Neat N’ Naked 16: Patti

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©2020 Sal De Klerk, “The Salacious Scribe”. Aliceinchains36, All Rights Reserved.

Final Revision July 2020

Authors Note:

This is the sixteenth installment of a series of 26 stories about a naked cleaning service. Each story is self-contained, no need to read every story or in any order. I am not completing them in any particular order. They’re sorted by name. P is the 16th letter of the Alphabet.


This story contains adult content including spanking, lesbian sex, mother-daughter role play, and more. If this is not your kind of smut, please find another story.


“Neat n Naked…where our girls suck better than Hoovers. How can we help you?”

Riley stuttered into the phone before hanging up. “Damn it.” She sighed. She took a deep breath before dialing the number again.

“Neat n Naked…where our girls suck better than Hoovers. How can we help you?”

“Um yeah. Hi.” Riley said once the woman on the other side answered. “This is… I um… I’ve never… I’d like a cleaning?” She stuttered into the phone.

“We have many female clients who hire us to clean their pipes. Are you interested in a male or female cleaner?”

“Female.” Riley managed to squeak out. “A-And um… Can you make her older? Like um… Could I have the mommy experience? If you guys do that?”Riley asked, getting excited admitting her fantasy to another person. “And dark hair too? Long dark hair.” She said, her voice filled with nervous excitement. “And I want her to be dominant, but not a meanie. But tell me what to do. Because I won’t know. I’m already nervous… Like it’s… I’m rambling. Do you have someone like that?” Riley stammered.

“Of course we do my dear.” The voice said. “When would you like to schedule your appointment?

Riley thinks for a moment and stammered, “Today, as soon as possible. Otherwise I…I may not…not do it.”

“Let’s see whose available… Okay, I found three women who are available today that are dominant MILFs. Let me send your their profiles…

Riley’s phone chimed and she saw she had three new messages. Tapping the icon and a photo appeared on the screen…

The first photo that opens ins of a pretty brunette reclining on a couch. She looks like she’s in her mid-thirties, and has sexy legs, and a nice smile. She’s wearing a short-sleeved orange top with a zipper that runs down the front of the shirt. It’s open enough to show a slight hint of cleavage. She’s also wearing a black skirt that comes to mid-thigh. Her legs are bare and she has a pair of four-inch black pumps that have gold pointy toes. On the photo, there’s some text…




130 pounds


Joyce is a former news anchor who decided to change careers and do something more meaningful. She is a switch who loves littles.

After studying the photo, Riley opens the second image…

The image is a very pretty brunette with a big smile, that shines into her eyes. She has a slight endearing overbite. She is meatier than what is generally considered sexy. Yet anyone seeing this lady would agree she was sexy and beautiful. She wore a full cupped white bra with decorative plate blue flowers. The top of the cups were translucent, the bottom was opaque and reinforced. She was wearing matching panties that were opaque, and tiny. If she turned around she would be showing some nice ass cleavage. The panties covered enough so that you couldn’t tell if she had a bush or went Brazilian. She was holding a five-foot-long strand of pearls. As before there was some text on the image…





Patti is a fun-loving lady who loves to take control. She can be sweet and loving or domineering and cruel.

Riley felt a connection with Patti, but to be sure she opened the third picture…

Riley gasped when she saw this image. The lady looked mean and cruel. She stared at the camera as if she was daring it to take her picture. In her right hand, she was holding something that looked like a whip. Her hair was dark red and shorn shorts short hair that’s dark red. She’s wearing a medium gray long-sleeved blouse and a tight black leather skirt. The skirt was too short and tight for a professional environment. The text on the photo read…

Lady Sonia





Lady Sonia started as a prison guard in a federal women’s prison. She earned her Master’s degree in teaching. She got a job at an all-girl boarding school and ended up as the headmistress. The Board of Directors fired her for moral turpitude. She was in D/s relationships with staff, parents, and some of the alumna. After that, she became a professional Domme. She still runs a Femdom website.

Riley closed Sonia’s image and looked at Patti one more time. She nodded in appreciation at the sexy plus-sized lady. She kinda looked like a mom Riley knew. Lifting the phone back to her hear, Riley cleared her throat, “Definitely not Sonia, yenimahalle escort she looks mean! Not like a mommy. Joyce is pretty, but she doesn’t have that mommy aesthetic I’m looking for. Patti though…” Riley, licked her lips imagining them intertwined on her bed. “Yea. I like Patti. Can she come over like soon?” Riley asked.

