My Son’s Lap: A Wicked 4-Some

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My Son’s Lap: A Wicked 4-Some

Summary: Mom and son have foursome with younger couple.

This is part three of the My Son’s Lap series.

In part 1, a mother sits on her son’s lap while he’s playing Santa for her company’s Christmas party, and she’s astonished to find herself with his big cock in her pussy. They slyly fuck in a room full of people… then do round two in the office… where he shows her a letter that verifies his claim that her deceased husband had set up the incestuous encounter, and she also learns that he’d requested his son to take over as both the man and the cock of their household. Given her longstanding submissive nature and the love she has for her son, she gratefully agrees to the exciting new arrangement.

In part two, mom and son take an Uber ride home, where because it’s crowded, she needs to sit in his lap again, which leads to a lap-fucking sequel… this time with strangers in the car, two of whom eventually join in… with an obnoxious prude in the front seat, plus a supportive and bemused driver.

And now the story continues.

My Son’s Lap: A Wicked 4-Some

I hurried into our new friends’ house, slipped out of my heels, my feet quite sore, and proceeded into the living room, somewhat expecting some three-way action to have already started without me.

And I was right.

Amanda was already out of her dress, wearing only a bra, panties and pantyhose, on her knees with both cocks out… and with my son’s in her mouth so she could clean my pussy cum off of it while she stroked her boyfriend.

I went over and offered, dropping to my knees in front of Derek and right beside Amanda, “Let me lend a hand.”

Amanda released her hand and directed her complete focus to my son’s dick. She briefly took it out of her mouth to say, “Your pussy tastes pretty good on your young man’s dick.”

“Only pretty good?” I asked with a cute little pout.

“I don’t want to sound like I love how you taste,” Amanda said, as I began to stroke her boyfriend’s hard dick.

“What a shame! Because a bit later, I’m sure you’ll have to suffer through tasting even more of it, directly from the source,” I warned her playfully.

“Actually I can’t wait,” she grinned, and she took my son’s cock back in her mouth.

As I stroked Derek’s cock and licked his thick shaft, I smiled, “And perhaps you’d enjoy a mouth? Mine happens to be empty at the moment.”

“I’d love that,” he replied, and he pointed his cock towards my mouth.

“If you insist,” I said, opening wide and taking his seven-inch member between my lips, I began sucking; and of course I could taste Amanda’s pussy on it… just one more kinky and fun addition to one more kinky act tonight.

“Oh fuck,” he groaned. “Do you two do things like this often?”

“Maybe in the future, but this evening is a first for us,” Cody answered for us both, since my mouth was full. Then while both of us women bobbed on each other’s significant other, he added. “Actually tonight was the first time we ever hooked up at all!”

“No way,” Derek said.

“Yeah, it just kind of happened at our company Christmas party,” Cody explained, which was true.

“How?” Derek asked curiously.

“Well, I was the Santa for the staff party this year, and a moment before she sat on my lap, I whipped out my cock and she sat down right on it,” Cody said. “She found it quite a surprise!”

“No way,” Derek said, and as I deep throated his cock and held it there tickling my tonsils, he groaned as he asked, “Wasn’t she wearing any panties?”

“Nope,” Cody said.

“And you knew that beforehand? How?” Derek asked, as I resumed my deep throat cock bobbing.

“Her husband had told me she always went commando at these parties,” he said, so far telling the absolute truth… just not all of it.

“No way,” Derek repeated, his shorthand response to his obvious shock at what he was hearing.

“Yeah, because of an illness, he’s no longer able take care of her sexually, so he asked me to step in for him,” Cody continued spinning his wild absolutely truthful but misleading tale.

I took his cock out of my mouth and added, “Which means going forward, Cody will be the one giving me dick whenever I want it.”

“Although she may be impossible to keep up with,” Cody laughed.

“She does seem insatiable,” Derek observed as I swirled my tongue around his cock.

“You don’t know the half of it,” I embellished, before swallowing his cock back into my eager, experienced mouth.

“Shit,” Derek moaned.

“Yeah, she can really suck a cock,” Cody complimented me.

“Hey! What about me?” Amanda asked.

“You’re a great cock sucker too,” Cody said. Then showing his sexy dominant side, he ordered, “Now get back to sucking, woman, while we menfolk talk.”

“I’ve never let anyone talk to me like that,” Amanda objected.

So Cody stood up and demanded, “No? Do you want Çanakkale Escort my dick or not?”

I quit sucking Derek to watch my son work his dominant magic… which I found particularly fascinating, because he was so much like his father! (We too had occasionally played with other people as a couple.)

