My Sister, the Prick-Tease Ch. 04

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Recap: Younger sister Jenni rode her brother’s face to a mind-melting orgasm after being taught how to perfectly jerk him off…

From the very next morning, Johnny found that his every attempt at communication with Jenni was buffered by an impassive wall of blank stares, ignored smiles, unresponded-to questions and an air of indifference that was bewildering to the heart-struck romeo.

He knew she’d freaked out so he put it down to that and gave her some space. Still, after a number of days, his sullen, silent sister treated Johnny as if he were a stranger in the street, with not even a polite acknowledgement of his existence when they bumped into each other. They rarely met, Jenni had quickly become expert in avoiding him; the most he saw of her was a closing door, a pair of disappearing feet at the top of the stairs, a lingering waft of her perfume in an empty room. The morning car ride into the city became an excruciating forty minutes of strained silence.

This was too much to bear for the poor neglected boy so, one late afternoon when he heard her emerge from her bedroom, he deliberately stood in her path in the hallway. She tried to veer around him but he barred her way with his arm. She tried to turn away but he barred her escape with his other arm. Trapped, she eyed him like a cobra eyes a mongoose.

After a minute of this impasse, he said, “You’re killing me.”

“I’m not doing anything to you.”

“You’re blanking me. I’m ghosted.”

“Let me go.”

“I just wanna know why. You’re being very unfair.”

“Me!? I’m being unf…”

She struggled against his arm but he didn’t budge.

“I’m infatuated with you. You can’t just drop me out of your life.”

She used an angry strength to push past him.

“Can’t you see I feel the same?” Jenni’s voice had a sharp edge of despair.

“But if-“

“We can’t fucking do anything about it, can we!? We can’t be together. It’s fucking horrible and I hate it!” Jenni walked down a few stairs then turned around, “The best thing we can do is forget it.”

Johnny leaned his head against the wall. Finally he understood. He resigned himself to his torture. He was resolved to the fact that his sister had returned to her former persona of an inscrutable young lady, someone he barely knew ~ rather than the cum-glazed, cock-sucking, face-sitting sexpot that had shared his bed. It was, he thought, one of the most difficult things he would ever have to get his head around.

Little by little, however, he managed it. He forced his febrile imagination to stop thinking about her, her lips, her body, the smell of her hair, the scent on her skin. He even stopped stealing her soiled underwear, such was his dedication to turning his thoughts away from his obsessive lust.

A month or so later, late in the evening, his phone pinged. It was Jenni’s number. She was asking to get picked up from a party. No explanation, just a few short words telling him the address. He obtained permission to use the family car and headed out into the darkening night. The navigator screen told him the house was over an hour away and he felt not a little begrudging that she would be asking him to do this after… everything.

His belligerence relented as he wondered if she was in some kind of a pickle; he must’ve been the last person she’d want to ask, so she must be in trouble. As he drove his mind staggered through all the worst scenarios he could imagine: drunk, drugged, hurt, sexually assaulted, gangbanged, arrested? He was immensely relieved when he arrived to find her sitting on a low wall, calmly waiting for him.

He pulled up next to her, he could see lights and movement indicating an energetic party in the big house up the drive. Jenni took a swig from a bottle of dark spirit before tossing it into a bush and stumbled over to the car. She scrabbled into the passenger seat and said not a word.

“You okay? Is everything alright?”

No response.

“I mean, if there’s some… problem?”

No response.

“Okey dokey then.”

Johnny turned the car around and headed for home. He could feel her watching him from the shadows. He glanced her way and the passing streetlights strobed across her serious face. Had she been crying? She looked a bit of a mess. She smelled of cigarettes and rum.

“You alright there? Still not speaking to me?”

Jenni stared out of the windscreen at the passing suburban landscape. Johnny had been driving for about twenty minutes when he felt Jenni’s gentle touch on his arm. She leaned over from her seat and rested her head on his shoulder, hugging his bicep tightly. They stayed in this position for a few miles. She held on, moving along with his small movements whenever he changed gear.

They stopped at a traffic light and Johnny looked down at her. She tilted her face up, her lips … so close … almost-BWWWWWAAAAARPP! A horn from the car behind them let Johnny know the light was green. He fumbled the gears and lurched forwards.


Johnny laughed and he was delighted to see Porno her giggling. It had been a while since he’d seen her dazzling smile. A weight lifted off his heart. They drove on in the gloom.

Nearly inaudible over the hum of the engine, he heard her say, “I’m sorry.”

