My Sister’s Panties

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I had a problem. A massive, urgent and overwhelming problem that was currently driving me crazy. Images flashed through my mind while my lotioned hand worked steadily towards a solution. Lewd thoughts came one after another. The senior girls at my old high school in their short uniform skirts and smooth skinned legs, the nurse at my doctors office with that perfect ass that swayed with every step, the fat nun who taught my math class last year. I just needed to find that perfect image so I could cum. I was almost there…

Sister Hillary… where the hell did that thought come from? Fuck, the image of her double chins almost ruined it.

My twenty year old hormones swiftly kicked back in. I had woken up with a desperate hard-on and there was no way I was going to be able to function until I found release. That’s why I was standing in the bathroom, cock in hand, hurriedly trying to rub one out over the toilet.

I needed to cum quickly too. My younger sister, Ashley, was going to be knocking on the bathroom door any moment to get ready for school. It was the first day of her senior year and I was going to drop her off on my way to my first day of college. Senior girls, soft skin, cute smiles, perky tits.

I tried every depraved thought I could come up with. I finally opened my eyes to look around for inspiration. That’s when I saw them, sitting atop the laundry like a beacon from heaven. My sister’s worn panties.

The crotch was turned upwards beckoning me. The purple cotton gusset had been smeared by her virgin sex. That soft piece of clothing had sat pressed against my sister’s body, cupping her sex, dampening from every pervy thought she had. I wondered how wet her pussy got. Who did she fantasize about? I brought the panties to my nose, inhaling her secret scent. Before I knew it, I was rubbing the soft fabric up and down my dick.

Let me tell you a little bit about her. You know those high school movies where the girl starts out shy, gets a makeover, and becomes the hottest girl in the school? Ashley is that shy girl before the makeover. Her hair is this deep dark brown that curls around her face and shoulders when she lets it down. It’s almost always put up though and she wears these glasses that are slightly too big for her face. Her wardrobe consists of oversized sweaters and loose jeans.

The few times I have seen her eighteen year old body in a swimsuit though has made me realize just how hot she is. She has these full breasts that look almost too big for her slender frame, soft skin that begs to be touched and an innocence that needs to be taken. Fuck I want her.

And there I was with her sexy underwear around my hard cock. Sister Hillary was gone from my mind, replaced by my hot sister. I began to picture her undressing for me, slowly taking her top and then jeans off. Swaying her body while she does so, teasing me until it’s just the purple underwear left. I hear her moan seductively while she rolls the underwear down her hips. The shaven cleft between her legs comes into view, two bare puffy mounds with her tender pussy lips peeking out, a drip….

Holy fuck I came hard. Spasming as I erupted shot after shot. My sister’s underwear captured every bit. I twitched and shivered, delivering one last little bit to the cloth, closing my eyes in bliss.

Bang Bang, the bathroom door shuddered as my sister beat against it. “Hurry up Jack, I gotta get in there” she said, banging again for emphasis.

Crap, fuck… I muttered as I realized what I just did. Globs of splooge had soaked my sister’s panties. I had no clue what to do with them.

“Hold on” I yelled back, hurriedly getting dressed with one hand while trying to find a solution of what to do with her soiled panties. I finally stuffed them in my pocket and rushed out of the bathroom door. I dashed past a rather angry looking teen girl and scampered into my bedroom before she could notice anything was amiss. Looking around my room for a hiding spot, I ended up stuffing the contraband under my mattress. I breathed a sigh of relief, crisis averted.

I am not a pervert. Ok, that’s probably a lie. My sister is awesome though. I love her and have loved her from the day she was Girne Escort born. Of course we fight sometimes, but we care for each other deeply. Hell, we sometimes spend weekend nights watching flicks together instead of going out with others.

I just happen to think she is cute. Ok not just cute, but hella hot. Especially when my lower brain is doing the thinking. Nothing wrong with that, right? There are probably a million brothers out there with secret crushes on their sister. They just don’t act on it by stealing their panties. Crap, I shouldn’t have done that I told myself for the tenth time.

“Jack you’re going to be late” my mother yelled up to me. “Remember you promised you would drop Ashley off at school before class”

As I had said. It was my first day of college and my sister Ashley’s first day of her senior year at high school.

“Coming” I yelled as I took one last look around my room.


About my school. JJ Edward’s Community Tech is the most prestigious school in all of Summer Valley.

No really! It’s an institutional powerhouse! The junior college has graduated such celebrities as Nate George, the famous two time hot dog eating champion. Kelly Kutter, our local news anchor and part time radio host. Oh and George Dubya Bush.

