Naughty Intentions

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I find myself in a very interesting place on this lovely Friday evening. I fell asleep on the couch in between my boyfriend and his best friend and I woke up in bed in between my boyfriend and his best friend. We were all drinking and watching a movie and I must have dozed off. We were drunk enough for it to make sense for us to all end up in the bed in our studio apartment seeing as the couch isn’t very comfy. I’m immediately soaked when I see Mark (the best friend) is sporting a massive hard on.

I should mention now that Mark is fucking sexy. While my boyfriend Jason is also very attractive, I have wanted to fuck Mark since the moment I laid eyes on him, and I have a feeling he feels the same way. Over the past few years Mark has made many remarks to me about us fucking privately but Jason and I have a rule that we can’t fuck anyone else without the other present. With that logic it would be perfectly okay for me to wake Mark up right now and beg him to fuck me however he wants.

With all the stealth I possessed I reached over Jason to grab my favorite toy from the night stand. The glass curved dildo has never failed to make me drip and cum my little brain out. As I lay back down Jason stirs but doesn’t wake much to my elation. A plan is forming in my head now I feel like I know what I have to do. I’m going to fuck myself and try to wake Mark up. Jason is a heavy sleeper and is used to me fucking my self in the middle of the night eyüp escort but if I cozy up to Mark he has to wake up and fuck me.

I carefully remove all of my clothes and get as close to Mark as I can. I nestle right into the curve of his body and slowly put one leg over his hip so that my pussy is fully exposed. I don’t hesitate to start fucking my little slutty cunt. The glass slides right in and it doesn’t take long for me to find a rhythm. I’m morning and writhing and pounding my self basically on top of Mark’s body praying that this isn’t the last orgasm I have tonight.

I feel it as soon as Mark wakes up. His body stiffens and slightly jolts as he assesses the situation, but wastes no time as soon as he realizes what’s going on. He grabs the glass out of my hand and begins fucking my pussy relentlessly. It’s making obscene sloshing noises at this point and I’m about to cum all over Mark and the dildo when suddenly he stops. He pulls the glass out and sets it aside replacing it quickly with his massive fingers, starting with two then quickly adding another and another as he proceeds to fuck me with his hand now which feels even better. “I need to feel you cum on me. I need to make you cum” Mark whispers as his fingers find my g-spot and teases it until I’m clenching all around him screaming out his name and coming for what felt like forever.

When my brain returns to my body I realize that Mark has me half on half esenler escort off the bed and he’s positioning himself over me. I feel the head of his cock press against my soaking entrance. “Is this what you wanted, Slut? Huh? You wanted me to fuck you raw in your bed with my best friend?” He gathers my hair and yanks and at the same time thrusts all the way into me. It is fucking glorious.

I cry out and surprisingly this wakes Jason out of his deep slumber. Mark and I both notice Jason stirring but he doesn’t stop pounding. Jason looks over and takes in the sight of his girlfriend getting railed by another man. He smiles groggily and says, “I want a turn.” I immediately stretch my body reaching for Jason’s dick, eager to have it in my mouth. He accommodates me by kneeling in front of me and shoving his cock into my waiting mouth. I suck on him like my life depends on it having so much fun with these two cocks.

They both fuck me relentlessly from opposite sides, taking turns telling me I’m the best little slut. At some point they decide to shit positions. Jason sits on the edge of the bed and braces me over his large and throbbing cock. He slides right in and we both moan at the slippery sight of him inside me. I feel Mark come up behind me and press himself into my asshole. I’m so wet and he has enough precum to get most of the way in before I cry out. I’m so full I don’t know if I can take both of them but they şişli escort start slowly rocking me back and forth taking turns thrusting inside me. Pretty soon their thrusts increased in speed and strength and I could hardly handle the all consuming orgasm that was rising in me. Feeling their cocks stretch me too maximum capacity, pulsing together inside me was too much. “I’m gonna cum!” I yell. I was afraid that I would pass out in that moment I came so hard.

Mark and Jason held me up and continued fucking my spasming body as I came over and over again. “Oh you fucking love this huh? You’re nothing but a little slut who loves having her holes stuffed.” Mark says but I’m too out of it to respond. I can only think about the cocks thrusting in and out of me right now.

I can tell both of the guys are getting close to coming and Mark shocks me by sliding out of my asshole and plunging right into my now stretched out pussy right alongside Jason. I cry out but honestly it feels really good after just a few seconds. They thrust sporadically inside my little cunt for just a moment when Jason starts to blow his load followed seconds after by Mark. They pumped me so full of their cum I could feel it oozing out and all over my thighs. Mark spread my legs open as I lay on the bed and began scooping the cum that I was losing back into my cunt before kissing and sucking on my throbbing clit so painfully gently that I had to cum just one last time.

Both men kissed me and sucked on my sensitive parts until I passed out from exhaustion. I used my final words before falling into a slumber to ask for another night like this as soon as possible.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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