My Time with Heidi Ch. 01

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This is the first in a short series. It will show how a experienced man can awaken buried sexual desires.

My ex-wife and I had been swingers, it wasn’t the reason that we broke up that was her father’s fault, but that’s another story.

A few months after my ex moved out my good friends Tom and Lori introduced me to Lori’s younger sister Heidi. They weren’t really trying to set us up but thought that we could have a bit of fun together, at least that’s what they told me.

A few years later Tom came clean and told me that I had been picked to take Heidi’s cherry. Lori picked me for a many reasons, the first being that she knew that I would take care of her little sister and make sure that she didn’t get hurt. I was also good looking and young enough that it wouldn’t look funny. Tom and Lori were in their thirties as are most of the crowd that we hang with, I was twenty Six and Heidi was twenty two at the time.

Heidi had confided in her sister that she wanted to find a guy who would be open to trying just about anything, Lori knew that I was that guy and when she showed my photo to Heidi she agreed that I could be the one.

I had walked into the party knowing that there was someone they wanted me to meet, I assumed that it was another swingle, a hot wife, or maybe even a couple who were looking for a third. When Lori saw me she grabbed my arm and literally pulled me through the house and onto the deck to introduce me to her sister.

Before I could say anything Lori piped up “Rick meet my little sister Heidi, why don’t you two take a walk” then she took both our hands and placed them together and shoved us down the stairs.

Laughing I let go of her hand as we made our way towards the back of the yard, I felt somewhat relieved when she took my hand in hers again, I was never the pushy type, liking more to let things happen at their own pace.

Heidi didn’t say much at first. I asked her few leading questions, just to get something out of her but she was very shy, in afterthought I’m guessing that is why she was still a virgin at twenty two. I offered to fetch us a few drinks but she stopped me “No you stay here and I will grab them, what would you like?” Even before the word beer was out of my mouth she was hurrying across the lawn.

I have to admit it was a nice view, her cute little heiny shook as she crossed the yard. It wasn’t three minutes before she was back and handing me a beer. I thanked her, she blushed “Oh it was my pleasure”

That broke the ice and we sat on a bench chatting for a long time and each time my bottle was getting near empty Heidi would run off for another. Later she admitted that she didn’t want me getting scooped up by some hottie who was ready to fuck.

After the sun had set and things were heating up in the house, on the deck, in the hot tub and the grass around us I could tell that Heidi was a bit uncomfortable so I asked “You aren’t used to this are you?” Blushing “No, I have been around my sister and Tom enough that the sex doesn’t bother me, they fuck any and everywhere and don’t really care who’s watching, but seeing everyone go at it like this is a little un nerving.”

I took her hand and slipped out the side gate, leading her to my truck I opened the door for her and helped her climb in. It was only about seven o’clock so I took her to Bob’s grill, which is a favorite of mine and just about anyone who has eaten there. Over fresh baked lake trout and baked sweet potato’s we got to know each other better. Finally after desert she asked if I wanted to take her home, thinking that she meant her home I asked for her address, she jumped in and corrected me, with a raised eyebrow “No take me to your place.” I got the hint and while not speeding I did push the limit all the way there.

I was proud of my place! I had bought it as a fixer upper my second year in college. Working nights and weekends I had transformed it into the home I had always wanted. When we walked through the front door Heidi gasped “Oh my god, this place is awesome, you have to give me a tour!”

From the front door you can see all the way through the house, I love the open feel, to the right is the living area with several couches and easy chairs that give great view of both the fireplace and through the floor to ceiling windows, the yard and the creek that flows through the fifteen acres the house sits on. To the left was the kitchen and dining area, including the huge table, it was part of a old bowling lane, full width and about ten feet long, the darn thing seats fourteen. I led her towards the back of the house, and showed her the deck and hot tub, in the summer you could open almost the whole wall of glass and really bring the outside in. The deck also overlooks the creek and off to the side it wrapped around the pool.

