My Wife’s Twin Brother Ch. 03

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I stopped what I was doing and looked over at Nick. “I hope that answers your question. Do you have something specific in mind?” I asked like a good little student.

Nick smiled and winked at me. “As a matter of fact I do, come over here and lay down.” He replied.

I slid off the chair and crawled the short distance over to Nick. I lay down next to him on my back. He slid up next to me on his side. He leaned over and took my limp cock into his mouth and began sucking on it. It was still a little sensitive but I didn’t mind. My soft cock responded happily and started rising to the occasion very quickly. Then he gently rolled over and got into the 69 position with me. He had his ass high enough in the air that just the tip of his cock protruded its way into my open mouth. He gently started lowering his cock into my mouth while at the same time sucking on mine. I started sucking and licking on it like my life depended on it. It didn’t seem like I could get enough of his hard cock. I loved the slippery slick feel of it on my tongue.

Just as I was wondering how this was going to get Jason off, he slid up behind Nick lightly stroking his saliva covered hard cock. I watched him lick his fingers and insert them into Nick’s ass. As Nick continued sucking my cock he rocked back and forth on the invading fingers. Jason pulled his fingers out and put them in my mouth. This was so unexpected, I hesitated for a second but I thought back to what he told me earlier. I decided to go with it and sucked on the fingers.

With his fingers full of saliva, he would pull them out of my mouth and then stick them back in Nick. He did this a few times before he placed his cock on my lips. Without hesitation, I opened up my mouth and he inserted his cock. He couldn’t go in very far because of my position but I got the idea and sucked and licked his cock the best I could. He finally pulled his saliva covered cock from my mouth and placed it at the entrance to Nick’s ass. I watched in fascination a couple of inches away as Jason slowly slid his cock into Nick’s ass. Nick moaned and slowed down a little sucking on my cock but didn’t stop. This obviously wasn’t his first time and they were both well lubed so there wasn’t much resistance as I watched Jason slide his cock all the way inside Nick’s ass. They moaned together in pleasure as Jason’s cock sat buried to the hilt.

Nick kept slowly sucking my cock. I just watched as Jason slowly pulled out and pushed it back in. I was so close I could see his ass lips slide down the length of his cock. He would push back in and they would disappear. As he pulled it out this time I reached up with my tongue and ran it along the underside of Jason’s cock. Each time he pulled out and pushed back I licked as much of his cock as I could. One time he pulled out a little too far and it popped out. I didn’t miss a beat, I took as much of it in my mouth as I could and sucked on it a few times before I guided it back in. I was so turned on I could feel the pressure slowly building in my balls again.

Jason Demetevler Escort started picking up his pace and I realized he was getting close. I backed away and put Nick’s cock back in my mouth. I couldn’t do much but hold it in my mouth because of the pounding Jason was giving him. I moved my tongue around as much as I could but it took all my concentration to keep my teeth covered. I pulled it out and held onto his slippery cock with my hands instead. I was basically giving him a hand job with all the movement. By this time, Nick had stopped sucking on my cock and was meeting Jason’s forward thrust with a backward one of his own.

I was watching his cock go in and out, over and over, faster and faster inches from my face when all of a sudden he pushed in deeper and harder than any other time. He grunted and tried to push it in even further. He left it there and I could see his balls retracting as he pumped his seed into Nick’s ass. He pulled out about half way and pushed it in again. When he pulled out a second time I saw cum slip out and start to drip down Nick’s balls. He slowly pushed back in and then pulled it back out again bringing even more cum out.

He stopped for a few seconds and left his cock halfway in trying to catch his breath. I took advantage of this few seconds and leaned up and licked the cum off of Nick’s balls. I also licked whatever part of Jason’s shaft I could reach. This was way different than the precum I had tasted earlier. It was much thicker and kind of tangy. Jason pulled the rest of the way out. As he did this, a big glob of cum landed right in my mouth and partially on my lips. I stuck my tongue out to lick my lips just as he shoved his cum covered cock right in my mouth. I cleaned it off as he complimented me on what a good job I was doing.

Even though Nick had stopped sucking on my cock, I was really close to cumming as well. Nick asked me if I wanted to take Jason’s place and fuck him in his ass too. I slid out from under Nick as Jason moved away and sat on the sofa chair.

“What are you waiting for?” Nick said as he looked back at me. “It’s not going to get any wetter than it is now.” It turns out saliva and cum are a great lubricant.

I moved behind him and put my cock up to his ass. I pushed forward and it slid in very easily. It was weird because it was really wet and sloppy but also very tight. I could tell I wasn’t going to last very long at all. I grabbed his hips and started fucking my brother in law with my rock hard cock. I want to say I lasted forever but the truth was within 1 minute I was cumming as deep in his ass as I could. He kept moving around milking all the cum he could from my cock. I leaned forward on his back with my cock still in his ass. We were both breathing very heavily. We stayed like that for a few minutes. My cock went soft and slipped out of his ass. He turned back and looked at me.

“Now we switch places.” He said with a wicked smile.

