Nanny to Teach Ch. 09

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Laura had Wayne drive her and Susan to San Francisco to spend a few days shopping. Gene was staying a couple days with a friend fishing at Shaver Lake. Russ had the week off, for the first time since Easter weekend. He’d just finished working out, taken a swim, a sauna, and was reading over some of the corporations papers. He was sitting in the living room nude reading over the papers when Karen returned home from her gymnastics try-outs that evening.

“Well, doll, how did it go?”

“Great!” she beamed. “I made the team!”

“Good for you!” he replied appreciatively, eyeing her long suntanned legs, accentuated by her tight-fitting white shorts.

Her white T-shirt did little to hide her ample tits, which bounced as she moved about. The nipples protruded out like small marbles. Russ couldn’t get over how fast Karen was growing and developing. In the last three or four months she’d turned into a woman. He was ashamed of what he was thinking and the way his large cock had came to full erection while we was looking at his daughter. He was hoping that Karen was so happy that she didn’t see his full erection cock between his legs. God, but he’d enjoy fucking her! She was an extremely beautiful young woman.

“I’ll bet you are worn out, aren’t you doll?”

“Yeah, I am. It’s been a long hard day. I’m going to get a sandwich, take a shower and go to bed,” she answered.

“Goodnight, then. See you in the morning Doll.”

He put his paperwork down on the coffee table, and then walked to his bedroom. The night was cool and windy, and Russ knew it was blowing up a summer storm outside. Then lightning flashed far off. He wished that Laura were here to plant her warm passionate body next to his. God, he missed her when she was gone.

A couple of hours later, a heavy clap of thunder and a bright flash of lightening cracked against the darkness and fierce rain began pelting the windows waking Russ from a sound sleep. He drew the blanket up over himself, sensing, rather than seeing, someone in the room.

He rose up on his elbow, “Who’s there?”

“It’s me.” Karen timidly answered. “I’m scared of the lightning and thunder, Daddy.”

“Well, c’mon under the covers here. There’s nothing to be afraid of Doll.”

She padded across the room and slipped in beside him. He could feel her shivering beneath her short nightie. Russ drew her to him. God, her nightie was up around her waist! She was naked under it!

“Hold me Daddy. Please! You know how scared I am of the thunder.”

Just then a great clap of thunder rattled the windows and Karen put her arms around his neck, and pulled her body over next to his body. He felt her tits pressing against his hairy chest and his cock touched her pubic hair. Her teeth chattered as she snuggled ever closer. Russ could feel his cock hardening. He felt embarrassed because he knew Karen could feel it too! He continued to hold her while his cock grew ever larger and larger. He didn’t know what to say. My God, but she felt good so nice and soft. She smelled so clean, as though she’d showered with perfumed soap. Goddamn me, he thought. Pervert son-of-a-bitch! He tried to stop his hands but he couldn’t. Somehow his hand found her tit and felt it. He squeezed the protruding nipple. He waited for her outraged reaction. Go ahead, he thought, tell me what a lowdown-fucking pervert I am! She only lifted her leg over his thigh so his cockhead touched her clit! As he kneaded her tits, he marveled at their size. Every bit as big as Laura’s! Karen quickly unbuttoned her nightie and cradled her enormous tits in her hands, pressed the pliant mounds on either side of her Daddy’s head.

“You can suck them if you want to, Daddy,’ she whispered. Her delicious tits surrounded Russ’ head. He nuzzled eryaman escort her and licked her and crushed her to him while she rubbed those incredible tits maddeningly against his throbbing temples. The thunder rolled over the house and the rain came in torrents. Russ began to lick his way to the summit of one of those snowy tit-peaks. His slavering tongue left a wet trail of saliva as he traveled over her tits, thrilling at the way he was arousing his little daughter in a big way!

Karen was indeed horny. She hadn’t fucked Gene for over a month. They’d both been too busy. Now her Daddy’s fervent gobbling at her ripe tit was getting her hot, and quickly! His tongue felt like an erotic snake crawling over her tits. His breath came in short, rapid-fire gasps. Her hands clutched greedily at her tits, shoving them at his mouth.

“Oh, Daddy, that feels sooooo goooooood! Mmmmmmmm! Keep it up, Daddy, Please!”

Russ wrapped both his hands around her full tit, squeezing the tit into his mouth as if it were a tube of toothpaste. Her nipples were so stiff and distended now that the slightest tweak sent shivers of lust shooting through her. The combination of Russ’ mouth on one tit and his kneading the other with his hand was enough to drive her insane with lust. She wanted cock! That great eight-inch cock she had seen fucking her mother so many times before!