Stepping back inside I led her to the lower level, which other than the laundry and mechanical room the space was set up for parties and as a movie room. The windows all had remote controlled shades and curtains that Bakırköy escort would block out the light. The TV was huge, the biggest I could find. There were plush chairs, couches and a few pillow chairs scattered around, in the corner there is a wet bar and under the stairs is a full five piece bath, When Heidi saw the bidet she asked what it was, with a chuckle I explained what it was used for causing her to blush. Then we headed for the top floor. There are three bedrooms each with their own five piece on-suite, the master bedroom also had a small deck off the French doors and a large walk in closet.

I had noticed that when we had entered my bedroom that her attention had wandered from what I was saying and she kept glancing at the huge custom made bed, stretching out on it she could see why I had it made, I’m six foot four and my broad shoulders took up much of the bed. I hadn’t tried anything, hadn’t even suggested anything that should put her on edge but she was so nervous that she was shaking. Sitting on the edge of the bed I took her hand and looked into her eyes “Heidi what’s wrong, you look like you’ve just seen a ghost?”

She started crying, the tears were running down her face, she started stammering “God I don’t know what I’m doing I wanted this so much but now I don’t know.”

I was confused to say the least wrapping my arms around her I sat her next to me and held her while she calmed down “Rick can you please take my cherry”

I didn’t say anything, getting to my knees in front of her I took her hands in mine and looking in her eyes I used my thumbs to wipe the tears away, then I gently kissed her cheek pulling her close I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight, being careful to not betray my lust for her I rubbed her back.

When I felt her pulling back I released her and taking her by the arms “Heidi is that what you want?”

“Ummm yes, can you be gentle?”

I kissed her on the lips, just letting our lips touch, I could feel her breathing calm, I wish I could have said the same for myself, the thought of taking her virginity had me straining the seams of my pants.

I let the tip of my tongue caress her upper lip, her breath caught and then relaxing again she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me closer. We kissed for what seemed hours, I kept my hands to myself letting her lead the way, she tested my reaction with her tongue, slipping it over my lips and into my mouth. I held back even though what I wanted to do was rape her mouth with my tongue.

Her hands knotted in my hair and pulled me closer, she was breathing heavy, almost panting. I pulled back and traced her cheek with my lips and tongue, nibbling at her neck and collar bone, her hands were rubbing my shoulders and the back of my head, when I reached her ear she whimpered with pleasure.

Continuing to work her neck with my mouth, my hands rubbed her back and sides, returning to her mouth I cupped one of her breasts through her Silk blouse, her globe filled my hand and I could feel her stiff nipple through the layers.

I stood and pulled her to her feet, stepping back I looked her over, her dark hair was wavy and tosseled from my hands, her lips were a deep red, her tongue ran across her lips, her violet eyes surrounded by long dark lashes. Dropping my eyes I saw that her chest was heaving, her impressive breasts flushed in the area I could see in the vee of her blouse, her waist flared out into womanly hips, her black skirt was mid-thigh and the soft skin of her legs was nicely tanned. I reached out and unbuttoned her blouse, slipping it from her shoulders, It fell to the floor at her feet, I stepped closer and bending down took her face in my hands and kissed her soft lips again.

Heidi kissed me back with passion, wrapping her arms around my waist pulling me tight. I undid the fastener on her lacy bra and slipped the straps from her shoulders, when I pulled back it clung to her tits before dropping and hanging from her arms, her breasts were magnificent, not huge but firm with poker chip sized areola, her nipples were hard and a dark rose color.

Taking the weight of one in my hand I bent my lips and kissed the tip, gently sucking it in to my mouth I flicked my tongue over it, Heidi moaned and pushed her tit into my face.

Heidi pulled at my polo and pulling it from my pants she pulled it over my head. She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tight, crushing her tits to my flat stomach her head against my chest.

Her hands dropped to my ass and pulling me tighter squeezed my ass, I knew she could feel my erection against her.

I dropped to my knees and unzipped her skirt, tugging it from her hips to the floor as she stepped out of it I flung it across the room.

Her small panties were a matching lace to her bra and framed by her firm thighs drew my eye to the sheer fabric covering her cunny. I kissed and suckled her breasts, using a free hand to tweak the nipple not in my mouth, my other hand was caressing her shapely Bakırköy escort bayan butt. I lowered my mouth to her stomach licking and kissing her flesh. I hooked my fingers in the sides of her panties and tugged them down, her cunny was covered in fine hair and I could smell her excitement. Kissing my way down I used my lips to lightly pull at her pubes releasing more of her excited scent.

