Naughty Fun with Aunt Mischelle

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Another commission by the lovely Brooke. She wanted something “nasty” and given her brief descriptions of her time with her “Aunt” Mischelle I tried to give her just that. My first time doing a bondage story too. All characters are at least 18.


Let me tell you about my Aunt Mischelle. Well she’s not really my real aunt, but a friend of my mom’s and she lives just right down the street. Things got started with us when she claimed to have hurt her back and my mom asked me to keep an eye on her from time to time as well as help her around the house. Eventually as she got ‘better’ she started taking bath in front of me. I guess she knew I was as into women as I am men, so she knew what buttons to push.

Finally, the day has come that I give in to my sexy ‘Aunt’ Mischelle.

I find her naked in her bedroom, ready to take a bath. She knows I am supposed to come over and I’m willing to bet she expects me to find her in the bath already. That is why I came just a little early.

“You’re early,” she says not at all surprised.

“I am,” I say with a smile.

Instead of walking into the bathroom, she walks over to a plastic bag and pulls out a rope.

“What’s that for?” I ask.

She smiles at me and says, “I have a change of plans. I’m tired of waiting for you to fuck me so I’m taking the initiative. Now, get undressed and give me your wrists.”

I do as she says and present my wrists to her. She spins me around and binds my wrists behind my back and then threads the rope down between my ass cheeks and back up, splitting my moist pussy lips. She runs it up past my breasts before tying the rope in a loop around my neck. I squirm and fidget, agitated by my immediate itchiness and I give her a wicked grin.

Mischelle tugs on the rope snuggly, making sure the fibers are properly embedded in my delicate cracks. Then she beckons me over to the bed and bends me over it. She stands behind me and just rubs my firm ass cheeks, massaging them with her hands, over my hips and down underneath to my rope-bound pussy. I feel her tracing her fingers up and down the rope along my skin.

Mischelle stops suddenly and walks back over to the back on the chair and pulls out a butt plug. I watch as she lubricates it, thoroughly before pulling the rope aside and pushing the hard rubber plug into my asshole. She replaces beylikdüzü escort the rope over the butt plug to hold it in snuggly. My body is overwhelmed with pleasure as waves of ecstasy rolls through me.

Quietly, she walks back over to the bag and pulls out short, fat dildo. I feel the rope slide away, this time from my pussy and then the dildo being inserted to the hilt before she pulls the rope back over on top of it. I can feel my pussy getting wetter by the minute, I am so turned on. Then she grabs me and rolls me over onto my back, my bound wrists produce some discomfort, but I ignore it to concentrate on what she does next.

I watch as her hands come up and she takes my nipples between her fingers and pinches them hard several times. My body jerks in response as I moan. She then wraps each hand over my breasts and squeezes them tightly. She pulls on my nipples again and I moan even louder.

“Now what do you think of this?” she asks me with a wicked grin. “You’ve teased me enough with your sexy body, but haven’t wanted to fuck me.”

That is partially the truth. I have teased her as I do both my parent’s friends, but I have also wanted to fuck her.

Mischelle reaches up and unties the rope, removing it from my body except for my wrists. Instead, she ties them separately and ties them to the headboard posts. She spreads my legs apart and digs her fingers into my pussy, pulling out the dildo. My pussy is soaking wet with my juices, making it easy for her to slip several fingers into me. She starts finger fucking my pussy vigorously. I let out a long moan, spreading my legs even further apart. Her finger fucking gets increasingly harder and faster until I climax. She suddenly pulls her hand away and my pussy gushes juices out onto the bed.

My hips bounce from wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure and Michelle turns her attention to my breasts, which she pinches and pulls hard again. She looks at me and smiles.

“I’ve got something special for you.” Michelle then climbs onto the bed and over me, settling her pussy right over my face. “Open your mouth,” she commands me.

I do as she says and watch as a long stream of hot pee flows from her pussy into my mouth. I am shocked and before I can spit out the war liquid, she is moving down my body, peeing all over my beyoğlu escort breasts, stomach and eventually pussy. She stops peeing and moves back up to my mouth. I know what she intends, so I open it back up and accept the remainder of her pee, gulping it down seconds later. I cough and gag, but drink every bit of it.

“Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?” she asks.

Without waiting for my answer, she slides back down, scooping up the dildo and shoves it back into my pussy. I squirm a little as I get comfortable and soon Michelle is thrusting it deeply into my pussy and developing a rhythm with my body. As I push back into her strokes, my breasts repeatedly bounce around. Before long, I am wiggling and yelping as several more orgasms hit me as I accept the full length of the toy.

Now I was ready to fulfill another one of her wishes: I took the handled rubber dildo, and stood behind her, teasingly pushing on the butt plug that held my urine securely in her ass. I lubed up the large dildo with hot menthol oil, and aimed it between her legs. I began working it into her love tunnel, and she squirmed around a little as she got comfortable with the extra thickness of the hard rubber toy. I love every minute of this.

By now, I am out of my mind with lust, but am even more surprised by what Aunt Mischelle says next.

“Since you’ve been such a naughty girl, you are going to get punished.”

I look at her with hungry eyes and then I am shocked when a naked man walks into the room. His cock is rock hard and throbbing for attention.

“This is my boss and he needs a good fuck to make up for my missing so much work. You’re going to be a good girl and fuck him or rather him fuck you, understand?”

I nod my head wordlessly as he crawls up in between my legs and rams his pulsating cock into my pussy. He instantly begins pounding my pussy for several long minutes before he pulls out and straddles my body. He reaches around, grabbing a handful of hair and pulls my head up to meet his raging hard cock. I open my mouth and accept him, taking his cock in as far as I can. He grabs my head with both hands and thrusts his cock deeper with each stroke. As he does this, I feel my Aunt Mischelle slip between my legs and she begins to lick and suck across the top of my pussy, making her way to bizimkent escort my inner thighs. I moan around her boss’s cock as he pounds away at my face. She turns her attention to my clit and licks it in a circle, flicking it rapidly with her tongue. Then she nibbles it with her teeth, sending more waves of pleasure through me. When she enters a few fingers in me, I have to grip hard at the bed posts as I try to concentrate on the cock in my mouth while Mischelle attacks my pussy relentlessly.

Just before her boss cums, he pulls out and blasts his hot cum all over my face then rubs his cock through the messy goo and over my face. Seconds later my Aunt Mischelle brings me to another climax, causing my pussy to squirt several long streams of my juices at her. Her boss climbs off of me, but my Aunt Mischelle doesn’t stop, not yet.

She works her tongue up and down my pussy slit before pressing it into my entrance and wiggling it about. My hips buck wildly as I experience rush after rush of pleasure. Her lips lock onto my pussy as I once again drench her with my juices.

When Mischelle lifts up and away from my thighs, I lay spent and out of breath. But I don’t get much relief as her unties me from the bed posts and rolls me over. He takes the rope, pulling my wrists back behind my back once again and plunges his hard cock into my pussy. He rides me hard, pulling hard on my wrists.

I can’t help but moan and scream, “Fuck me harder! Pound my pussy!”

He pounds me until I feel his cock swell and this time he thrusts fully in before exploding in me. I feel his hot cum rush out in thick ropes, filling my pussy up. When he finally pulls out, I fall into the bed and feel his thick cum slowly seep out of me.

I don’t know how long I lay here before my Aunt Mischelle pulls the butt plug from my ass. When she does, it makes a loud pop sound and my body is given a rush of pleasure again. Without any effort, I feel my pussy gush in a quick burst of pussy juices as a small orgasm hits me. Her boss is no longer here and I assume he has already left.

When I feel I can, I take a shower and get ready to head out the door to my parents house. Aunt Mischelle stops me at the door and hands me a set of pictures.

“When did you take these?” I ask as I flip through them. They show me, Mischelle and her boss, showing me angles I could never have been able to see from my position.

She smiles at me and says, “I had a camera set up to take pictures at intervals. Make sure you leave these out for your mom to find.”

I grin at her and she leans in to kiss me n the cheek. “Make sure you come back to check on me.”

I smile at her. “You know I will.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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