I wasn’t sure Otele gelen escort if I wanted to do that or not. He saw the hesitation in my face and told me not to worry he will go gentle. He assured me everything would be fine. Reluctantly, I got down on all fours and turned back and looked at him. He reached back and stuck his finger in his ass and pulled out some cum. He smiled at me and brought it up to my ass. He slowly slid his cum slick fingers one at a time into my virgin ass and worked them around. It didn’t hurt as he did this which helped to build my confidence in what was to come. I think I was more concerned with the vulnerable position I was in.

To take my mind off of it, Jason sat down in front of me and leaned back with his now hard again cock. I knew what he wanted so I took it into my mouth. I was still mesmerized by the thickness and smoothness of it. As Nick worked his fingers in my ass I took my time licking and sucking on Jason’s cock.

I was so involved in the blow job I didn’t even realize Nick had gotten up and positioned his cock at the entrance to my ass. I stopped what I was doing and looked back. He grabbed my hips and slowly applied pressure to my hole. I was so lubricated that when he did this, the head of his cock went right into my ass. He pushed forward a little more and slowly started sliding his cock into my ass. He would back out a little and go back in twice as far. He did this a few times before I slowly felt him fill me all the way up. I felt his pubs tickle my ass. I couldn’t believe he was all the way in. It actually didn’t hurt at all. It gave me a sense of fullness that felt quite nice. Since I knew how good it felt to fuck someone in the ass, I was more than willing to do it for him.

He was very gentle and he slowly pulled out and pushed back in. He moaned with pleasure as he went in and out of my ass. He did a good job preparing me for this. I was more than wet enough for this to feel good for the both of us. He started to pick up his pace as he thrust back and forth into my ass. It felt good and now we were both moaning together in pleasure.

Jason moved away, sat back in the chair to watch and to let me enjoy my first ass fucking. It was weird being on the receiving end of a cock and it took me a minute to follow his rhythm. He was firmly holding my hips and moving in and out of my ass. He was in complete control of my body right now. He got us synced up nicely by pulling hard on my hips as he pushed deeply into me. He would then push me away and stop me before his cock came out. Then he would pull me back hard. It felt so good. I was really enjoying myself. With a final thrust, he pulled me very hard onto his cock and screamed in pleasure.

I felt his cock start to throb as his cum filled my ass with intense warmth. He pulled out an inch and pushed back in hard. He did this a few times as he pushed his cum deeper and deeper into my ass. We stayed like that for a few seconds and didn’t move. Balgat Escort When he started to pull out I felt some of his cum drip down my inner thigh. I reached back with my hand to catch it. I brought my fingers to my lips and licked them clean. Nick and Jason tasted a little different on my tongue but in the end, it left the same taste in my mouth after I swallowed it. He pulled completely out and fell onto his back all sweaty and breathing heavy.

“Jason, you gotta try some of that.” He said. “It is really tight!”

I looked over at Jason who was sitting in the sofa chair stroking his cock as he watched us. He went to get up and I told him to stay right where he was. I got up on shaking legs and walked over to him. I climbed up on his lap and straddled his thighs. I climbed up just high enough so his cock was positioned right below my ass. I looked him in the eyes and slowly slid down onto the head of his cock and stopped. It slid right in but I could feel the stretch of my ass as it adjusted to the girth of his cock.

Luckily, I was well lubed up with all that slippery cum from Nick. I grabbed his cock at the base and slowly slid down on it. I could feel my ass stretch as I went down. His eyes got really big as I was on my way down his pole. I stopped when he was fully inside me. I moved my hips back and forth a few times rubbing his pubs up and down my ass crack. He moaned, grabbed my hips and helped move me back and forth. We did this for a while as I got used to his size. I began to slowly moved up and then back down. Jason held on to my hips and helped move me up and down. After a few times doing this it started to feel really good. He closed his eyes and told me how good and tight my ass was.

Being on top was really awkward at first. I was using muscles I didn’t use very often. I propped myself up with my arms on the side of the chair as we tried to find a good rhythm. He helped by guiding my hips and we finally found a good one. I would move up, he would move down and then as I moved back down he would push back up into me. One time I went to high and his cock slipped out. My goal was to please him and I almost went into a panic to get it back inside me. I wasn’t done with it and I wanted him to cum.

We were both grunting and I was starting to drip with sweat. I never realized how much work this could be. He was having a good time and I wanted to make him feel good. I wanted and needed him to cum deep inside of me. His stamina was incredible and he seemed to be able to go forever.

We had to have been doing it for close to 15 minutes before I saw any sign that he was ready to cum. I wanted to make him cum so bad, I probably would have gone on forever. Although, I was glad when he grabbed me by the shoulders and speared me extra deep with his cock. I felt the his cock spasm as he sent load after load deep into my ass. I wrapped my arms around him and kept on moving my hips back to front as he came. I wanted every drop he had to offer.

Finally, I collapsed on top of him in exhaustion. We were both a slippery sweaty mess. I laid there with a smile on my face as his now soft cock slipped easily out of my well fucked ass. I could feel cum drip down my legs as I slid down his chest licking him all the way down. I grabbed his soft cock and put it in my mouth to clean it off.

I never thought I would say this but I loved the taste of cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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