I returned to my feet and with her help removed my pants as they dropped to the floor my cock bulged at my boxer briefs. Heidi ran her hand over it, then she cupped my balls gave them a light squeeze before pulling my underwear down my legs, My cock jumped as it was released and hit her in the side of the face.

She jumped back and fell onto the bed her legs spread wide. She was flushed, her face and chest a healthy pink, My eyes bored into her center, her nether lips were glazed with her juices, and swollen with excitement. I took a deep breath trying to calm myself and joined her on the bed, lying next to her I brushed the hair from her face and kissed her again.

Heidi, grabbed my hair and pulled me into her face, she was getting out of control, I pulled back and told her “Calm down, we have lots of time.” She blushed again and ran her finger lightly over my lips, when I saw that she was in control again I leaned in and kissed her, setting a slow pace.

Taking her hand in mine I pressed her palm against my chest, holding it there so she could feel my heartbeat as we started to kiss again. I didn’t want to rush her first time.

I fondled her breasts while we kissed taking my time to excite her. After each kissing session I would pull her tight to me and hold her while her breathing came back under control. All too soon she was begging me to touch her more, I brushed my fingertips over her skin teasing her, I stayed away from her nipples and pussy, wanting her to be very ready when it was time to move ahead. Her body was flushed with need as I kissed my way down pausing at her tits I worked her nipples, suckling at them while my fingers caressed her legs. Licking my way down I eased her legs apart, using my lips and tongue I teased her inner thighs, then when I couldn’t take it anymore I raised up and with pursed lips I gently blew on her pussy, she shivered and her nipples got even harder.

I took one of her lips between my lips and sucked gently, then when her breathing calmed I licked her with the flat of my tongue from her taint to her clit, then settling in I used the tip to investigate her folds and lips. I could feel the tension building as I tongued her. Slipping the tip of a finger in her puss I sucked her clit into my mouth and worked it over with my tongue, my finger stretching her hole.

Heidi was moaning and begging for release I intensified my efforts and brought her over the edge her hips bucked, and she grunted out loud moan. I didn’t let up and slipped a second finger in her tight hole as she came again.

Heidi begged me to stop, and feeling her need to relax I pulled back and sliding up the bed I pulled her to me, she kissed me and then pulling back giggled “Oh wow I do taste good don’t I, I’ve always wondered what I would taste like.” She proceeded to kiss and lick my face cleaning her juices off me.

My cock had softened while we relaxed in each other’s arms, Heidi reached for it and taking it in her small hand massaged me back to life, she was amazed on how much I grew from the five soft inches it turned into a angry red beast. Heidi slid down my body and holding me in both hands looked closely, then sticking out her tongue she licked the head tasting the pre-come, She didn’t take it in her mouth as I had hoped but licked it all over, with each lick it would twitch in her hands. Looking in my eyes “Okay I think I’m ready.” I reached into the bedside table and took out a small tube of lube, after having my fingers in her I knew she would be tight and wanted this to be as painless as I could make it.

Heidi lay on her back with her knees pulled up and legs spread wide, I kneeled between her legs and applied the lube to my cock and then her cunt. I leaned forward supporting my weight on one arm I used the other hand to rub the tip over her lips, spreading them before gently pushing in, I took my time and inched in, resting before moving a little further.

This was my third cherry, the first had been my first also and I had mucked it up badly. The second had been my ex and even though I did my best I had hurt her a bit but not enough for her to think twice about it and we had done it six times over that first night.

Heidi was clenching her teeth, waiting for the pain, I pulled back and leaned in to kiss her, when she had relaxed again I started to push in again, I stroked her hair and kissed her as I fed her my cock. I felt the resistance of her maidenhead and stopped, I pulled back and not going any deeper I fucked her until she was used to the intrusion. Then when she was ready I pushed forward and broke through, she escort Bakırköy bit her lip and let out a small squeal, I kept up the firm but gentile thrusts until I was almost all the way in, she was so tight I was having issues holding back, I held position, my arms straining to hold my weight, wanting to drive deep in her and fuck her hard. I eased back and started the gentle thrusts again. Soon Heidi was pushing back at me her hips grinding each time I hit bottom.

