Nadia – My Gorgeous Escort!

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Well, folks, I have finally done it. It is something that I have toyed with for quite some time. I have been separated from my wife for almost five years now, and apart from a few dismal attempts at dating, my sex life has been barren. So last week I finally plucked up the courage and contacted an escort agency.

I went online and found ‘Elite Escorts’, which is based in the nearest city to me. They had a good selection of escorts to choose from and the one that caught my eye was Nadia.

Nadia is a Romanian girl, age 25, and strikingly beautiful. Readers in the UK will be familiar with the long-running soap, ‘Coronation Street’. A recent character was ‘Alina’, who was played by Ruxandra Porojnicu, a Romanian actress. Alina and Nadia could have been twins.

(Google if you like visual images.)

The prices were not cheap, and I would have to shell out £800 for the evening. The cost had been the major factor that had delayed my choice, but I was getting so randy that I eventually went ahead. A big plus factor was that Nadia made house visits, so I could simply wait at home and she would come to me.

I showered before the appointed time. I figured that any girl getting into bed with me deserved a clean customer, so I scrubbed myself half raw and splashed on plenty of Brut deodorant. I was nervous as hell waiting for Nadia – I had never done anything like this in the past.

At 8 o’clock my doorbell rang – exactly on time! I opened the door and Nadia stepped in. I took her coat and hung it up and turned to look at her.

Wow! She was even more beautiful than her pictures on the website had shown. Nadia was short, about five foot two, and had lovely long dark hair – almost black. She had a petite build, and the evening dress she wore showed off her breasts to maximum effect. Her dress had a deeply cut front and it looked as if Nadia did not wear a bra – I estimated her breasts to be about the middle of the B cup range, and I was treated to a lovely display of rounded cleavage.

We went through to the sitting room and I poured us each a generous glass of white wine. I sat with Nadia on the sofa and indulged in a little chit-chat, where she came from, how long had she been in the UK etc.

What appealed to me was her voice – I have always been attracted to girls with an Eastern European accent, and Nadia was a perfect example. Her voice seemed to suit a much younger girl – if I had heard her without seeing her, I would have thought she was a teenager. I would have paid good money just to sit and listen to her talk.

Eventually, I broached the subject of payment, and Nadia told me that she would accept the payment when the evening was through. Talking about the payment seemed to trigger Nadia into action.

She put her half-empty glass down, and stroked my leg, brushing her fingertips up and down. My mouth went dry. Nadia was more beautiful than any girl I had ever known, and I was way out of my comfort zone.

“What things do you like?” she asked and looked me straight in the eyes. I was unprepared for the question, but I remembered something the website had mentioned.

“I am rather keen on the Girlfriend Experience,” I said.

Nadia smiled sweetly.

“Lovely,” she said, “I like to be your girlfriend.”

Her fingers slid up over my crotch, and very expertly Nadia unzipped my fly, and undid my belt. She felt about inside, located the waistband of my briefs, and in a few seconds had my cock in her hand.

I had heard that escorts did not always like kissing their clients, but I need not have worried about Nadia. She shuffled toward me on the sofa, and as she worked my cock up into a super-hard erection, she kissed me.

Nadia was a non-smoker, and her mouth tasted divine, and her perfume flooded my senses. She took her mouth from mine, and looked down at what was in her hand.

“You have a lovely cock,” she said, “it is so big!”

Now I am fully aware that an escort’s patter is designed to flatter the client, and my cock is not big at just a shade over six inches. But the way she said ‘cock’ was such a turn-on, it sounded a bit like ‘cuck’. Hearing her say it with in sexy accent made the happy member surge to even greater hardness.

Nadia then surprised me by bending over my lap and gently taking the head of my cock in her mouth. We had not discussed whether I wanted oral sex or not, but I guess that is all part of the ‘girlfriend experience’. She also was quite happy to do it without a condom in place which was fantastic.

I leaned back on the sofa and enjoyed the feel of her soft lips clasped around my cock, while her tongue performed mysterious tricks, swirling and gliding over my glans. She did not jack my cock with her hand, and just held it firmly at the base. Nadia let her mouth do all the work, and her ruby-red lips looked fantastic as they left traces of lipstick on my cock – if I had let her continue much longer I am sure I would Sincan Escort have come.

But I wanted so much more, and gently lifted her head off me.

“Nadia,” I asked, “can we go to my room?”