I’ll send Patti a text as soon as we take care of a few items. The voice went over some policies and collected payment. Then she gathered the information for Riley’s new client file. Once the business was out of the way, the voice told Riley, “Patti’ll be there in twenty minutes or less. Is there anything you would like her to know before she arrives? Likes, Dislikes, fantasies, taboos?” the voice asked.

“I… I don’t know. I’ve never done this before. She should definitely know that…that it’s my first time. Well, not first, first time. But the first time like this.” Riley rambled into the phone. “But I don’t know what else to tell her. What do you think I should tell her? Should I send her a picture of me? But what if she doesn’t think I’m pretty? Am I supposed to send a picture? Am I even allowed to?” Riley continued, talking a mile a minute. She realized she was rambling and stopped herself. She took a deep breath before speaking again. “Um, what do you think I should tell her? In your professional opinion, what does she need to know?” Riley stammered.

“We never provide clients with the contact information of our employees. So there’s no need for a picture. Our employees see the beauty in all people. We have never refused a client based on physical appearance. Now I have some questions for you.”

Imitating the way Riley spoke, she rattled off a series of questions. “First is this your first time with a woman, with a paid companion, with an older woman, with a dominant woman? Second Is there anything special you want from this experience? Or you don’t want from this experience? We need your full name, address of course to take payment. If things get too wild she’ll stop as soon ask. If you want to enjoy this experience, then tell me, or Patti what your limits are and what you want to try.”

“Um wow…” Riley said, her cheeks turning bright red. “This is my third time with a woman. First time paying, first time with someone older, and dominant.” Riley gushed. “As for the other stuff… Riley mumbled, feeling a warmth growing in her belly. “Can we play it by ear. I can…ask her to stop if…if I don’t like something….”

“Exactly my dear. I’ll let Patti know you’ll try anything at least once. Is that okay with you.”

“Yea.” Riley managed to squeak out. “Is there anything I should do? Should I wear anything special? Or nothing?” Riley trilled.

“I’m betting you won’t have time to do much…” the voice chirped as a knock on the door echoed through the apartment.

“Oh… She’s here? She’s here! Riley gushed. “I’ve got to hang up now. Thanks for all your help!” Riley chirped, hanging up the phone.

Riley looked herself over in the mirror before heading to the door. She took a deep breath before opening the door. “Uh… Um… Hi. I’m Riley. Are you… Um… Patti?” Riley simpered.

“Hi, Riley. Yes, I’m Patti. You are such a cutie.” Patti wraps her arms around the younger girl hugging her tight.

Riley hugged Patti back, too stunned to even speak. “I… Uh… I’m… Um… Can… Um…” Riley stuttered as she held Patti. After a moment Riley released Patti. “Um… I need you to… Um… Clean my apartment? So… Can you… Uh… Come inside?” Riley asked, inventing Patti into the spotless apartment.

Patti steps inside thinking to herself, ‘I’ve seen hospitals that weren’t this clean.’

“My my my, such a mess you’ve made little girl.” Patti snarled. “I am very disappointed in you. Since you want to live in a pigsty, you can live like a pig…and pigs don’t wear clothes. So strip piggy.” Patti commanded looking at her.

“O-oh. Ok. Mommy.” Riley said, a little bit surprised at how fast Patti took control. She stripped off her t-shirt and jeans, standing in front of Patti in a cute pale yellow sunflower bra and panty set. “I-Is this good? Mommy?” Riley asked, hesitating when she said mommy, but loving the way it sounded.

“Do little piggies wear cute undies? I’ve never seen my bacon wearing clothes. Off they go.” Patti says standing in the open doorway glaring at the girl in front of her.

“S-sorry mommy,” Riley said, unhooking her bra. “Can… Um… Can you close the door first, please? Mommy.” Riley asked, holding her bra on with her hands.

Patti steps in and kicks the door closed. She stands there waiting for Riley to finish undressing. Riley let her bra fall to the floor to reveal her large breasts. She then lowered her panties revealing her clean-shaven mound. Patti’s practiced eye could see some slight irritation. She knew Riley had shaved herself no too long ago. “Is this good mommy? I shaved this morning for you. Do you… Um… like it? Like me?” ankara escort Riley stammered.

“Of course mommy likes her girl. But she has to learn not to be so messy. Look at this pile of nasty dirty clothes in the middle of your kitchen, where any visitor could see them. With your panties on right on top. Anyone could walk in here and see this mess. Clean it up now!” Patti orders her as she licks her lips looking at the sexy Rubenesque young woman in front of her.

