My Young Stepmom Ch. 02

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As much as I hate to admit it… the rest of my Thanksgiving break with my dad and his girlfriend was actually okay. Even though there was a slight awkwardness after the humiliating spanking Bailey gave me, things between us were better than expected.

Of course, immediately after, I was so embarrassed I wished I could find a way to get revenge. However, now that she humiliated me and put me in my place, I kind of started to… respect her… for some odd reason.

It wasn’t an easy pill to swallow, and it was definitely something that was hard to admit to myself. Even though we didn’t talk about it, it almost felt like we shared a special bond after she disciplined me so harshly.

I still didn’t like Bailey, and I probably would never think she’s a good fit for my dad, but I did respect her. Much to my surprise, it didn’t even feel like fear, even though I knew if she were to ever hear me talking the way I did before, I’d be right back over her knee, and get my poor tushy punished again.

Although I respected my dad’s young girlfriend, it was something I couldn’t admit to my roommate and best friend, Tara. We had agreed that I would make Bailey understand she wasn’t welcome in my house before Thanksgiving break happened. I couldn’t let her know that I was the one who was taught a heavy-handed lesson in an excruciatingly embarrassing fashion.

When I saw Tara again, I did my best not to speak so much about it, so I wouldn’t have to flat out lie. I just omitted the truth a little by explaining that Bailey was nice to me, and we didn’t have any issues. Now, how we got to that point… she didn’t need to know all those details.


Surprisingly, I was much more optimistic about seeing Bailey during Winter break then I was over Thanksgiving. It’s not that I was excited to see her or anything, but after what we had been through, I at least knew it was possible for us to get along. And even though last time resulted in a humiliating spanking, I knew that wouldn’t happen again if I just behaved myself when she was around.

Tara actually didn’t live too far from me and was having a party at her house. Her parents were out of town and she had the whole house to herself.

I asked my dad if I could go, but he had an interesting response. “That sounds okay, but I’m not going to be here tomorrow. Just make sure you don’t stay out all night.”

I promised my father I wouldn’t stay out, like I did so many times before. Normally though, he was fast asleep before I ever got home and I would just lie about the time I got back.

This time on the other hand, it wasn’t my father I had to deal with. With him out of town, I only had to answer to Bailey. However, I didn’t expect her to push the same rules he did. She was about my age, so I figured she would be understanding of my situation.

That night, I decided to dress really cute. There were some hot guys I knew from high school that were going to be at the party, and I didn’t want to miss a chance to impress them.

As I started to leave, I quickly stopped by the living room to see my father’s young girlfriend. “I’m going to Tara’s now. I already told my dad about it.”

Sitting on the couch with her legs crossed, the young blonde looked up at me with a slightly confused face. “Are you going wearing that tiny skirt? And that top… your boobs are almost popping out.”

Now I was the one confused as I looked down that my cute outfit. Not that I wanted to back talk to her again, but I couldn’t believe the Hooters waitress was talking to me about my attire.

“I was… umm… I didn’t think this was that bad…”

“Your dad told me to make sure you didn’t wear anything too small,” she explained. “I think that outfit is cute too, but I wouldn’t want to upset him. I mean, what if he has cameras set up and he sees me letting you do something he doesn’t want you to do?”

“He doesn’t have cameras set up,” I argued, rolling my eyes. However, I could see a grimace on her face and I was suddenly scared for my poor little tushy. Not wanting to receive another spanking, I tried to rescue myself by explaining, “I’m sure he’s not spying on us… but if you want me to put on a different outfit, I will.”

I had a sigh of relief when the expression on her face changed. I guess my answer was respectful enough of her request. However, even though I was scared of being punished again, I knew I could just change my outfit in the car once I got to Tara’s.

After putting on a cardigan and some jeans, I quickly said goodbye before making my way outside. Bailey then stopped me again, letting me know, “Your dad said he wants you back by eleven.”

I came to a complete stop, realizing she might actually hold me to it. “I… uh… Yeah, I know… Do you mind if I stay out a little bit longer?”

“I don’t mind,” she said, shrugging her shoulders. “But like I said before, I don’t want to disobey your dad’s rules the first time he’s not around. Just do me a favor and be back by eleven.”

