My Sister’s Deception Ch. 08

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I woke up the next morning to a knock on the door and a sliver of sunlight slicing into the room. I looked at the clock; nine a.m. Pretty early, really, considering everything that had gone on the night before.

Another knock on the door.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t really that early; clearly, someone was looking for us.

“Get the door,” Jen said, tapping my arm as she rolled over and stretched.

I slowly rolled out of bed and squinted as the sunlight hit me in the eyes.

“What time is it?” Meghan asked as she raised her head, her eyes still all but closed.

“It’s nine,” Jen said, dropping her head back into the pillow.

I looked through the peephole.

“Who is it?” Meghan asked.


She knocked on the door again.

“Let her in,” Meghan said.

“Let me put something on,” I said.

Meghan waved her hand as Jen pushed herself up. “Just let her in. You won’t be the first naked guy she’s seen. Trust me.”

Kris knocked on the door again. “Kyhl? I can hear you.”

I turned the doorknob and cracked the door open.

“Morning,” I said.

“Yeah, it is. Is my sister in here with you?”

I nodded.

“Let me in,” she said, pushing on the door.

I allowed the door to open enough for her to slide in.

Kris pushed her way into the room and immediately threw a hand over her eyes.

“Ohmigod, you’re naked.”

Jen giggled and Meghan sat up in bed, the sheet falling from her chest.

“I’m going to take a quick shower,” I said, darting into the bathroom.

I reappeared a few minutes later. Meghan and Jen were still in bed and Kris was sitting in the chair across from them. She eyed me suspiciously as I stepped into the bedroom, towel wrapped precariously around my waist.

“My mom and dad are wanting us to do the breakfast thing,” Meghan said, “while they start redirecting wedding traffic away from the hotel.”

“That ought to be fun,” I said.

“Loads,” she said, sitting up and dropping her feet to the floor.

“Okay,” Kris said, looking at me. “You answered the door naked.”

I nodded and she looked over at the bed.

“And the two of you are in bed together, naked.”

“Kyhl was in bed with us until you came knocking on the door,” Meghan said.

Kris looked over at me.

“The three of you were naked in bed together?”

We all nodded and Kris began shaking her head.

“What were the three of you doing…?”

“Oh, for crying out loud, Kris, don’t be so dense.” Meghan stood up out of the bed and brushed her hair back.

“We had sex.”

“You had sex?”

Meghan nodded and Kris’ mouth fell open.

“All three of you…?”

Meghan nodded again and Kris shook her head.

“I don’t… I don’t understand…”

“Would you like me to paint you a picture?” she asked, sitting down on the bed again.

Meghan leaned over and fell into Jen’s arms, locking lips with her as she brought a hand up to cover Jen’s breast.

Kris stared at her older sister, her face flushing, and then gasped when she looked over at me.

My cock was getting hard and creating a tent in the towel I was wearing, and I moved behind the dresser to try and conceal it as Meghan rolled off the bed and walked over to me.

She slid her hands up my chest to caress the sides of my face as she kissed me, and I wrapped her in a hug, my hands sliding down to gently stroke her ass.

“I came up here last night,” Meghan said, “after they came back from their walk on the beach and I caught them coming out of the shower.”

“You caught them coming out of the shower?”

Meghan nodded.

“I took my clothes off, crawled into bed with Jenifer and Kyhl crawled in after me.”

Kris’ eyes darted from me to her sister and back.

“And now I need to go hop in the shower and clean up real quick.”

“You let him fuck you?”

Meghan looked at her little sister and nodded as Jen got out of bed and walked over to us.

“But, you’re engaged. Or you were, and…”

“Did you not see what went on last night?” Meghan asked.

“I know, but…”

“But, nothing. Denny hadn’t so much as touched me in weeks,” Meghan said. “And Kyhl and Jenifer…”

Kris looked over at Jenifer, the sudden addition to our little impromptu gathering.

“There are three sides to all of this,” Jen said, sliding in against me and taking Meghan’s place in my arms as she kissed me and pressed her naked body against me.

“Three sides?” Kris looked genuinely confused. “Wait a minute.”

She looked hard at Meghan and narrowed her eyes. “You lied to me.”

Meghan bit her lip.

“You told me they weren’t brother and sister. You told me I was imagining things. I knew it.”

Meghan leaned into me, pulling one of my arms from around Jen and creating a three way hug.

“Remember that weekend you came to stay with me at college my freshman year?”

Kris nodded.

“Remember how mean and bitchy I was?”