“I’m so sorry mommy!” Riley choked. She started grabbing her clothes and folding them. As she folded each item she stacked them on her small kitchen table. “What would you like me to do now mommy?” Riley asked.

“Are you for real?!” she asks in annoyance. “Do you eat clothes? Is it a good idea to put your dirty stinky undies where you eat?” Patti says. shaking her head in disappointment.

“I’m so sorry mommy!” Riley croaked as she started grabbing her clothes. She took them to her bedroom where she put them into the dirty clothes basket. “Is that better mommy?” she asks when she returns.

“Yes. Yes, it is. Such a good girl I raised.” Now show me around your lovely little home,” Patti purred, smiling at her.

“Well you saw the kitchen living room combo, and this is the bedroom,” Riley said. “And that’s the bathroom through there. In case you need it… For anything…” Riley told her. “And that’s the whole apartment. I don’t need anything bigger.” Riley said, wishing she wasn’t the only one naked.

“It’s a nice place. You decorated it well.” Patti reaches out and ruffles Riley’s hair. Now my sweet, it’s’ time that we sit down and talk.

She takes Riley’s hand in hers and leads her to the loveseat in the living room. Patti sits down and pats the seat next to her as she crosses her long legs. Her skirt rode up her thigh giving Riley a momentary glimpse of her panties.

Riley sat down next to her, with her legs together so she’s won’t get chastised for being immodest. “What do we need to talk about mommy?” Riley fretted.

“How long will it be before you offer me a beverage, or ask if I would like to get comfortable,” she scolded Riley.

“Oh! Right! Sorry!” Riley said, standing and dashing to the refrigerator. “Is sprite ok? It’s all I have. Or water.” Riley said, grabbing a glass and waiting to see what Patti would ask for.

“I’ll have a sprite please, my dear. Four ice cubes,” Patti tells her. She can’t help but smile at how cute Riley is when she gets flustered. ‘This client’s going to be a lot of fun’ she thought. Her eyes watching the way her ample bottom jiggled as she scurried around.

Riley pours a glass of sprite and adds four ice cubes. She returns to Patti and hands it to her and sits down. “So, um… Would you like to get comfortable?” Riley asked, not sure what Patti meant by that.

“Of course I would sweetie. Please help me,” she says as she stands up and starts to unbutton her silk blouse.

Riley gasped like a fish out of water as she watched Patti work the buttons of her blouse loose. Patti ket the blouse slid off her arms and she caught it before it fell to the ground. She folded and put it down on the coffee table. Patti locked her eyes onto Riley’s and reached behind her back and released her bra. Patti pulled it away from her and put it on top of her bra. Riley was like a deer caught in the headlights. She couldn’t move or think. She could only stare at Patti’s beautiful breasts.

“Hey snap out of it.” Patti snaps her fingers in Riley’s face. “I said help me not stare at me.”

“S-sorry,” Riley said, still unable to take her eyes off those breasts. She reached out with shaking hands and unbuttoned Patti’s jeans. Lowering the zipper she saw Patti’s rich violet thong undies.

She gives the younger woman a slight half-smile. Patti wonders if Riley will take her shoes off, or fight to get her tight jeans over them.

Riley realized her mistake and squatted down. She lifted her right foot and unfastened the jeweled ankle strap. Then she slid the black patent leather mule off her foot. “Are these Jimmy Choos?” she asked looking at the sexy shoe.

“Yes. Yes, it is my sweet. Mommy has a special friend that sometimes buys her nice things. He bought these for me yesterday. Do you like them?”

“They are so sexy mommy. I wish I could afford shoes like this, or have a special friend who would buy gifts like that for me.”

“Mommy might be able to help you with that. Do you want mommy to find you a special friend to buy you pretty, girlie things?”

“That would be soo nice mommy. I would love to have a friend like that.” Riley admitted. She wondered if this was roleplay or if Patti was serious about helping her find a sugar daddy. Riley had a decent job that paid enough to live on. If she lived cheap. She would love someone to give her nice things. She made a mental note to discuss this with Patti after the scene. Riley looked down at Patti’s foot and saw it was beautiful and perfect. She couldn’t help herself, she kissed each toe.

Then she did the same for the left foot. Riley couldn’t decide if she liked Patti’s breasts or feet more. Riley reminded herself of her task. She looked up and put her hand on the zipper, to finish lowering it. Summoning a bit of courage she didn’t know she had, Riley placed her hand inside of Patti’s panties.