“What, Jen?”

“Nothin’. Am hungry. Can we stop to eat?”

“Where do you want to go?”

“Whatever, I’m starving, Marvin.”

He pulled over into the car-park of a Killing Friendly Critters place, her head still resting on his shoulder, her hands holding his arm tightly.

She repeated, “I’m sorry.”

“You’ve got nothing to be sorry about.”

He spoke to the top of her head, smelling her pineapple and coconut fragrance, “Has something happened? Are you… hurt? Have you taken something? Have you drunk too much?”

She took a moment to register the questions. She gathered her thoughts in reverse order.

“Lil’ bit drunk. S’all. Not hurt. Well, pride maybe. Something… happened. Or rather it didn’t. And I’m sorry I had to call on you to rescue me. I didn’t want to call Dad.”

She lifted her face and her big eyes glowed in the light of the fast-food sign, “And, I’m sorry for the other thing.”


“Being mean to you. Ignoring you. I hate how things turned out but I can’t make sense of anything. I can’t explain.”

Her stomach rumbled. Johnny didn’t enjoy watching her squirm with embarrassment so he got out and headed into the garishly bright building. Jenni pulled herself out of the car and was hit by the nauseating smell of fried chicken. She pulled out cigarettes and lit one. The cold air sobered her up a little. When Johnny returned with a bag of fries, his sister was leaning back against the car with her eyes closed, blowing smoke up to the heavens.

“I didn’t know you smoked, senorita atletico.”

She snatched the paper bag and began demolishing the greasy fries with a fury, still smoking between mouthfuls. He stood next to her and also leaned back on the car. She snuggled up against him and rested her head on his shoulder as she ate.

“I campf eshplan, ach’ly.”

“What?” Johnny chuckled.

“Sorry,” Jenni swallowed her fries, “I’ve been running it through my head, over and over, trying to fit the jigsaw together. I think I can explain, sorta.”

“You don’t owe me an explanation, I understand, I do.”

“When you made me come,” he hadn’t been expecting her to say that, “When you ate me, touched me… it felt sooooo, well, I’d never felt anything like that before. Ever. But immediately after I had this, like, vision? Of how we couldn’t… be together, I mean, I can’t be your girlfriend, can I? The only future we’d have is a secret, lying, sneaking around, hidden… and all of this hit me all at once and it just made me incredibly sad.”

Johnny nodded. Jenni flicked her cigarette away and ate a few fries.

“Do you want one?” Johnny shook his head, she swallowed then continued, “Tonight, we, me and Ethan, had planned to have sex. It would’ve been my first time. His too I think, not that he’d admit it. But I realised that I don’t feel about him, anything near like what I am feeling about you, when I, er… feelings you shouldn’t have for a brother. My words’re failing me.”

“No, you’re doing fine.”

“Anywaaay,” Jenni scrunched up the empty bag and tossed it, she lit up another cigarette, “Once Ethan had worked out that he wasn’t gunna be sinking his salami tonight he got pretty fucking aggressive about it. We had a… we argued. There was a scene. The prick. Fuck’im! Fuck the lot of ’em!”

Jenni gazed into her brother’s eyes. She was so close he could taste the rum on the smoke she breathed out.

“I don’t want my first time to be a drunken screw in a friend’s parents’ bed. I want to know he loves me. I want to trust him, that he’ll look after me. Protect me. Care about me, after he’s had his fun. I want…”

“What are you saying?” Johnny asked, her face so close it was just a pink blur.

“Was there anyone we know in there?”


Jenni nodded in the direction of the fast-food place.

“Oh. No, it was pretty much deserted.”

Jenni flicked away her cigarette and wrapped her arms around his neck. She pulled her body even closer and kissed him, a long, gentle, sensuous kiss that was only slightly marred by the cocktail of grease, cigarettes and stale booze.

“I want you to be my first, Johnny.”

She kissed him again and, despite his previous resolve to banish such devilish thoughts, he returned her kiss passionately and allowed his restrained desire to break its chains.

She purred softly in mid-kiss, “I want you.”

She was pressing the mound of her pussy against his crotch, his growing cock was enlivened by the motion. His kindling fire belayed the confusion he felt. Is this what she really wanted? Would she change her mind again when she was sober? Would tomorrow morning bring a fresh hell of denial and remoteness? He hugged her tight and kissed her behind her ear. This Altyazılı porno made her sigh happily.

“If you keep kissing me there,” she said, “I’m gunna lose my virginity in a KFC parking lot.”