Kris nodded again. “That’s when I remember meeting both of them.”

Meghan nodded. “I Alanya Olgun Escort was cranky because I was horny. Let’s just say that Kyhl fucking me last night was making up for that weekend. And a few nights ago…”

Kris’ mouth fell open.

“You slept with him a few nights ago, too?”

Meghan nodded and bit her lip. “All three of us in bed together, just like last night.”

Kris swallowed hard and looked at Jenifer.

“They had sex while you were in bed with them?”

Jen nodded, her face turning crimson. “And your sister’s watched us having sex, too.”

Kris suddenly looked pale and stumbled backward, grabbing at the chair and then falling into it.

“You and Kyhl…?” She looked over at me. “You and your sister?”

We both nodded.

“How… why… why would you…”

“You’ve met Rick,” Meghan said, kneeling at her sister’s feet and grabbing her hands. She looked back at us. “It all started out as a ruse to try and protect Jen from Rick. She told Rick and some of the people at work that he was her boyfriend, and they didn’t know any better because they hadn’t met him.”

“But now they know,” Kris said, her eyes still wide with shock, and Meghan shook her head.

“They all think he’s boyfriend. There’s even one girl we work with that thought he was really good looking when she first saw him, but when she found out he was Jen’s boyfriend…”

“But he’s not her boyfriend, he’s her brother.” She looked up at us. “And you… you sleep together?”

We nodded and Jen slipped her hand into mine.

“Kyhl is so much more than a big brother to me, now, though. I don’t know what I’d do without him.”

“Aren’t you afraid of… of getting pregnant?”

“I’m on the pill,” Jen said, looking up at me. “For now.”

Kris looked lost and Meghan leaned into her, her head in Kris’ lap as she hugged her.

“You always said you wished you had a big brother,” Meghan said. “And now you do.”

Kris looked up at me and back down at her sister.

“A big brother. How do you figure?”

Meghan scrambled to her feet, grabbed Kris’ hand, tugged her out of the chair and led her over to me.

“Meet your big brother.”

“He’s everything you could ever want in a brother and so much more,” Jen said.

“He’s a decent dancer, too,” Meghan said.

“As long as the music isn’t too fast,” Jen added, giggling.

“And he’s a good kisser, too,” Meghan said. “And there are other things.”

“I don’t even want to know,” Kris said.

“Baby steps, little sister. Baby steps. I gotta get in the shower; don’t want to keep mom and dad waiting.”

“What are we going to tell mom and dad?” Kris asked. “They’ll flip when we tell them.”

Meghan stopped and turned to face her sister, slowly waving her hands in a circular motion in front of her face.

“We’re not going to tell them anything they don’t need to know. You let me handle mom and dad. I just need you to nod and go along with me. Okay?”

I could tell from the look on her face that Kris was far from okay with that arrangement, but she nodded, and ten minutes later, she and Meghan were headed downstairs.

Jen and I decided to go for brunch, and I went on downstairs while she hopped in the shower.

I stepped out of the elevator and just in time to see Meghan, Kris and their parents headed out the front door of the hotel. Robert had a hand on the shoulder of one of the wedding setters, explaining to him that there was no need to unpack; there wasn’t going to be a wedding.

I headed out onto the patio and almost stopped as soon as I was outside the door.

There she was again. Carrie strolled toward me clad in a stunning white bikini with a sheer black wrap slathered around her waist.

She had a bottle of water and her sunglasses in one hand and suntan lotion in the other.

“Good morning,” she said, setting her things down and looking back up at me. “Care to join me for a swim?”

“No, I think I’ll pass, thanks,” I said, stopping next to the pool.

“Suit yourself,” she said, sticking her toes in the water. “The water’s nice and cool.”

That would be really important later in the day; it was already pushing ninety degrees.

She untied the wrap and dropped it onto her chair and stepped into the pool, smiling, knowing she was on display.

“That was quite a show last night, wasn’t it?” she asked, stepping down into the pool.

“Are you referring to the show you put on, or…?”

“Oh, heavens no. I was just part of the warm-up for the main event. I almost panicked when Meghan started beating on that glass door. That door was the exit strategy I almost didn’t have.”

She smiled up at me and it was like I’d been slapped in the face.

“You knew she’d see you,” I said. “In fact, you were counting on it.”

“Ummm…” She tilted her head side to side and smiled as she walked into the water. “Something like that. We all have personal flaws. I have three notable ones; I’m a bit of an exhibitionist; I have no sense of shame, modesty, or whatever you want to Alanya Otele Gelen Escort call it, and I love cock. I like pussy, too, but I absolutely love cock… in my mouth, in my pussy… You get the idea.

