My Sister Wife Ch. 02

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Yes Mistress Yes

Finally, noon! I was tired. Ready, to be off work. I just wanted to go home, take a long, hot bath, and take a nap. Michael was on a business trip, not due home until tomorrow. It would be nice to just have some alone time.

I wasn’t expecting Yessenia. I was locking up, when she snuck up behind me. She kissed me teasingly. “Hey hot stuff! I have a surprise for you.” She told me, as she walked behind me and blindfolded me.

“Hey!” I tried to protest.

She put her lips to mine, to quiet my objection. “No need for words. I’ll take care of everything.”

Silently, she led me to her car. I was intrigued by what she had in mind. But, I’d never been blindfolded before, it was just a little discomforting. It was totally and completely dark. I felt utterly bewildered.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“Some place.” She answered, brusque. Almost cold. “Now, if you’ll just relax. We’ll be there soon.”

It wasn’t long before we were parking, and she was leading me. I heard her key turn in a door. All the while, it was dark. I couldn’t see, and damn if the silence was deafening.

When the door closed behind me, Yessie pushed me up against the door. Her mouth consumed mine, in a crushing, tongue tantalizing kiss. Her hands were rough, as she squeezed my breasts, pinching my nipples. I grew hard under the fabric of my bra. Already, I was creamy between my legs. She started undressing me, and she wasn’t gentle at all. She pulled the top off over my head, taking the bra along, without even unclasping it. She brought her mouth down to my breast, where she bit me. Not a teasing bite, but, honest to goodness, hard, mean bites. I could feel as she moved her mouth over my body, down to my waist, where with her mouth, she pulled the cords of my skirt, loosening up, so it just fell off my hips. Her mouth found my mound, warm, a little wet. She pressed her face into my crotch. Licking, biting my clit, through my panties. She then pulled the panties down my legs, and tossed them aside. I tried to raise my hands to her hair. She grabbed my arms, and spun me around, so that I was facing the door we just walked through.

“Don’t move!” She told me, as she pushed me into the door. This was a side of her that I’d never seen. It was… I don’t know. Gaziantep Anal Escort It was… Thrilling?

It wasn’t long before she came back, and twisted my arms, raising them up over my head, where she tied a binding around them. I could hear water running in the not too far distance. “Come, let me wash you,” she said in a husky whisper. I loved hearing her voice soft, and dark. It always turned me on.

She pulled me into the shower. It was hot, not scalding, but very near. I could feel that she stood naked. I wanted to touch her, to feel her body next to mine. She wouldn’t allow it.

“Please, Yes. I just want to feel you.”

She slapped me hard on my ass. “Shut up!”

She had me completely washed, soaped, rinsed, shampooed, and dried before I even had time to comprehend her attitude. “Tonight, you are to be my bitch! You, will be my slave, and you WILL do EVERYTHING I say, exactly as I say it! Do you understand?” She commanded as she dried me with her tongue. I could only nod.

She led me to a bed where she pushed me down into the sitting position. She straddled me, and thrust her tongue into my mouth, and her hands into my hair. Finally her breasts were pressed against mine. Her crotch, grinding with mine. Oh how my pussy was throbbing with need.

I tried to kiss her back, but she pushed me again, this time, I was lying down. She had untied me, only long enough to tie each of my wrists to a bed post. All the while, she was pinching, squeezing, teasing my nipples, or flicking my clit. I struggled, in mock fear beneath her. The more I protested, the more rough she got.

She laid her body over mine. She dry humped me, she rubbed her tits on my face, her nipples over my lips. She traced my jaw line with them, down the length of my neck. She squeezed or breasts together, pressing hard into me, like she couldn’t get enough. Soon, she was rubbing my now dripping mound with them. Teasing my clit with her nipples. It was delightfully arousing to feel all of her all over me.

She spread my legs apart, and lay down between them. She buried her face into my pussy. Using her nose, to tease my clit. She blew a warm breath over me. She could see as my clitoris grew hard, and watched as it throbbed for her. She bit it, pulling it, stretching it out. Held it with her teeth, as she flicked it with her tongue.

All the while her fingers just brushed my hole. Feather light, she brushed her fingers over it. Teasing.

“Please.” I choked out.

“Please, what?” She demanded.

