Neighborly Nina

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Laura’s bisexual exploration began unknowingly by helping her neighbor, Nina. Nina smiled at Laura all the time, and Laura easily missed the slight difference in Nina’s grin displayed at her now as she opened Nina’s door. Laura rushed through the townhouse for the bathroom, leaving her husband, Freddy, to guide Nina and her rubbery legs to the couch. The friends had been drinking at a nearby party in their townhouse complex, until a couple of drunken frat-boy types tried taking advantage of Nina.

The strong margaritas had overwhelmed the thin five feet two inch tall twenty-four year old Nina. Nina’s long, almost to her ass, straight blond hair, pretty face, large deep blue eyes, and happy nature made her popular at the frequent parties in the townhouses. The absence of Nina’s big muscular husband, Tim, had stirred the development’s younger degenerates. After Laura witnessed a couple of college boys groping their drunken friend, she decided to escort Nina home. Freddy had wanted to scrap.

“I can’t believe that slug grabbed my ass,” Nina slurred as Freddy inched her along. “I mean really, there’s not a whole lot to grab. Not like Laura’s anyhow. You know, I wish I had a nice one like your Laura’s ass.” Nina turned to face Freddy and put her hands on the tops of his shoulders. “Your wife has one fine ass. You know, you are one lucky man.”

“Yes I know,” Freddy said. “And your Tim is lucky too.”

“Why thank you.” Nina pulled herself a little closer to Freddy. “I love your wife’s big breasts too. I bet your sexy wife really looks unbelievable naked.”

A drunken Freddy hesitated before responding to Nina’s compliments about his wife of six years. Laura was a very sexy twenty-eight year old, with ample breast and a firm round ass. He finally said, “I bet you are too.” Nina face brightened, and she quickly rewarded Freddy with a kiss on the lips. Freddy heard a fake attention grabbing cough, and turned to see Laura standing with her arms crossed. She had a, I’ll make you pay for that later look on her face. Freddy stepped away from Nina.

“My turn for the bathroom,” Freddy said. “You can look after her.”

“Are you sure you can get any out?” Laura asked with a big smile. “Or do you need a little time to soften up.” Laura was amused to catch her husband getting kissed by Nina.

“I’m so sorry,” Nina said. Nina staggered over to Laura. “I didn’t mean anything. Can you forgive me?”

“Yes girl. I know it was just an innocent kiss.”

“Yeah, you are your husband are so sweet. And Freddy is too smart to ever want anything other than your sexy body.” Nina put her right arm around Laura and let her weight fall against Laura. Laura sensed Nina staring down at her chest.

“I was telling your husband how lucky he was to have a sexy wife,” Nina said. “I wish I had bigger ones like yours. Look at me. My boobs are flat and my hair is flat. Flat. Flat. They should just call me flat Nina.”

“Oh please,” Laura said. “I’d love to have a movie-star body like yours. Think about all those thin fashions you can wear.”

Despite being the same height, the women could never share clothing because of the vast difference in their shapes. Their hair was so different too; Laura had short dark brown curly hair. They were both very good looking but at different ends of the attractive spectrum, and like all women, they were envious of what they didn’t have.

“Yeah, but you look more better in what you wear,” Nina slurred. “You got that hot rock star wife thing going on.”

“I do not. You do.”

Nina reached her left hand over and cupped Laura’s breast. Laura felt a little internal jolt, and hesitated in trying to stop Nina. Nina’s index finger was across Laura’s nipple, and Laura felt her nipple contracting. Laura wondered if Nina could feel it.

Nina let go of Laura’s breast and staggered in front of Laura. They looked in each others eyes. Nina’s blue eyes were searching for something the brown eyed Laura believed. Grasping Laura’s hands, Nina pulled them over her breasts. “Feel these and tell me you aren’t happier with what you have.”

Laura’s mind screamed stop, but her warming body wanted more. She felt Nina’s hard nipples poking thought her bra and t-shirt. Although Nina’s breasts were not large, they were wide and firm. Laura wanted to say, they’re wonderful, let’s see them, but instead said, “They’re fine.”

“But not as fine as yours.” Nina raised her hands and cupped Laura’s breast, firmer than she did before. Laura let out a tiny gasp. Nina slowly drew herself closer until their lips were only an inch apart. Laura told herself, she wasn’t encouraging this, but she wanted more. Laura knew Nina was looking for some kind of protest. Laura offered none.

