Naughty Ch. 5

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Denise stormed into her room, and sat on her bed. She was pissed. Courtney was being such a prude about doing anything with her. God, they had masturbated together, shared fantasies, and for God’s sake, she’d gotten off on Courtney’s ass just last night. Denise stopped thinking when Karin burst in the room, shaking, and almost crying herself. She slammed the door behind her, and started pacing and shivering.

“Shit… shit… shit…” Karin repeated. “Oh hey Denise… look… I’m sorry about the other day… I was just really shocked… you can do what you want… it’s your room too… oh shit…” Karin kept shaking.

“That’s ok, Karin,” Denise smiled, “Hey what’s wrong? You don’t look so good.”

“I need a hit BAD…” Karin whimpered.

“A hit???” Denise replied, shocked.

“Yeah. I do crack, Denise… God PLEASE don’t tell anyone… shit… I’m trying to stop, but I’m freaking out, Denise… I can’t take it… do you have 50 bucks you can lend me?”

“Damn, escort Karin,” Denise smiled. She was secretly a little pleased to know this about her picture-perfect roommate. “That’s alot of money!”

“I know it is… but I need it SO bad…” Karin got on her knees in front of Denise. “Please… I’ll do anything you want… just lend me the money… I’ll eat you out… ANYTHING!!!” Karin started kissing Denise’s legs and begging even more.

Something about using her snooty sorority-girl roommate as a whore got Denise insanely horny. “Eat me? Hell I’ll give you 100 bucks if you eat me!”

“Okay… quick… pull your pants and panties off and sit on the couch… I’ll do it!” Karin blurted out… she wasn’t kidding.

Denise slipped out of her leather pants and still-nasty-wet panties, and sauntered over to the couch. She knew she was stinkin’ pretty bad after getting all sweaty and then cumming in her pants last night, and having them on all night. She couldn’t wait to share bursa eve gelen escort that with Karin. Denise slowly sat on the couch and spread her legs wide. Karin got on her knees and pushed her face into Denise’s crotch. She backed away suddenly…

“Whew!” Karin exclaimed. “What did you DO last night? Didn’t you shower today?”

“I just got in,” Denise replied, “I didn’t have a chance yet… does the smell bother you? I’m sorry… I can go wash…”

Karin held her down. “No… I like it… alot… don’t do a thing… just get ready to cum!”

Denise smiled and settled back on the couch. She looked down at Karin’s pretty little face as it nestled between her legs. Denise squealed as Karin’s hot liquid tongue slid up between her pussy lips, and whipped across her clit. Denise gasped and hissed through her teeth as Karin repeated the action again and again, seeming to enjoy it almost as much as Denise did. Karin wiggled görükle escort her tongue against Denise’s clit, working it from side to side, making her pump her ass in rhythm. Denise didn’t think she could hold out long… she could already feel her pussy tightening, readying itself for a powerful cum. She cried out in pleasure as Karin’s long tongue plunged deep into her pussy, wiggling and working sweet magic on it. Karin actually started to moan as Denise started panting and working her ass harder. Soon Denise started to cum. Her pussy did intense contractions and she sat up and doubled over Karin, who kept up her silky tonguework, sending Denise to Heaven. Denise gushed on Karin’s face until she could barely move.

“Did I do good?” Asked Karin coyly. She knew damn well she was an expert pussymuncher.

“Oh God did you ever!” Denise sighed. She dug into her purse and handed Karin $100 bucks. She felt like she was paying a hooker. She basically was.

“Look… this is a loan, OK?” Karin said. “I wanted to do what I just did to you.” She walked towards the door, and opened it. “And, if you don’t mind…” She started.

“Yes?” asked Denise, still panting.

“I’d like to play again sometime.” Karin closed the door quickly behind her. Denise smiled big.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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