My Step Sister and her Two Friends

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Josh was in his room jerking off when he heard his stepsister pull into the driveway. “Fuck.” he muttered, pulling his shorts back up. He laid back on his bed pretending he had been watching TV the whole time. He heard her enter through the garage door and into the kitchen downstairs. His hard-on was still raging in his boxer shorts. He felt extreme annoyance at the fact that he didn’t get to finish. He simply couldn’t jerk it when she was home, the fear of being caught was too strong.

He heard her set the groceries down and start putting them up. After a few moments she heard her footsteps heading up the stairs and approaching his door. She knocked lightly. “Josh?” she called out.

“Yeah, come in.” he replied. She stepped in. She was wearing her dark brown hair in a ponytail, a striped tank top, and tight black jeans. She was wearing this very light purple lipstick, so light it was almost a nude color. “I got you the cereal you like,” she said in a sweet voice.

“Oh, thanks, Jess.” Josh replied. His dick was still hard in his shorts. Josh had been living with his sister for the past 3 months now. She lived alone and worked as a nurse. Josh had moved out of his mom’s house after his 18th birthday because she was impossible to deal with, as Jess knew. So she was letting him live with her. It was pretty great living with Jess, to be honest. He got his own room, and she never got on his case about anything. And she got him his favorite cereal. She was 27.

“so, what are you doing?” she asked with a smile.

“Oh, nothing. Just watching TV.” he replied awkwardly, knowing his cock was raging in his pants.

“You got any plans today? Other than masturbating?”

Josh had to do a double take. Did he hear her right? He shot a confused look at her. “Uhh, what?” He asked.

She laughed a bit, slumping against the doorway. “Josh, I can see your boner through your pants. I can tell you were masturbating before I came home. Did I interrupt you?”

Josh didn’t know what to say. He stared blankly, stumbling to find words. “Uh- I um- I was just-“

“It’s okay, Josh. No need to be embarrassed. I’m just messing with you. You’re a dude, you masturbate. It’s fine.”

At this point he couldn’t believe what was happening. His dick was still hard. He didn’t want to cover it up because that would make it obvious she was right. “Well, yeah, okay, I was. It’s normal, you know.” He let out a nervous chuckle.

“I know. I’m not shaming you, dude.” She giggled. “Just poking fun. So should I leave you to it? So you can finish?”

“Sure, if that’s okay.”

She turned to leave. “Okay. If you need help, just let me know.”

What did she say? “Wait, what?” he called out to her.

A few moments later, they were both completely naked. She climbed on top of him, planted a kiss on his mouth, and sat on his rock hard cock. He couldn’t help but let out a pleasurable Porno groan at the feeling of her sitting on his dick and balls. She slid his cock inside her and started riding him wildly, like a cowgirl. She grinned down at him with a devilish smirk. He gazed up at her, still not fully believing this was happening. He grabbed her tits and started playing with them. She had just started riding him and he already didn’t think he was going to last much longer. His hands trailed down to her ass, and grabbed onto her ass cheeks. She continued gazing down at him with that devilish look in her eyes. The look on her face was almost enough to make him blow his nut right then and there. But he had to hold on as long as he could. He didn’t know if this would ever happen again. He could hear the sound of his balls smacking against her ass. He bucked his hips up and down in rhythm with her’s. He was moaning with every thrust. Suddenly he felt it, and he realized it was going to happen no matter what.

His mind raced with a million thoughts. The look on his face was frantic as his nut rapidly raced through his balls and up his shaft. He could feel his cockhead swelling intensely.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum!” he shouted. In response, Jess rode him faster, increasing he hip bucking. His nut reached the surface and he was off. An intense orgasm blasted through his body. His legs started shaking intensely as his moans and groans echoed loudly through the house. “OHHH!! FUCK!! AHHH! GNAAAAH!!” He violently thrusted upward as hot semen sprayed out of him into Jess. After a full minute of bucking and moaning, his orgasm finally subsided. Jess cuddled him and giggled, planting soft kisses on his jaw and neck as Josh panted heavily.

Some time later, he was standing over her, his balls on her face. He had always wanted to do this to someone and now he was doing it to his stepsister. She was on her knees on the bed, while he stood over her. Her head was in between his legs and his big balls were completely covering her face.

“Right there. Just hold it right there.” he said gazing down at her. His rod was harder than it had ever been, pointing up at the ceiling as his balls smothered Jess. Her hands trailed up and down his thighs. He never wanted this moment to end. This was the best sight his eyes had ever had the pleasure of taking in.

“Oh, yeah, my balls are on your face” he said, running his fingers through your hair. She let out a moan from underneath all the sack flesh. He was about to blow again.

He reached down and grabbed her hand and brought it up to his diamond-hard dick. “Jerk it.” he said frantically, knowing he was on the verge of busting. It would only take a few strokes before he was off.

