Nellie Ch. 02

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Walking down the street on Christmas Eve, people stopped me every fifteen feet, cooing and giggling and turning a walk that should have taken ten minutes into a half-hour odyssey to the park and back. “You’re too darned cute, that’s the problem,” I said to my walking partner, who was dressed in his tiny little Santa jacket. Buster, his short cutesy dachshund legs with the little cutesy dachshund paws pattering on the cold sidewalk, barked in response.

A trio of young women were walking down the sidewalk in the opposite direction, and I prepared. As soon as they caught sight of Buster, they pounced on the poor puppy, subjecting him to horrifying scratches behind the ear and tummy rubs. “He’s adorable!” one of them said as they continued on their way, having tortured my poor dog enough for one day.

“Thanks,” I said. “Merry Christmas.” Buster yapped season’s greetings as well. “Come on, you little troublemaker, let’s see if we can get home without being attacked again.”

Sadly, we couldn’t. Two more small packs of people cornered us before we could make it to the front door of the apartment building. It didn’t help that Buster absolutely loved people, and strained against his leash to go say hello to everybody who walked by. There is nothing in the world that can make people devolve into belly-scratching, pet-name-calling monsters like a dachshund wearing a Santa jacket.

“I’m home,” I called out as we walked through the front door into the apartment I shared with my girlfriend, Danielle. The whole place had been decked to the best of our amateur ability with Christmas decorations. A (plastic) tree next to the TV in the living room, a few bunches of mistletoe hung up at seemingly random positions, a wreath on the door, all that good stuff. I bent over to unhook Buster’s leash from his collar and get him out of his jacket when I noticed something.

A pair of winter boots that I didn’t recognize, still with chunks of salt from the sidewalk sticking to the soles. They looked a size too small for Danielle, so they probably weren’t hers. “Dani, do we have company over?” I asked, guiding Buster’s little paws out of the sleeves of his jacket.

“Yeah!” was my girlfriend’s response. “In the living room!”

As soon as the jacket and the leash were off, Buster tore down the hall, yapping up a storm as his acute nose told him that there was a new person in the apartment who hadn’t yet scratched his ears or belly. I heard a woman’s cry of adoration, and then quiet giggling as Buster presumably threw himself on his back in front of her. I removed my own winter gear, wondering who was visiting. One of Danielle’s co-workers? An old friend? Probably not family; the annual Christmas Eve party hosted by Danielle’s aunt and uncle had been cancelled due to a sudden outbreak of the flu among the hosts, so it had been a quiet evening for us.

As I rounded the corner into the living room, I had the premonition that it wasn’t going to be a very quiet evening for long. Sitting on the couch was my girlfriend, the smooth skinned, dark-haired Danielle, wearing an ugly green Christmas sweater (I don’t want to taint my fingers by describing it accurately; just let it remain in your mind as a nebulous force of ugliness) and flannel pajama bottoms, and… Danielle, wearing a Santa dress that showed off a lot of cleavage that shook while she scratched Buster, who was technically not allowed on the couch but was too cute to be angry at. I only had the mirror vision for the briefest instant before the differences became obvious and I recognized who was scratching the dog.

“Nellie?” I almost shouted, staring in shock at the young woman who looked almost like a younger version of Danielle.

A smile lit up her pretty face, making the button nose (a trait shared with Danielle) crinkle cutely. “Derek! Hi!” she said, waving. Buster whined, unhappy that she wasn’t using both hands to scratch his tummy. “Oh, okay, don’t give me that.” She returned her hand to Buster’s exposed stomach.

Nellie was Danielle’s shapely cousin, ten years her junior and a freshman at an out-of-state college this year. They looked so tremendously similar – which I believed was due to the fact that their mothers were identical twins – that they had frequently been mistaken for sisters, and they even acted like they were. They were incredibly close, despite their gap in age. So close, in fact, that when Nellie had asked to borrow me back in August so she could gain some sexual experience before going to college, Danielle had said “sure” instead of “what the fuck is wrong with you”.

“I didn’t know you were coming over,” I said, taking a seat on the couch between her and Danielle. “Aren’t your parents sick?”

“Yeah. Don’t worry, I’m perfectly healthy. Since they’re bedridden, they said I could come over to spend Christmas Eve with you two,” Nellie said. She’d changed a lot since I’d last seen her four months ago, but not physically. I’d always known her as a nervous, kind of quiet gaziantep escort ilanları kid, never looking me in the eye and falling over her words whenever she talked to me.