“Please, Mistress?” I answered.

She purred, almost sounding like a real cat. “Yessss,” she hissed. “Say it again.”

“Please, Mistress.”

“Please, Mistress, what?”

“Please, Mistress, fuck me.”

She laughed, and stood up. I could hear her rustling through things in the corner of the room. And then I heard the cracking, of what sounded like a whip. It was loud, as if she has snapped it against a wall. Was she going to use this on me? I wasn’t really one for whipping. Pain. I’d find out it wasn’t a whip, but riding crop.

“Please, Mistress, what?”

“Please, Mistress, fuck me.” I whimpered again.

She slapped my crotch with the crop. Not violently hard, but, hard enough that it stung. I began to writhe on the bed. Thrashing around. Silently begging for her to do it again. She did. Harder this time. I liked it. The sting. The burn.

I cried out.

She laughed, a guttural sound. “Do you like it? Do you like it when momma hits your pretty kitty?” She asked me, her voice low.

“I like it.” I replied quietly.

She slapped me again. “What? Speak up, you fucking slut!”

“I like it.” I answered again, louder this time.

She hit me again. “Come on you fucking whore. Tell me.”

“I like it.” Louder yet.

She hit me again. I’m sure by now my pussy was flaming red. “What… Did… You… Say…?” She demanded. I liked this side of her.

“I like it!” I shouted.

Her mouth crashed down on mine again. She thrust her tongue into my mouth. She sucked mine into her mouth. She chewed it, she sucked it. She flicked it with her own.

“I’ll fuck you. I’ll fuck you when I’m damn good and ready. Do you understand?”


She smacked me again, this time, my breast. I flinched. “Yes?” She questioned, and hit me again. “Yes?” She was nearly screaming at me.

“Yes, Mistress!” I replied, tone matching tone. “Yes, Mistress. I understand.”

“Good.” She answered, lowering her mouth to my breast, licking the spot she had smacked. She licked it, slobbering, wetting the spot with her spit. She rubbed the spit into my skin, to cool the warm spot. She sucked the spot, and bit. She licked it again. “That’s the way I want my little girl to behave.”

Again, she spread my legs, and lay between them, and again she buried her face in my snatch. This time, she thrust her tongue into me. Thrusting it in and out like a dick. Thrusting hard, hard enough, that her teeth scraped my clit. I arched into her. I loved feeling her tongue inside me. I couldn’t wait for more. She slid both of her hands up my inner legs, til they rested on my inner thighs. She slid her fingers to my pussy, feather light. Using two fingers each, she spread my pussy lips apart, displaying my cave wide. She held it open, as she licked, and bit the sides. Her tongue would flit over my clit, in and out of my cunt. I could feel an orgasm building up inside. I was about ready to cum in her face.

Yessenia knew. She could feel it. “Gonna cum all over my face, baby girl?” She asked. I arched into her. “Gonna cum in my mouth, sweet little girl?”

Oh, God, I wanted to cum.

Suddenly, she pinched my clit, and twisted it. “You had better NOT cum!”

The pain was incredible. It did hurt, but, it was sexy. Inviting. But, I held back. I wouldn’t cum, I’d hold off as long as she demanded.

“When?” I asked, my voice quivering.

She smacked me, using her hand this time. Not as hard as she did with the crop, but it felt the same. It hurt, tingled, stung. But, damn, if I didn’t want it again. “Do it again?” I asked. She did. She licked her hand, making it nice and wet, and slapped my pussy again, hard.

Again her mouth consumed me. Teeth biting, teasing, tasting, thrusting. Her fingers this time, teased too. Caressed, pinched, poked. She slid one, then two inside, thrusting them in, pulling them out, quickly. She’d bring them to my mouth, and shove her fingers in, making me taste my own salty juice. She’d push them back into my wetness. Thrusting. She’d wiggle her fingers around inside of me. It kind of tickled. I arched into her, to feel her fingers deeper.

“I’m going to fuck you now. I’m going to fuck your cunt, bitch, until you scream. I’m going to fuck your cunt, until you beg me to stop. I’m going to fuck this sweet, tight, little hole until you cum all over my face.” She told me.

Man oh man, was this wild side of my darling more incredible, than any I had yet to see.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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