They released each other from their embrace and looked awkwardly young for a moment.

“Perhaps you’d better drive us home?”


Driving along, getting close to their hometown, Johnny felt his arm nudged in the dark. He looked down and found his sister’s boot was in the way of the gearstick. He looked over and, trying to keep his eyes on the road, saw that Jenni had leaned back against the door with her skirt pulled up; her legs were wide apart and she was rubbing her pussy through her dark sheer pantyhose.

“You look so fucking cute,” she said, her voice as dark as the night.

Johnny grinned sheepishly, he didn’t know what to say in reply to compliments, he heard them so rarely.

“I was pretty drunk back there,” she continued, “Did I really ask you to pop my cherry?”

“Kinda. Yeah.”

“And what did you say?”

“I didn’t say anything.”

Could his nose detect the familiar scent of her arousal? He could definitely hear the friction of her fingers rubbing the material of her tights.

“Y’know? I’m getting a lot of mixed messages here, Jen.”

“Mmmmm. Do you know how hard it is to keep my hands off you?”

Her leg spasms nudged him again, her breathing was getting heavy.

“I think about you all the time,” she said, “How you’d feel, pushing up inside me, fucking me, mmm um.”

She was rubbing faster. Johnny drove with the sound of his sister masturbating on the next seat, wondering how on Earth they’d got to this point. It was fucking horny but it was bizarre. Thankfully, for his sanity was all twisted up in a knot, they arrived home. Johnny parked up carefully, he didn’t want to make a mistake in his jumbled frame of mind. ‘Oh, did I leave the handbrake off, Dad? It’s just that I was put off by your drunk daughter fingering her cunt all the way home.’

Jenni tried to open the door but was still impeded by the safety belt. She giggled drunkenly. Johnny got out and walked around the car to open her door; as he leaned in to unclip her belt she kissed him and patted his bottom. She chuckled as he helped her to stand and straighten out her bunched up skirt. She leaned heavily on his arm as they walked to the door

“Wait, before we go in.”

Jenni held up her wet, pungent hand and pressed it gently on his nose. He couldn’t help himself. He had one arm out, reaching for the door-handle, and the other holding up his unstable sister as he sniffed the musky, heavenly scent on her masturbatory fingers. She grinned as she watched him snuffle her dirty stink. She touched his face, holding his gaze. They smiled, a deep unspoken love between them. Eventually, he helped her inside, up the stairs and got her to her bedroom. Without a word, she opened her door and disappeared inside.

“Is she alright?” His mother’s voice startled Johnny.

“Um, yeah. Bit drunk. I think she broke up with her boyfriend tonight.”

“You were ages. Was it far?”

She walked closer to him.

“Yeah. But I don’t mind.”

“Ah, you’re a good boy, looking out for her. It’s nice to see you two getting along for a change.”

Johnny’s mom leaned in close to kiss his cheek, she sniffed at his skin briefly, a flicker of confusion in her eyes. She ruffled his hair then walked downstairs.

Johnny gulped. Jenni’s bedroom door opened. Her head popped out.

“Was that Mom?” she asked, comically searching around with wide eyes.


“She gone?”


“These are for you.”

She held out a bunched up pair of coffee-dark tights. Johnny took them and immediately felt their dampness in his palm.

“Thank you for… coming for me.” She grinned sleepily at her own unintended joke, demurely pecked him on the cheek and then closed her door.

Jenni spent the whole of the next day recovering from her untypical bout of boozing, only leaving her room when she was certain she could skulk around the house without any unwanted interactions with her brother or her parents. She was no longer avoiding Johnny as she had been, she was just acutely embarrassed. The next time Johnny saw her was when he woke up to find her sitting on his bed in the dead of night.

“Huh? Urg, wazzatime?” He managed to say, clawing his way out of a furry, fuzzy dreamland.

“Around three. Sorry to wake you up.”

“S’fine. Wasn’t sleeping.”

“Fibber.” Jenny was looking anywhere but at his face, “I wanted to say sorry. Again. It’s all my fault.”

Johnny reached over, grabbed her oversized teeshirt, this time with a cartoon owl on the front, and pulled her down next to him. They lay on their sides looking at each other in an eerie grey ghostlight.

“Whaddya mean? You ain’t done nothing.”

“I made this mess.”

“Bullplop. How?”

