My Teacher, My Love Ch. 02

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Part 2 – Telling My Parents

I approached the front door to my home, but before I entered, I turned and waved as Amy drove away. I took a deep breath and opened the door. At this moment, my life was about to change, but which way would it change. If my parents truly loved me, they would trust my choices in life; Amy and I could enjoy a happy, not easy, but definitely happy relationship together. We did agree this is true love and we would be together forever, but even I was smart enough to know that life is not always that easy. I don’t doubt Amy’s love, but life is funny, things can change quite easily so all I can do is take each day as it comes and hope. Tonight is a good example, after my conversation with my parents, even though I am confident that my parents accept that I am gay, will they allow my relationship with my teacher? There is a lot of doubt, do I really know them that well. I just really hope that tonight ends positively.

“Mom, dad, I’m home.” I heard shouts of hello coming from the direction of the kitchen and living room. I dropped my backpack on the floor near to where I hung my coat, took of my shoes and decided to head to the living room. My mom was sat on the large 3 seater couch, comfortably reading a book. I walked to the far side of the room, to a 2 seater couch that I normally used. My mom finished off the page she was on, slipped in a bookmark and placed it on the coffee table. Turning to me she gave me a smile.

“Hello honey, did everything go ok with your teacher?” I was nervous and it probably showed, but at the mention of Amy I smiled.

“Not quite what I expected but it went very well, better than I hoped. When you and dad are ready, I would like to talk to you both. I have a few things to tell you that you may not be happy to hear, but I do hope you will at least stand by my decisions?”

“This sounds really serious Sophie. Do you want to wait for dinner or do you want to do this now?”

“I don’t mind waiting till after dinner, but I really want to do this as soon as possible.”

“Mark, could you hold off on dinner and come in here please?” My mom shouted to dad. After a short while my dad entered the room with smile on his face.

“Hello pumpkin, how was your talk with your teacher?” Before I could answer my mom interrupted.

“Mark, it seems it went well, but Sophie has something very important to tell us.” He sat down and I felt the room suddenly tighten around me, so I took a few deep breaths. “Please don’t worry honey, whatever you tell us, no matter what we will support you, we promise you that ok.” Encouraged mom.

“I want to believe that, but it’s not quite what you want to here.”

“But it is obviously important to you and the fact you want to tell us rather than keeping it a secret means a lot to the both of us. If you can be honest with us, we can be honest and understanding with you. We both love you very much Sophie, you are too important to us to judge either your choices or mistakes.” I looked at them both nervously.

“Mom, dad, I’m gay.” They sat there for a moment, turned to each other then turned to me with a smile.

“We know honey.” my mom said.

“How do you know?” I blurted out, this was news to me, but the relief was immense, confusing, but still I felt huge weight lifted of my chest.

“Your sister told us before she died.” How did my sister know, she died over a year ago before I knew.

“But I didn’t even know then.” Dad spoke next and to say tonight had been full of revelations and twists already, what he said next just about floored me.

“Sophie, topkapı escort on the night your sister died, she wanted to reveal some things. It seems Sally felt she was living a lie for most of her life. What she told us was shocking, but not because of what she said, but because of the fact she felt too scared to come to us with her problems. If she had told us, maybe she would have been able to have at least a happy life, even if it would have been short. She told us she was gay, but was too scared to tell anyone. We were both sorry we did not know this: we felt if she had told us, our support may well have helped her deal with it. We explained this to her, it was quite an upsetting revelation for us all. Sally then said she had a feeling that you may also be gay and no matter what we should show our support. She explained that she spoke to you beforehand, that she told you to be open and true to yourself, without fear of what other people might think or say, people would either accept you or they were not true friends. I only wish we could have told her the same thing. You have our support Sophie, always. We love you and nothing you can say will make us think any less of you or your choices in life. We may not understand what you are going through, but you have our love and support, we promise you that and hopefully you have also found that support with your teacher.”

I was crying through most of my dad’s speech, as was mom. I did not realise how much I missed my sister. We were close but we never confided with each other. After she spoke to me that night, I felt better about myself, more confident and realised that if I needed to, people who cared for me were there if I needed them. If not, at least I was honest with myself. It was the single most important lesson I ever learnt and my life is better because of it. Especially now, since I have found my love. Well I hope my parents will understand what I have to say next. My mother handed me a tissue and we all tried to compose ourselves a little.

“Thank you both for that. Sally was right, being honest and true to yourself, rather than to do what you think other people want you to do is an important lesson. Sally’s words had a big impact on me, especially true as to what I am about to tell you.” I held breath; my parents encouraged me to continue. “I have known for about a year that I am gay, but have spent that time researching what it will mean for me. Even though it may not be an easy path to follow, follow it I shall, it is who I am, I am not ashamed of that, and with your full support I know I will be fine. Well as you know, I decided to speak to Miss Taylor first, my English teacher, so at least I could tell you I have someone at school to support me, because if knowledge of my sexuality were known by students, my schooling could be interrupted by possible negative reactions.” I paused, I need a just a moment. “This is hard for me to tell you, but please understand that what I tell you now was unexpected, and I am very happy it did. I have Miss Taylor’s support but I also found true love. Mom, dad? Miss Taylor, Amy is her name, and I have discovered a very strong love for each other as well as a strong bond of friendship. We hope to have a relationship with each other and would like your support.” This was not something they expected to here. Dad stormed out the room very angrily while mom just stared at the wall. I waited patiently for whatever happened next. I needed Amy here now, I really needed her presence, I even considered sending her a text, but I felt it would be better to just wait. fatih escort I needed my parents to know that this was important to me and it was a choice I had made, not something I was forced into. Eventually my mom stood and came and sat down next to me and pulled me into a loving hug. I could not stop the tears.