Karen pulled away from him. Her tit came out of his mouth with a loud plop. He wondered with disappointment if she didn’t want any more sex. She grabbed his face with both hands and dragged it to hers. Her tongue stabbed out, frantic for the touch of his tongue. Karen fucked her tongue into his mouth and they kissed like wild horny lovers.

Her hands flew to his crotch. She was rewarded with a hand full of her Daddy’s cock, all hot and throbbing, erect, and exceedingly long! It was eight-inches at least. Perhaps longer. Not too hard to see why Laura had married him. What a stud! Furiously, Karen pumped up and down on his prick. His hands played with her tits, kneading them like great blobs of dough. Karen broke away. She jumped from his grasp, got out of bed, stood up and turned on the bedside lamp. Her tits shined with saliva and sweat.

“Look, Daddy. Look at me! What do you think?”

Russ feasted his eyes on the fertile triangle nestled between her thighs. Black luxuriant hair bushed out from her crotch. “You are just about as beautiful a female creature as I’ve ever seen, Karen. But we’ve got to stop. Now!”

“Why?” she pouted. “God, Daddy, you’ve got me turned on. I’m so hot and horny. My pussy is burning up!”

“God, Karen, Doll, a man can’t make love to his own daughter!”

“Why not? You like to fuck, I know you do. I’ve seen you lots of times.”

“A father just can’t, that’s why.”

“That’s not a good enough reason,” she argued. “You know you’re going to fuck me, don’t you? You can’t resist me, can you?” She grinned lasciviously.

“You’re going to eat my pussy, let me suck your cock, then we’re going to fuck all night!” Karen jumped back into bed.

“God damn you, you horny little whore! You know I can’t resist you, don’t you?”

“Yeah, Daddy, I know. You’re a man. Men can’t resist a hungry pussy!”

“God, Karen, Doll!” His hand slid down her slim side to her lap. A finger dabbed at her heavily forested cunt mound, eliciting a hearty murmur of pleasure from the girl.

“Do it, Daddy! Go ahead! Don’t be bashful!”

Russ started rubbing her pussy lips. Karen parted her thighs. Her body was overwhelmed by new sensations. She wanted her Father to plug the empty, gaping hole in her cunt with his mammoth cock. She had wondered for years hot it would feel to fuck him, how it would feel to suck his cock. Haltingly, etimesgut escort Karen reached out and touched her Father’s protruding cock. It bobbed slightly, and then came back erect. Karen stroked it, petting its fiery head. Her Father groaned, slipped a finger into her wet, gaping pussy. Russ’ finger went in to the knuckle in her cunt.

The kissing and tit sucking had set the girl to juicing. It seemed her cunt was boiling over with the oils of her lust. He finger-fucked her cautiously at first, and then he picked up the tempo as she began jacking him off. Their mouths were pressed together, their tongues slipping and sliding and encircling each other. Russ reached out and cupped a tit with his free hand; Karen closed her free hand over it and squeezed, crushing his hand into her tit. Her erect nipple poked demandingly into his palm. The raging rainstorm was forgotten. They didn’t hear the thunder. Karen got on her knees by Russ’ head, facing his towering cock. She straddled his upturned face. Compressed pink pussy lips protruded from their nest of pubic hair. He could smell the sweet perfume of her cunt. His lovely daughter wanted to be eaten! She jockeyed a moment for position, then lowered herself. Russ felt his cock stiffening as her cunt descended, pearled with the dewdrops of her desire. The smell of her pussy was rich and rank in his distended nostrils. His mouth was watering as much as her beckoning pussy as her cunt came within inches of his mouth. He lifted his head and burrowed face-first into her pink cunt. Karen felt him dive into her pussy, felt his nose press into her tender cunt. What a joy!

He was going to make her come if he kept that up! She leaned forward toward his huge cock. It was so big! As Russ gobbled her pussy, his cock quivered. His prick had swollen to its full eight inches. Tammy steered the titanic prick to her mouth with one hand while the other steadied her. The cockhead loomed large in her vision, which grew blurry with the passion radiating from her devoured cunt. She couldn’t stand this for long. The erotic torment in her pussy filled her with a hunger for cum, gallons upon gallons of hot steaming salty-sweet male cum. She loved the taste, loved the slick feel of jizz creaming and coating the insides of her mouth and sliding down her throat in a torrent of slippery warmth. Gene, her horny brother, had made her a semen addict. She had the same appetite for semen that she had for sex. She loved Gene’s com. How would her Father’s taste?