I had learned that this was because she’d had something of a crush on me for the three years I had been dating Danielle, but she had probably gotten over that after what we’d done together. Or if she wasn’t over it, at least she was confident enough to be able to talk to me without stammering or second-guessing her own words. And confident enough to wear a cleavage-baring Santa dress that only reached halfway to her knees. The last time I’d seen her showing that much skin, she was naked.

‘Down, boy,’ I thought at my stirring genitalia. ‘That was a one-time thing. Right?’

“So, how’s college been treating you?” I asked, hoping that the topic of the incredible sex we had wouldn’t come up too quickly. We had all been okay with it, but if there was going to be any awkwardness, I didn’t want it to flare up too quickly.

“Oh, it’s been great so far. I love my classes, my roommate is great, and I’ve been getting a lot of nice attention,” Nellie said, her tone making it clear what sort of attention she was talking about. That didn’t take her long. “Although you kinda spoiled me.”


Danielle nudged me in the ribs. “You were too good, and now she’s comparing all of her partners to you,” she said, giving me a lopsided smile. My fears about awkwardness vanished at how casually she was talking about me boning her cousin. As a matter of fact, Danielle was sitting almost directly on the spot where Nellie’s head had been when I gave her the first orgasm of the night. There were still holes in the cushions from her iron grip.

“I make no apologies,” I said, leaning over to scratch Buster’s belly. The fact that this gave me a better angle to admire Nellie’s cleavage was completely unrelated. God, she was so wonderfully jiggly in all the places that jiggles were appreciated. “It’s not my fault I’ve got years of experience compared to a bunch of teenagers who couldn’t find a clitoris on a map.”

“And he’s so humble,” Danielle said, smiling as she took a sip of her wine.

“After what he did to me, he can brag all he wants,” Nellie said. “It’s not that any of my partners were bad – well, most of them – they just didn’t measure up.”

“You’ve been busy, then?” I asked, reaching across Danielle to retrieve my wine glass from the side table. My torso pressed against her chest as I reached, and from how I felt her breasts squish against me, I was pretty sure she wasn’t wearing a bra. Fun.

“Well, a little bit,” Nellie said, crossing her legs. God, they were so amazingly slender, and the candy-cane striped knee-high socks she was wearing really drew the eye. I stopped myself from checking out my girlfriend’s cousin any farther. I mean, we’d had sex before, but that was with Dani’s permission.

“Ooh, tell us all about it,” Danielle said eagerly. “Come on, all the juicy details.”

“Geez, really?” Nellie complained with a smile and a blush. With each motion of her leg, her skirt inched up a bit higher, showing me more of her smooth and supple thighs. She didn’t make any attempt to straighten the errant clothing. I stopped checking her out again. “No way, it’s too embarrassing.”

“I’d agree with you if you hadn’t borrowed my boyfriend to take your virginity,” Danielle rebutted, wrapping her arms around my neck and draping herself over my shoulder. I could feel the weight of her plentiful breasts through the wool of her ugly sweater, and her breath on my cheek sent shivers down my spine. “You owe us. Spill.”

Nellie hummed in thought, tapping her chin. “Get me a glass of wine and I’ll talk,” she finally decided.

We acquiesced to her demands, pouring the underage woman a glass of red wine. It was hardly the worst thing that had happened to her in this apartment. She drank it without complaint, even if she downed it a bit too fast. We knew it was going to be good when she said, “Okay, do you want chronological or in order of how good it was?”

The next few hours were spent listening to the details of every sexual encounter she’d had in the past four months, and we were quickly found out that her definition of ‘a little bit busy’ was quite different from ours. She would charge us a bit more wine for each story she told, and it was worth every drop. After a few stories, Buster fell asleep, and had to be transplanted to his little doggie bed in the kitchen. He was forbidden from sleeping in the bed with us until he felt sorry for having mistaken the red sheets for a fire hydrant, and that would take at least two more weeks.

“…and we got our clothes back on just as the librarian came around the corner,” Danielle said, finishing up the story of how she’d had a quickie with a grad student in the reference stacks. “She gave us some weird looks, but I don’t think she suspected anything. Still, sometimes I think that it would have been pretty hot if she had seen us. Even though we’d have gotten in huge trouble.”

