Naughty Cousins

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I have always had the hots for my two cousins, Martin who was 23 and Liam who was 20, both had short jet black hair and blue eyes and muscular bodies, due to them working out regularly. Every girls dream. My name is Kate, I’m 21 pretty ordinary looking. But having wonderful large breasts can be a bit much when they are every boy’s dream.

One hot summers day, I decided to go and visit my aunt, unfortunately she was not at home, after travelling in all that heat I needed cooling down, I knew that there was a swimming pool in the back garden, so decided to go and take a dip, I knew my aunt would not mind me using their pool. The garden was pretty secluded, so feeling brave I decided to go skinny-dipping! I removed all of my clothes, lay them on the sunlounger and jumped into the pool. It was so cold, but so refreshing on my skin. Then I heard a noise. Voices. Oh no my cousins had returned, I began to panic, Could I get out of the pool before they saw me, or would I be safer remaining in the pool? Too Late!

“What do we have here then,” A voice boomed out.

It was Liam, I tried to laugh it off.

“I came to visit your mum but she wasn’t here, so I decided to take a dip. Please can you get me a towel”? To which he laughed and called out for his brother Martin.

“Hey Martin come and look at this, you won’t be disappointed,” He said.

“Please don’t, just get me a towel. This isn’t funny anymore”. I said in a whimpering voice.

“Wow Kate, lovely tits”. Martin commented as he came to the side of the pool

I covered them with my hands while begging them to get me a towel so I could get out of the pool and get dressed.

“I will do you a deal,” Martin said

“I will get you a towel if you will let me and Liam feel those lovely tits of yours”. He said as they both stood there with big smiles on their faces.

I thought they were only pulling my leg but at that moment I would probably have agreed to anything.

“Okay deal!”. I said not sure what I was getting myself into now.

I started to pull myself out of the pool as Liam came to give me a helping hand. I tried to grab the towel of Martin, but he held it out of my reach.

“Come on boys this joke has gone to far,”. I said.

“No keçiören escort a deals a deal,” Said Martin.

Put your hands down by your side now,” Martin said again in a commanding tone of voice.

I thought maybe a quick feel won’t hurt, so did as I was told. First Liam grabbed at my tits and squeezed hard, then Martin took a hold of my tits, and began to caress them, to which I was now having second thoughts about.

“No please stop this is wrong,” I said pleading for them to stop.

But they carried on caressing my nipples, I could see they were getting very hard as their cocks were bulging in there pants.

“Come on Kate we know you have always fancied us, just relax and enjoy”. Martin said as he kept playing with my tits.

“No Martin I can’t, please stop now!” I shouted at him.

My Mouth was saying one thing but my body another. I could feel myself getting turned on the more they both played with my tits and my very hard nipples. Liam then led me over to the sunlounger and told me to lie down. My body was shaking, but I so wanted to feel their hands on me. Liam gently opened my legs. I whimpered. I heard martin laugh, and then I was blindfolded. What were they doing to me?

“Please please stop!” I cried out again.

“No we know you want this Kate just enjoy,” said Liam.

I felt my hands being tied to the side of the sun lounger which began to scare me when I felt something brush up against my lips. It was then I realised one of them had taken his cock out and was trying to put it in my mouth.

“Open wide Kate” I heard Martin say.

My mouth opened before I could think. I knew I so wanted to taste him but I was also scared of what it might lead to. Oh god I was getting so horny that I took his hard on into my mouth and began to suck hard on it. Then I felt a hand between my legs.

“Christ this slut is so wet,” Liam said.

His fingers started to explore my wet pussy, working them deep inside me! I started to struggle but all the time I knew I wanted his fingers to go deeper and deeper into my now sopping wet cunt.

“Hey she’s enjoying this” I heard Martin say.

“There really is a slut inside you trying to get out isn’t kızılay escort there Kate?” Martin asked as they both pulled away from me.

Please don’t stop now,” I cried out.