“I am so sorry mom, I did not mean to upset you or dad, I just needed to be honest and tell you, Amy agreed. We will have to keep this a secret from everyone else, but I would not do that to the ones I love.” Then we cried together and eventually my dad returned to the room.

“Sophie, I would like to meet this teacher of yours as soon as possible?”

“Why, what are you going to do?” Part of me was angry but mostly I was very afraid. When dad left the room he was so angry, but even though he had now calmed down, I had no clue as to what he was going to say or do. Suddenly there was a knock at the door, and I knew it was Amy, don’t ask me how, but she had heard my heart scream her name, knew that I needed her and had come. Dad went to answer it and after a few moments both Amy and my dad entered the room. I got up and rushed into Amy’s arms, I needed her, needed to feel her heart beating, need to touch her. As we hugged my dad sat with mom and started a quiet conversation. Eventually Amy and I parted. Amy kept eye contact with me, silently showing her love and support. Taking her hand I led her to the couch my parents were previously seated in. With neither of us talking we just sat and waited until my parents were ready to talk. While I waited, I wondered what they were discussing, trying to watch there body language, figuring out whether they were angry or sad, were they going to break a promise of love and understanding and forbid our relationship. I just didn’t know, I was still holding Amy’s hand and that was enough to stop me from running out the room, I was so sick to my stomach. Eventually they both turned to Amy then to me. It was my Mom who spoke first.

“If your intention was to shock us, then you succeeded, I’ve never seen your father so angry.” Dad then interjected.

“Sophie I hope you believe me, that even though I lost my temper slightly, when you told us you wanted to have a relationship with your teacher; it was the shock of it all that got to me. You hear stories about teachers who have sex with there students and I think it was more fear than anything else that made me react so angrily.” Mom and dad were seated like us, holding hands and offering each other there love and support.

“Sophie we both love you” my mom began “But this is just a very unusual situation, we have promised your our love and support, but we can’t help but feel that this is just too wrong. How do you expect us to allow your teacher to take advantage of you like this?” Amy and I were about to speak, but my mom just held up her hand to stop us. “However, we both said we trust you completely and if you say that this is what you want, then we can only hope you have made the correct decision.” She then looked at Amy, sizing her up. “Amy is it?” Amy simply nodded. “We have promised to trust Sophie and to support and love her, but I am sure you understand you have both put us in a very difficult position. Hopefully though, now that we have both calmed down, we should discuss this together. We may discover that what you two have found is both special and pure, not something that society and any parent would frown upon, the idea of allowing a teacher and student to have a sexual relationship.” Amy agreed and was about to continue but I decided that I needed to eyüp escort explain to my parents what exactly was going on and to finish the conversation I had started before my dad left the room. I turned to Amy.

“I need to explain this to them, is that ok?” She thought about it for the moment, then let me continue. “Dad, before you left the room, I was given you the plain and simple truth of what we have. At no point did I say we were doing anything sexual, just that we simply had a loving friendship, which we wanted to develop into a relationship. I am 18 years old and Amy is.”

“27” Amy said.

“27, but what you need to understand firstly and foremost, are that in terms of experience, we are both at exactly the same place. Neither one of us has any experience in what it takes to have a relationship. Even though Amy is both 27 and gay, she is just as inexperienced as me, having neither had any type of relationship with anybody else. In fact, when I was talking to Amy earlier, it was her integrity and honesty that led us to now. Tonight was as difficult for Amy as it was for me; she has her own fears to face before we can embark on anything sexual. So please let me tell you that neither one of us is ready, when we are, I am sure at that point we may decide to discuss the matter with you. I feel I am not ready for that, I maybe 18 and legally i can do what I want but school is very important to me as it is to Amy, so all we are asking is for your love and support and to believe me when I say that, apart from sharing a few kisses in private, our relationship will remain to everybody else as just a friendship, nothing more. I love you both and I will not lie to you, but I also cannot and will not deny my love for Amy.” I wasn’t angry really, but I felt they jumped to too many conclusions without listening to me. But this was a big deal; it was not something society would accept, ever. My parents had every right to question us, I would not begrudge them that chance, but Amy was now a part of me, I had to fight for us.

“Mr and Mrs Green, I know this is a shock to you both. It is also a shock to Sophie and I. I am not here to defend my actions, whatever action you feel you must take against me, I will not stop you. I am here to support Sophie, I promised I would, I love and support her fully.” We both remained silent, we had both said what we needed to say and hopefully this was enough for them to realise that this was not something sordid or evil, but something based purely on love. My parents sat silent for a moment before my mom spoke.

“Amy would you like to join us for dinner?” We both turned to face each other and nodded.

“Yes, that would be nice, thank you.” And with that dad got up and left to finish dinner. “Now where your father and I stand, it has been agreed that we will support your choice. We both love you, but this situation is very difficult to handle at the moment. So we hope you give us the time we need to adjust, we may even fully accept it, but only with time. Amy I would like to know you better so please feel free to come and go as you please. We just ask that you both be very careful.”

“Thanks mom, I know it will be difficult for you and dad. Amy is so wonderful, I admit we don’t know everything about each other but we have plenty of time to find out.” I looked at Amy and gave her quick kiss on the lips which made her blush. I stood and went towards mom and gave her a big hug and another whispered thanks. I turned back to my beautiful partner, things were going to be ok, together and with the support of my parents, my future looks great. I approached Amy and taking her hand, I led her to the kitchen where we were to share our first meal together, kind of like our first date, except my parents would be there, strange how life can sometimes work out.

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