My Stepfather

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*Author’s Note: This is erotic fantasy. It involves sexual situations between consenting adults, all of whom are over 18 years of age. Since it is fantasy and it’s my fantasy, I presume a world free of STDs. I hope you enjoy the story; if not, such is life. Comments are always appreciated.


“Rick, what’s the matter?” Ellen asked her son when he entered the kitchen, limping, his face etched with pain.

“I missed a step and now I’ve got this unbelievable pain in my back,” Rick explained, slowly lowering himself into a chair. “I’ve never felt anything like this. It’s hard to breathe.”

“You should go see your stepfather,” Ellen said. “This is exactly the kind of thing that he deals with.”

“I don’t want to bother him with something silly like this,” Rick said, even after 10 years, still uncomfortable around his stepfather, though he would be at pains to explain why.

“Rick, you need to give John a chance,” Ellen said for the umpteenth time, inside deeply saddened by the fact that her son and her husband of 10 years had never seemed to bond in any meaningful way. “He really wants to have a father-son relationship with you, but it takes two.”

“I know, Mom,” Rick said. “And he is a nice guy. It’s just…I don’t know. I can’t explain it.”

“Rick, go see him,” Ellen insisted. “Maybe this is a chance to find some common ground. Besides, I just know that he can help you.”

At 19, Rick was still trying to find himself, having graduated high school and taking classes at the local college while he tried to figure his life out. At 5’10” with dark wavy hair and grey eyes, he was a good-looking young man, dating sporadically but never getting involved, even though most of the girls that he went out with would have loved to know him better.

His father had stormed out of the house one night, his mother tearfully begging him not to go, one eye black and swelling where he had hit her during another of their frequent arguments. Even though he had only been 7 at the time, it had made a deep impression on him, his mother crying, her blouse torn and one small breast with a large pale nipple exposed. He had tried to comfort her, but at 7 years of age, there wasn’t much that he could credibly do or say to make a difference. The scene had been indelibly imprinted upon his mind.

Ellen had met John a year after Frank had deserted her and Rick, never hearing a word from him since, no idea where he had gone. She had been absentmindedly grocery shopping and had crashed into the cart that John was pushing, crying out when her knee banged up against it. He had apologized, insisting that it had been his fault, though she knew better. He was tall, over 6′, and his curly brown hair and hazel eyes surmounted a kind, sympathetic face which was expressing concern as he watching her rubbing her knee, which ached painfully from the collision.

Explaining that he was a chiropractor and a masseur and that his office was in the same shopping complex as the grocery store, he had insisted on taking her to his office and checking her knee. Ellen had never known anyone with such a gentle touch as he carefully checked her knee out, informing her that aside from some bruising, that he didn’t think that there had been any damage, insisting that she allow him to apply cold packs to it for 20 minutes to help reduce any swelling. To her great surprise, her knee didn’t hurt when he removed the cold packs, only felt a little stiff when she bent it, something that he assured her would dissipate within a couple of days.

John had refused her offer of payment, then insisted that she return the next day so that he could check to make sure that she was recovering from the mishap. Ellen had told herself that it was nonsense and felt guilty that he had treated her without payment, so she decided not to bother him further. To her great surprise, she had found him on her porch after hearing the doorbell ring the next afternoon.

“H-how did you find me?” she had asked, stunned and a little frightened.

“When you put your bag down before getting on the examination table, some of your things sort of spilled from the bag, including a credit card,” John had explained. “There aren’t too many Ellen Duzacks in town.”

“I’m sure that there are no Duzacks in town, period, much less another Ellen,” she had replied, smiling. “But why are you here?”

“When you didn’t come by the office so that I could check your knee, I thought that perhaps it had worsened or something,” he had explained. “I just wanted to make sure that you were okay. I felt very bad about hurting you yesterday.”

“That’s very kind of you,” Ellen had responded, “but really, it was my own fault.”

“Nonetheless,” John had said, “how is your knee today?”

“It’s a little sore when I bend it, but otherwise, I think that it’s okay,” Ellen had replied.

“Since I’m here, why don’t you let me check it, make sure that there’s nothing to be concerned about?” John had suggested.

Ellen had hesitated, hating inconveniencing him, but at the same time touched that he had made such an effort. Smiling, she invited him in.

“Would Maltepe Escort you care for something to drink?” she had asked. “Coffee, tea, a cocktail?”

“Only if you’re joining me,” John had said, “and only if your husband won’t mind.”