“When I first noticed that you liked looking at me, I was so Brazzers flattered. I tried to… to attract your attention.” Jenny looked away, embarrassed to be revealing her secrets, “I’d wear shorter skirts, tighter tops, around you. I’d hitch up my yoga pants so they… showed off my… “

“I see.”

“I liked how I felt, when you looked at me. Then I had to call you a freak for looking at me. I start flirting with you then I push you away. I tell you to leave me alone then I come on to you in the car. You must think I’m a terrible little prick-tease.”

Johnny diplomatically decided not to answer but just stared into her eyes as they became misted with tears.

“It’s not fair, Johnny! Why can’t I have you?”

She buried her face in the nape of his neck.

“Hey, shhhhh, it’s okay, you got me, for what it’s worth, you got me.”

“I want you to know I didn’t mean to lead you on and then, and then, shut you out.”

She hugged him tight and babbled into his chest, “I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m… I’m just trying to figure it out but I’ve made a mess of everything.”

There was a silence, a deep three-in-the-morning kind of quiet. Just the creaking of the old house. The shifting of the bed under their combined weight.

“We’ll figure it out,” Johnny said, “Together.”

He sensed she was calming down. He tidied her hair away from her face and gazed in awe at her vibrant, youthful beauty. She was elemental. She was eternal. Then she smiled a shy, gawky little smile that no Rembrant or Raphael could’ve captured. He knew at that moment that he’d love this girl until the end of time.

He pulled her close and they kissed tentatively until they realised their hands betrayed their lustful intent; Jenny’s hand was inside his shorts and determinedly rubbing his fully awake penis while Johnny’s fingers had discovered she was pantie-free and were circling in her warm, wet slit. They breathed hard as they kissed each other.

Jenny paused the kiss, “I think you were right.”

“Of course I was. About what?”

He flinched in pleasure as she increased the speed of her manual penile manipulations.

“We should do it a few times, then maybe we’ll get bored of it, get over it, get over us.”

“Absolutely. Just four or five times should do it. Maybe ten. Twenty tops.”

She kissed him as she rubbed his cock vigorously. She was being careful to touch him the way she’d been shown but also distracted by the lovely gushing feeling of his fingers dancing inside her. She could feel her juices soaking and spreading into the bedsheet.

“Do you… mean now?” Johnny asked, his balls tightening, “You want to do it now?”

“No, not like this, all quiet and sneaky. I want to take my time with you.”

She kissed him and felt his heart punching its way out of his chest. He panted and pressed his body against hers. They kissed hard and she felt his twitching limbs stiffen and suddenly wet splodges of spunk were shooting up her bare arms.

Johnny lay back, gasping, staring at his ceiling. Jenni pulled his hand away from her pussy and slid down his body, kissing his stomach as she descended. He closed his eyes and luxuriated in the sensation of his sexy sister licking and kissing his spunky cock.

“You taste dirty.” There was no accusation in her voice.

“I, I, I wasn’t expecting…”

“I kinda like it.”

Johnny grinned an evil unseen grin, he was winning her over to the dark side.

“There’s not as much as before.” She licked up and down his shaft.

Johnny felt he had to defend himself, “If I’d known… I wasn’t, y’know, prepared I, er, I whacked off five times to the pantyhose you gave me last night.”

Jenni crawled back up his body and lay on top of him.


“Of course. What did you think was gunna happen?”

She seemed very satisfied with this answer and snuggled down, wrapping her arms around him, fiddling delicately with his hair. She rested her thigh over his legs in her customary position with her sticky lips gently gluing her to his skin. Johnny adored that they were establishing a routine.


She appeared to remember something and reached over to pick up his phone; her breast briefly squashed on his face, he gave her rosy nipple a lick and a suck and made her giggle. She dropped the phone on his chest and entwined her limbs around him again.

“Why have you given me this?” Johnny asked.

“Set your alarm for six-thirty.” Jenni sounded sleepy.


“‘Cause Mom gets up at seven and I don’t want her to catch me sleeping with you.”

Johnny obeyed and programmed his alarm with his free hand, the other trapped under the warm slumbering body of his sister.

When the alarm went off, Johnny was only vaguely aware of movement as Jenni turned off the annoying jingle, left the bed and left the room; he quickly returned to the land of nod.

A week later and she was back in his room, waking him up in the darkness.

“Shift over,” Jenni whispered, “I’m lonely.”

She arranged herself in the now habitual position, her limbs draped over him, her fingers entwined in his hair.

“I’ll set the alarm.”

Johnny reached over and programmed his phone adeptly.

“When will we get our chance to do our thing, Johnny?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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