Groaning şanlıurfa seks hikayeleri on the inside, I did my best to hide my face as I rolled my eyes once again. “Ugh… Fine…”

As much as I didn’t want Bailey to stop me from having a good time, I couldn’t risk her tattling on me to my father. Though I did change back into my cute top and short little skirt when I got to the party, I had to break the news to Tara that I couldn’t stay as long as I wanted.

“What’s the big deal?” she asked, handing me a drink as the music blared in the background. “Just stay out and go back home after your dad’s already asleep like you always do.”

“It’s not just my dad…” I explained, scared to admit what was really going on at home. “He’s out of town… so it’s just his girlfriend…”

Tara suddenly looked like she had been slapped in the face. Shaking her head in disgust, she asked, “You’re afraid of that bitch?!”

The image of me being spanked over Bailey’s lap suddenly popped into my head. I then quickly shook it off before trying to recover. “No… but she probably stays up later than my dad… and she might tell him…”

Now laughing hysterically, my friend took a big sip of her drink and said, “I thought you already put that bitch in her place! She should know by now not to mess with you.”

“Yeah… about that…”

“Look, you should just party with us and have a good time. If that bitch decides to say something, just put her in her place like you did last time.”

The more she talked, the more I feared my poor little tushy being punished by Bailey’s strong hand. “I just… uh… I don’t know if…”

“I’ll even help you scare that little bitch for good this time,” Tara said, interrupting me as I stumbled over my own words. “We’re both bigger than that little girl. I bet we’d have her shaking in her boots if she ever tried to confront you about being late.”

My pride was still low after my wimpy effort the last time Bailey put me over her knees. However, I found a bit of comfort knowing Tara would stand up for me if needed.

I had never seen my roommate get into a fight, but I assumed she was strong based on her attitude and her body. Although she was about an inch or two shorter than me, she was a little thicker and curvier. With her bigger breasts and larger ass than me, she was sure to outweigh Bailey by quite a few pounds.

Of course, I had to live with the fact that I was dominated by the smaller blonde despite my own size advantage. Just like Tara, I was taller and outweighed Bailey. I just hoped Tara was tougher than I was. Maybe we could team up, and it would be two-on-one, and we could easily overpower my dad’s young girlfriend together.

It was probably a combination of those thoughts along with the alcohol that made it suddenly okay for me to stay past my silly curfew. Several drinks in and I had almost forgotten about my dad’s stupid rules and his girlfriend. All I cared about was hanging out with my friends and dancing with all the hot guys.

Eventually, I noticed a buzz from my cell phone. I didn’t even have Bailey’s number saved, but I knew it was her…

“Oh, shit!” I yelled, noticing the time. Not only was it over an hour after I was supposed to be home, I had also missed four phone calls from the same number.

“What’s wrong?” Tara asked, coming over to me when she heard my squeal.

“It’s my dad’s girlfriend… She’s been calling me.”

“So what?” she asked, scoffing at the idea of being afraid of the young blonde.

Unfortunately, I just couldn’t explain to her how much shit I was really in. I looked up at her frantically and asked, “What do I do?!”

“I’ll take care of this,” my best friend said, grabbing the phone out of my hand before I could even react.

“Tara, what are you doing?!”

“Hello?!” she answered, with a rude tone. I couldn’t bear to know what my future stepmother was thinking when my friend answered, sounding drunk. I cringed so hard as Tara shouted over the phone, “Ashley isn’t going home anytime soon so you can go back to stealing her dad’s money or whatever the fuck you were doing.”

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!” I screamed in my own head. I was almost paralyzed from the fear of seeing Bailey’s reaction.

While I was dying on the inside, Tara started laughing. I didn’t know what kind of response she got, but she quickly shouted back, “Don’t even try to act intimidating. Ashley told me how she put you in your place last time! And guess what? If I ever see you, it’ll be twice as bad!”

Tara then hung up on my dad’s young girlfriend before smiling and handing my phone back. “Took care of that little problem for you,” she said with a cute smirk.

I was about to have a heart attack. Holding my hand over my chest, I began sinking to the floor.

“What’s wrong, Ashley?” my curvy friend asked.

“She’s going to kill me!”

“Oh, not this again! Like I said earlier, if she even tries to mess with you, I’ll teach that gold digging bitch a lesson she’ll never forget!”

I shook my head as quickly as I could. “Tara… you don’t understand!”

