Naval Maneuvers

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Double Penetration

“Petty Officer Burke, please see me in my office,” Lieutenant Commander Griffin stood in the hatchway.

“Yes sir.” The breathtaking beauty in starched whites and simple wire rimmed glasses saluted and followed him into his office. Toni stood at rigid attention while he sat down.

“At ease. This conversation will be off the record, is that clear Burke?”

Toni relaxed with her hands clasped behind her back, “Yes sir.” Mile long lashes blinked once, leaving her big brown eyes on alert.

“There is a banquet for a colleague tomorrow evening, and I need to bring someone.”

“What about Mrs. Griffin, sir?”

“She’s out of town this weekend, besides she hates those things. Interested? It may be a little boring, but the food will be good.”

Toni smiled, then pouted slightly, “Sounds great, but payday isn’t for weeks and I don’t have anything to wear.”

“Don’t worry about it, it’s on me,” he opened his wallet and handed Toni his credit card.

“Sir, are you sure?” Toni feigned hesitation.

“Absolutely, get something real nice. Remember, off the record.”

“Yes sir,” Toni saluted.


As Toni returned to her desk, her co-worker and best friend Stacy turned towards her. “Going hunting tonight Tone?”

“No, something just came up.” Toni settled at her desk and finished her reports.

Naval banquets were always a gala affair. A stringed quartet played sonatas and fugues while elegantly dressed women danced with sharply pressed officers. Expensive food and champagne were consumed with mild conversation and murmured laughter. But when Adam walked into the hall with Toni on his arm, everyone noticed.

Adam looked very sharp in his dress uniform with gold piping and ribbons. His proud smile was as bright as his patent leather shoes. But it was soon evident that all eyes were on Toni.

Standing well past six feet tall in black high heels and elegantly tussled hair, Toni dazzled effortlessly. Her white satin blouse gathered loosely below a strand of pearls. And a short black leather skirt tuned her athletic body into a symphony of luscious curves.

“Toni, I’d like you to meet some old college chums. This is Thomas Post and Gerald Cooper and sorry, what was your name again?” The barrel chested man that approached laughed heartily as the two men shook hands.

“This old windbag is Captain Jack Hartford, I used to beat him up as a kid,” Adam dodged a playful punch. “Don’t let him bore you about his Washington connections.”

Toni shook Jack’s hand and bewitched him with her brilliant smile. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Captain.” She couldn’t believe little Adam could ever beat Jack up. He looked very powerful, and she couldn’t remember the last time she had to look up to meet someone’s eyes.

“The pleasure is all mine,” Jack nodded and winked. “Could we possibly tear Adam from your arm for a minute? Secret Navy business, upper echelon type stuff, you know.”

“Certainly, upper echelon type stuff must be attended to immediately,” Tony grinned knowingly.

“Great, he’ll be back in a minute.”

Adam had spent too long talking to his friends about nothing in particular, and he was starting to worry about Toni. He hadn’t seen her for almost a half an hour, and he still had some showing off to do.

“Have you guys seen Toni?” Adam tried to sound casual.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure she’ll turn up,” Jack took a sip of his martini. “You’re staying for dessert right?”

“Dessert? I thought this was just food, drinks and listening to you brag about how you beat Saddam single handed,” Adam smirked before stuffing a cheese square into his mouth.

“Change one, mod two Griffin. When everyone else leaves, a few of us will be staying behind for something sweet.” Jack patted his pals shoulder and waited patiently for everyone to clear out.

Another hour passed, and it looked as though people were slowly filtering out. When the last person left, Jack clapped his hands and anxiously rubbed them together.

The doors to the kitchen opened and the chef entered the room. “Gentlemen, dessert is served.” Behind him a long tray was wheeled into the banquet hall. Several jaws hung slack as the tray came to a rest in the middle of the small group.

“Good God Toni, what are you doing?” Adam was embarrassed yet aroused. Toni’s naked body was decoratively arranged with sliced strawberries, cherries, bananas, whipped cream and chocolate syrup.

Toni quickly looked over at her date. “Hi Adam, I’m dessert. What does it look like?”

Jack spoke up, “O.K. everyone, no pushing. I said no pushing! There’s plates and spoons over there. Or for those of you who can’t wait like Evelyn, you can use your tongues. Is that alright Toni?”

“Alright? That’s perfect. Don’t just stand there Adam, dig in.”

As the feeding frenzy began, Toni became a little more than turned on. Several people opted to do without spoons, and at least two mouths were treating Toni to a very pleasant sensation. She felt a hand creep down between her legs. She opened her legs slightly for better gaziantep escort bayan access, and was greeted with a friendly flick on her clit.