I sighed proudly. “Look at this girl,” I said to Danielle. “Four months ago, she was embarrassed to take her clothes off, and now she’s like a sexual deviant. I’ve created a monster.” Danielle laughed, cheeks rosy from drink.

“No, you didn’t. You opened my eyes and showed me that sex isn’t scary,” Nellie said. Without Buster in the way, she had been inching closer and closer to me over the past hour, like a slow trickle of honey. Now, I had two buxom beauties on each side of me, and they were both more than a bit buzzed. They were both starting to look like Santa; their cheeks were rosy from the drink, and they both had a nice jiggle, although not in the same place as Saint Nick.

And with the alcohol, they were both getting unmistakably flirtatious. Nellie would occasionally brush her fingers against my thigh, and Danielle was still resting on my side, periodically pressing her breasts against me. “And I can’t thank you enough for that,” Nellie said sweetly as she painted a slow, sensual line from my knee up to the joint of my hip. The tingling spread up and down my leg, warming me more than a thick blanket ever could. I glanced at Danielle, as I had been every time Nellie touched me flirtatiously. She just watched, eyes craving.

The wine had hit me as well, and the sexy stories and flirtatious touches sure hadn’t helped. A dull desire had awakened deep in my bones, primal instinct urging me to procreate.

I decided to test my luck.

I reached for Nellie’s knee and softly lay my hand on it, squeezing her just a bit. “I’m sure you could, if you really tried,” I said, looking her deep in the eyes. A charge of electricity ran between us, daring my hand to go as high as I dared. We both glanced at Danielle; she smiled back, watching us.

I got a bit more daring, hooking a finger under Nellie’s skirt and sliding it up her thigh, exposing more of that supple, clear skin. My heart thundered in my ears as I stared at the bare flesh of my girlfriend’s cousin, and brought my hand closer to her inner thigh-

“I think,” Nellie said abruptly, holding up her empty glass, “that I need some more wine.” In response, Danielle held up the empty bottle, and shook it to demonstrate that there were only a few drops left. “Aww.”

“There’s another bottle in the kitchen,” Dani said, standing up. The sudden loss of her warmth at my side was like a chilly wind. “Let me get it for you.”

Nellie rose a second later, and my hand slipped away from her thigh. “No, you don’t have to, I can find it,” she said, following her cousin to the kitchen. I glanced up as I watched them go, and excitement suddenly roared to life inside of me at what I saw.

“Nellie, relax, you’re our guest-“

“It’s fine, really-“

“Ahem,” I coughed. “Ladies?”

Standing in the doorway to the kitchen, the two buxom women quit their minor squabble to look at me. This was the biggest gamble I’d ever taken in my life, but I was horny and tipsy enough to take the shot. Smiling like a fool, I pointed above their heads, where a tiny sprig of mistletoe was hanging from the doorway. They stared at it for a second, then at each other, then at me. “You know the rules,” I said, watching them intently.

The busty women looked at each other again. Danielle sighed, putting her hands on her cousin’s shoulders. “It’s the rules,” she said, the hungry look on her face betraying her blank tone of voice.

“Can’t break them,” Nellie agreed, winding her arms around Danielle’s hips. The distance between their bodies became zero, and the pressure made Nellie’s tits nearly spill out of the top of her dress. Despite their similar faces and body types, Danielle was a few inches taller than Nellie (and a bit bustier), so she was looking down at her cousin as their lips moved closer.

I heard the tiny, wet sound that their luscious lips made as they tentatively touched. It was the most erotic sound that I had ever heard.

The two women brought their lips apart as if they were on fire, and stared at each other as if they were seeing something entirely new to them. Then, the giggling set in, and it set off an avalanche.

Again, they kissed, their heart-shaped lips pressing together. They stayed like that for one, two, three seconds, eyes closed, and then parted long enough to take a breath, let out another giggle, and then they reunited, smacking softly. Their bodies melded together, like they were trying to get even closer.

“This is so wrong,” Danielle said between feverish kisses. One hand was running through her cousin’s hair, while the other explored the curve of her back.

“But so hot,” Nellie added. Her hands moved from Danielle’s hips to her ass, squeezing the round flesh beneath the pajama bottoms. Danielle giggled, licking Nellie’s lips with her wet, pink tongue.

