My Teacher, My Master Pt. 05

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I really had an awesome time “performing” for my classmates. I think it was the hottest experience I had ever had, being a nude toy for three guys in my class that I had major attraction for.

But the host of the event, Mr. Clark, the middle-aged phys-ed teacher, was still someone special. And he wanted me to remember that I was his slave first of all. I had no problem with that, because he was a well-built older man and knew how to dominate. I’m attracted to different people for different reasons, and the reason for my attraction to Mr. Clark was my need to surrender.

The message was brief, “be here at 4:30, alone.” So today I was to be his! My dick jumped in my pants, because he wanted me. I got to be his nude slave again, which turned me on incredibly.

So at 4:30 PM, I knocked on his door. He opened, and I entered. Before any pleasantries, he grabbed my hair, and pushed me down to my knees. He pulled my face into his crotch, and ordered me to kiss it. I did so willingly. Then he lifted me up again, and pulled me to the living room.

He sat down on the couch, and motioned to me to stand in front of him. “Take off your shoes and socks, bitch.” I obeyed, “Yes master.” Just saying those words turned me on. I’m sure my bulge was visible.

“I’m sure you remember our last meeting. I’m sure you remember how you were a fucking nude slave for your friends. And I know you enjoyed it.” I sure did! I mean, it kinda showed.

“So let’s get something straight. You are my sex toy. When I want you here, you get the hell over here. You do what ever I want, wear whatever clothes I want or don’t want you to wear, and you pleasure me however I wish. Understood?”

“Yes, Master. I am your sex toy, and I have no dignity in your presence. You have already stripped me naked in front of my friends, forced me to serve them, and, yes, I did enjoy it.”

“I know, your cock was rock solid the whole time. And, you should know, that all those other boys have been here on their own. I’ve enjoyed them naked, crawling, dancing, and licking and sucking me. All of them, Cal, Mike and Thomas. Yes, the Thomas you like, became my sex toy the very next day. And they all want to come back the minute I order them to.”

This little speech both surprised and excited me. I knew Clark was incredibly sexy because of his dominant nature and his great body, but I didn’t imagine he commanded so much obedience in other guys! And, even though I might have felt a little put off by not being his exclusive toy, I felt the opposite. I got even hornier!

Why? Well, for most of us, we feel incredibly lucky if someone moderately attractive wants to get sexual with us. We look at porn and drool. We wish we could get someone like that to just talk to us, let alone give us pleasure.

But this guy had fucking sex slaves! He had four incredibly hot twinks to summon when he wanted them, make them strip naked for his pleasure, feel them, spank them, humiliate them, and they would just try harder to please him. I’m sure guys would give big money for that. Clark was more of a sex god in my eyes now because he lived every man’s wet dreams. I wanted to strip naked, crawl on the floor and lick his feet.

But he wanted softer entertainment now. “Zachy fag boy, I want a striptease and a lap dance. Now. And make it good, otherwise I’ll whip your naked ass with my belt.”

A shot of pleasure went through my cock at this order. I love doing a striptease, slowly revealing every part of my body in front of an attractive and powerful man. Hoping he likes me, hoping to please him by baring my innermost secrets. Showing him everything and hoping he will touch me, feel me, appreciate me and enjoy me.

I found some slow rhythmic music on my phone, and set it to play. I gave Clark a shy little smile, as I began to move. He had a smirk on his face, and his hand moved closer to his crotch. This was starting bursa sınırsız escort well.

My movements were sexy, growing in intensity. I moved my shoulders side to side, and let that movement go down to my waist. I swiveled my hips, spread my legs and closed them, and thrust my crotch forward and back. I turned around, moving my ass right and left, bending my legs and leaning forward and then straightening up again.

Now I turned to face him again, and my hands moved to my button-down shirt. One by one I opened the buttons, and let the shirt hang open. I also unbuttoned the top button of my pants, and then danced some more. Clark was loving it, massaging his crotch and whispering insults, such as, “you fucking horny bitch, dance for your master, toy boy.” I think he liked the sound of his own words as much as I did.

Now I took the shirt off completely, and fondled my nipples. I put my hands on my head and flexed my muscles, and then came down to my pants. It was hard going so slow, but I knew I had to please him.

I opened the zipper slowly, sensually. I teased, first lowering my pants on the right, then on the left, then pulling them up again, and then back down. Finally, I took them off altogether, just showing my tight underwear with the huge bulge. I danced slowly and sensually, pulling my undies up tight and then moaning. I swiveled my waist widely and revealingly.