“Yes, of course,” she replied, and I led her to my bedroom.

We stood by the bed and stripped off. When Nadia stood before me, buck naked, I felt like I had gone to heaven. She was perfect; petite but not skinny – Nadia was rounded in all the right places, and her breasts took my breath away.

They were firm and jutted proudly from her chest, and surmounted by beautiful nipples. I have always liked the areolae to protrude from the breast – I believe the term is ‘puffy nipples’. Nadia’s nipples were not excessively puffy, but certainly her areolae had a delicious swell to them, and my cock bobbed up and down at the sight.

Nadia took the lead and lay down, and I lay beside her. We kissed a bit, while I fondled her breasts, and her hand held my cock in a gentle grip. I slid my hand over her stomach – she was completely hairless down below, and she obligingly spread her legs to let me stroke her pussy. Her lips were small and neat, but her clit was surprisingly big for such a small girl, and easy to find. As soon as I touched it Nadia moaned and arched her back – whether it was acting or genuine pleasure I do not know.

I explored lower, and slipped a finger into her. She must have had hundreds of cocks much bigger than mine ploughing her furrow but still Nadia felt tight, and very wet on my finger. I added a second finger, and did a little finger-fucking which made her writhe and moan.

Nadia looked up at me with big brown eyes.

“You fuck me now?” she murmured.

Oh Jesus, that accent! I moved over her and Nadia directed my cock between her legs – a few probing thrusts and I was sinking slowly into the hottest, wettest, tightest little cunt I had ever experienced.

Again, there had been no talk of a condom!

I fucked her vigorously in a standard missionary position, and it was superb. Nadia wrapped her arms around me and moaned and groaned.

“Oh yes, yes, fuck me!” she moaned. Acting or not, it was wonderful, and I felt myself getting close to coming. I tried to last as long as I could, but Nadia was so beautiful – I looked down at her gorgeous breasts jiggling on her chest as I fucked her, while her cunt clasped my cock in a tight, hot embrace.

The thrill in my cock rocketed – Nadia’s cries grew louder and I let out a long “aaaaaaah” as I ejaculated into her – it felt like the longest and most intense orgasm I have ever had. I spurted over and over, deep into her willing body.

After the spasms in my cock had faded, I rolled off her onto my back.

“That was beautiful,” she whispered.

I was very surprised that Nadia had let me come in her without a condom, but I certainly wasn’t complaining. When I was married my wife did not like the pill, and we had decided not to have children, so I was used to wearing condoms all the time. Spurting freely into Nadia’s sweet cunt had been exquisite!

As I lay panting for breath, Nadia went to the bathroom. She took a bag with her, and I heard the taps running for some time. I guessed she was washing my sperm out or something. When she came back, my cock was still hard. No sex for a long time guaranteed that I would recover quickly.

“Oh look,” she said, “your cock wants some more!”

Nadia sat on the bed stroking my cock. It was wet and slippery from being inside her, and her hand slid up and down the shaft – there was no need for lube. Then she bent over and took it in her mouth again.

I let her suck me for several minutes and then decided as I was the client, I should say what I wanted. After all, the customer is always right.

“Nadia,” I said, “stop for a minute – can you… can you lie on the bed?”

She seemed happy to oblige, but I had an idea in mind – a fantasy that I had never managed to persuade my wife to do.

I lifted the pillow from behind her head and propped it up against the headboard, and got Nadia to move up the bed, so she was virtually in a sitting position, leaning against the pillow. I parted her legs, and lay between them, hoping she would cooperate with what I wanted to do.

I kissed her thighs, and then slid my mouth over her mound, and down onto her shaven pussy. Nadia sighed and her hands held the back of my head. She wriggled a bit on the bed to get into a good position, and I started to lick her, running my tongue up and down between her lips. She was fresh and clean, and tasted wonderful. Nadia moaned and groaned and when I licked her clit and sucked it into my mouth she twisted her fingers in my hair and shivered. Again, if she was acting, she was damned good!

I licked and sucked her for a good few minutes and then I moved up the bed, and kissed and sucked on her gorgeous tits while she moaned, and stroked the back of my head. I then decided to try out my fantasy – I straddled Ankara Olgun Escort her, and put my cock between her tits.

Sweet Nadia knew instantly what I wanted, and held her tits in her hands, pressing them together, while my cock slid between them. It was a bit dry, and Nadia spat into her hand, wiped it on my cock and in ecstasy I fucked between her lovely slippery tits.

