Nana’s Diary Ch. 05

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A Night at the Club

Although I didn’t need his permission, I was pleased that Tom was okay with me finding a man with a big cock to fuck me. He was right in that it had been a while since I felt filled up. Saturday was approaching and I told Tom that we were going out to the local pickup bar. He would be going as Tia, and we would check out the guys together. I told him I wanted him to help me pick up a well-hung guy and that if he wanted one as well that was good by me.

On Saturday night I had Tom put on his makeup, wig, and earrings as he sat at the vanity. He apparently had been practicing because as he was relatively attractive when he was done. After adhering his breasts, I had him put on his black bra and panties along with the black garter belt and hose. I then had him carefully slip on his little black dress having him make sure not to mess his hair or makeup. The outfit was then completed with him slipping on his heels.

With Tom now dressed as Tia, I asked her to help me get dressed. Looking for contrast Tia selected for me a white minidress with a slit up the side. I liked it in that it would give a guy easy access to my honey pot, should I let him do so. I put on a small bra that barely held my breasts in place and which extenuated my nipples, and a small white thong. I also elected to go with a white garter belt and white hose before I slipped on a thong. The heels Tia chose for me were white and 4.5 inches long. Viewing myself in the mirror I was confident I would have my choice of any cock in the place.

Tia pulled the car around and we were off to Cheater’s, the bar was aptly named. After handing the keys off to the valet Tia and I walked in. The place was crowded but we found two stools at the bar. It was fun watching Tia try to sit down keeping her dress from riding Escort Bayan up her ass. It did not take long before a couple of guys came over and asked if they could buy us some drinks.

I said sure and they saddled up next to us. I made sure that my knee rubbed against the crotch of the guy I was taking to, and it only took a second before he was hard. I turned my stool back towards the bar and in doing so grazed my hand over his crotch. My quick assessment was he was good looking but not packing and that I could do better.

I turned to Tia and said let’s dance. She looked at me like a deer in headlights, swallowed and got up. As we were dancing Tia started to turn beat red. I asked her what the matter was, and Tia said that a Mike from his golf club was walking over.

I asked “was this the Mike who thought he was the neighborhood stud?’ She replied yes. Mike came over, took a look at Tia, and said ” I always knew you were a sissy, I just didn’t know that you dressed like one”. Mind if I dance with your friend? Before responding, Mike grabbed my hand and we danced.

The music switched to a slow song And Mike held me close. I felt his cock rising as I rubbed my leg against his. Based on what I felt, his self-given title of stud was well deserved. Mike put his hand on my ass and pulled me closer to his hardness.

After a few dances I said I could use a drink so the three of us sat down in a booth. Mike and I on one side Tia on the other. As we sat and drank Mike put his hand on my thigh. His hands were strong, and I did not stop him as he moved them up the slit of my dress. As he reached the fringe of my thong. I gasped but did not discourage him as he massaged my mound and slipped a finger into my pussy.

I was getting really wet, and I wanted his cock inside Bayan Escort me. I suggested that the three of us go back to my place where we would be more comfortable. Mike took his own car and I rode back with Tia. On the way, I told her that I expected her to not only comply with my demands but with Mike’s as well.

When we arrived home, I had Tia serve us drinks as I sat on the couch kissing Mike. As we necked, I reached under my dress and removed my thong. I told Tia, to get under there so my juices would not stain the couch. Tia got on her knees and bathed my pussy with her tongue. After a small orgasm, I was ready for Mike.

I told Tia, to remove his pants, and make sure Mike’s cock was ready for me. After removing his clothes, Tia was staring at one of the thickest cocks she had ever seen. Mike’s cock was as thick as my wrist and 7 inches long. Mike then took his mammoth tool and shoved it in Tia’s mouth and said suck. Tia was able to swallow only about three inches due to its size.

Mike then took me up to the bedroom with Tia following behind. He put me on the bed and impaled me with his tool. I thought that he would split me open. Fortunately, he pumped slowly, and I was so wet, he slid all the way in. As he was fucking me I said to Tia, play with his balls. Feel how full they are. Lick them each time they slam into my pussy.

We rolled over onto our sides and I had Tia lie down next to me and worship my ass, the feeling was incredible with Mike filling my pussy and Tia licking my rosebud. I knew that I was about to cum soon, so I had Tia lay on the end of the bed with my pussy right over her mouth, and Mike fucking me from behind. I had him ram is dick in me hard making me scream. Cum in me, fill me up, just a few strokes later Mike let out a stream deep into Escort me. He pumped and spurted twice more before he came up for air.

As he was about to pull out, I said to Tia, make sure you catch all his cum. A good girl loves to eat a fresh creampie. Mike pulled out and a huge glob of cum fell into Tia’s mouth. Tia, then went to work, gently cleaning my labia cleaning Mike’s spunk, and then she put her mouth on my slit gently sucking out the sperm that was deep inside me. Needing to cum just once more I told Tia, to make sure there was no cum on my clit. It only took a few seconds before I came again. As I rolled off Tia’s face, I told her to make sure Mike’s cock was clean as well and she sucked our juices off his dick as well.

I thanked Mike for a great fuck and said that we would have to do it again soon, he then left.

I said to Tia that she performed well tonight and that I had a special treat for her. I retreated to my closet, opened the bench of the vanity, and took out the harness and the 8-inch dildo. I returned to the bedroom and told Tia, that I was not the only girl who deserved to get laid tonight.

I had Tia take off her panties and pull up her dress while kneeling at the end of the bed, right where I had been with Mike getting fucked from behind. I then put on the harness, added some lube, and took Tia’s cherry. She was very tight, but I went slow entering an inch more every few strokes. Before long I was all the way in.

I told Tia, to play with her clit, and to match my strokes to hers. She clearly enjoyed the feeling of being filled up the way I had been with Mike. After just a few minutes Tia said she was about to come. I quickly grabbed a saucer I had on the nightstand and put it under Tia’s clit. Come on this. She then shot her load; a fraction of what Mike had put into me onto the plate. I then quickly pulled out and spread Tia’s cum onto the dildo and plowed it back into her. I wanted Tia to feel what it was like to have a guy cum inside her. After a few more minutes, exhausted we rolled over and went to bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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