“One of Denny’s flaws is that, like most men, once you start worshipping his penis, if you’re good at it, he becomes completely oblivious to everything else. Once Debbie took him in her mouth… neither of them noticed me pull the curtains back.

“Another of Denny’s flaws is that he’s an unrepentant womanizer. He always has been.”

“Wait a minute.” I cocked my head to the side. “You know Denny?”

Carrie took a deep breath and looked away as she splashed water against her bikini bottom, getting it wet and making it turn translucent.

“Mmmm, more accurately, I know of Denny. I probably don’t know him as well as I should, but I know him better than I want to.”

“Okay. Now, I’m confused.”

Carrie smiled and walked to the edge of the pool and looked up at me.

“Let’s just say I’m very well acquainted with someone who knows everyone involved here, and…” Carrie leaned against the edge of the pool. “… if you call me a scheming, conniving whore, I won’t deny it.”

“So you planned all of that?”

Carrie sighed and looked away for a moment. “No, I just made the most out of an easy target of opportunity. My nightlife almost thrives on the existence of people stuck in dead-end or unfulfilled relationships, and it’s bad enough that two people will commit to one another, and over time, drift apart and do things to hurt one another, but Denny… It’s not that he has no conscience, or maybe he does, but… Meghan probably hates me, but I did her a huge favor last night.”

“I’m not so sure her dad would agree with regards to the timing. They’re out a lot of money.”

Carrie sighed and smiled, nodding.

“Then again,” she said, “daddy will do anything for his little girl. Anything.” She dipped her hands in the water and splashed it up on herself, gently caressing her body. Now her top was semi-sheer, too.

“Kyhl, fancy meeting you here!” I turned around to see Allyson walking over toward the pool; she’d laid her things down by Carrie’s.

She’d laid her things down by Carrie’s.

“I see you’ve met my sister. The two of you know each other?” Allyson asked, her eyes darting back and forth between us. Her bikini was black and already almost transparent.

“Uhhh, no, not really,” I replied.

“Kyhl and I met the other night at the bar,” Carrie said. “He was watching the ball game and waiting on his girlfriend to come back. He kept me company while I was waiting for a date to show up.”

Allyson nodded and smiled, raised her hands overhead and fell backward into the water, drifting away from us.

“So the two of you…”

Carrie smiled as I connected the dots.

“I’m really hoping we can keep all of this our little secret,” Carrie said.

“I know nothing.” And what good would it have done for me to tell anyway?

Carrie smiled. “And what about you?” she asked. “And your sister?”

“My sister?”


I laughed and shook my head. No way. There was no way Carrie could know.

“Jenifer is my girlfriend, and very likely my future wife.”

Carrie bit her lip and smiled as she nodded.

“She’s your sister.”

I looked down at her and shook my head.

“Look me in the eye, Kyhl, and tell me I’m wrong.”

“What would make you… even think such a thing, much less say it?” How convincing was I?

Carrie shrugged her shoulders and smiled.

“There’s something about the two of you. I can’t quite put my finger on it,” she said, “but the two of you really remind me of a couple I went to college with; Andy and Amy. She’s a year older than me; he’s a year younger. They played off as being a couple from the time he hit the campus, and did a really good job of keeping it a secret for most of that first year. Things came a little unraveled at spring break one year, but they managed to piece things back together pretty well. I kept their secret and so did the girl who fell head over heels for Andy. You and Jen remind me a lot of them.

“And, Meghan… the three of you are pretty tight together. You could almost say the three of you are a couple.”

I laughed again. “I don’t know where you learned to do math… Jen and I are really close, and while Meghan and I are pretty good friends, Jen’s the one she’s really tight with.”

“If you say so,” Carrie said. “I’d just be interested to see which one of them you actually end up married to.”

Carrie turned her head and I followed her gaze.

“Allyson doesn’t suspect a thing, and I’m not going to tell her, either. You keep my secret; I’ll keep yours. Deal?”


We shook on it

Behind her, Allyson stood up in the water, soaked tresses clinging to her shoulders, sodden cloth clinging to her like a second skin, leaving nothing to my imagination.

“Thank you,” I said as Allyson walked over, a tempting mer-goddess.

“Are you sure you Alanya Rus Escort don’t wanna come in for a swim?” she asked. My eyes were drawn to her chest; the thin black fabric was accentuating her breasts more than it was covering them.

“No,” I said, looking up. “Jen and I are about to go get brunch.”