Meanwhile, my dick was harder than diamond. Seeing two girls make out was already sexy, and this was made even more intense by the taboo nature of it. My manhood pushed against the oppressive fabric of my pants, struggling to find freedom and maybe somebody to give it a kiss, too.

The kisses ended far earlier than I would have liked, and the two women looked at me, staring like predators at my erection through my pants. They conferred without saying anything, and walked towards me with seductive promises in every step. Danielle reached up and took the mistletoe off of the string, carrying it with her as she and Nellie sat down on either side of me. “You liked that?” Nellie asked, putting her hand on my loins.

“Maybe,” I said, slipping a hand around her hip. With a pop, Danielle’s slender fingers opened the clasp on my pants, and Nellie’s lowered the zipper. Together, they separated the fly of my underwear, and my cock shot out, free for a second before it was trapped by two gentle, warm hands. It felt like it was even longer than usual.

“That’s a yes,” Danielle moaned, slowly and tauntingly stroking the most honest part of my body, while Nellie’s fingers twirled around the crown. Danielle held up the mistletoe above us, her pink lips glistening. I kissed her eagerly, warmth zinging through my body. I could never possibly get tired of kissing Danielle, her lips as soft as bubblegum and a hundred times as sweet.

Nellie reached over and snatched the mistletoe from Danielle’s fingers, and held it over her head. “My turn,” she said. I glanced at Danielle; even though I was fairly sure she would be okay with it, considering where Nellie’s hand was, it could never hurt to be sure. By the time she was halfway through a nod of approval, my tongue was already in Nellie’s mouth.

To my pleasant surprise, the young woman didn’t let me take complete control like she had during our last encounter. Instead, she met me as an equal, not trying to dominate but not trying to submit, either. She’d gained experience at this; the tip of her tongue roamed all through my mouth, from my hard palate to the underside of my own tongue.

Danielle took the mistletoe back from Nellie, and held it above herself. When I went in for the kiss, she put a hand on my chest to stop me. “Not you,” she said with a smile. She puckered up and met Nellie’s lips again, their tongues getting more daring as the speed of their hands stayed steady. The sight of my girlfriend making out with another woman sent a thrill of jealousy up my spine, even though I knew it was stupid of me to think like that.

The mistletoe changed hands several more times. Nellie and I, Danielle and I, Nellie and Danielle, everybody had a chance. At one point, Danielle held it between the three of us, and we experimented with a triple kiss. It didn’t really work; despite the novelty, it wasn’t really comfortable pressing our faces together like that, so we just laughed it off, and I sat back to watch Nellie and Danielle make out again. They kept jerking me off as the three of us kissed, slow enough to keep me going but fast enough to drive me mad.

Finally, I’d had enough. Tearing myself away from the sight of two beautiful women sharing their tongues, I swiped the mistletoe from Nellie’s fingers. They broke apart, watching the magical plant to see who would be mashing lips with whom next, and their eyes narrowed and smiles grew as I dangled it over my cock. “It’s the rules,” I said, giving the magical plant a little shake.

“The rules,” Nellie agreed. She was the first to get her lips around me, suctioning them over the head of my cock and letting her tongue do all the work. She’d displayed a natural talent for oral a few months ago, but now, teasing the most sensitive part of my cock as it leaked precum, she showed true mastery. In four months. I was amazed.

“Can’t break ’em,” Danielle said, turning her head to the side to get her lips around my shaft, below where Nellie was focused on the glans. Her mouth wetted me with slick saliva, and her tongue tickled me.

“Uuugh,” I groaned, melting into the cushions. We may have been pulling off multiple varieties of sin at once, but I was in heaven.

Danielle dragged her tongue up my shaft, and licked around Nellie’s lips where they met my cock. Nellie moved to the side to give Danielle some room, and they kissed around my cock, subjecting me to a two-pronged attack of their skillful tongues. The sight and the sensation was magnified by the happy sounds they were making. I couldn’t see where their hands were, but had a pretty good suspicion.

It was amazing that I’d already lasted so long, but under their twinned attentions, I couldn’t hope to hold off. I reached out to grab their heads, fingers coursing through their dark hair. “Getting close,” I warned them, warmth rising up. “God, so close-“

Danielle’s eyes sparked open, and she did something that nobody had any time to react to. Like a bully in line at the cafeteria, she shoved Nellie away and sucked me the rest of the way with a furious pace, taking me down to the balls as her tongue slurped around me, making wet gurgling noises in the back of her throat.

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