Nina gently pressed her lips against Laura’s closed mouth. At first Laura held still but soon found herself returning the gentle lip sucking. Laura’s heart began pounding, but just as she began loosing herself in the kiss, Nina fell away from her. Laura caught Nina as she fell. beyoğlu escort

“My head spinning,” Nina slurred. Laura’s head was spinning also, but managed guiding her friend to the big leather couch.

As Laura helped Nina on the couch, Nina’s short pink skirt fell upwards; exposing the pink triangle of Nina’s panties. Laura could see a dime sized wetness on the thin material, and that Nina’s pussy mound was hairless. Laura started to touch the wet dot but then began covering her friend. Suddenly Nina grabbed Laura’s hand and pulled Laura on top of her before Laura could regain her balance.

“See anything you like?” Nina asked.

“I, ah, I — um.” Laura tried pushing herself off Nina, but Nina grabbed Laura’s head and kissed her. Laura began kissing back, but Nina’s lips went still as she passed out. Laura stared at Nina’s shut eyelids.

“It alright Gina,” Nina said softly with her eye’s closed. “You can look as much as you want.”

Laura bolted up. She wondered if Nina’s advances had been genuine or completely alcohol induced. Laura’s face felt flush. A fake coughing came from behind her, and she turned to see Freddy standing with his arms crossed.

“Well are you ready to go home, or do you want to cop another feel?” Freddy asked with a big smile.

“I was just helping Nina onto the couch.” Laura walked over to her husband.

“I’ve been watching for a while. Do you want to tell me that again?”

“She’ll be alright, let’s go home.” Laura passed by her husband and out the door. She couldn’t look him in the face.

As Laura walked across the road to their townhouse, she heard the quick steps from her husband behind her and she felt like she was back in high school headed for the principal’s office. Once they were in their house Laura wanted to forget about it.

“Well, are we going to talk about all that or pretend nothing happened and be all weird about it?” Freddy asked, closing their front door.

“Look I’m drunk, she’s drunk, let’s leave it be,” Laura responded.

“You didn’t want to keep going?”

“I’m drunk.” Laura turned away from her husband.

“You didn’t answer.”

“Look, we have had this discussion before; yes I find women attractive, okay.” Laura spun around to face her husband. “But I’m happily married, and I’m not a lesbian.”

“You’re certainly not a lesbian, but you do have a lust for female flesh.”

“I told you, we are never having a threesome.” Laura walked over and poked a finger on Freddy’s chest. She wouldn’t share him with anybody.

“And I never asked for one.” Freddy grabbed Laura finger, stopping her from poking him. “Look, here is what I’m saying. I’m going to be working away from home a lot the next few months. Most of my drilling jobs are far away and I can’t come home for a week or so. If you were to get lonely, I’d prefer you finding comfort in Nina’s arms, rather than one of those jerks, like was chasing her tonight.”

“You’d think I’d cheat?” Laura asked.

“I’m saying I’d prefer my sexy passionate wife to find comfort with a soft smooth feminine body, just tell me about it later. It’s damn sexy, to tell the truth.”

“I don’t know.” Laura was unsure but she couldn’t deny there was a part of her that held an unquenched longing; that wanting more than she could explain.

“Just think about it.” Freddy moved closer to Laura. She saw a fire in his eyes, but her buzz was wearing off and the smell of cigarette smoke on her clothes from the party was turning her stomach.

“If you can hold that thought long enough for me to take a shower, you’ll be pleased.” Laura winked as she walked away and up the stairs.

The warm water relaxed Laura, and she forgot about her horny husband as her mind wondered. She remembered back in college when she had gotten drunk with a close female friend in nursing school. She had misinterpreted her friend’s tight embrace and passionately kissed her friend, but was strongly rejected. Laura tried blaming it on the alcohol, but the friendship collapsed.

Then Laura wondered how Nina would act the next time they saw each other. Being two of the few married couples in the complex they got along well for the past six months they new each other. They even attended the same nearby church. She hoped, at the worst, they might act like nothing happened, but maybe, there might be a chance for an intimate friendship. Laura liked that idea a lot the more she thought about it.

Laura began running her hands up and down her soft skin wondering what it would be like seeing Nina naked and touching her friend’s soft tan flesh. Laura let her hands wonder down to her tingling pussy. She felt a warming inside of her as she recalled the sight of Nina’s pink panties. But looking down at her hair covered mound, she was distracted by her thick tangles. It had been a long time since she had shaved herself smooth, but quickly decided now was as good as time as any.