“Yes,” Amanda said.

Cody then slapped her cheek with his hard cock and ordered, “Then beg me for it.” He next slid his cock all the way into her mouth and held it there until she gagged a little, and he then pulled out so she could start begging.

Amanda was clearly not used to a dominant man, yet like the submissive she may have been behind her surprise, she responded with a lust similar to mine, “Please Sir, let me suck your big cock!”

“Depends. Will you let me fuck your face?” Cody asked, and then didn’t wait for a response, but just slid his cock into her open mouth, grabbed her head, and began face fucking her.

“That looks exciting! Want to do that to me?” I asked Derek.

“Uh, fuck yeah,” he said, and he stood up, while watching his girlfriend getting used in a way she normally probably wasn’t.

As he slid his cock into my mouth, timidly grabbed my skull and began tentatively face fucking me, Cody said breezily to him, “You see, all women behind their prim and proper exteriors are sluts. They just need a bit of encouragement at first.”

“I don’t know if I agree,” Derek said.

“Trust me,” Cody said. “Your hot piece of ass here is a nasty slut. And don’t get offended, because I mean that as a compliment.” He pulled his dick out of her mouth and asked, “Aren’t you, Amanda?”

“I’ve never let anyone treat me this way,” she replied.

“But you love it, don’t you?” Cody asked.

“Kind of,” Amanda answered, her tone indicating that she did, but she couldn’t figure out why she did.

I pushed Kevin away from me and whispered to him, “Pay attention to how he’s handling this; you’ll learn a few useful things about your girlfriend.” I then settled down on my heels so I could watch my masterful son work his magic.

“No one can ‘kind of’ like it,” Cody said, sliding his dick back into her mouth and back out again. Just once.

“Fine then, I like it,” Amanda said, frustrated.

“Get on the couch and bend over for me,” Cody ordered.

Amanda looked over at me, and then up to Derek.

We just watched, waiting to see what she’d do. The decision to cross this line should really be up to her, after all. Although if Derek objected he could speak up; and if she went ahead without his objecting, he could hardly accuse her of cheating behind his back.

“Do it now, slut,” Cody said. “I bet your pussy is soaked just from the thought of getting fucked by an eighteen-year-old stud.”

“I’m sorry, honey,” Amanda said to Derek, as she got up from her knees and onto the couch on her hands and knees.

I stood up, stripped off my dress and said to Derek, “You don’t look like you mind what they’re about to do, and neither do I. But if my man is fucking your girlfriend, then you’re fucking me. How does that sound?”

“Hell yeah,” Derek said, in a bit of a daze, as he watched my son rip a hole in his girlfriend’s pantyhose, pull her panties to the side, and slide right in.

“She’s fucking soaked,” Cody reported, as I crouched on the couch beside Amanda.

“Oh fuck,” Amanda moaned. “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

“What? Getting fucked?” I asked, as I bent over and wiggled my ass at Derek, who was still in a daze. All he could do was watch while Cody drilled his girlfriend. He didn’t appear to mind, far from it, but he was stunned.

“Fucked by another man,” she moaned, while my son had his hands on her hips and was really pounding her.

“I think your man is absolutely entranced by what you’re doing,” I said.

Amanda looked back to see the expression on Derek’s face… which did indeed look entranced, but also horny. She urged him through a moan, “Fuck the MILF for me, sweetheart. I don’t want to be the only one of us cheating.”

“Yeah get that dick inside me,” I demanded.

“Yeah right, sorry, this is all a little crazy,” Derek said, as he got behind me, twitched my panties aside and slid right in. “But you’re not cheating; you’re magnificent!”

“She is, isn’t she? And it isn’t cheating if you’re both doing it together. Plus, you’re both even in the same room!” I pointed out. “That’s called sharing, or swapping, or better yet, swinging.”

“I guess,” Amanda responded, as Cody was fucking her as hard as he could… his body slamming into her each time and making sounds that anyone in the world would recognize as fucking.

“Do me like my man is doing your girl,” I demanded, since Derek was only slowly fucking me while he watched his girlfriend getting really railed.

“Uh, yeah, okay,” Derek said, and he grabbed my hips and started pounding me better, but I still wouldn’t call it really good.

“Oh fuck,” Amanda moaned, my Çanakkale Escort Bayan son’s big dick slamming in her pussy, getting her really revved up.

“Do you like being my slut?” Cody asked her, and he reached up, grabbed her hair and pulled on it, not remotely slowing down.