I picked up the pace and force of my thrusts, I reached between us and used my thumb on her clit, when I felt her tensing her hot tunnel clasping around me I pushed in deep and ground against her, Her orgasm rippling through her body drove me over the edge and I flooded her with stream after stream of hot come, grinding into her again she shook with pleasure as she came again.

I collapsed at her side, my cock still in her. I stroked her hair and kissed her gently holding her head to my heaving chest.

When we had recovered she asked “Is it always like that? I have never come that hard before” I looked at her and she went on “But then again I have never used anything but my fingers”

She started giggling and forced my soft dick from her sloppy hole. I got up and looking down saw the evidence of her virginity in the red streaks on my cock and the pink come leaking from her.

I went to the bathroom and ran warm water over a cloth and cleaned us both up. Right then I struck me that I hadn’t used a condom, worried I asked “Umm, sorry I wasn’t thinking are you safe?”

Heidi looked at me “I was a virgin not stupid” and raised her arm showing me the Norplant.

My relief was written all over my face and she reach out and punched my lightly in the gut. “Got anything for a girl to drink?” I motioned for her to follow me and headed downstairs to the kitchen. When I was fishing in the fridge for a pitcher of juice she came around the corner, she was glowing, I don’t think I have ever seen anyone more beautiful and told her so, her hand was covering her tits and the other was in front of her puss, “don’t worry there is no one anywhere near and the road is three quarters of a mile away.

The night was balmy and taking two glasses of juice I walked out on the deck and sat in a lounge chair. Reluctantly Heidi followed me and sat in the other chair.

Looking at her “Was it everything you expected?”

Her brow furrowed, then with a smile “Yes it was, better even! Honestly I really didn’t know what to expect, or how you would deal with it.”

We both leaned back and stared up at the stars, there was a warm breeze making the leaves flutter and we could hear the sound of the creek flowing over the rocks. I must have drifted off, I was dreaming about a hot mouth sucking me, I couldn’t quite see who it was but it sure felt good, I woke with a start and scared Heidi, her head was in my lap while she licked my cock, It had risen to full staff, she looked up at me “Can we do it again?” With a grin I nodded. I took her hand and helped her straddle my chair, then holding my cock I helped her lower herself onto my cock, she took the tip in and wiggled her hips, then lowered some more she kept repeating her actions until I was all the way in and she was sitting on me. I coached her to rock her hips grinding her clit on my pelvic bone. Her eyes opened wide as she felt the pressure against her clit, she rocked faster, then when I used my hands under her legs to rise her up a bit she incorporated that into her action.

She would rock her hips grinding her clit against me then pull up a few inches before dropping back down she did it over and over until she was coming her cunt tightened up and she shuddered against me laying down on my chest I grabbed her ass and pulling her up a bit I started to slowly pump into her, she pushed back against me and I started to work into her faster, soon I was driving up as she drove down her cunt grasping me with each stroke. I wasn’t holding back this time and drove into her from below as hard as I could, knowing that she had already come I was just trying to find my own release and she was giving it back a just as hard. She started shaking again and I could feel her clamping down on my cock, with a few more thrusts I flooded her again.

She held me tight as she tightened with the aftershocks.

When we had recovered she asked “Ummm Rick?, can I ask you something?”

“Sure anything, I don’t have to answer if I don’t like the question.”

“Well I hope that you don’t find this repugnant but I really want to lick our come off of you”

With a chuckle “I’m guessing that you have seen your sister doing that huh?”

“Yeah she seems to like it so much.”

She pulled up off me and kneeling next to my chair she took my softening cock in her hand she licked it like a lolly pop, she swallowed and took a second lick. “Oh god I can see why she likes it, sweet, salty, creamy, with just a hint of bitter. Yummy”

She licked my cock clean and then to my amazement she used her fingers to scoop some from her puss and licked them clean as well. Not wanting to be left out I picked her up and laying her on my chest her cute butt pressed against my hardening cock I used my fingers to feed her our combined juices from her puss. “Do you need to go home tonight?”

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