Naughty Nick

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His dark eyes are staring straight into mine. I don’t know how I ended up in this position. My friend had suggested internet dating after a bad break up with a cheating ex and I couldnt see the harm in a meaningless flirt, maybe even a innocent date or two. And at first I was right! I’d gone on several dates that I’d met online. Some of the guts were nice, others where losers or weirdos but none of them ever crossed any boundaries!
Now I’m laying here, but naked bar my stilettoes and tied to a kitchen table with every part of my body being scrutinized by a group of strange men!
I had replied to a message from a profile called Naughty Nick. He had been really nice and we had spoken for weeks so eventually I swallowed my pride and asked to meet him for dinner. We had arranged to meet at a restaurant in the center of town, I didn’t want to arrange a meeting in the near where I live or in the middle of nowhere. I had been so careful! Naughty Nick had told me that he owned a lucrative business so when a limousine pulled up outside the restaurant asking for me I wasn’t that surprised. A little baffled maybe but not surprised. A man in a black suit stepped out of the limo and began to approach me where I stood waiting at the door.
“Miss Sanchez?” The tall bald suited man asked.
This definitely wasn’t the fair haired blue eyed man I had been speaking to over the past few weeks but I was curious to know what he wanted so I nodded my confirmation.
“Mr Mcquire will be unable to make it here for your meet as he is in a business meeting that overran and won’t be finished for at least an hour.” My heart had sank. I honestly had been looking forward to this meet for a while.
“He sent you here to tell me that? He couldn’t have just called me?”
“No ma’am. He sent me here to collect you and bring you to the hotel where his business meeting is being held. He wants to know if you will do him the honour of forgiving him and joining him for dinner there instead?”
Why had I got in that limousine? That same suited bald man had been in here earlier. His thick cock had been the first to violate my mouth. Thankfully he had been gentle, caressing my face as he slowly forced his long erection past my gag defences. Unfortunately the rest hadn’t been as gentle.
At the hotel I was told to wait at the bar and after two glasses of wine the man I knew as Naughty Nick finally turned up. He had been dressed in alight grey suit with a navy blue shit and silver tie. His eyes Escort Ankara had been amazing through the screen when we had skyped but in person they were breathtaking.
“Ah Martina. I must apologize for my tardiness. It is not my usual style.” His Irish lilt had been one of the things I had come to like most about Naughty Nick. Now it made my stomach turn as I think of his demands.
“Open you’re pretty pink pussy for me bitch. Come on, you know this is what you have been asking me for. You’ve been dropping hints about riding white dick for weeks so I got you more white dick than you could ever ask for. Now open up” it turns out a innocent flirt could hurt. Just like the back of his hand when he brought it down across my face when his bulging penis couldn’t fit into my tight sex.
We had sat for food and laughed over a bottle of white wine. When we had finished desert he had looked me dead in the eye just like he was now and told me that he had very much enjoyed the night and had asked if I would be offended if he asked me to join him for a night cap. How could I guess that I would end up being used and violated by all of these men?
Now as Naughty nicks eyes lock into mine, it dawns on me that there is absolutely nothing that I can do. My stupidity got me here and with both my arms and legs bound to the table and his weight resricing any remaining movement, I would just have to grit my teeth and bare it as his rock hard erection pokes its way around my asshole.
“I heard you Mexican bitches love anal. Is that true?” He snarls.
I shake my head,unable to talk because my jaw is aching from the hours of being forced open.
“Well you’d better learn to love it.” The head of his penis finally makes contact with my clenched butthole and his snarling lips transform into a twisted smile. “Bingo bitch”
He begins to thrust, pushing hard against my resistance. The more he thrusts the more it hurts and I can’t hold in the frail whimpers that escape my bruised lips.
“I knew you would like it, so why keep stopping me?” One arm props him up over me, the other he slides between us and holds himself in place as he rams harder making me cry out. His breathing begins to speed up, his chest heaving as my defences finally break and the thick head of his cock slides into my torn ass. Tears instantly spring to my eyes as the shooting pain resonates through me and I’m to shocked to let out the scream that builds deep down inside of me.