After carefully shaving her pussy mound smooth, Laura walked out sarıyer escort of the shower not able to keep her hands off of it. She walked out naked into their bedroom expecting to get some relief from her husband.

Freddy, however, was snoring, and Laura knew from experience he would be useless to her. Instead, she walked to the front window and looked out at Nina’s townhouse. A light was on in Nina’s bedroom and for a second Laura thought about going over and checking on Nina, but it was all too quick.

The naked Laura climbed into bed next to her husband and slowly fell asleep.

Hours later, Laura was awakened by Freddy zipping his suitcase shut in the dark. She quickly remembered he was leaving before dawn for his next drill site. He was a foreman for a natural gas drilling rig and often had to be away from home. She regretted not waking him, but she wanted to make sure he regretted it more.

“Weren’t you going to say goodbye?” Laura asked in a low bedroom voice.

“I thought you needed your sleep,” Freddy answered. “Besides the guys are waiting for me outside, I kind of overslept.”

“That’s too bad.” Laura flipped the covers off her naked body and spread her legs exposing smooth pussy mound. Freddy walked over and turned on a reading light beside the bed. Normally Laura wore an oversized t-shirt to bed. Freddy began to snuggle up, but a horn went off outside reminding him of his waiting coworkers. He gently kissed her, and walked to the door.

“I was serious last night,” Freddy said. “You with Nina is not going to bother me.”

“I know.” Laura sat up and ran her hands up and down the sides of her body. “I might be a more worldly woman by the time you return in a week.”

Freddy shook his head and laughed. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

After listening to the car drive off, Laura drifted back off to sleep.

The next morning’s bright sunlight flooding into the bedroom stirred Laura awake. The open blind reminded her of looking out toward Nina’s home. With the new day, she wondered how Nina would react. Normally on a Sunday they might meet at church, but Laura expected Nina to be too hung-over.

After a quick breakfast, Laura took a longer time fixing her makeup and hair. She wanted to look good for Nina, in case she saw her. Laura wanted to hear those warm complements again regardless what might or might not happen. It felt good to be appreciated by another woman, Laura thought.

She picked out a knee length dark blue dress for church that fit her curvy form nicely. But when it came time to choose underwear she hesitated. She enjoyed the sensation of her hair free pussy and had delighted in walking around all morning without panties. But she didn’t feel right going to church without panties, so she finally decided on a black satin thong. When she pulled it on snug, Laura loved the feel of it on her bare pussy.

Then Lara’s thoughts turned to pantyhose and how the confining material would disturb the open feeling her thong gave her. For a moment she thought about going without hose put she didn’t like her white legs in the blue dress. Then Laura remembered a pair of navy-blue thigh high lace top stockings still in their package. She didn’t like wearing them, except when she planed a night on the town with Freddy and wanted to feel sexy.

After getting dressed, Laura hesitated before going outside. Laura opened her front door and looked over at Nina and Tim’s. There was no movement across at Nina’s home as Laura climbed into her car. That was just as well, Laura thought on the way to church, maybe with more time they could pretend nothing happened. But Laura wasn’t sure she wanted that.

At church Laura was able to forget about Nina, until near the end of the service when the congregation stood and greeted their neighbors. Laura saw Nina staring at her three pews back. They traded smiles, and Laura thought she saw a look in Nina’s eyes.

Laura sat back down and wondered what that look meant; was it anger or disappointment or even something else. Laura turned her head to peek at Nina, and met Nina’s blue eyes staring back. Laura felt a twinge of excitement in her stomach.

At the end of the service, the crowd’s flow pushed Nina out the door before Laura got close to the entrance. Laura expected Nina to be waiting for her outside, but she was nowhere to be seen.

While driving home, Lara said to herself, “Girl you are just imaging things now. You need to chill.”

Laura pulled into her driveway and quickly went into the house. Nina’s car was nowhere to be seen. Laura sat on the couch collecting her thoughts. She was breathing heavy. She felt like a teenager caught in a silly crush.

Then doorbell rang and Laura jumped up. She looked out the window to see Nina standing at her door. Laura quickly opened the door.

“Hey neighbor,” Nina said. “I’m sorry I missed you at church.

“Yeah, I was hoping to see you outside too.” Laura said.

“The old Widow Johnson asked for maslak escort a ride home. She can be such a blabbermouth, I wanted to get her home quick so I could get back here and thank you properly for looking out for me last night. I can act a little silly when I’m drunk.”