“Your loss,” Allyson said as she fell back into the water. Carrie smiled at me and raised a hand, slowly curling her fingers in a bid farewell.

“If we don’t meet again,” she said, “make pretty babies with them.”

Carrie joined her sister, falling back into the pool as Jen walked through the door.

“I can’t leave you alone for a minute, can I?” she asked, sliding her hand into mine.

“Allyson and, uh, I find out this morning, that’s her sister.”

“Really?” Jen looked back toward the pool where both women were standing waist deep in the water, their breasts barely concealed beneath their wet bikini tops.

“You just wanted to stare at their tits.”

“I’ve got yours to stare at,” I said, kissing her on the cheek. “Yours are all I need.”

“What about Meghan?” Jen asked as we crossed the street and headed to the car.

“What about her?”

Jen backed up against the car and clenched my hand in hers.

“She’s alone now, Kyhl.”

Jen’s eyes danced across my face as she bit her lip.

“She’s alone now. She’s not getting married. Remember a few days ago, when you and Meghan were wondering what if about the two of you? Now you don’t have to wonder.”

“I remember. Do you remember what you told Kris upstairs a little while ago?”

Jen looked at me and shook her head just enough to indicate she wasn’t sure what I was thinking of.

“You told Kris there were three sides to all of this. You’re one of those sides, Jen. You and I wouldn’t be together if it wasn’t for this scheme you and Meghan hatched together. And regardless of how Meghan and I may or may not feel about one another, I’m not going to turn my back on you. Not now. Not ever.”

Jen smiled.

“Do you mean that?”

I nodded.

“We need to talk to Meghan,” she said, “but I think we’re gonna need a bigger bed.”

Meghan did a really good job of explaining things to her parents. They understood that Denny and Rick had indeed been two of a kind, and Meghan said her father seemed cautiously appreciative of the lengths I’d been willing to go to in order to look out for Jen. Kris was then kind enough to refresh their memories about Meghan dating me when she and Jen were freshmen. That conversation was still in progress when Meghan’s mom had opined that I seemed like a really nice young man, and since Jen was actually my sister, maybe Meghan and I could rekindle things, you know after the dust had settled from the wedding that suddenly wasn’t?

After brunch, there was a mad dash to halt the last of the wedding setters, and then it was time for everybody to catch a breather.

Robert and Barbara said they were going to pack and head out first thing the next morning. They gave Meghan one final gift for the weekend, something that would hopefully help soothe the pain and discomfort of the embarrassment from the night before.

“There must be at least…” She was still thumbing through the wad of bills, counting.

“That’s the money we had spent on hotel rooms for tonight for all the wedding party guests as well as for your honeymoon suite for the next week,” Robert said.

“Take some time,” her mother said, “catch your breath and enjoy yourself a little.”

Meghan nodded as they kissed her.

Robert shook my hand, nodding at me like he and I were sharing a secret, and then Barbara hugged me, giving me a kiss on the cheek.

The four of us stood there as they headed for the elevator.

Kris looked at me and smiled. “You are in so far over your head. You have no clue.”

“So what do you wanna do?” Jen asked.

“I wanna go to the beach,” Meghan said.

Kris turned around, looked at the pounding surf and turned back around, pointing over her shoulder.

“Hello?! Beach, almost all you can eat…”

Meghan shook her head. “I wanna go somewhere different.”

Kris wrinkled her forehead. “Where do you wanna go?”

Meghan answered her and Kris’ mouth dropped open as Jen laughed.

“That’s a nude beach, Meghan.”

Meghan nodded. “I know.”

Kris shook her head. “You don’t understand,” she said, looking over at me. “It’s not just topless, it’s…”

“I know,” Meghan said, taking her little sister by the hand. “I remember from when you told me about going there.”

“You’ve been there?” Jen asked as Kris’ face turned red.

“Oh, yes, she has,” Meghan said, laughing as Kris nodded.

“Yeah, I went there when I was in college,” Kris replied, “and then I went there again last year. You have to park a several hundred feet from the beach, but once you get past a certain point and go over the dune,…”

“Clothing optional?”

Kris nodded. “And, some parts of it are fairly secluded, too, and there’s a pretty good bit of extracurricular activity that goes on there.”

Meghan and Jen both stared at her with open mouths.

“And you know all of this how?”

Kris smiled. “I’ll never tell.”

We began walking toward the elevator.

“I’m thinking we can drive down there, come back later tonight?” Meghan’s eyes swept across all of us, eyebrows raised.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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