“What do I not understand?” she asked, looking at me, confused.

Although I feared for my life… and my poor tushy’s safety, I still couldn’t find a way to tell her the truth. “I… I… I… I can’t go home…” I finally muttered.

Even though my best friend was still confused, she managed to find a way to take my words the wrong way. “That’s right girl! You’re not going home. You’re staying out with me and partying all night long!”

Wildly enough, she was right about one thing; I needed to stay at her place. There was no way I could go back and face Bailey after Tara pissed her off so badly.

I spent the next few minutes trying to comfort myself. Although I knew there was a storm brewing at home, I could at least feel safe at my best friend’s house until I came up with a lie to save my ass.

After a few minutes of unsuccessfully trying to relax, I heard the most frightening thing in the world. There was a loud knock at the door, and I knew exactly who it was.

Not suspecting anything, one of our other friends opened the door and allowed her to come in. My heart was racing, but the music and all the chatter came to a complete stop when my dad’s young girlfriend marched into the room.

All eyes were on the young blonde as she stood there with her arms folded. Seeing the angry look in her eyes, my mind went so frantic, my entire body started shaking.

Her eyes scanned the room as I tried to hide myself. Unfortunately, the room was dead quiet, so she was able to pinpoint my location when I gulped out of fear.

“Ashley!” she yelled, furrowing her eyebrows and clutching her fists. She walked straight up to me, striking fear in my heart as the crowd circled around us. “Just what the fuck has gotten into you?!”

“Oh… Bailey… I can explain…” I’m murmured, so scared I could barely talk. I was so afraid of her in that moment, the volume of my teeth chattering heavily outweighed my voice.

“There’s nothing to explain!” she yelled, cutting me off and shutting me up for good. “Not only did you stay out past curfew, you changed back into the outfit I specifically told you not to wear!”

Like the scared little girl I was in the moment, I put my head down and did everything in my power not to cry. Despite my embarrassment, I knew things would only get worse if I did anything other than nod my head.

“Get your ass in the car right now!”

With the saddest look on my face, I began to follow her towards the exit. Everyone else watched quietly, but though they weren’t saying anything, I knew they were laughing at me on the inside.

Just before we reached the exit, the angry blonde turned around and looked into my teary eyes. “One last thing… Who is the extremely rude girl that answered your phone earlier?!”

Suddenly, I was visibly shaking even harder than before. I didn’t know where Tara was, but I couldn’t let Bailey to find her. This was all already humiliating enough. I didn’t need my best friend to see how wimpy I looked in front of the younger blonde.

“Don’t you dare lie to me either,” Bailey said with a strong voice. “You know who I’m talking about. It’s the girl you apparently told you put me in my place. We’ll have to talk about that later, by the way.”

Just when I thought things couldn’t get more dramatic, I heard the door to the backyard opening up. Things were dead silent as all eyes turned and noticed Tara entering the house after missing Bailey’s intense arrival.

Immediately, a big smile came over my best friend’s face. Almost bursting with laughter, she yelled, “You must be that gold-digging bitch Ashley told me about! I can’t believe you would have the nerve to show up here after I told you off over the phone!”

My heart was racing as I watched Bailey make her way towards my friend. They were suddenly facing off like they were in some kind of title fight.

“Yes, I’m the gold-digging bitch Ashley told you about,” my future stepmother said, causing my legs to go weak from underneath me. “You must be the rude girl who was talking all that shit to me over the phone.”

“Guilty as charged,” Tara teased, proudly doing a curtsy with her little skirt. “What is a little blonde bimbo like you going to do about it?”

Bailey placed her hands on her hips and gritted her teeth. “I will not be disrespected like this. Where are your parents?”

“They’re out of town,” Tara responded, scoffing at the smaller blonde. “Besides, they wouldn’t talk to some young little girl like you. You’re even younger than me!”

An evil smile came over Bailey’s face, causing me to freeze from the suspense. She then whispered to my friend, “I wish I could tell them they should have done a better job disciplining their bad daughter. Because if they would have done it, I wouldn’t have to.”

A confused look over Tara’s face. “What are you talking about?” she muttered before Bailey grabbed a big chunk of her long brown hair. Everyone, including Tara and myself, were in such shock, we weren’t able to react as Bailey dragged her to the love seat in the living room by her hair.