“Yes, we all can.” Laura stood aside her door and motioned with her hand. “Won’t you come in?”

“Well I was thinking if you don’t have any plans since we’re dressed nice, maybe we could go grab a bite to eat.”

Laura accepted and was relieved they hadn’t ruined their friendship.

The women hopped in Nina’s little sports car. Laura detected uneasiness in Nina’s manner. They both sat in silence for an uncomfortable moment. This felt like a first date to Laura. Nina finally broke the ice and said, “I love your dress, that color is good on you.”

“I like yours too,” Laura responded. Nina’s white lace trim sundress displayed her tan skin nicely.

“I’m glad you like it. I didn’t have much time to fix myself this morning after waking up late. I don’t ever plan to have that much alcohol again. I was way too drunk last night.”

“You were a little tipsy.” They both laughed. Laura kept sneaking a peek at Nina’s exposed knees on the drive to the restaurant. Laura knew she was succumbing to her desires when she felt her body’s internal fire stoked by just the sight of her friend’s knee.

The dinner at the steakhouse restaurant was good but fast, since the women talked mostly about their frequently absent husbands. Both women knew there was something they wanted to say but feared approaching. Laura was also fighting her mind from mentally undressing Nina and could hardly look at her.

When they got in the car, Nina put the keys in the ignition but didn’t start the car. They sat for an uncomfortable minute before Nina finally says, “Look I want to apologize about last night.”

“You don’t need to do that.” Laura reached her hand over and touched Nina’s arm.

“Yes I do. I’m not the type of slut who goes around kissing another woman’s husbands. I’m really sorry I kissed Freddy.”

“That was nothing. Don’t fret about that.” Laura smiled.

Nina responded with a smile and started the car and says, “That a relief the way you weren’t looking at me in there, I was worried you were mad at me.”

“No. It was nothing. Besides you kissed me too.” Laura was looking to clear the air one way or hopefully another.

Nina took a big breath held out her hand. Laura removed her hand from Nina’s shoulder and clasped the soft warm hand. Then Nina says, “Well don’t expect me to apologize for that. You’re hot.”

Nina said it with a smile and at first Laura accepted it as a joke, but as their eyes stayed focused and they studied each others faces, they knew. They knew this friendship was going to change.

The women were silent on the ride home. Laura felt her body warming and tried not to squirm in excitement. Nina drove fast and nearly skidded to a stop in her parking spot.

“You want to come in?” Nina asked.


When Nina opened the font door, she let Laura pass by. Laura heard the door shut behind her but didn’t turn around. Laura felt her flush face. Nina’s hands grasped Laura’s shoulders. Laura felt a chill run down her back but warmth in her pussy.

“Nina, who is Gina?” Laura asked.

“Gina?” Nina removed her hands from Laura and walked around to face Laura. “Where did you hear about Gina?”

“You mentioned Gina last night after you kissed me.”

“Oh, she was my girlfriend in college. It got kind of complicated towards the end with Tim and all. I didn’t know how to separate my needs and feelings then. But it was a lot of fun while it lasted.”

“Yeah well, how do you separate it? I’m happily married and I’ve never been with a woman before and I’m wondering if it can be separated.”

“You can separate the love for your husband and anything we do easier than you can separate yourself from your natural needs.” Nina clasped Laura’s hands and slowly closed the distance between them, all the time looking at Laura with hungry blue eyes. Then Nina whispered, “I’ve wanted you for a long time and I promise I’ll be gentle, this time.”

Laura and Nina’s lips pressed together in a soft kiss. Their arms wrapped around each other and pulled in tightly. Laura loved feeling Nina’s firm breast pressing against her soft breast. Then Laura felt Nina’s tongue probing her lips and she opened her mouth. Their tongues met and Laura’s head spun from the feel of the soft lips and warm wet tongue. So soft, so different than a man, Laura thought.

They kissed for a long time. Laura enjoyed it. Even the simple feel of running her hands up and down the small of Nina’s back was making Laura warmer. As the warmth grew she felt it flowing to her pussy. Nina clutched her hands on Laura’s ass and pulled tight. Laura wiggled her hips slightly to get some friction against Nina. Nina broke the kiss and looked into Laura’s eyes. They smiled.

“Come upstairs sexy,” Nina said. Nina took Laura’s hand and guided Laura up the steps and into the bedroom. The bedroom had a king size bed in the center with floral pattern comforter; very feminine, thought Laura.

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