“Mmmm,” Toni closed her eyes and rolled her hips against the probing hand. All over her body hot tongues and scooping fingers were melting her pussy and sending delicious shivers up her spine. The hand between her legs began trying desperately to bring Toni over the top.

“Quite a girl you have here, Adam,” Jack admired with a messy face.

“Mm mmm…” Adam’s mouth was busy with a sweet tasting nipple.

Toni’s mouth gaped silently as her body tensed. “Hell yeah,” she heaved quietly.

When the party went home, Adam escorted Toni to the elevator, and stepped inside. Once the doors were closed, Toni attacked Adam with a frenzied kiss and heated embrace. Her perfect lips kissed his jaw line to his ear and blew into it gently.

“I saved some dessert for you,” she whispered as she sucked his earlobe and reached down to squeeze his hardening bulge. Adam thought briefly of his wife and children, but he was held spellbound.

“Good, I’m still hungry.” It was a short drive to his home, made even shorter by his lead foot. Adam screeched into the garage before it closed behind him.

A blur of flying clothes trailed off into the bedroom as Toni and Adam undressed themselves and each other while trying to kiss at the same time. They jumped onto the Griffin’s bed, and with a quick scramble, Toni was sitting on Adam’s face.

Adam licked Toni’s sweet lips and drove his tongue up into her hot tunnel. He felt something. Toni squeezed and relaxed, releasing a tangy hot cherry into Adam’s hungry mouth. He didn’t know what it was at first but was soon probing inside for more.

Toni held Adam’s head firmly in place while she rubbed her excited pussy over his mouth. His hands cupped her muscular ass and helped her ride his face. But after a minute, his hands were trying to get Toni off. She was staying put.

Adam was having trouble breathing. He was happy eating Toni out, and would surely continue after a quick breath, but she seemed to have other plans. Luckily for him, he felt her shudder and twitch. A gush of hot juice flowed into his mouth as she sighed.

“Thanks Adam, that was great.” Toni climbed off the bed and started getting dressed.

Adam took a quick confused breath, “Um, aren’t you… I mean, weren’t we going to… you know.”

“If you have something to say, say it. I don’t speak gibberish.” Toni continued to pull up her panty hose.

Adam whimpered, “Please make love to me.”

Toni scoffed, “Not with that pussy attitude. You’ll have to try harder than that.” She slipped on her high heels.

Adam got off the bed and crawled to Toni on his hands and knees. “Please Toni, I’ll do anything,” he kissed her feet.

Perfect. “Oh, alright.”

“Great,” Adam started to get up.

“Stay down,” Toni put her hand on his head. She took a step to his side and sat on his back, curling her legs under his belly.

“Giddy up,” Toni drawled.

Adam braced under her weight, and began to crawl around the room in a slow awkward ramble.

“I said, Giddy up!” Toni’s right hand left a red patch on Adam’s ass as she spurred her horsey on to win.

Adam tried his hardest to go faster and make Toni’s ride more enjoyable by trying to buck her off. This only made her grip onto his hair and pull harder to stay balanced. He was getting tired, and his head hurt. He slowed down and finally slumped flat underneath her.

“Done already, huh? I guess you’ve earned it, turn over,” Toni stood to allow a panting Adam to flip onto his back. She mounted him gracefully and settled her moist pussy over his rigid manhood.

Adam lay motionless as Toni began to mount herself onto his manhood. He lifted his hips to meet hers but she placed both of her hands on his chest in a gesture for him to stay still.

Toni rode him harder and faster paying little attention to his rapid breathing and tightening body. Her pointed tits bounced up and down as she quickened the pace.

“Ohhh oh, oh, ahhh!” Adam screamed.

“What the fuck was that?! Don’t tell me you just came. I thought you wanted to fuck, I was just getting started!”

“I’m sorry Toni, it just felt way too good and you’re so beautiful, I couldn’t help myself. It’ll be better next time, I promise,” Adam stood up to face Toni.

Toni scowled, “There won’t be a next time, get out of my sight!”

“Commander, I have a problem,” Toni stepped into Adam’s office without knocking.

Adam jumped slightly and rolled away from her, saying awkwardly, “What can I help you with, Toni?”

“I’m late Adam,” Toni looked worried. “I can’t have a baby now, my career means too much to me. You’ll help me won’t you?” She looked about to cry.

Adam softened, “Won’t your insurance cover an abortion?”

“No, I need cash. Seven hundred dollars, and I’ll never bother you again.” Toni wiped a tear with a tissue.

“Seven hundred?! Toni, I can’t pay that much. I might have, if you hadn’t maxed out my credit card!” The commander breathed heavily, as he confronted Toni.

