Naughty Ch. 1

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When Denise got to bed, she couldn’t help but feel sexy. tonight had been so crazy! She’d been to a sorority party on the college campus that night, and she’d had quite a bit to drink. She’d also seen some of the sexiest guys and girls in town, and it was doing things to her. Courtney had been at the party with her, and they had both been pretty turned on by the goings on. Guys and girls making out left and right. Girls and girls making out in quiet dark corners. Noticing that her roommate wasn’t around, Denise slipped her hand down her belly and did a little work on herself as she drifted off to sleep.

Denise woke up the next morning, still feeling tingles of desire. She was supposed to meet Courtney at her dorm room to go work out. When Denise got to Courtney’s room, Courtney wasn’t there. Erika, Courtney’s roomate, told Denise that Courtney was out at breakfast, and that she’d be back in about a half hour or so. Denise sat on Courtney’s bed and kinda minded her own business as Erika stripped down and got dressed right in front of her. Erika was a HOT little piece, and Denise had had MANY fantasies about her, but Erika’s boyfriend Steve might not approve of Denise raping his woman in her own dorm room.

Finally, Erika left. Denise sighed a huge sigh of relief and fell back onto Courtney’s pillow. She turned on her side, and that’s when she noticed the smell. She sniffed around the bed and pillow trying to pinpoint it. Then she suddenly did. She sniffed the end of Courtney’s pillow and it hit her like a ton of bricks. It was the strong smell of pussy. Denise was a little shocked at first, but then it gradually changed to arousal. She knew why it smelled. Courtney was a pillow-humper! They had talked about masturbation, and Courtney had denied doing it. Denise had been pretty open, and admitted to doing it at least once a day. Well it suddenly looked escort fındıkzade like Courtney was a dirty girl after all. Denise sniffed the pillow again and again. She imagined Courtney, sweating and panting, squatting down on the pillow and pumping herself on it until she got off. Whew! What an image! Denise started writhing on the bed, practically cumming from the smell of Courtney’s naughty little ass on the pillow. Then she heard the key in the lock, and quickly composed herself.

“Hey Denise!” Courtney said as she bopped happily into the room. Denise sat quietly on the bed with a huge grin. “What’s your big secret, you Cheshire cat?” Courtney joked.

“My secret?” Denise oozed, “What’s YOUR secret, you naughty thing?” Denise held the pillow to her face and sniffed again.

Courtney turned an unbelievable shade of red, and started stammering… “I… It must be Erika… I don’t…”

“Yes you do!” Denise interjected, “And I think it’s great, babe… you don’t have to be ashamed!”

“Oh my God…” Courtney sobbed, on the verge of tears, “I can’t believe this… I feel so nasty!”

“Well don’t.” Denise cooed. “I think it’s great that this came out in the open. And besides…” Denise sniffed the pillow once more… “Your ass smells GOOD, girl!”

Courtney hid her face behind her hands, shaking in embarrassment. “Oh shit… oh shit…” she kept repeating it.

Denise knew she had to do something. Courtney would never open up to her again if she didn’t. She undid the buttons on her jeans, and slipped a hand inside… she was still gooey from this whole experience. “Look, babe… I do it too… you know I do!” Denise started working her hand in tight little circles, and leaned back, sighing.

Courtney looked up to see her friend masturbating wildly in front of her. She giggled a little, and smiled. Denise escort topkapı put on quite a show for her… exaggerating her movements, and humping her ass wildly in the air, all the while cussing up a storm and moaning like a porn starlet. It was a pretty risky move. Courtney and her had talked about sex plenty, but had never really experienced anything sexual together. But Courtney couldn’t keep her eyes off her friend’s nasty little performance. Denise worked it for about another 4 minutes, and them came hard.

“Good lord, girlie!” smiled Courtney, “You do know what you’re doin’, don’t you?”

“Yes I do!” replied Denise as she buttoned up her jeans, “So do you feel a little better now?”

“Yeah I do.” Courtney admitted, “I guess we both do it a little different.”

“Why don’t you show me what you do, cutie?” Denise teased. She didn’t expect Courtney to agree, really, she just meant it as a joke.”

“Umm… okay… I’ll do it!” Courtney mumbled.

“Oh!” exclaimed Denise, “Oh Court, you don’t have to… I was just joking…”

“No I don’t mind… watching you do that kinda got me goin’ anyway… so do you wanna watch?” Courtney asked.

“Oh hell yes!” Denise blurted out.

“Okay… I usually do it naked, but I’m a little embarrassed… do you mind if I…” Courtney giggled.

“Oh hey… you don’t have to do it bare-ass naked if ya don’t want to.” Denise replied. Denise figured Courtney would just do it right there with her shorts on. Needless to say, she was shocked as Courtney unzipped her shorts and slid them down, showing a pair of baby-blue satin panties. “Nice undies!” Denise smiled.

“Ohh thanks…” Courtney blushed, “Okay here goes…” Courtney sauntered over to her bed, and layed her pillow longways on it. Then she straddled it, and bunched it tightly between her legs. She giggled escort mecidiyeköy lightheadedly, and then suddenly closed her eyes and moaned.

Denise looked down and saw Courtney grinding her ass in slow circles, rubbing her pussy softly and sensually on the pillow. Denise was stunned. What a sexy sight! And Courtney wasn’t acting! She kept working it on the pillow, and started moaning more and more loudly. Denise moved a little so she could see Courtney’s perfect little ass clenching with each hot little thrust. She did look good doing this. Courtney suddenly grabbed the waistband of her panties and pulled them tight against her crotch as she started humping back and forth faster. Denise couldn’t take her eyes off of Courtney’s perfect butt working back and forth on that lucky little pillow. Courtney suddenly hunched over, went silent and shuddered for about 10 seconds, then fell silent.

“Oh! Did you just do what I think you did?” Denise teased, “Did you cum?”

“Yesss…” Courtney hissed into her pillow. She was obviously a little ashamed of what she had just done in front of her friend.

“Well that was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.” Denise confessed. She wasn’t kidding. She patted Courtney on the butt jokingly. When she did, she felt her pussy melt. Oh God, there it was again. She knew that she and Courtney would probably end up doing it together soon… especially after this.

Courtney recovered from her embarrassment, giggled with Denise, and then ran off to the bathroom to clean up. When she left, Denise couldn’t resist checking out what Courtney had left on the pillow. Sure enough, a nice gooey wet spot. Denise played with it a little, and bent down to have a little sniff. Oh God… she felt faint after smelling Courtney’s fresh cum. She wiped the pillow off with a kleenex, and stuffed the kleenex in her purse. Courtney came back in, and the 2 friends left for the health club.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. Denise joked with Courtney about what they had done, and Courtney joked back. It seemed that she didn’t feel too bad about what they had done, and Denise was thrilled.

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