Derek let out a little gasp that told me that wasn’t something he’d ever call her. And then he gasped considerably louder when he heard her response!

“Oh yes, I love being your fucking slut,” Amanda belted out, as euphoria overwhelmed her and the natural submissive side she might not have even known she had consumed her.

“Shit,” Derek said, and he pounded into me while we both watched Cody fucking Amanda.

“So good,” Amanda moaned, as she looked at me.

“He’s fucking amazing, isn’t he?” I asked her rhetorically, and I leaned over and kissed her.

And as we both got pounded from behind, we shared passionate kisses… it wasn’t easy while we were being hammered… but we managed, if only haphazardly.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned, looking at Derek with a lustful vulnerability, but obviously addressing Cody. “Don’t stop!”

“Don’t you dare come without my permission, slut,” Cody ordered.

I found this dominant side of him so fucking hot. And in case it needs saying, I didn’t feel the slightest bit of jealousy or possessiveness because of what he was doing. I didn’t own him, and I looked forward to seeing him in action with the other three pet sluts he’d corralled before adding me to his stable tonight. On the other hand, he absolutely definitely positively owned me!

“But I’m about to burst!” she declared, so Cody instantly froze deep inside her. “Nooooooo,” she whined with a desperation only a woman nearing orgasm could utter.

“Tell me what you are,” Cody ordered, and he bucked his hips, but only once, piledriving himself even deeper inside her.

“Hey, you! Don’t slow down,” I demanded, since Derek had once again gotten distracted by what was happening to his girlfriend… I would have felt insulted if I didn’t know how powerfully this unforeseen experience must be affecting both him and his woman.

“Oops! Sorry,” he apologized.

“I’m a slut, and I’m your slut,” Amanda declared, desperate for Cody to resume his hard fucking… desperate to achieve the orgasm that was lingering just out of her reach.

Cody bucked his hips three times, making her scream… and making me wish he was fucking me instead of Derek… who didn’t understand the needs of his women, not even the woman his dick was inside of right now. Cody then began really hammering her.

“Yes, fuck me, please fuck me, give me that big young dick,” Amanda bellowed, beginning to bounce back, meeting his deep thrusts.

Deciding to take matters into my own hands, or more accurately into my own honeypot, I began bouncing back on Derek, so I too could get off… his lack of any smooth fucking really frustrating me, and it wasn’t getting me any closer to my own much-needed orgasm… while I watched the hottest sex I’d ever seen, from just foot or so away.

“You’re now allowed to come, slut, so come all over my dick,” Cody ordered a minute or so later.

“Oh yes, fuck, fuck, yes, yes, fuck!” she babbled out her imminent orgasm, obviously about to erupt.

“Now slut, come right fucking now,” Cody ordered, giving her hair a ferocious yank as he slammed into her.

“Fuuuuuuuuck!” she screamed in both pain and ecstasy as her orgasm ripped through her… this one appearing to be a lot more intense than the one Derek had brought her to back in the Uber.

Watching Cody dominate her, watching her come… plus bouncing back on Derek’s dick… was bringing me close to my own orgasm.

Cody kept drilling her throughout her orgasm, before he pulled out and ordered, “Spin around and get ready for my load all over your face.”

“Good luck with that, she doesn’t do facials,” Derek scoffed, a moment before she whirled around and took his cock in her mouth. Derek gasped, “Well, fuck me!”

“No, remember?” I rebutted. “You’re supposed to be fucking me!”

“Oh yeah, suck your pussy cum off my dick,” Cody groaned.

Amanda bobbed like a starving Linda Lovelace, while I kept bouncing back to meet Derek’s lack of constantly paced strokes.

Thirty seconds of frenetic porn queen cock sucking was all it took, before Cody pulled out and splattered a massive load all over the pretty woman’s face.

“Holy shit,” Derek blurted out, clearly shocked at the sight of his woman getting her face painted. Willingly!

“Yes,” Amanda moaned as she felt the warm cream flooding her face.

“Come inside me,” I demanded. “Fill me up.”

“Really?” Derek asked.

“Yeah, I can’t have kids anymore,” I said. “So just dump your load in my pussy.”

“All right,” he said, finally focussing on me, while his woman took Cody’s cock back in her mouth to retrieve any slow swimmers she could find… her face now lavishly coated Escort Çanakkale with Cody’s cum.

“Oh yeah, that’s it, fuck me, fuck me harder,” I demanded, as Derek was finally slamming into me, and I was gratefully bouncing back to drill his dick as deep as I possibly could.

Amanda, cum dripping down her face, looked across and urged, “Fill her pussy, baby.”