“My husband left me over a year ago,” Ellen had explained, sadness briefly showing in her eyes. “It’s just me and my son, Rick.”

“Then I’ll definitely have a drink with you, but only if you let me check your knee,” John had said.

Ellen had poured two glasses of white wine, then sat on the sofa while he knelt in front of her, gently checking out her knee. At 5’6″ with blonde hair and blue eyes, she had a friendly face, but not one that anyone would ever describe as beautiful. She was painfully thin with small breasts and a boyish ass. She hadn’t yet changed clothes after coming home from her job as a receptionist for a legal firm, so she was wearing a mid-thigh skirt and a blouse.

Blushing as John carefully checked her knee, bending it and rotating it to check for any damage or soreness, she realized that he could probably see her panty-covered pussy, though nothing about his behavior could be considered anything but professional. To her great surprise, they had sat talking until Rick came home from school an hour or so later, suspiciously eyeing John as he snuggled up next to his mother.

Having learned that John was not married, she had impulsively invited him to stay for dinner, insisting when he demurred, threatening to send him a check for his services if he didn’t, at which point he gallantly acquiesced. After that, she had agreed to go out with him and found him to be exactly as he appeared, kind and gentle with an intense desire to help people in pain.

Rick continued to be distant and distrustful, even after John started spending the night, no matter the efforts he would make to befriend the boy. His father leaving and the way he had left had scarred him psychologically, to the point where he had difficulty in school with his male teachers, though that problem slowly waned. When John had asked her to marry him just after Rick’s 9th birthday, she had happily accepted.

Though Rick slowly and grudgingly accepted John’s presence, he resisted any attempts to grow close, to think of John as a father. For his part, John never pressed, allowing Rick his space and respecting and understanding how he felt, though he never missed an opportunity to treat Rick as his own beloved son.

“If you don’t go see John,” Ellen said, “I’ll call him and tell him and you know what he’ll do. He’ll cancel his patients and rush home to see if you’re all right.”

“Okay, I’ll go see him,” Rick reluctantly agreed.

“Can you drive, or should I take you?” Ellen asked.

“I think I can manage,” Rick said.

“I’m going to call him and tell him that you’re on the way,” Ellen said, reaching for her phone.

Rick had been in John’s office many times, but only with his mother when she’d stop by to say hello after shopping, never as a patient and never by himself.

“Rick, come on in,” John said when he entered the office. “Your mother told me that you hurt your back.”

“I missed a step and came down really hard,” Rick explained, wincing with each step that he took. “There was this sudden, searing pain in my low back and down into my legs.”

“Come into the examining room and we’ll see what’s going on,” John said, leading the way. “Take off your jeans and shirt and sit here,” he instructed, patting the examination table.

Rick started to comply, then groaned when he tried to bend over to pull the legs of his jeans off.

“Here, let me do that,” John said, kneeling down and carefully pulling his jeans off. “Can you hop up onto the table by yourself?” he asked.

“I-I think so,” Rick replied, clenching his teeth against the pain as he pushed himself up onto the table.

“Let me check your reflexes first,” John said, producing a little hard-rubber hammer and lightly striking just below Rick’s knees on the patellar tendon, eliciting a groan of pain when he did it to the left knee. “Does it hurt more on one side than the other?” he asked, knowing the answer, but as ever, wanting the patient’s input for confirmation.

“Yeah, the left side hurts more,” Rick replied.

“Can you lay down on your back?” John asked. “Take your time. You might try laying on your side, then rolling onto your back,” he suggested.

It took Rick a minute to get onto his back, breathing deeply as he tried to control the pain. John could see that his left foot was pointing at the ceiling, whereas his right foot was rotated outwards almost 45º.

“Offhand, I’d say that you’ve got a pinched nerve in your lower back,” John said.

“It really hurts, burns,” Rick said, gritting his teeth.

“I’m sure that I can relieve the nerve pressure, but we’re going to need to get the muscles to calm down a bit first,” John explained.

“How?” Rick asked.

“I recommend ice and some TENS treatment,” John replied. “The ice will serve to numb the area where it is placed, which will effect the nerves, causing them to stop firing, and the TENS treatment Anadolu Yakası Escort will help the muscles to relax,” he explained.

“TENS?” Rick said inquiringly.

“Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation,” John explained. “It’s a low-voltage electrical stimulation. It is not at all painful. If anything, it will feel like tingling.”

“Okay, anything to stop this pain,” Rick agreed. “I’ve never felt anything like this.”

