My Tigress

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I stood in the kitchen as she entered the house. I turned to her with a smile and greeted her. As our eyes met, I could see there was something on her mind. She dropped her bag on the table and walked in close to me. I was a little nervous wondering what was going through her mind.

“How was your day, sweetie?” I asked her.

“Bed, now!” she responded commandingly.

It was a tone I had not heard from her in a long time. She was once again proving to me she lived up to her nickname, Tigress. It had been given to her by my friends who I trusted enough to share the experiences we had.

I don’t know what came over me. I was suddenly turned on just from her tone. I saw passion in her eyes. I was instantly a flood between my legs. Tigress reached out and grabbed my hand and pulled me into the bedroom. She began to strip as she shut the door. I was not sure what to do. I began to turn and face her when she stopped me.

“No. Don’t move,” she commanded.

I could do nothing but obey. I was not sure what had come over me. All I wanted to do was submit to her. I could hear her throwing her clothes aside. I stood there waiting and wondering. Suddenly I felt her hands on me. She quickly moved her arms grabbing my clothing and began to strip me. In almost no time I was standing naked with my back turned to Tigress. Her hands reached around and grabbed my breast.

Her grip was firm but not rough. I threw my head back enjoying this side of her. She aggressively nibbled and kissed my neck as I let out a sigh. She spun me around and planted a kiss on my lips. I melted into her grip. She was so powerful I could not resist. I didn’t want to.

She broke the kiss and looked into my eyes. “On your knees.”

With her hands on my shoulders I sank down to my knees. I was still not sure what had happened to me. It had been so long since she was so commanding. Once I was comfortable I turned my gaze up to her. As she looked down at me, she smiled. She placed her hand on my head. “Lick,” she ordered.

With the guidance of her hand, I leaned into her. My nişantaşı escort face was between her legs. I extended my tongue and did exactly as she had commanded. I flicked my tongue out and slid it between her outer lips. Her sex was already soaked from her excitement. Back and forth I ran my tongue through her. Her moans and motions of her hand in my hair let me know I was doing a good job. I flicked my tongue over her clit causing a quick squeal from her. Her hips began to grind into my face as she pushed my head as close to her as possible. I pushed my tongue inside her pussy. I twisted my tongue trying to find any spots that would bring her pleasure.

Time seemed to fly by. Her moans began to get louder and louder. I knew what was about to happen. She placed her other hand firmly on my head. I continued to lick and suck on her sex as her hips aggressively ground into my face. Her orgasm hit and she screamed out. “Oh yes! Good girl!”

I smiled as she released her grip on my head. As I pulled my face from between her legs, I licked my lips to give her a show and taste the juices that had just covered them. She stared down at me with such a commanding presence. I was ready for her next command and I didn’t have to wait long.

“Get on the bed on your hands and knees.”

I did exactly as she commanded. I crawled up on the bed on my hands and knees. I did my best to covertly wiggle my butt at her as she watched. I made it half way up the bed when suddenly she grabbed my hips. I suddenly felt her mouth being pressed into my sex. I moaned loudly as she licked my folds. It felt so good. I knew I would climax quickly from the aggressive attention she was giving me. My breathing shortened as her tongue touched my clit. It sent shockwaves through my body. It was total bliss. My hips began to buck and my moans became screams. I was about to have my first orgasm of the night.

I screamed as my climax hit. Tigress did not let up her actions as I thrashed wildly. She was intent on keeping my orgasm going as long as she could. When my climax finally started to subside, kağıthane escort she released me. I panted trying to catch my breath. I turned my head and looked over my shoulder at her. She locked on to my eyes. “Thank you,” I panted.

“I am not done with you yet,” she informed me. Her arms suddenly swept mine out from under me. My face and chest impacted on to the mattress causing my butt to be sticking up in the air. I heard her move and begin fumbling with something. I wanted to move to see what her reaction would be but I remained still knowing it was what she would have commanded me to do.

Her hand returned to my hip and I felt the familiar pressing of our favorite strap on against my outer lips. I began to rise up back to my hands and knees. Forcefully she pushed me back down. I tried again and was met with the same force as before. I decided to be playfully disobedient. One more time I tried to rise up and as before, was pushed back to the bed.

“Naughty girl! Trying to disobey your tigress! Time to show you who is in charge!”

In one motion she forced the toy into me. I had as sudden fullness deep inside. I almost fainted from the sudden joy I felt. Once again I was panting trying to catch my breath. I screamed out from sensation. I felt her other hand now grip my hip. With her hands tightly around my waist she pulled her hips back drawing the toy out of me. I whimpered as I felt it leaving my insides. Tigress quietly chuckled before slamming it back inside me as far as it would go.

Her aggressive motions continued. It was not long until she was pounding the toy in and out of me like an animal. Harder and harder she slammed into me. My moans were turned again into screams. My mind was a total wash of lust.

“You like that don’t you naughty girl! You like your tigress fucking you so hard!”

Her words echoed in my head. I was loving her aggression. It was a side I had not seen of her in a very long time. Moments later I exploded with another climax. It was sudden and took me by surprise. I began begging for more. Tigress was more osmanbey escort than happy to give me exactly what I wanted. My orgasms seemed to be coming one after another as she pounded away at my pussy with her plastic cock. I lost track of the number but I could tell that she was getting her own climaxes as her dirty talk became less and less coherent.

After what seemed like hours, I began to feel a huge orgasm building. I was ready and anxious for it to hit. Tigress continued to thrust into me. The sounds of our bodies slapping together mixed with the sounds of our moans and the wetness of my sex. I was constantly begging her now. My orgasm stalled. I was on the edge but could not get over.

“Oh Tigress! I want to cum! Make me cum! Harder please!” I pleaded.

She could tell I was ready but needed one little push. She shifted her body and suddenly began thrusting faster and harder than she had all night. I was screaming in short bursts wanting the orgasm to take over but it stubbornly held me at the edge. Tigress shifted her body again now laying on top of me. Her hands released me hips and took a hold of my breasts. She massaged them as she continued to fuck me. The edge got closer but I still could not get over. Tigress noticed my frustration and leaned in to my ear. After nibbling on it a little she whispered in to it.

“Come for me baby! Come all over my big cock! Your tigress can fuck like no man ever could!”

That was all it took for me to finally go over the edge. I thrashed and bucked wildly as the biggest orgasm I have had in a long time took me. She held me tight as I screamed out for her. She kept thrusting to help keep this wonderful climax going as long as possible.

I collapsed as the orgasm subsided. Tigress landed on top of me as I went down. She kissed my neck and leaned back in to my ear.

“Good girl! You came so hard!” she whispered. All I could do was smile. I shivered as she pulled her toy from me. She took it off and tossed it aside. My body was like jelly. I couldn’t move or even talk. Tigress scooped me up in her arms and cuddled me. I stared into her eyes as smiled at me. She kissed my forehead and whispered one last thing to me. “You were wonderful. I love you so much.”

We fell asleep naked and cuddled together until the sun rose the next morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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