My Wife’s Hot Cousin Ch. 15

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Devyn got up and disappeared behind me and Aaron started moaning and I knew that Devyn was licking his hairy hole. Soon Aaron got up off of me and told me to get on my hands and knees so that Devyn could get inside of him. As soon as I was into position Aaron slid smoothly back inside of me. That was a feeling I had learned to love! I looked to my right and on the low dresser was a large mirror. I saw Devyn position himself behind Aaron, bend down lick his hole again, and then watched him spit on his huge cock.

I wondered how this would go for Aaron, because the last time Devyn put that big thing inside of us, we had just fucked each other, and this was probably going to be a different story!

Aaron flinched and grunted loud, but I guess with all the fucking we’d been doing the last few days his hole opened up and Devyn slid in. Aaron stayed still, or as still as he could as Devyn wound up and fucked Aaron deeper and a bit harder. It was hot to know that the force that was propelling Aaron deeper inside of me was coming from Devyn’s hips and thighs.

After a while, the fuck was really on! I had no choice but to just hold on and let whatever was going to happen, happen. Well, except I could look in the mirror and see sivas escort the dazed look on Aaron’s face as Devyn’s huge cock pummeled his butt!

Aaron looked to see what I was looking at and I saw his face change in awe at what was going on and then saw an devilish grin come across his face, I instantly knew that he was enjoying the visuals as much as I was. Soon Devyn looked over to see what we both saw and he grinned too!

Aaron grunted and said, “Ah fuck this is amazing, but we have to stop or I’m going to shhhooott! Fuck too late, keep fucking me, I can’t stop now!”

Devyn actually picked up speed and started pounding Aaron. It wasn’t long before I knew Aaron was shooting deep inside of me and I loved the feel of it and the hot noises he was making. After a few minutes he just stayed still while Devyn continued to fuck, but after a while, he begged for mercy and Devyn slowed, then stopped and we all heard the wet plop when he pulled out of Aaron’s well-fucked hole!

Aaron pulled out of me, and I knew my butt was a sloppy mess, but I didn’t care. That seemed to be what mansex is about. Go for it, enjoy it, put your all into it, enjoy it, take care of your partner, enjoy it, get hot and sweaty and make a big juicy man-scented smelly mess.

Speaking of manscent, there was an air raising off the bed of three hot muscle men, working up a hard sweat! I had to admit as much as I now loved Aaron’s scent, Devyn’s was also interesting and intoxicating. I soon felt two large hands on me, guiding my butt into position and I was certain I knew what was coming next!

Aaron moved in front of me and I took his dripping cock into my mouth and moaned at about the same time Devyn’s larger cock took its place where Aaron’s had just been. He slowly slid inside me and easily passed the farthest depth that Aaron had gone, and I grunted just in time for Aaron to slid his still hard and dripping cock into my waiting throat!

Both holes had been recently penetrated and both tasks at hand were easily accomplished! Aaron’s cock went past my tonsils because Devyn’s had recently done the same, and Devyn’s cock easily slid into my hole since Aaron’s had just been there, it was an amazing and pleasurable sensation to be penetrated so deeply so easily. I almost laughed to myself, “I’m a fucking cock slut!”

I glanced to the side and caught a glimpse of the three of us, just in time to watch Aaron and Devyn high five. Less of a man and someone who was not as excited and engrossed in all the huge man meat I was now receiving may have been pissed, but I just laughed to myself again, and since I couldn’t turn my head my eyes were forced to move away from the mirror.

The feeling of the fat head of Aaron’s cock sliding in and out of my throat and his thick shaft sliding passed my lips was amazing! But Devyn’s thicker and longer cock sliding in out of my stretched hole and hitting areas Aaron’s hadn’t quite made it to was also amazing. I loved the feel and scent of Aaron’s thick soft bush coming against my nose, and Devyn’s thick wiry bush coming against my ass as the same time, they had a rhythm going and I loved it!

In unison their stroking was increasing in speed and urgency and Devyn’s balls were bouncing against my butt and my balls and Aaron’s were bouncing off my chin. When I thought of that I was amazed at the thought that their bushes and their balls were distracting me from the huge amount of cock my body was taking!

Every once In a while on an outstroke I was able to glance to my right and catch our reflection in the mirror, that just spurred me on even more. I noticed Devyn’s big round muscle butt poised to slide back in and then the thought hit me! I was not going to be satisfied until I found out what it would be like to fuck Devyn!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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