“Let me slip this under your knees,” John said, using his arm to slightly raise Rick’s knees so that he could slide a bolster beneath them. “This will reduce some of the pressure on your lower back.”

“That feels better,” Rick said, slightly relaxing.

“I’ll just get what I need, then we’ll see,” John said.

Going to the freezer, John extracted a couple of ice gel packs, then pushed a cart with a small box with wires coming out of it over to the examination table.

“I’m going to need you to sit up so that I can apply these electrodes,” John explained, holding them up for Rick to see. “So that you don’t aggravate the situation, let me do the work, you just relax,” he said, sliding an arm beneath Rick’s shoulders and slowly raising him, feeling Rick try to help, then groan as his muscles spasmed. “Let me do the work,” John reiterated, finally getting Rick up into a sitting position.

John quickly attached the electrodes on either side of the L4 and L5 vertebrae, then just over the iliac crest at the point of pelvic articulation. He then placed the ice gel packs on the table so that they’d be in the proper position when Rick laid back.

“Again, let me do the work,” John said, putting an arm around Rick’s shoulders and lowering him back onto the table. “Okay, tell me when you feel anything,” he said, slowly adjusting the dials on the box from which the electrodes emanated.

“I can feel that,” Rick said after a moment. “It’s like a tingling feeling.”

“I’m going to turn it up slowly,” John explained. “Tell me when it’s too much.”

“Ouch!” Rick cried out and John immediately dialed back on the current.

“Sorry about that,” John said. “How’s that?” he asked.

“Better,” Rick replied. “I can still feel it tingling, but it doesn’t hurt.”

“Okay,” John said, turning the machine off.

“Now I can’t feel anything,” Rick said.

“I turned it off,” John explained. “Now that I have it adjusted, I want to apply two more electrodes to stimulate your psoas muscle.”

“I’ve never heard of that,” Rick said.

“It’s a muscle that starts in your low back and extends through the pelvis to your femur, the thigh bone,” John explained. “It works by flexing the hip joint and lifting the upper leg towards the body. It is usually compromised and part of the problem with low back pain. I’m going to place the electrodes over the middle of the psoas.”

“Okay,” Rick agreed.

“I need you to push your boxers down for me,” John said.

“Really?” Rick asked, uncomfortable.

“Not all the way, but I need to put the electrodes here,” John explained, touching Rick between the iliac crest and his cock. “You don’t need to pull them all the way down.”

“I-I can’t lift my hips,” Rick said, groaning when he tried.

“I’ll lift, you push,” John said, putting his hands beneath Rick’s hips and lifting, just enough for him to push his boxers down to his cock, though without exposing it. “That’s perfect,” he said, quickly attaching the electrodes. “I’m going to turn the TENS unit back on. I’ll start with no current, then bring it up to where we determined that it wasn’t painful, unless you feel discomfort on the psoas,” he explained.

“Wow, that…that’s a strange feeling,” Rick said as he felt the current.

“No pain?” John asked.

“No, it’s okay, feels good, actually,” Rick replied.

“I’m going to leave things for about 20 minutes,” John explained, “so relax.”

“You’re really good at this, aren’t you?” Rick asked after a minute or so of silence.

“I try to be,” John replied. “It’s a gift to be able to touch a person with my hands and make them feel better. It’s the most wonderful feeling in the world.”

“Why did you become a chiropractor?” Rick asked.

“I hurt my back sculling in college,” John explained. “They sent me to a chiropractor and he had me back to normal in less than a week. I was so impressed that I changed my major, determined to be able to help people the way he helped me.”

“Uh, is it supposed to…I-I’m getting…” Rick said, his face flushing.

“It’s not unexpected,” John said, seeing that Rick’s cock was hardening and tenting his boxers. “It’s not just the psoas that’s being stimulated. There are other nerves in the same area that are connected. Is it painful?” he asked, placing his hand on Rick’s now rock-hard cock.”

“N-no,” Rick replied, stunned that he was being touched, “but it…I feel like I need to adjust it. It’s caught in my boxers.”

“Let me fix that,” John said, lifting the waistband of Rick’s boxer shorts and reaching in, wrapping his hand around the shaft of his cock and dislodging it from the folds of the boxer shorts that it had been caught İstanbul Escort in, laying it so that it was pointed towards Rick’s head, then releasing the waistband. “Is that better?” he asked, the head and several inches of Rick’s cock sticking up out of the waistband.

“Uh, yeah,” Rick replied, flushing.