“Oh, you can pay much, much more,” Toni promised.

It was a crisp fall morning, and Toni and Stacy were about to enjoy a run around the track.

“So how’s the new man? Get him broken in yet?” Toni started to walk faster letting her busty redhead friend catch up.

“He doesn’t need breaking in, he’s hot.” Stacy’s breasts jiggled as she kept pace with Toni’s long striding legs.

After a few laps, Stacy noticed a good looking guy leaning against a brand new black Mustang Cobra.

“That guy was looking at you,” Stacy tried not to laugh.

“Are you sure he wasn’t looking at you?” Toni played back.

“No, he wants you. I can tell. Nice car, huh?” Stacy panted gently between sentences.

“Yeah, it’s pretty nice, I guess.” Toni smiled at the stranger when they passed him on the next lap. When they came around again, he was leaning against the fence with his fingers curled around the wires.

“Don’t kill him, Tone,” Stacy teased as she headed for her towel and water at the end of the fence.

“We’ll see…” Toni slowed down and headed for the clean cut guy in black leather jacket and loose fitting jeans. Toni stood within inches of him and turned on her killer smile.

Damn, “Hi, what’s your name?” He tried to sound cool and suave, but it suddenly got much hotter.

“Toni,” she purred. “What’s yours?” She had to admit he was fine, with short dark curly hair framing a strong brown handsome face. Toni started walking the length of the fence, keeping keen eye contact with her prey.

“Derek…” he started, but watching Toni run her tongue along the inside of her cheek and bring her fist to her mouth in a sensual jerk left him at a loss for words. At the end of the fence, they met. He fell headlong into her beautiful trap, and was helpless to get out.

“Nice car, can I drive it?” Toni headed for the driver’s side and opened the door.

Derek stammered for a moment, this was his baby. “Sure,” he relented and threw the keys to Toni.

“Thanks.” Toni keyed the ignition and flamed her off. Derek got in just in time before Toni sped off into her day.

“Dear, who’s Antoinette Burke? She sent us a bill for seven hundred dollars… let me see here, ‘for reimbursement of emotional and physical suffering’. And what’s this, oh my God! Adam!”

“What Sue, what?” Adam came running in from the living room where he and Jack were moving boxes and furniture into.

“You cheated on me!” Susan cried in heart rending sorrow.

“No, sweetie. I didn’t.” He tried to sound innocent.

“Just be a fuckin’ man for once, and take responsibility for your actions!” Susan started counting on her fingers, “Your actions led you to losing me, that’s for certain. Losing the kids, and everything we’ve worked so hard for. And when the Navy finds out, you’re really through.”

Adam sank quickly into the quicksand of despair when he heard her slam the door behind her. He sat numb for an eternal moment before he forced himself to finally stand.

“Toni, we need to talk,” Derek said grimly over the static cell phone.

“Talk about what?” Toni blow dried her wet red nails with a soft breath.

“I can’t do this anymore. We’re finished.” This was the voice of someone who was at the end of a very long rope.

“But sweetie I love you,” Toni perked slightly at the sign of trouble. “Please, let’s talk about this face to face. I’d hate for there to be any hurt feelings,” her siren’s song began.

“I don’t know Tone, I think it’s best we just don’t see each other anymore.”

“Not even a goodbye kiss?”

A long silence crackled before his shaky reply, “Fine.”

“Great! See you at the club? About ten?”

“Ten, at the club. Check.”

“You won’t be sorry,” Toni lied.


“So, do you wanna come? It’ll be fun.”

“Ungh,” Stacy shuddered with a delicious jiggle. “It’s like watching a train wreck. No, Tom and I are fuckin’ tonight.”

“Don’t you guys fuck every night?”

“Yeah but tonight he’s gettin’ my ass,” she wiggled happily in her seat just thinking about it.

Toni winced, “Ouch, sounds like torture.”

“Oh no, it’s fun. Believe me,” Stacy nodded enthusiastically. “I’m surprised it’s not a weapon in your arsenal actually.”

“Whatever,” Toni said snottily.

“Whatever yourself, bitch,” Tammy spat playfully.

“Watch it butt hair, I’ll kick your ass!” Toni wheeled back in her chair waving her hands, inviting Stacy to bring it on. Then she scrambled quickly for something important looking to bring back to her desk when their Lt. Commander Griffin walked in from the hallway and headed for his office.

“Good morning sir,” Toni and Stacy both sang with a smile. Toni crossed her legs in a graceful extension, then serpentine twist.

Adam almost choked. “Good morning ladies. I would like to be disturbed as little as possible today.”

“Aye aye, sir!” The girls chimed in cheerful unison.

“Thank you,” he slid into his office quietly.