“See! The tears of joy Ankara Escort in your eyes are all I need too know how much you love me.” I hear men laughing elsewhere in the room but I can’t see them. “Now I’m going to stretch your tight little ass too. That way we don’t have to do this one by one shit. I’ll make more if I can let them fuck you in groups.” For a moment his words shock me so much I forget about the pain that is tearing me apart as I realise I am being sold! Men are paying to fuck me even though they know I don’t want it! And if he is selling me like a tourist attraction, I could be here for ever! Who knows how many men he will find to abuse me before he finally decides that I’m used up? And what if he deideds that I’m too much of a risk to let go? If he starts to worry about me talking to the police will he let me go at all or will he keep me locked in here forever? Then an even worse thought crosses my mind. What if he decides that I’m both to used up and a risk and deciders to kill me instead?
This thought causes me a sudden urge to escape so whilst my thoughts are keeping the pain at bay I decided to try and pull against the ropes that keep my limbs in place. I thrash and pull trying to ease the tightness on my restraints but that just makes him laugh.
“Want it deeper do you? Well my wish is your command TeX Mex.” He moves both of his hands to my hip bones, forcing me to halt my escape efforts. “Hold still.” And in one sharp thrust he buries himself balls deep into my virgin ass. This time I cannot stop the scream that explodes from my body.
“That’s right,” his thin lips are pulled back, his perfectly straight teeth bared like a vicious animal. ” scream for me. I promise no one will hear you. And even if they do you’ll only be attracting more customers for me. Why would anyone want to help a little whore like you?” His breaths start to catch in his throat and his face contorts and I know what is coming next.
“I am going to come in you. Then my boys over there are going to come in you. Then I am going to let the punters in. By then you’ll be nice and loose for the groups.” And with that his gives one last grunt as I feel the heat of his come exploding deep inside my anal cavity. For a few seconds he just lays on top of me, his sticky sweet sweat filling my senses and turning my stomach. Then when his cock finally pumps the last of his climax into me, he pulls himself up and out of me.
“She is all yours lads.” I hear him say and Ankara Escort Bayan seconds later two more men come into my view. The dark skinned one on my left has his erection in his hand already and he is stroking it slowly, coaxing beads of precome to the tip. The one on my right is huge in every way! His biceps are the size of my head and his cock is like nothing I have ever seen!
“You scored a pretty one here Nicky.” The black one says whilst rubbing the tip of penis around my lips, coating them in the slick liquid he had been gathering. “Lick them slut. Clean my come from your cock sucking lips!” His spare hand is pinching my alert nipple so hard that my back arches in an attempt to ease the pain. Flicking my tongue over my battered lips, the sickly salty taste make me wretch. This only makes them laugh harder. “I need you to keep here quiet” he turns to his huge accomplice across the table. “She’s giving me a fucking head ache.” The huge man nods and in one quick move he climbs onto the table and straddles my face. My senses are assaulted by the stench of stale sweat that is emanating from his balls causing me to wretch all over again. In try to turn away, try to gasp for some fresh air but his giant hand holds my face in place as he jabs his stinking bellend into my face. “You may as well open up, otherwise,” his fingers slide from my face to around my throat and he squeezes slowly. “I’ll choke you until you’re out cold. Then I’ll fuck you’re pretty little face anyway so play nice huh?” At first I’m tempted to refuse but as his fingers apply more pressure to my windpipe my mouth automatically falls open and he takes his chance, forcing himself so far down my throat that I feel although I’m swallowing him.
I try to catch my breath between thrusts but I can’t keep up with his rhythm and soon I feel as though I’m being suffocated. My heart races faster and faster and I barely feel the fingers that are working my soaking wet pussy. “Make sure you keep her quiet,” I hear the black man say. “I’m going to stretch her cunt worse than even your monster cock ever could. I wanna see what here pretty little cunt looks like with my fist in it.” A new wave of panic hits me then and I forget about my difficulty breathing as I feel a fist being brutally rammed into my already swollen sex. It feels as though he is just punching my opening over and over again and I try to scream around the sour slab of flesh in my mouth but my throat soon grows hoarse and my body limp. With tears streaming from my eyes I lay still and let him do whatever he wants. I can’t fight it any more. It’s no use! I’m totally at their mercy and I know it is going to be a long painful night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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