Russ knew there was no way she could take all of his cock. Even if she could take six or seven inches, it would be just great! She had no real experience sucking cocks, or so he thought. Her tongue shot out and lapped up the drops of preseminal fluid that glittered at his piss-hole. The taste sent a spasm of joy through her to meet the one that rushed up as Russ sucked energetically on her hardened clit button.

Russ’ lips and tongue felt good and his gargantuan cock tasted good. With a satisfied sigh, Karen lunged forward and took his cock in at least five inches – halfway! The tightness of his daughter’s mouth on his cock was unbearable. He was reveling in the flavor of her flowing cunt sauces, the feel of her ass above him surrounding him in a fleshy envelope while his eyes feasted on the dainty pucker of her asshole. He held her cunt lips apart with his thumbs to permit him greater access to her inner meat, which quivered and juiced with delight. Karen’s tongue swirled along the length of his prick while her teeth clamped down carefully at the base of his prick. He felt his cockhead in her mouth and her hand swiftly jacking him off in her mouth! Russ knew he could not contain himself much longer.

She kept jacking him off with her hand and etlik escort her lips around his cockhead. It was like having the soft-hard head of a giant mushroom in her mouth. She could feel it swelling, as if ready to burst. She felt her Father stiffen. He buried his face in her pussy, chewing softly on her unsheathed clit.

“Oh, Jesus fucking Christ!” he mumbled into her cunt. He began madly tonguing her clit. Then a gushing tide of succulent fluid gushed over his face, whipped to froth by his tongue as Karen sucked and jacked his cock wildly. Her tongue felt the first tremors in his prick, and then all hell broke loose. Russ dug his face into her cunt, eating pussy juice, licking and gnawing frantically, setting off orgasm after blinding orgasm. His prick throbbed and spat as he ejaculated great gobs of semen into his daughter’s hungry mouth, filling her mouth and throat with cum. He grabbed on and locked his arms about her narrow waist to crush her pussy against his face as his spewing cock raped her mouth. Karen sucked and sucked, and she was rewarded with Russ’ generous flowing seed, while his mouth sucked every drop of cuntjuice from her, savoring the taste, smell, and feel of her. Then they collapsed and rested for the great fucking that was to come.

“Please fuck me, Daddy, with that large beautiful cock of yours! Hold me in your arms and kiss me. Then fuck my little cunt!” Karen whispered, watching his cock for a response. His cock started to swell slightly. She reached over and turned off the bedside light. Lightening lit the room and thunder rumbled across the skies. Karen felt her Father’s hand sliding down her thigh and it aroused her fully. She felt his great iron-hard cock poised at the entrance to her cunt. His fingertips held her cuntlips apart as his fluid-tipped cock slipped along her cunt-cleft and searched out the quaking entrance. She felt his cock against her hole.

She felt the slipperiness of the velvety head against her oily secretions. She felt the burning mixture of their juices as his seeped from his trembling prick. Could she take such a huge cock into her pussy? Would it stretch wide enough? She really didn’t know. Slowly, Karen parted her thighs, and she felt the point of his prick slide into her. Russ pushed into her very slowly. His hands curled around her back, and his hips began to lift up and down against hers.

“You’ll be a great fuck, Doll!”

“You really think so?”

“Really!” he gasped. “I’m cuming already. Your little cunt is so very tight!”

She clutched him tightly and moaned and made him stiffen. When the hot sperm hit the walls of her womb, she moaned again and soared into a world of total ecstasy.

“God, Daddy, I’ve never cum so fast in my whole life! It only took seconds. I thought your cock would tear me apart. But it fits so nice. Mmmmmm! Oh, it feels so big and so good!!!!”

Russ kept his cock buried to the hilt in his daughter’s starving pussy as his cum continued to pour into her tight cunt, filling her pussy to the brim. He continued to move up and down into that tight cunt of Karen’s. In each other’s arms they drifted off into a peaceful and contented sleep. Slowly Russ’ cock deflated and slipped out of his daughter’s pussy.

The rain had stopped when Russ opened his eyes a few hours later. He squinted, seeing dawn break through the curtains. He lay with one of his arms under Karen’s shoulders. He’d had a lot of fucking over the years, but nothing had ever equaled this night with Karen! He lifted up the covers and looked at his beautiful daughter. God, what luscious tits! And that hairy, beautiful, youthful pussy so full of the juices of life. Slowly, his cock stiffened as he looked at her. He rolled over to her and took her in his arms and pulled her warm body close. She looked up sleepily.

“Fuck me Daddy. Let’s fuck all day, Daddy? Daddy, Plead! Please, Daddy, will you fuck and eat my pussy all day long? I will and can pleasure you like Mom does!”

Russ and Karen spent the rest of the day and night making love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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