“Wow, what’s buggin’ the old man?”

“I have no idea.” Toni shook her head and wheeled over to continue their earlier discussion.

Derek had been waiting since 9:30, drinking. This was going to be tough. How often did a man get a woman like Toni? And did they have to pay for it as much as he did?

Finally, he heard his Mustang pull into the parking lot. Derek cringed, he still hadn’t figured out how she talked him out of his car. Minutes later the door opened and Toni emerged from the veil of the night.

She headed straight for Derek not noticing the lusty eyes of the club. Toni glided towards him on a high heeled breeze, and planted a warm kiss on his earlobe.

“Thanks for coming, it’ll be better this way.” Toni swung her head to the side, creating a cascade of brown waves in her hair.

“No, of course you’re right…” he stammered. “Can I buy you a goodbye drink.”

“Yes, I’ll have an iced tea, please.” Toni smiled at the bartender.

“Want anything in that, ma’am?”

“Just sweetener,” she turned her attention to her soon to be ex-boyfriend. “So… anything you have to say, or can we work this out?” Toni reached to his inner thigh and massaged gently.

“I think it would be best if we just called it quits.” He was glad he was drunk for this, but he wished he didn’t have to pee so bad. It was making this even more uncomfortable.

Fuck it, I can’t take it anymore. “I’ll be back in a second,” Derek left Toni and his drink, in a beeline for the bathroom.

When Derek returned, he found that his seat was taken by another man. Toni was flirting playfully with the new blood. As Derek approached the laughing couple, the young man realized his faux pas and stood up. Toni scribbled her name and number on a napkin and handed it to the handsome young sailor.

“See you later, stud.” Toni watched him walk away as Derek sat down.

“What was all that about?” Derek echoed into the dregs of his beer.

“Nothing, just lightin’ up a new toy. So, are we done? Or do you feel like you’ve hurt me enough for one evening?”

Toni’s face started to wobble, and there was a strange variance in the pitch of her voice. Derek shook his head.

“Sweetie, you don’t look so good. Are you feeling alright?” Casual concern filled Toni’s sensual voice.

Derek wiped the sweat from his forehead, and mumbled, “Um, I don’t…”

From out of the thickening mist he heard Toni whisper softly, “Sweet dreams.”

A powerful stinging slap across his cheek dragged Derek out of the fuzzy darkness. There was a beautiful pale haze before him.

“Honey, are you alright?” Toni’s soft voice beckoned Derek back to consciousness.

But he was unable to answer because his mouth was full of Toni’s panties and a broad strip of silver duct tape kept it shut tight.


“Don’t bother, you’ve done your talking. Now it’s my turn.” Toni’s right leg was up and resting on the chair Derek was adhered to. She thought she might have a little fun ripping the duct tape off of his naked skin later

When his head finally cleared, Derek noticed he was in a small room. A single bare lightbulb swung from the ceiling. Toni towered over him in high heels, and a leather harness that pushed her tits out perfectly. She was always beautiful, but he did not like that look on her face.

“What am I going to do with you? Huh? Did you think you could just walk away from me?” Her foot slid in closer to Derek’s genitals, and gave a slight press.

Derek’s eyes widened slightly at the shock. He shook his head vehemently.

Too late. Toni pressed his balls harder with the sole of her stiletto heel pumps, and smiled happily at the stomach churning pain evident in his watering eyes. Her pussy was getting warm watching him like this. She gave him another step.

“Mmmmphh…” Derek howled behind Toni’s panties.

But Toni wasn’t interested in pleas for mercy. Her long fingers were massaging the now very wet folds of her pussy. Half shut eyes kept the pained victim in view for a very exciting rubdown.

“See how wet you make me?” She stuffed her dripping fingers under Derek’s nose.

As the deliciously sweet musky scent filled his nostrils, his body misunderstood the signal for sex and he started to harden. Toni’s pressing foot made getting a full erection difficult, but he managed much to his discomfort.

“I want you to meet someone.” She walked behind him for a moment and returned with a cardboard box. She brought the cardboard box in front of Derek’s face.

With a smile, she introduced her friend to Derek as she opened the box. “This is Camille, isn’t she beautiful?”

Derek gave a violent start, as a very large hairy spider crawled slowly along the outside of the box and onto Toni’s hand.

“Hey baby…” Toni made kissy faces at the spider like a doting mother. “I want you to meet Derek, you’ll like him.”

Derek shook his head wildly as Toni placed Camille on his thigh. The hairy spider then crept along his leg, then nearer and nearer to his erect penis. There was a tear in Derek’s eye as he silently begged Toni to remove the spider. Why did he have to tell her about his arachnophobia?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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