My fantasy was not yet complete, and when I felt myself getting close to another orgasm, I held my cock and offered it to her lips, Nadia smiled and obediently opened her mouth – I pushed forward and she took my cock deep inside and her lips wrapped tightly around the shaft. Nadia reached up to hold my cock, but I pushed her hand away.

“No hands, please,” I said, and she dutifully dropped both arms to her sides.

I supported myself with my hands on the headboard, and slid my cock in and out, and dear Nadia went along with it. Her mouth relaxed as I pushed in, and on every outstroke she sucked, and her tongue slithered below the head, strumming over the taut bowstring.

It was sheer ecstasy – the sensation of her hot mouth on my rampant cock was incredible, and the sight of a beautiful girl, willingly letting me face-fuck her, was too much to bear. I could not last much longer.

“Nadia,” I gasped, “I’m going to come!”

I expected her to push me away, but instead, she uttered a muffled “mmmmmm.”

Oh dear God, I think she will let me come in her mouth!

I pumped my hips faster – the signs of imminent orgasm were there if she wanted me to pull out, but Nadia just reached up and cupped my buttocks, pulling me towards her as if willing me to come.

How I did not faint with the excitement and the ecstasy I do not know – I groaned and stopped thrusting – Nadia’s lips held me tight, just below the throbbing head as I spurted into her mouth. Nadia emitted a little “Nnnngh” sound with each spurt as I shot over and over into her mouth. There had been very few occasions in my life when I had come in someone’s mouth, and they had never been well received, but this dear girl was letting me fill her mouth with sperm, and was making appreciative sounds as she did so.

The spurts dwindled, and Nadia’s tight oral grip relaxed, but she waited and held me softly in her mouth until the very last spasms in my cock had stopped. I slowly withdrew, and she looked up at me, smiled and quite deliberately, swallowed.

That was another first for me – I could hardly believe that she had swallowed it all!

Nadia wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

“That was yummy!” she said.

£800 was a lot of money, but if I had known what Nadia could do, I would have paid three times that much.

I got off the bed and fetched our glasses and the bottle of wine, and we lay on the bed, drinking and talking. Nadia asked what I did for living, and what my hobbies and interests were, and seemed genuinely interested in me. The Girlfriend Experience was certainly an accurate description.

After another large glass of wine, my inhibitions had gone and I became quite bold – the website had said that ‘extras’ could be negotiated with the escort.

“Nadia, what sort of things would ‘extras’ cover?” I asked.

She answered in a very matter-of-fact way, as if I was asking a sales assistant about buying a new television.

“Oh, extras can be things like bondage, water sports, rimming, spanking, anal – it depends on what the client asks for,” she replied.

My head exploded – crikey, would all those things be on Nadia’s ‘extras’ list?

“And how much do those cost?” I asked.

“Bondage and spanking are £50 each, water sports and rimming £100 each, and anal is £300,” she told me.

I had no interest in bondage and spanking, but the others were intriguing. I figured I could raid my bank balance for water sports and rimming. Both of these were fantasies of mine that I had never managed to experience. Anal was interesting, but I had never felt much of an urge in that direction.

I nervously told Nadia what I would like and she cheerfully agreed. Again, she told me that payment would be at the end of the evening. Nadia seemed excited about it, and hopped off the bed.

“Let’s go to the bathroom,” she said, took my hand and practically dragged me there. She hopped into the bathtub.

“Come in,” she said, and I joined her. Nadia took hold of my semi-erect cock, and gave it a few tugs, and it responded quickly. I am much taller than Nadia, and she bent her head and gave my cock a few sucks – I had never had a standing blowjob before! That guaranteed that my cock stood to attention. Nadia straightened up.

“Do you want to piss on me?” she said. Her cute accent saying ‘piss on me’ was so sexy! She said it as boldly as if she was saying, ‘Do you want to dance with me?’ My heart thumped in my chest.

I nodded and she held my cock. Several glasses of wine plus a few beers before Nadia Ankara Ucuz Escort arrived ensured that I had plenty to give, but it was hard to start. Pissing with an erection did not come easily, and at first, just a few trickles dripped into the tub. I relaxed as much as I could, and slowly it started – a stream of piss splashed over her stomach.

“Ooooh, lovely,” she crooned, “so hot and sexy!”