“No need to be embarrassed,” John said. “It’s a perfectly natural reaction to the TENS. If your cock wasn’t so big…” he said, once again placing his hand over Rick’s cock and gently squeezing it.

“Wh-why does it…” Rick asked, torn between embarrassment and the feelings of arousal that John’s hand on his cock were creating.

“It’s all about pressure on the nerves,” Rick explained, removing his hand. “When you have that pressure, a pinched nerve, then everything downstream from that point reacts. The TENS will disrupt the nerve impulses and the controlling nerve elements will react by stopping the impulses, especially with the effects of the ice gel packs.”

“If it’s supposed to relax things, why is…why is my cock so hard?” Rick asked, his face flaming with embarrassment.

“Some of the nerves that control erection are being stimulated,” John explained.

“But this is going to fix the problem?” Rick asked anxiously.

“Maybe,” John replied. “It might take a few treatments. We’ll have to see how your body reacts.”

Fifteen minutes later John turned off the TENS unit and Rick breathed a sigh of relief.

“How does it feel now?” John asked.

“A lot better,” Rick replied, surprised. “Is…is my cock going to stay so hard?” he asked.

“I’m sure that it will relax,” John replied with a smile as he pulled the waistband of Rick’s boxers down, totally exposing his cock and balls, and removed the electrodes from over his psoas. “Without the stimulation of the TENS, your body’s natural reactions will take over,” he said, shocking Rick by wrapping his hand around the shaft of his cock and gently squeezing it. “It should diminish normally,” he said as he released it.

Rick was a mass of confusion as John helped him to sit up, then removed the electrodes from his back and the ice gel packs. On the one hand, he didn’t know what to think about the fact that John had handled his cock, but on the other hand, he felt embarrassed that his cock had gotten harder when he held it.

“Any better?” John asked after helping Rick down from the table and onto his feet.

“Yeah, quite a bit,” Rick replied. “Uh, thanks.”

“I’m happy to be able to help,” John said, rearranging his own cock in his pants, something that Rick didn’t miss.

“Well, I’ll see you at dinner, I guess,” Rick said as he readied to leave.

“That you will,” John agreed.

Rick felt an immense sense of relief when his cock finally calmed down, not having wanted to walk into the house with a big erection tenting his jeans. He was also very confused by John touching his cock, though he hadn’t felt threatened in any way. John had made it seem perfectly normal.

“How is your back now?” Ellen asked when he joined her and John for dinner.

“A lot better,” Rick replied. “Almost normal.”

“Another treatment tomorrow should do the trick,” John said.

“I’m sure it will be okay,” Rick replied.

“Nonsense,” Ellen said. “If John says that you need another treatment, then that’s what you need. Don’t be silly.”

“I’ve left my last appointment of the day open for you,” John said. “Four o’clock.”

“He’ll be there,” Ellen said, giving her son a look that brooked no argument.

When Rick arrived at John’s office the next afternoon, it was with both trepidation and an odd sense of excitement which he was hard put to explain to himself but that was there nonetheless.

“Rick,” John exclaimed when he saw him enter. “I’m glad you came. How does your back feel today?”

“Better, but I can still feel it when I move in certain ways,” Rick replied.

“Well, let’s go to the treatment room and see what we can do,” John said, turning the lock on the front door and then leading the way to the treatment room. “Go ahead and undress, then get up on the table.”

“Undress?” Rick questioned. “Completely?”

“It will make it easier,” John replied benignly as he moved the cart with the TENS unit on it next to the examination table.

Rick felt the heat of embarrassment on his face as he undressed, his cock half hard.

“You must be feeling a bit better,” John observed, reaching out and gently wrapping his hand around Rick’s half-hard cock. “If you were still in so much pain, you probably wouldn’t be able to get an erection, unless you’re one of those men who need pain to function sexually.”

“N-no,” Rick replied, embarrassed as his cock got harder and harder in John’s squeezing hand.

“Okay, up on the table and lay back,” John instructed. “Much better, I see,” he observed, seeing that Rick’s left foot was now rotated outwards about 221/2º, half of what it should do, while his right foot was rotated a full 45º outwards, “but there’s still too much tension in your entire lumbar and pelvic regions. Let me help you sit up and I’ll attach the electrodes to your back,” he said, moving to put an arm beneath Rick’s shoulders to help him to sit up, taking the load and the strain upon himself. “I’ll just get the ice gel packs,” he said, going to the freezer and extracting two of them, then placing them on the table and helping Rick to lay back down on top of them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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