“Ummm,” she moans as the younger woman’s hand touches the sensitive flesh covered by her panties. “That’s nice baby girl, but it would be better if the panties were out of the way.”

“Uh-huh,” Riley responded her brain not registering what Patti said. She was too engrossed by the soft supple skin she was feeling to listen.

Patti shook her head at Riley’s lack of response. Reaching out she pinched Riley’s nipples hard. She knew that would bring her back from the lust-filled stupor she was in.

Riley moaned and shuddered when Patti pinched her nipple. She turned bright red when she realized what she was doing, and pulled her hand from Patti’s panties. She tugged the older woman’s pants down her hips before pulling them away, leaving her panties. “Here we go…” Riley gasped, pulling Patti’s panties down.

“That’s so much better,” Patti says finishing her drink. “Now lick my pussy and I’ll consider letting you cum.” She says sitting down and spreading her legs apart.

Riley kneels in front of the older woman. For a moment she flashes back to her childhood in the fundamentalist church. She giggles as she thinks about worshipping at this altar. She leans forward and inhales her musky aroma. “Will… Will you make me? Like grab my hair and force me to lick you?” Riley trilled, her hand wandering down between her legs.

A huge smile grows on Patti’s face. Without a word, she stands up and grabs a handful of Riley’s hair. Marching to the kitchen she dragged Riley behind her. Riley whimpered as Patti dragged her by the hair. With a twist of her arm, Patti forced Riley to lay on the table her face staring at the cheap light fixture.

Patti got on the table, straddling Riley and lowered herself onto Riley’s mouth. “Lick my cunt bitch. Drink my girl slime. Make me cum all over your slutty face.” she hissed. Riley began to lap at the pussy forced on her face, licking and sucking the swollen lips.

“That’s a good little girl. Lick my pussy.” Patti said as she ground her cunt on the younger woman’s face. Riley licked and sucked Patti’s pussy, loving the rough treatment. “Rub your little kitty,” Patti commanded Riley. Riley reached down between her legs and began to tease herself.

Riley began to finger her pussy when she heard Patti. She parted her lips, giving her clit long slow strokes, giving Patti a show while she was being eaten.

“That’s it, little girl, pet that kitty and make it purr. I want you to cum for me, while you lick up my sweet cream.”

Riley pulled her hand away from her pussy and slid her head out from between Patti’s thigh. “I-I don’t want to make myself happy. I want you to be the one to make me happy, mommy.” Riley said, sliding her face back between Patti’s legs to resume eating her.

Patti sighs. “The things a mommy has to do for her daughter,” she sighs as she shifts into a 69 position and begins to feast on Riley.

Riley moaned as Patti shifted her weight so that she was on top of Riley. That by itself felt amazing, the warm soft feminine curves pressed into Riley’s body. That plus the sensation of a mouth on her inexperienced pussy sent Riley over the edge. She came hard, screaming into Patti’s thigh as she came all over the older woman’s face.

“My. my, my. someone is a bit sensitive. Aren’t you?” Patti asks, her face covered with girl cream. You need to wash mommy,” she says rolling off Riley allowing her to get up.

Riley whimpered in disappointment when Patti rolled off of her. “Can I lick you, clean mommy?” Riley begged.

“Yes my sweet little girl, you can lick me clean,” Patti says as pulling her close.

Riley sighs in gratitude as the soft warmth of Patti’s skin pressed against her again. Riley started to lick her juices from Patti’s face.

Patti caresses the younger woman’s head enjoying her enthusiasm. “That’s it you little slut lick me clean of your cream.”

Riley licks Patti’s face, not stopping even after every drop of cum is long gone. Riley reaches around and grabs Patti’s ass, using it as leverage to grind herself on the older woman.

“You are a horny little bitch, aren’t you?” Patti laughs. She pulls out a huge strap on. It was about as thick and as long as her forearm. Slipping the harness on, she challenged the younger woman, “Cunt or ass?”

“Th-That’s too big! There’s no way I can take all that!” Riley gasped, staring at the immense size of the dildo.

“You can and you will, my sweet, or I will get very angry.”

“What happens if you get angry?” Riley asked.

“Ever read the She-Hulk comics?” she asks looking into Rileys eyes.

“Y-You turn green?” Riley asked.

Patti lets out a hearty laugh at Riley’s comment. “No but the anger is similar,” she says. You don’t want to see me angry.

Riley swallowed hard, “What if I do want to see you angry.” She said, closing her legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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