My Son Had An Erection Ch. 02

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Part 2: My son had an erection

The morning after the wedding reception, having had sex for the first time with my son Paul, I woke up in the hotel room to find him lying across my stomach, sucking my nipples and gently squeezing my breasts in the palm of his hand. It was a nice sensation to have first thing in the morning. I put an arm around him, pulled him closer and then reached down towards his cock. I took his erection between my fingers and slowly peeled back his foreskin. I began to massage his cock, rubbing and pulling on it until he started to thrust his waist against my body. I wanted to pull him between my legs again and feel his stiff penis slipping inside my vagina. Instead, I decided we should take a shower together.

As we walked into the bathroom, I could not help but admire Paul’s firm and nicely shaped bum cheeks. I gave them a little squeeze. I was first into the shower and I turned the water on. As Paul stepped Porno in, I took hold of his cock and used it to pull him towards me. I put my arms around his waist and gave his cute ass a good grope. My nipples and breasts rubbed against his chest as he kissed my lips. He reached for the shower gel, squirted it all over my body and began to rub me all over with his hands. I did the same to Paul until we had covered ourselves in a soapy lather. I really enjoyed the way he massaged his hands over my skin and the way he rubbed my breasts and let his fingers slip between my thighs.

Paul now had my back against the wall of the shower. He placed his hand between my thighs and raised my leg, holding it up as he somehow managed to get himself between my thighs and shove his hard cock up and into my pussy. I loved having him inside my body. He began to pump his cock in and out. I squealed with pleasure as he shafted my shaved Altyazılı Porno pussy, forcing himself as deep into my vagina as he could go. When he could no longer hold back, he nearly lifted me off my feet and my back was sliding up the tiled wall of the shower as he thrust his cock in, harder and deeper until several bursts of his cum ejaculated inside me.

He held himself inside my pussy while he took a few minutes to catch his breath. I felt his cock slip back out as he lowered my leg. As we hugged and kissed again, I reached between his legs and began to play with his balls. He had quite a big sack hanging between his thighs and I had no problem getting a good grip.

It was time no to finish off in the shower and get ourselves dried and dressed for the day ahead. Naturally, we towelled each other off, hugging and kissing as we did so and enjoying being naked together.

We booked out of our Brazzers hotel and began the journey back home. The long drive gave me plenty of time to think about what had happened between us. I thought that maybe he might be a bit confused about whether or not we would have sex again once life had returned to normal. Therefore, that evening I asked if he would like to sleep beside me.

We climbed into bed naked and lay facing each other. I let him know how much I had enjoyed having sex with him and that anytime he felt the urge to have good ride, then he only had to come into my bed. I also let him know that he did not necessarily have to wait until bedtime. He could come to me at any time, wherever we happened to be and that I would always be willing satisfy his needs. I leaned over his body and kissed him. It was a very passionate kiss. We were both exhausted after two long days away from home. I lay on my back and wrapped my arm around him. Paul placed an arm across my chest and held onto my breast. He threw his leg across my thighs and with his erect cock poking at my side, we both had a good sound sleep. Naturally, it did not take too long before I would have Paul once again, lying between my legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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