Clark smirked even more. “Faggy Zachy got a hard on for his teacher? You are such a shit, all you deserve is to be my nude slave. Take off the fucking underwear already.”

“Yes, Master, anything you wish.”

I felt I needed to do this slowly as well. I grabbed the sides of the underwear, bunched them up and pulled them up on my thighs. That made the middle section look like a thong, and showed Clark my erection for him. With my fingers, I also bunched up the material in the back and pulled it up into my crack. My buns were completely revealed, and I turned around and slightly bent forward to give my master a show.

The tight material pulling on my ass in the back, and rubbing on my cock in the front, was making me more and more horny. Again I turned to face Clark, and lowered the right side of my underwear. Then I lifted it up again and lowered the left side. I loved teasing my master, and he loved it too. His hand was on his crotch, and he kept talking quietly.

“Sweet job, bitch. Sweet job. I love how my little bitch boy gets so horny serving his master. But now it’s time for you to take off your little undies for your master. Show me your dirty little secret, just how hard your cock is for me. I want you shit naked now, bitch slave.”

“Yes master, I’m so fucking horny for you!”

That was true, omg it was true! So now I pulled down both sides, and the elastic slid slowly down the top of my dick. As soon as it got to the crown, my cock jumped out and bounced. Clark laughed.

But now, I was really super horny. I dropped the underwear to the floor and stepped out of it. I was completely nude, and it felt so freeing. I was completely turned on, completely revealed, and loving that I could share my freedom with this awesome audience, this hot man.

I continued to dance with everything I had. I put my hands on my head, I swiveled my hips over and over, I twerked, I shook my cock up and down, making it bounce. I did squats, I turned around and spanked my own ass. I even did jumping jacks, which had my dick bouncing even more, all over the place. Clark roared with laughter at that. “Damn, you’re horny.” Yup!

I made every sexy move I knew, and all the while was being driven wild by Clark’s smirk and his hand on his crotch.

“Fuck, you are such a bitch boy slave. You can’t control your horniness. Come here, faggot,” he ordered with a mischievous smile. I walked right over to him, with my cock bursa escort bayan as hard as a rock. He put his hands on my waist, and started to feel me down my outer thighs. He took his time, really enjoying my muscular legs.

Then he pulled me a little closer, and his hands went up the back of my legs to my ass. He squeezed my buns, really enjoying them too. “Turn around, you fag bitch.” I turned around, and instinctively bent a little forward. As I did so, I gave my ass a little wiggle in order to please my master.

Now he grabbed my buns full on, with a smack on each one. “Thank you, Master,” I said as he pulled my cheeks apart. I felt the air on my hole, which made me feel even more naked. Clark was really enjoying my body, and enjoying his freedom to touch me anywhere he wanted.

Now his hands were fondling my balls from underneath, and then he reached all the way through and started pulling down on my cock. He stretched it down, then released it, causing it to bounce back up. It was a little uncomfortable for me, when he pulled it down, but when he let it snap back up it felt incredible. This was fun for him, and he kept doing it.

“Isn’t it nice being my toy? Isn’t it nice having me play with your most private, intimate parts?” He kept on bouncing my dick and smacking my ass. “Yes, Master, it’s my honor for you to play with my most intimate parts. I’m just a shitty nude slave for you, Master.”

This got me a harder smack, and then he turned me around again. “You’re a dirty boy, Zachy faggot. You need a shower, and I want one too.”

A shower with my sex god master! Just the thought of it gave me waves of pleasure. “Yes, Master, I am a dirty shit. I need a shower. May I take one? And will you please watch me, and do whatever you want with me?”

Suddenly he was angry! I must have said the wrong thing. “You don’t have to invite me to do whatever I want with you, you are my slave. And that was an impertinent thing you said. Even if you don’t invite me, I do to you whatever the fuck I want!!”

Now its important that I stress that he knew there were red lines, but he wasn’t even close to violating them. He knew that I craved being disciplined and talked to like this. That knowledge just gave him more power over me.

He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me towards him. He sat back down, and pulled my head forward, causing me to fall over him onto his knees. “Bitch, don’t think that just because I sometimes touch you nicely means you’re anything but my total slave. I’ll teach you that lesson now!”

And with that, the spanking began. Each spank was followed by a tight squeeze of my bun or a grope of my legs. And the spanks were hard, getting harder. It was getting painful, and I whimpered. Clark kept going, until I was near tears.

“What do you have to say now, Zachy faggot?”

