion. I guess he recovered, because he was now thrusting upwards, and appeared ready to cum.

Me: Go ahead and finish you two. I guess I deserve it.

The two of them added a lot of drama to their orgasm, moaning loudly and kissing.

As I watched them come down from their orgasm, I couldn’t help feeling like I was in no man’s land. I turned around and left the house and began driving. Where to, I wasn’t sure.

To Be continued……………

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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