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Julie was a country girl. She knew it. She was also the daughter of the local minister. That she also knew. “And you the Minister’s daughter” was a common refrain whenever she got into mischief. Not that she ever had much chance to get into mischief.

But she was eighteen now. In a few weeks, college would begin for the year and she’d be moving to the city to attend. She had to stay with her Aunt and Uncle, but she’d be in the city. The city, where there were places to go and things to do and see.

As opposed to this place. You couldn’t even call it a one horse town, because they didn’t have any horses. The only place she got to go to this week was to old Johanson’s place to pick up some magazines that he thought the minister might like. And a fair old smirk he’d given her when he’d passed them over. The man was decidedly creepy.

Instead of going home through the town, or what there was of it, Julie cut through the woods, ambling home, bored out of her skull. She was just approaching her back yard when things took a turn for the better. At least, they took a turn. For better or worse she’d decide later.

A young man was approaching from the other direction. He brightened slightly on seeing her.

“Hi,” he said. “I’m Paul.”

“Hi, yourself,” Julie said softly. “I’m Julie. I haven’t seen you around before?”

She let the question lie there. He could answer or not as he chose. He chose yes. A pretty girl and a chance to chat and ease his boredom for a while.

“My parents have rented a place up here for a couple of weeks. They reckon I deserve a holiday before I go back to college next month. I’d rather they’d picked a place on the beach.”

“College? I start college next month as well. I’m looking forward to it. It’s going to be a complete change to living here.”

“You’ll enjoy it. It’s great. You actually live here? How come you haven’t died of boredom, already?”

Julie found herself bridling slightly. OK, it wasn’t much of a place but it was her home town. She didn’t need some stranger running it down.

“Oh, we keep busy,” she said airily. “We’re not exactly out of touch with the city, you know. We get all the latest magazines delivered and we’re right up with what’s going on where news and our hobbies are concerned.”

She gestured with the small stack of magazines that Mr Johanson had given her.

Paul reached out and took the magazines to glance through them.

“These for your hobbies, are they?” he asked casually.

“Not the gun ones,” said Julie, remembering the Shotgun & Rifle magazine that had been on top of the stack. “The others are mine.”

“Naturalism?” said Paul with a note of surprise in his voice. “You’re into naturalism?”

“Why not?” asked Julie defensively. What was wrong with studying nature, after all?

“Oh, no reason. I just didn’t think you were the type.”

“Well, you thought wrong then,” said Julie, taking the magazines back. “It wouldn’t hurt you to try it sometimes.”

Then she took her first look at the naturalist magazine that was now on top of the pile, showing a naked couple walking hand in hand through the woods. Facing the camera, of all things. She froze for a second. Bloody Johanson. You dirty old man. And sending them over for her father to give away? You evil and dirty old man. And oh god. What had she just claimed to do? Take naked walks?

“It’s good healthy exercise,” said Julie, deciding that she would not make a fool of herself by Anadolu Yakası Escort backing down. She’d stick to her guns and damn what he thought.

“You mean that you just get undressed and take a walk in the woods when you feel like it?” asked Paul.

“Not exactly,” said Julie, with a little laugh. “Some of the town people would be shocked at the very idea. No, we have to get a little privacy. We go into the woods and undress in a little clearing further in. Then we go for our walks. We keep our shoes on,” she added.

“When you say we?” asked Paul.

“Oh, a couple of my girlfriends sometimes come along. One of their brothers has been a couple of times, too.”

I can lie with the best of them, thought Julie smugly. We’re not such unsophisticated hicks as he thinks. Well, we probably are, but he doesn’t have to know it.

“When did you last go for a naturalist walk,” asked Paul.

“Oh, a couple of weeks back. The weather hasn’t really been suitable.”

“Yeah, well it’s a nice day today. If you’re not doing anything else why not go for one now? I’m free so I can come with you and see what it’s like. Hey, it’ll be fun. First fun thing that’s happened for me since getting here.”

“Ah, I’ve got to take these magazines home to my father first,” Julie temporised.