Ok the last one was made up, but not entirely unbelievable right? Point being, it is really just a local tech school for those who can’t get into the bigger universities. Pulling onto campus, I couldn’t help but be excited though.

The buildings were these early 70s red brick and concrete slabs. Like mid century modern on a bad budget, complete with the cold faux marble white flooring that seems to be unique to every governmental building everywhere. As I walked toward class I couldn’t help but realize how diverse the students were in age. I had expected everyone to be in their teens and twenties but looking around campus there were middle aged and even older adults carrying backpacks and going into classes.

First impression? The whole thing was not at all like the college movies I had seen. For some reason I had this vision of college being full of beer kegs, phat joints and braless babes bouncing all over campus. Despite the sobering reality of what more school really meant, I was still happy to finally be at college. I even wore a baseball cap with the school logo on it as I entered my first class. Go Techies!

My first class was Econ101. Surprisingly the classroom wasn’t much different than what we had used in high-school. The desks were laid out in rows and there were two large display screens on either side of the blackboard up front.

The only thing that really stood out was the professor. Mature women aren’t normally my thing but she was a stone cold fox. Her soft brunette hair cascaded down her shoulders barely touching a generous display of cleavage. The tight skirt she wore covered an amazing ass. More amazing was the soft smile she threw my way as I sat down.

To be honest, this was the class I was most excited for. I have always had a mind for business or at least an interest in it. When I was thirteen I opened a small stock trading account and have been paying attention to the market off and on ever since. I even got the Econ book early and had read ahead over the past week. Turns out that was one of the best ideas I have ever had.

The econ professor was amazing, clearly passionate about economics. She was an adjunct professor and she worked at a corporate job for most of the week. It was about twenty minutes into her lecture when I heard a whisper coming from the cute blonde girl next to me.

“Pssst… hey” she said quietly while putting a hand on my arm “do you know what the teacher is talking about?” I could tell the girl was taking notes but it was clear from her flustered expression that she wasn’t really following what the teacher was saying.

I nodded my head and tried to help explain a few of the terms the teacher was using. Big ego-boost for helping the damsel in distress. The fact that the damsel was Magosa Escort a cute blonde with a warm smile only added points. College was looking up.

My other two classes that day were chemistry and French. The classes went fairly well, though the French professor was late and more disappointingly was an American who used a bad French accent.


It was still early afternoon when the French class let out so I decided to walk around campus. Unfortunately there were no toga parties or panty raids to partake in, but hey one could always hope. Actually, despite the generic feel of the campus, it was obvious that the staff and most of the students were there to teach or to learn. Which was pretty cool. The school wasn’t ivy league, or even state university level, but it definitely seemed like the right choice for me.

I was strolling around campus getting a feel for the place when I heard a voice calling to me from some distance away.

“Hey… hey hold up” the voice called again.

I turned and saw the blonde girl from Econ class trying to catch up. She was a little flushed as she hurried over, carrying a fairly big backpack. She was wearing a loose green t-shirt with a shamrock on it, slightly baggy jeans and had an indie rocker vibe going on that I kind of dug.

“Hey” I said with a smile. I’m not a dutz around women but I have never been a ladies man either. The few girls I had “dated” in high school were all short term relationships and mostly chaste at that.

“Hey, I’m Mia, um thanks for helping me!” She said while catching her breath. “Hey, what did you think of the teacher? I mean she seemed pretty good. Like she was doing a good job, I was taking notes. it’s just… I wasn’t able to do the pre-reading and felt lost there. You were a big help so, hey what’s your name by the way?”

“Jack” I managed to get in before she continued.

“I would have understood it all if I had just read the stupid book. I was working all week and never got the chance though. Plus the cat had this thing on Tuesday and that was a whole ordeal, all because she ate a stupid mouse. Like why would a cat get sick from eating a mouse, aren’t they supposed to do that? My last cat never…” she caught herself from rambling more “um… Anyways Jack.. Thanks and thanks for listening to my life story!”

She had this cute nervous energy about her and her hand was on my arm again. That had to be a good sign right? I swear her eyes were sparkling as she looked at me. Thankfully, my mouth started moving because my brain and other places were struggling.

“Hey, no big deal. Need help, I’m your guy!” I said. I probably sounded like a tool. “I did the pre-reading but honestly I already studied some of this stuff last year in high school. Hey, what’s your cat’s name?” Yup, I was a total tool.

“Cats name? Oh Slinky… Hey um, I know this is random.. Do you think we could study some together? I don’t want to bother you, maybe I shouldn’t have asked.”