Nadia played the stream over her body, and being so short, she could easily direct my piss all over her lovely tits. I watched in fascination and delight as she tilted her head back and bathed herself in piss. It gushed over her tits and ran down her body – she was completely soaked. Nadia’s acting was superb, and she moaned and groaned – perhaps she really enjoyed it – I will never know.

Slowly the stream dwindled and stopped, and Nadia released her hold on my cock.

“That was gorgeous,” she said, “do you want me to piss to you?”

I nodded eagerly, but was curious how that could be done. I need not have worried, Nadia took control.

“Lie down,” she said, and got me positioned in the tub, leaning against the cold plastic at the end furthest from the taps. Nadia knelt astride me, and started to play with her pussy, rubbing on her clit. I reached up and touched her pussy, and slipped a finger into her, while my other hand jacked my cock.

I felt warm liquid splash into my palm – fuck it felt sexy! I took my hand away and Nadia squatted over me and pissed hard onto my cock – I jacked it rapidly, and the stream of hot piss hitting the tip of my cock was mind-blowing.

Nadia tilted her hips, and sprayed hot piss over my stomach and chest – some drops spattered my face. I felt orgasm getting close, and it would have been great to come as she pissed on me, but sadly Nadia’s pee trickled to a halt.

“Did it feel good?” she asked.

“Hell yes,” I replied, “it was fantastic”.

“We need to shower,” Nadia said, and when I stood up she got out of the bath and stepped into the shower cubicle.

“How does it work?” she asked.

I joined her in the shower and got the water running, and we washed all traces of pee away.

“Let me wash you,” she said, and soaped me up, paying particular attention to my cock and balls, and then her little hand slipped under my legs and she started soaping my arsehole. I felt her finger slip inside, as she made sure I was squeaky clean. My cock throbbed and bobbed up and down in appreciation.

When we were towelled dry we went back to the bedroom. Nadia pushed me onto my back and lay between my outstretched legs. She lifted my cock from where it lay on my stomach and proceeded to suck on the head. My God, that girl knew how to suck cock!

She held the tip between her lips and suckled on it with a rapid sucking action, like a baby on its mother’s teat, while her tongue vibrated on the bowstring. When my cock was rock hard and throbbing in her mouth she slipped her lips off it.

“Lift your legs up,” she said, and pushed my legs up till my knees were almost under my armpits. Then her mouth went to work on my balls. I like to keep everything down there shaved for hygiene reasons, so my balls slipped easily into her mouth, one at a time. Then her mouth moved lower, and I felt myself trembling in anticipation.

Nadia’s pointed little tongue slid down from my ball sack and drew circles around my arsehole. The circles grew smaller and smaller and at last, I felt her tongue press against my opening. Fuck me! It felt fantastic! She licked and probed, and pushed her tongue against me, and I swear the tip of her tongue dipped inside me, at least, that is the way it felt.

While she licked at my arsehole, Nadia reached up and grasped my cock in her hand, and began wanking it, with slow steady strokes. I groaned in ecstasy, feeling my orgasm beginning to surge.

“Oh, fuck, Nadia,” I moaned, “I’m going to come!”

Her hand pumped faster, and her tongue thrust harder – she tongue-fucked my arse as I shot a thick stream of cum all over my chest. It was my third orgasm, but Nadia had turned me on so much it was just as intense as the first two, and I splattered myself with several ropes of cum before the orgasm faded.

Nadia looked up at me from between my legs.

“Wow, you seem to have enjoyed that!” she said.

The amount of sperm on my chest was ample evidence of how much I had enjoyed it!

Nadia took a few more sips of wine, and lay beside me. My cock finally shrank down to normal flaccid size. It had been erect or semi-erect the whole evening, but I was now totally spent.

Nadia looked at her watch.

“I need to go,” she said, “did you enjoy the Girlfriend Experience?”

“It was bloody marvellous!” I said.

Nadia got up, went to the bathroom again and when she returned she got dressed. I had put my trousers on. I gave Nadia her money, and she gave me a kiss.

“I hope I can see you again?” I said.

“Certainly!” Nadia replied, “you just have to ask for me and I will be here. I have had lovely time!”

She left, and I sat on the sofa. Crikey – I had lived out my wildest fantasies with the most gorgeous girl. It might have cost me £1000, but believe me, it was worth every penny!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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