As much as I love my best friend, it sure was a sight to see, watching the younger and smaller blonde easily overpower her. I placed my hand over my mouth, remembering the feeling of being in Tara’s shoes as she was being dragged over Bailey.

“What are you doing to me?!” the curvy brunette yelled as she suddenly found herself bent over the smaller woman’s lap. Bailey then pulled Tara’s skirt up, revealing her fat ass in a green and white striped thong.

“Ugh! Put my skirt back down?!” Tara moaned, trying her best to wiggle free. Unfortunately for her, she probably looked equally pathetic when she was easily overpowered by the determination of the young blonde.

“I’m going to teach you a lesson that apparently your mommy never taught you,” Bailey whispered in a seductive voice. She then rubbed her soft little hand all over Tara’s fat ass, getting it prepared for the harsh punishment it was about to receive.

My brunette friend looked back with fear and embarrassment in her eyes. “Hey, stop that! You can’t do this to me!”

 Whack! Bailey smacked her fat tushy so hard, the sound echoed throughout the entire house. A whiney moan from my curvy friend then matched the loud smack.

“Owwwww!!!” Tara cried, looking back with her mouth stuck wide open from the shock of the pain. “What the fuck are you doing?! You can’t do this to me! You’re not my mom!”

My cute future stepmom shut her up with an even harder smack to the ass, causing her entire body to rock back and forth. “I’m not your mommy but I will mommy you if I have to!”

“Ouch, stop! It hurts so much! You’re humiliating me in front of everyone!”

Mommy went into overdrive, spanking Tara’s poor tushy over and over until she was crying from the pain and humiliation. No matter how hard my friend struggled, Bailey would just dominate her by forcing her down and rocking her ass even harder. She spanked my friend so fucking hard, all she could do was cry for mercy.

Though my future stepmom was pulling her by the hair, Tara looked towards me with tears welling up in her eyes. “Why didn’t you tell me she was so crazy?!”

I took a step back, shaking in my boots. I would never dare answer that question, especially with Bailey already so heated.

The young blonde noticed the step I took backwards. Resting her hand on Tara’s fire red tushy, she looked over at me and said, “Don’t back away from me. You’re in trouble too, Missy!”

“But Mommy…”

“Get your little ass over here and bend over Mommy’s knees.”

I hesitantly approached her, still visibly shaking. As my eyes rested on Tara’s red ass, I began to feel the pain in my own bottom already.

“What are you waiting for?!” Bailey asked, while giving Tara another hard spank.

Stumbling over my words, I blabbered, “But… she’s… still…”

“You can both fit,” Mommy interrupted, looking at me as if I were stupid.

Though I was still hesitant, I found a way to fit over Bailey’s lap at the same time as Tara. I don’t know how we did it, but after the blonde hiked my skirt up and revealed my little baby blue thong, Tara and I were connected, both bent over with our tender cheeks right in front of her face. As if this weren’t humiliating enough, she rubbed her right hand across all four of our cheeks, getting us primed and ready for a double spanking.

“Ooohs!” and “Ahhs” reigned across the room as everyone watched Bailey pound our bottoms with her unforgiving hand. I can’t even imagine how pathetically sad my face looked in front of all my friends as I received the most humbling soanking of my life. There was no way in the world any of them would ever respect me or Tara again.

The small blonde alternated between our poor little tushies, spanking me first, then her, then repeating the process over and over. Tara and I cried out from every smack as we looked into each other’s eyes, with tears rolling down our cheeks.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any more humiliating, Bailey pulled our little thongs down, exposing the tiny holes that was being covered. It’s not like our underwear was big enough to protect our cheeks anyway, but now it couldn’t protect what little pride we had left, since everyone was able to see our cracks and probably our pussies.

“Isn’t this what you wanted?” the blonde asked as she spanked me so hard my tits popped out of my little top. “I told you not to wear this outfit, but you wanted to show your ass off to your friends. Now you can show your ass off as much as you want while I give it a good spanking.”

“I’m sorry, Mommy!” I cried out in the most pathetic voice ever. “I’m sorry for being such a bad girl!”

Bailey then turned her attention on Tara, now spanking her ass harder than she did before. “And you… You must be such a bad influence on my future stepdaughter. I have to teach girls like you a lesson so you won’t corrupt Ashley’s mind.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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