“I’m so sorry master, I was only trying to please you. I forgot my place, and thank you for punishing me. Your pleasure and your respect is the only thing I am here for. I’m humbly sorry, sir.”

“Pretty good Zach, pretty good. You’ll get better at it, I expect, but today is your lucky day. I will wash you off, and I know that the touch of my hand makes you the horniest fuck in the world. Get into the bathroom now, but crawl there, on all fours, bitch boy.”

I did as I was told. Clark walked slowly behind me, enjoying this view of an 18-year-old athlete crawling nude on the floor into the bathroom, where he was going to enjoy me. Every so often, he gave me a little kick in the ass, just to remind me.

As I got into the bathroom, Clark told me to get up, and I did. Then, suddenly, he put his hand behind my head and pulled it to his face. He kissed me, it was intense! Now I’m not much of a kisser, but for him I made an exception. And as he did, his right hand reached around and squeezed my butt. My nilüfer escort cock was rubbing against his pants, and feeling sublime.

He pulled away now, and turned on the water in the shower. Then, he took off his clothes. While he wasn’t a muscle model, his body was really nice. I love the fact that this man who understood exactly how to make my fantasies come true, was so good-looking. And his cock was hard, which made mine even harder.

He came over to me, and pressed his cock onto my side. He rubbed it a little up-and-down, and then gave me a smack on my ass. “Get into the shower, you fucking toy.” This was a fantasy come true. I went into the shower, the water was the perfect temperature.

Clark came in after me, and took a bar of soap in his hand. He rubbed it until the suds were full, and then he started washing and feeling me. First my neck, unbelievably slowly and sensual. I groaned. The feeling of smooth, soapy wet hands, made his touch almost too much to resist. Waves of pleasure rolled through my body.

He thoroughly enjoyed my shoulders, my muscular arms, my torso. Of course he paused to pinch my nipples, causing me a pleasurable pain. He turned me a little sideways, and felt me with his one hand on my front and his other on my back. He went from my collarbone over my pecs, in descending circles. I was trembling!

“My Zachy fag boy toy loves being felt by his master.” Again he rubbed his cock on my thigh. His hands continued to descend, but went to my sides as they reached my waist. He soaped up my thighs, down to my ankles. Then he moved to the inside, and slowly started to move up. “Spread your legs more.” He passed my knees, and slowed down as his hands continued to soap upwards.

I was trembling even more, unable to control my passion. Those powerful hands teasingly approaching my hard dick were electrifying. I had to talk. “Yes, Master, my nude body is your toy forever. Whenever you want me to come and strip and dance and crawl and serve you, I have no choice. I am your nude slave whenever you want, whether I want or not.” Yes, I phrased that better this time.

Just as I said this, his hands arrived at my balls. He soaped them up, first gently teasing them at the bottom, and then grabbing them more fully. He reached through beneath my crotch to behind me, with his forearm on my balls and his hand coming up and around to feel my ass. With his left hand, he soaped up my dick and started stroking it. My entire erogenous zone was being felt, and was incredibly stimulated.

“Master, I love you so much. I can’t resist your hands. I’m afraid I’m going to come soon!” He stopped playing with my privates and said, “You horny fuck, aren’t you embarrassed about how you can’t resist me? Neither can your friends resist me. Serve me now.” He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down to my knees. I knew what he wanted. I took his cock in my mouth, and sucked it with all my heart and soul.

He grabbed my hair and pulled a bit, which was also pleasurable pain. I moved in and out faster and faster, until he pulled my head away hard. “Get up,” he ordered.

Now he came right up to me and embraced me. Body to body, chest to chest, we rubbed on each other. His hands went up and down my back, and again he reached down to squeeze my still-sore ass and give the occasional spank. Fire! But pleasureful. Our cocks were pressing and rubbing together, and the rhythm got faster and faster.

No more words needed to be said. We were completely enjoying each other’s bodies, squeezing in as hard as we could. Finally, I could control myself no more. “I’m coming, Master, I’m coming.” As I did, he squeezed me even harder, clutching my buns with both hands. Almost as soon as I shot my load up into our abs, so did he.

We held the embrace for what seemed like forever. It was amazing. The sexual pleasure was finished, but the warm feelings were just getting started. I love how this man knew the perfect balance between humiliating, owning and punishing me, on the one hand, and being romantic and sensual with me, on the other.

The perfect connection is when both people feel that they are really lucky. I would do whatever he wanted me to, and I knew he wouldn’t abuse the privilege.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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