She wrapped her hand around his meat, her face still buried under his sack. She started jerking her fist up and down rapidly. It didn’t take long before he felt it. It started Altyazılı Porno in his groin and spread up his body and down his legs. His leg’s started shaking intensely as his load rose from his balls. “FUCK!! OHHH GOD!!” he screamed as a rope of white nut shot out of his swollen tip and plastered itself against the wall across the room. The second rope blasted out with even more force, painting itself right next to the first one. He spurted 17 more times, making a mess all over his bed and Jess’s hair. After a full minute of groaning and moaning and shouting with orgasmic bliss, his cock stopped shooting.

Josh was sweating and panting. He looked down at Jess, who had now finally released herself from his testicles. She was smiling at him, as if she was proud of him. “Wow, look at you.” she said, glancing at the mess he had made. She planted a kiss on his wet, swollen tip.

A few moments later, they were downstairs. Still completely butt naked. Josh had his dong, which was now hard again, sandwiched between Jess’s feet. She was laying on the couch and Josh was once again standing up, his cock and balls towering over her. Her legs were pointed up and her feet held onto his rod with a solid grip. Her soles felt great on his penis. He stood over her taking pictures of the sight with his phone. He had also made sure to snap some pics of his balls on her face before they came downstairs.

“Yeah, that’s it.” he said, looking down at her. He grabbed one of her feet and spread open her big toe and middle toe and fit his right nut in between them. She pinched her toes together, enough to get a grip on his sack but not enough to hurt. He snapped pictures of the scene and once again was getting horny enough to blow. He placed her feet side by side and started humping them, his penis rubbing up and down her soles. It didn’t take long before he was off for a 3rd time in one day.

“HERE IT COMES JESS!! AHHHHH!! I’M CUMMING AGAIN OHHHH!!” he screamed, not caring if anyone heard him. His cock started spurting its load all over her feet. She watched happily, giggling a bit as she watched his face twist into an expression of pure bliss and orgasmic pleasure.

A few minutes later, they were in the bathroom. The shower was running. Jess was jerking his meat with her right hand, holding a small hand towel in front of his swollen tip with her left. After a few minutes Josh’s penis started to swell. He was shooting and moaning loudly, his cum plastering itself onto the hand towel Jess was holding. His orgasmic screaming was loud in the tiny bathroom.

Josh slept like a rock that night. He didn’t have it in him to cum anymore. He and Jess slept together, of course, and they slept naked. The next morning, Josh woke up to find Jess wasn’t in bed. He got up, put on some clothes and went downstairs.

When he arrived in the kitchen, he saw Jess sitting at the table Brazzers with two of her friends. Laina and Carly. Two friends Josh had gotten to know over the years. Laina was pale, with shoulder length brown hair and light blue eyes. She was on the thicker side, but definitely wasn’t fat. Carly also had dark hair but was skinnier and had brown eyes.

“Oh, hi Josh.” Carly said. Laina raised her hand in greeting. Josh greeted them back. “Oh, I didn’t know you were having people over.” Josh said to Jess.

“Oh, they were just stopping by for a few minutes. I actually have to go to work now.” she stood up and grabbed her bag. “I’ll be home around 5. We’ll order pizza tonight.” all the girls stood up and walked out with her. Josh assumed they had all left, but 5 minutes later, there was a knock on the door. Josh opened it to see Laina. “Oh, Laina.” Josh said. “Did you forget something?”

“Well, you could say that.” she stepped in and approached Josh, getting a little too close. “Jess told me all about last night. I thought it was extremely hot, and I want to have some fun with you too now.”

Josh couldn’t believe his ears. “Oh, are-” Laina put a finger to his lips. “Shh. Let’s go.” she grabbed his hand and started leading him upstairs.

“Don’t tell Jess about this. She’ll kill us all.” Laina said. She took off her shirt to reveal two large pale breasts encased in a white bra, at least 3 times bigger than Jess’s. She reached around and Josh watched in anticipation as she unhooked her bra. Two massive tits spilled out across her chest. Josh couldn’t believe his eyes. He stripped down naked and started sucking on her glorious tits. Flicking his tongue all over the nipples, Laina looked down at him and smiled.

“Oh, wait a minute, I need to go get something. Laina said, suddenly pulling away. She got up off the bed and ran downstairs. Josh heard the front door open and close. He then heard two pairs of footsteps heading back up the stairs. When Laina entered the room, Carly was with her. Carly smirked. “Jess told me too. I couldn’t let Laina have all the fun.”

5 minutes later Josh lay flat on his back on the bed, with Carly and Laina on each side of him. Carly to his left, Laina to his right. They were sitting opposite each other, facing each other, and they stretched out their legs and put their feet on Josh’s face. They both started wiggling their feet and toes all over his face. He was in heaven. They giggled while they wiggled their toes all over his cheeks, nose, eyes, mouth, and forehead. This was, of course, a specific request from Josh. And they gladly agreed, even if they did laugh a little. This may have been a bit funny to them, but to Josh, he was in total paradise. Two hot girls with hot feet, wiggling their toes all over his face. It was a dream come true.

Josh was, of course, totally naked, as were the girls. His cock was pointed straight at the ceiling and pulsed lightly with each beat of his heart. If Jess could see him now, she would kill him, as well as her two friends. He wasn’t going to let that ruin his fun now though.

They sat there for the rest of the day, wiggling their toes all over him. Ain’t life grand?

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