“Hell, just stick them on that rock for the time being. There’s no wind so they won’t blow away and it’s not as though there’s anyone around to steal them.”

Julie’s smile felt as though it was painted on. What the hell did she do? Admit that she’d been making a fool of herself or go and make a naked fool of herself? The hell with it. It might actually be fun to go for a naked hike. The chances were that he was bluffing and he’d back out.

“Actually, now that you mention it, it is a nice day. Let’s do it.”

Julie put the magazines down on a nearby rock, resting another stone on top of them in case a breeze did come up. Then she turned and headed back into the woods.

Paul followed along, slightly bemused. Was she serious or not? A couple of minutes into the woods and they came to a small clearing.

“This is where we get undressed,” said Julie. “Fold your clothes into each other so you have them all in a single item. We can then put them in this hole in the tree for safekeeping.”

Julie stripped off quickly. She had to or she wouldn’t be able to do it at all. Naked she rolled up her things into her dress and slipped them into the hollow in the tree. Turning, she saw that Paul was still stripping. She blushed slightly as his trousers came down and looked elsewhere.

With Paul naked and his clothes stowed, Julie indicated the path that they would be taking.

“This is the best path for us,” she announced, not stating that it was best because it didn’t really lead anywhere and no-one used it at this time of the year. There was a small rangers hut at the end of the path, but that was only used during the bushfire season.

They strolled along, Julie quite enjoying her nakedness, but making sure she didn’t look too closely at Paul’s. A glimpse out of the corner of her eye showed that he wasn’t quite as blasé as she was pretending to be. In other words, he had an erection. Or semi-erect, she decided with a fleeting glance.

Paul was also enjoying the walk. He wished that his erection would make up its mind, but for the time being non-erect was probably best. He talked about college and city life to Julie, answering her eager questions. It turned out that they’d both be on the same campus, but Julie was following a legal career where Paul was more interested in maths and physics.

To Julie the time seemed to fly. She was actually surprised when they turned a corner and the little rangers hut was there.

“We keep a few supplies in here,” she told Paul, because she actually did. It was a useful hideaway when she wanted to get lost for a while.

The supplies weren’t much. A few packets of chips and biscuits and some cans of drink. Julie dropped a can, bent over to pick it up and Paul’s erection made up its mind, snapping to attention.

Turning around in the little cabin Julie didn’t even notice Paul’s erection until her hand accidentally slapped against it.

“Oh, my goodness,” she gasped, feeling shocked, embarrassed, clumsy and fascinated, all at the same time. “I’m sorry. Did I hurt you?”

“Not at all,” said Paul, glancing down at his erection, watching it sway back and forth from the sudden slap. “As a matter of fact, while it was unexpected it actually felt quite good. Why don’t you try it again?”

Julie had never heard of a man wanting his penis slapped before. Did they often do that? Surely not. Curiously she gave a gentle slap to Paul’s erection, watching it wobble from side to side. With no comment from Paul she felt encouraged. Delivering a series of gentle slaps Julie batted Paul’s erection from hand to hand. Paul she noticed was flushed and breathing harder.

“What happens if I slap it harder?” she asked.

“Don’t!” yelped Paul quickly. “One, it would hurt and two, it would probably go away.”

“Really? Slapping it hard will make it shrink again?”

“Yes, so please don’t do it. It can go down by itself soon enough.”

Julie giggled. “You learn something every day. It will be useful knowledge if I’m ever faced with an unwanted erection.

Did that really feel nice when I slapped it back and forth like that?”

“It did. You’ll probably find you’d enjoy it too if you had your furry little mound slapped the same way. I’ll show you.”

Paul eased Julie back against the table, legs spread to allow him access. He started lightly slapping her mound, covering her pussy completely, directing a series of sharp little slaps to her sensitive flesh. Julie squealed and wriggled slightly, but didn’t try to stop him. It felt strange. Not really hurtful, even if it was stinging a little. Exciting, more than anything else.