“Oh we have no intention of stopping Kate, we know your gagging for it,” Liam piped up.

“You want to feel us inside you, don’t you slut?” Martin asked me again.

“Yes, get your big cock inside me,” I gasped.

“Please, please fuck me!”. I shouted at them.

” I think we need to go somewhere more comfortable and private don’t you” Martin said as they untied me from the sunlounger.

I was to far gone now that I would have done it anywhere with them. Still blindfolded, I was led into the house, up the stairs and put on the bed they had guided me too. My hands were then re-tied to the bed. I felt my ankles being tied apart to the bottom of the bed and was now totally helpless. No-one spoke, then I felt a hand caress my tits. One of them took my nipple into their mouth, sucking hard onto it while twisting my other nipple and making me cry out in pain. Them I felt a tongue on my clit, slowly working it further and further into my cunt. Oh god, it felt so good, as a moan slipped by my lips. I was now powerless to stop what was happening to me, but did I want to stop it?

“I’m the oldest I’m going first,” I heard Martin say to Liam.

I could feel his hard cock at the entrance of my pussy. Then I felt him thrust inside me in one smooth motion. I screamed out as he began pounding into me hard and fast. Then Liam tried to put his dick in my mouth which I was only to eager to accept.

“Suck on this slut,” He said in a raised voice.

I was on the brink of a huge orgasm, I knew Martin was close too, then all of a sudden he exploded deep within me,. As I felt his hot sticky cum shoot inside me it sent me over the edge and my body went rigid as I arched my back and my orgasm ripped through me. When we had both ridden our orgasms his now shrinking cock slipped out of my cunt with a pop as his cum drip out of me and down the crack of my ass onto the bed. But it was not over; I was then untied, and told to get onto my knees. Liam then inserted his hard cock into my pussy again, I was so wet he had no trouble sincan escort sliding it in me in one go. Then he withdrew, and I felt him rub my juices on and into my arse and then I panicked.

” No, not in there,” I cried out.

“Relax” he said,”

“I wont hurt you, I promise,”. he said again.

My ass cheeks were then spread apart, while a warm tongue started to lick my anus. No one had ever done this to me before. I could see Martin watching me from the bed, his cock hard again with what was happening. Then without warning, I felt Liam’s cock push into my arse.

“No its too big please stop!” I shout.

He didn’t listen to me and just carried on slowly working it inside me. Martin came over to me, I saw he was jerking his cock as he knelt down in front of me. He slid it between my tits and told me to wrap my tits around him as he wanted to titty fuck me. I could feel Liam now beginning to pound in and out of my arse as Martin began rubbing his hard shaft against my tits.

“Please, I need to cum,” I shouted out.

“Cum then slut, cum now,” Liam shouted.

All at once I felt Liam’s cum shoot into my ass which set Martin off and he came over my tits and face. As Liam pulled his now deflated cock out of my ass his cum oozed out and ran down the inside of my thighs. I was covered in their cum. I licked my lips and tasted Martins cum, it tasted so good. I was in heaven and totally worn out.

“We had all better get cleaned up, come on Kate lets get a shower,” Martin said snapping me out of my day dream.

I was helped up onto my feet, and half carried into the shower cubicle. There they both washed me gently, and then it was my turn to wash them. I noticed that they were both getting hard ons again, and I knew I was wet again too. All of a sudden we heard a car pull up the driveway.

“Oh fuck, mums home,” Liam cried out.

We all quickly came to our senses, dried and dressed as quick as could and ran downstairs.

We got down stairs just as Aunt Mary walked through the door with a bunch of shopping bags in her hands.

“Hi Kate, I didn’t know you were coming to visit today, I do hope my sons have looked after you, and kept you entertained?” She asked.

Martin and Liam looked at me winked and smiled.

“Oh yes Aunt they have been wonderful hosts,” I replied.

“I’ve had a lovely time” I said again.

The three of us just looked at each other, knowing we couldn’t wait till I came to visit again next week.

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