I managed to say “sure” before she continued

“See, it’s, um, I only have so much free time and I have to make at least a B in this class. I am so worried about that, like if I don’t do well in each of my classes I lose my scholarship and I will have to pay out of pocket. It’s going to be impossible, well not impossible but I need all the help I can get. So um, pretty please?.. Wait, did you say yes?” The look of hope on her face melted my heart.

“Sure, when work’s for you?” Like I was going to turn her down. First day of school and a cute girl wants to hang out with me? College was amazing.

“You’re the best! I don’t have to work on Wednesday, so let’s say 4ish then? Does that work for you? Do you want to study at your house?” She replied eagerly. Or at least it seemed eagerly to me, but who knew with women.

“My house, um I live at home with my mom and my sister. Sometimes she has her friends over after school on Wednesdays. It might not be too quiet.” I replied. Reality was that I didn’t want the embarrassment of bringing home a girl in front Kıbrıs Escort of my mom and sister. I can only guess what kind of merciless teasing I would hear from them.

“Um ok, I guess we can meet at my apartment. It’s not very big but it is quiet and you can meet my ferocious cat. Here, let me see your phone and I will add my info.”

Later as I was walking to my car I checked her contact info. She had entered herself as Helpless Econ Girl and had added her phone number too. I almost texted her, stopped myself and then almost again sent a text. Calm down, I told myself the third time. I did know one thing, Econ was definitely going to be my best class.


I was riding high when I got home. Practically whistling as I walked through the door into the house. It looked and sounded like some heavy chores were going on. My sister was in the hallway vacuuming and my mother was gathering laundry. I was just setting my books down in my room when my mother came in.

“Just grabbing your sheets, we’re doing linens today” She said as she walked over to my bead.

“Thanks mom” I said, getting out of the way.

She was untucking the sheets on my bed and pulling them out, when I realized just what was about to happen. The blood drained from my face and I turned to stop my mother. It’s like the whole world both sped up and slowed down at the same time. The purple panties, those soft delicate well cummed on panties, fell to the floor right by my mothers feet.

She bent over asking “What are these?” while bringing them up to her nose.

My sister, who had popped her head into my room to say “Hey bro” instead found her mother holding her purple panties up to her face. All she could say was “Are those mine?”

“Are they your sister’s?” my mother echoed, anger rising in her voice. “It smells like semen. Why does it smell like semen Jack? What the hell did you do? Are these your sisters?”

“Are these your sisters Jack?” She said again.

I turned to my sister, but the hurt and betrayal on her face cut deep and the words I was about to say never came out. I just hung my head and whimpered a barely audible apology.

“I am so ashamed, I don’t even… I am so disappointed in you,” my mother practically screamed. “Look at your sister, how could you? Don’t answer, just don’t say a word. I’m going to leave and I am going to shut this door. Do not open it until I say so. I hope you spend this time realizing just what you did. Ashley, come with me” Her words were tense, devoid of any of the love she had shown me over the last nineteen years. I had no response as she left my room.

My sister left as well, tears dripping down her cheeks.

Oh fuck, I thought to himself once I could breathe again. Fuck, what did I do? It was a moment of weakness, not meant to hurt anyone. Especially my sister. Sure she was cute, her body had filled out over the last few years and it was pointless to deny it. I never wanted to actually do anything with her, it was just a fantasy. I had fucked up. my mother, my sister, they would likely never trust me again. Their loveless, accusing eyes were still boring into my soul.

I wished everything would be ok, please just make it all ok, I thought as I buried my head in my pillow. I said it over and over to myself.

The sounds of Trumpets blaring in a short flourish filled my room. A gold banner appeared across the top of my vision. In red ink it read “Congratulations, Player number 964,334 has awoken!”.

What the actual fuck? I turned my head to the left, the banner seemed to follow, still taking up the top of my vision. I moved my head to the right and the same thing happened. It was like the banner across the top of a webpage and no matter where I looked it was still there.

“Um ok” I said aloud. Not sure what else to say or do. I tried to reach out for it and as I moved my hand to the right, the banner disappeared. It was like I had cleared a notification on my phone.

A new message appeared, this time it was a square box in the lower right of my vision. Congratulations, New Skill acquired, Wishmaster

Once per month, a small wish with a localized effect may be awarded. The wish must be six or fewer words and must take less than 16 Kiels of power. Effects are at Moderator’s discretion.

Do you use the new skill, Wishmaster?

“Um, I guess so?” I said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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