Paul was slapping faster, Julie noticed. A series of sharp little slaps that were getting her all hot and bothered. She was making funny little sounds in the back of her throat, wanting to tell him to stop but afraid that if she did, he would.

Those odd vibrations that his slaps were sending into her seemed to be travelling deeper, making her aware that something more was needed. She just didn’t know what.

Paul stopped. Julie almost wailed with disappointment.

“Well, how did it feel?” he asked.

Julie just stared at him, eyes wide, not knowing what to say. Paul winked at her. “Why don’t I just check for myself?” he suggested.

Julie watched, wondering what he meant. His hand probed gently against her mound and she shuddered slightly. Then his fingers were easing her lips further apart and she watched in horror as Paul’s fingers slid inside her, probing her.

“Paul,” she gasped. “I don’t think you should be doing that.”

“It’s alright. I’m just checking to see that you’re not hurt. You actually feel nice and tight, hot and wet and ready. I think I should start doing a little more slapping. That OK with you.”

Slapping was fine with Julie. Slapping felt good. Slapping was doing nice things to her. And it would get his fingers out of her, where she was sure they shouldn’t be.

Paul slid his fingers to the edge of Julie’s lips and eased them apart. Carefully lining himself up he eased the tip of his erection between Julie’s lips.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” shrieked Julie.

“I’m just going to let my groin slap against you,” protested Paul. “You’ll like it, really.”

“Oh, god,” gasped Julie, watching Paul press in deeper. She could feel him now, alive and moving inside her.

“Ahh, oh my god,” she shrieked, as she felt her hymen give way to the intruder.

“Oh, god,” echoed her voice from the rafters as Paul pushed deep into her.

“Oh my god,” she said softly as Paul’s groin slapped against hers.

“You’re fucking me, aren’t you? Don’t try to lie about it. You’re fucking me,” she said softly.

“Um, yes, I guess I am. Do you want me to stop?”

“Ahh,” said Julie twisting and pushing against the erection that impaled her. “Don’t you dare. I’ll kill you if you stop at this stage.”

Trying not to smile triumphantly Paul started moving, pulling back and then sinking his cock deep into Julie’s willing body, hearing her gasp every time his groin slapped hard against her. Julie was, he noticed, starting to move with him, pushing hard up against him as he drove into her.

Paul wanted to make this last. For Julie’s sake, he needed to make this last. Actually, for his own sake. If he didn’t bring her to a climax she might just unman him, leaving him a soprano. He settled down into a nice steady rhythm, one he thought he could keep going for a while.

Julie writhed and pushed herself hard up against Paul’s cock, taking it into her, trying to get it to go deeper, ever deeper. The steady way he was moving upon her was stoking the fires inside her, building them ever higher. She watched as first his hands and then his mouth claimed her breasts, fondling them, teasing them, biting and suckling on them, and all the time his cock plunged into her, time and time again, plunging in and driving her wild.

Paul was hitting her harder now, she could tell. Instinct told her that he was reaching the end of his race and she’d better hurry up if she wanted to reach hers. She clung to Paul, frantically thrusting her hips up to meet Paul’s insistent demands, needing him to bring her to she knew not what.

Then Paul was climaxing, his semen slashing hotly into her, and Julie shrieked, first in disappointment, and then just plain shrieking as the hot splashing inside her finally swept her over the edge to a climax.

They clung together for a while, both slowly recovering from their joint efforts. Finally Paul spoke up.

“I think I like naturalism. I’m going to do more of it.”

Julie gave him a look.

“This is not the way it’s supposed to be,” she grumbled.

“That’s OK. I’m adaptable,” said Paul. “What do we do now?”

“I guess we walk back through the woods to where we left our clothes and get dressed again,” said Julie.

“Alternatively,” said Paul, “we can stay here for a while and discuss college and what you’ll do when you start going. Then when I’ve recovered a little I can bend you back over the table and do my best to fuck you senseless.”

Julie looked at him.

“So, what do you do in your spare time when you’re at college?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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