“Oh yeah,” he groaned, clearly close… while I wasn’t as close.

Then I felt his cock twitching and his load filling me… the third load to go inside my greedy pussy tonight.

“Fuck!” grunted Derek.

I just let him fill my pussy and bided my time, knowing his lack of aggressiveness wasn’t going to get me off.

Once he was spent, I gently pushed him away, grabbed Amanda, who was still on the couch and just arising upright, still on her knees, and tumbled backwards on the sofa while bringing her along for the ride and ordered, “Eat my cream pie, sexy girl.”

Before she could say anything, although her eyes went a little wide again, I shoved her cum-coated face into my wet pussy.

There was a brief hesitation, before I felt her begin to lick.

“Oh yeah, eat that pussy,” I moaned, as both of our men rose to their feet and watched… and Derek’s eyes were even bigger than Amanda’s had been a moment ago.

“Eat that MILF pussy, slut,” Cody ordered… which provoked to a change in her approach.

At first she’d been tentative… timid… slow… but after a minute or so, once Cody had given her that order, she began licking faster… more aggressively… spearing her tongue as deep inside me as she could.

Derek turned to Cody and said, “I can’t believe she didn’t rip your balls right off when you called her a slut!”

Cody shrugged, “I have a knack for bringing out a woman’s inner slut.”

“How do you do it?” Derek asked.

“It’s just a gift,” he said, looking fondly down at me. “I can see through the façade.”

“What façade?” Derek asked.

Amanda was really licking me now!

“Every woman needs a man who’ll treat her like a lady in public and a slut in the bedroom,” Cody explained. “A steady diet of either approach is unsatisfactory… treat her like a slut all the time and that’s how people will see her, which is horrible; but a steady diet of ‘whatever you want dear’ in the bedroom and you’re just a wuss.”

“That hasn’t been my experience,” Derek said.

“You have to get past the exterior persona,” Cody said. “Past the rigid stereotypes religion and society have dictated to both men and women. Harmful ideas like ‘Always stand up for yourself right or wrong, or you’re not a real man.’ Or ‘If you ever stand up for yourself, you’re not a proper woman, you’re just a bossy bitch’.”

“I don’t even know where I’d begin,” Derek said.

“Finger me while you suck on my clit, my lesbian pet,” I ordered, a term I often enjoyed in the erotica I read. Although I was almost always submissive with a man (but not tonight with Derek), during most of my lesbian encounters, I was in charge.

Amanda both fingered and sucked me while Cody continued his dissertation, “You need to keep your eyes open, and then push a woman hard as soon as she’s in the heat of passion. That’s when you’ll learn if she’s submissive.”

“I see,” Derek said, although I’m not sure he did.

“And most women are submissive,” Cody added. “Especially older women.”

“Oh, fuck yes, finger bang me, slut,” I moaned, my orgasm finally rising in the wake of Derek’s disappointing fuck.

“For example, you treated Debbie way too gently just now, when it was clear she wanted you to fuck the shit out of her,” Cody said.

“I certainly did,” I agreed.

“I was just so overwhelmed by Amanda allowing you to do things she’d never allowed me to do, that I couldn’t focus on Debbie.”

“I can understand that,” Cody acknowledged. “What that was, is that she really needed the kind of slam dunk fucking you’ve always been too timid to give her.”

“Yes Amanda, suck on my clit,” I moaned loudly, my hand now on the back of her head and my orgasm imminent.

Her finger, or two of them actually, were pumping in and out of me furiously, as her lips sucked on my clit, and she even shook her head a bit.

“Oh fuck, your slut can really eat a pussy,” I moaned.

“Come, slut,” Cody said, slapping my tits. “Come all over our new slut.”

“Our?” I asked.

“Yes. After tonight, she’ll be delighted to come over to get fucked or to eat your pussy whenever we want,” he said with complete confidence.

“Is that true, Amanda?” I asked, and even though I was so close to coming, I wanted to hear her response, so I raised her head just enough to see her cum-coated face.

“Yes Mistress, I’ll be your slut anytime you like,” she said through her lustful daze, before diving back into my pussy, and continuing to finger bang me while sucking on my clit.

“Oh yes! Eat me, fuck me, bitch!” I moaned, looking first at my son, and then at her stunned boyfriend as I grabbed the back of her head, and held her face planted against my pussy while I came. “Fuuuuuuuck!”

She pulled out her fingers, and hungrily lapped up my pussy juice while it gushed out of me, to coat her pretty face even more, and to flow into her hungry mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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