New Beauty in the Office Pt. 03

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This story is based on true events. The identity of the characters has been changed for protection. This is a continuation of the second part which events recently took place last week of July. Please stay patient, I do not have an editor. If you have suggestions on how this story should go, please leave comments and I will discuss it with my co-worker.

While things have been super dead between Stella and me, I couldn’t help to reach out to her with an email to her personal account. In this email, I wanted to know how she was feeling and if everything was alright. Stella replied, “she was okay, living the days one at a time.”

Our office has been very stressful internally with everyone backstabbing each other for promotions, different departments pointing fingers at other departments, and high profile customers demanding new things that our company has never done.

We exchange emails venting about work, then I asked, “why did you block me on our chat?”

Stella stated, “she had to get away from everyone.”

I told Stella straight up, “you are the only friend I have at this job and I valued our conversations.”

She asked for my username and minutes later, I received a request from her.

We would continue to chat throughout the day as we use to. Since I still travel a lot, I made it a habit to bring her a battery from whatever location I came from. While having a lot of office drama, the boss decided to move Stella to the front of the office to prevent guys from being distracted by her attractiveness and get work done.

I was unaware and Stella did not mention the move but when I came back after a week out of the office, I saw Stella upfront. I sent Stella a message asking, “why she was up there.” I didn’t hear back so I decided to make my rounds so I can give Stella her battery. It is hard Ataşehir Escort for Stella to check her messages since she no longer has privacy.

When I walked to Stella’s now shared desk, i stated good morning, I brought you back something. At this time Stella now had about 10 batteries on her desk from past trips. Yvette, Stella’s competition for the promotion stated now I see where those came from. How come you never bring me anything back with jealousy in her voice. I asked would you like for me to bring you one too, she said no and rolled her eyes and went back to work. I walked off.

As we continue to vent about work, we had a Halloween party, I noticed she was wearing a dark thong and told her I bet I know what color she was wearing and guessed. I stated you are wearing a green thong. She stated, “you’re completely off, it’s red with a smiley face.”

I told her, “you still owe me a pair since you were spotting in the other pair.”

She stated, “Okay I’ll bring you a pair.”

Since the office has been stressful, Stella kept forgetting and coming to work commando. I told her, “put it in your purse right now so you don’t forget” and she did.

The next day, which was November 15th, I went half the day without hearing much from Stella. We were still messaging each other but I didn’t want to bother her about the panties. I figured Stella forgot again. As I was leaving to go to the gym, Stella called my name and told me to come to her desk. She stated, “Utah, (my boss) left this for you”. Stella than dropped something in my pocket and to go put it away. I knew exactly what it was. It felt like Christmas day as a little kid. I got a raging boner instantly and had to cover myself up to walk out the office.

As soon as I got in my car, even before starting it, I reached in my pocket for Kadıköy Escort the panties. As soon as they were in my hand, I pressed the crotch to my nose and began to inhale. I saw my boss pull up and park right next to me. I did what any person would do, started my car and got out of there.

As I peeled out the parking lot, dodging and weaving to traffic with panties on my leg, I noticed it wasn’t a thong like the previous pair she had given me. It was a black G-string. As I got to the gym, I couldn’t help but to further inspect then inhale the crotch of the panties. As I was imagining her panties touching her tight pussy, I started thinking of where the string area was touching. I could imagine the being buried between her wonderful tight ass and as she walks around, her little round pink balloon hole rubbing against the string. My dick wanted to be free.

As I was in the gym parking lot, I couldn’t help but inhale. I’m sure people were looking at me but I was already under the spell. The G-string crotch had a slight musky but smelt more like peppermint as if she used some peppermint-scented lotion. The string part had her wonderful asshole scent. I couldn’t bear but to thank Stella and send her a video of me in the gym parking lot. I couldn’t help but the start stroking my dick and showed her where I was stroking at in public. As I was getting close, a cycling class let out and I had to stop before I could finish.

There was no way I was going to be able to work out. It felt like I had taken 2 Viagra pills. I was throbbing so hard that I made a mess on my work out clothes. I decided to walk in the gym and just shower. It was very difficult to be in the gym locker room with a throbbing boner but after it emptied, I was able to get a quick shower in.

Once I got back to work, all I could think about is Ümraniye Escort Stella’s ass scent and told her that.

I told Stella, I couldn’t stop thinking about her and told her I can’t stand up because my slacks will expose everything. We both agreed that i should handle it. Stella didn’t believe me when I said I was super hard, and she walked over to my desk to see.

Since everyone was walking around, there was not one place of privacy I could go, not even the restroom due to me being very vocal when I ejaculate. Stella said, “then go to your car” and I agreed. I asked if she wanted to see and she was all for it but stated she won’t look at it until she gets home.

I hurried and walked out to my car and I felt her eyes watch me as I snuck out of the office. I drove around looking for a isolated area that I can do it at.

Put her g string on my head where the crotch was covering my nose. I held my phone in one hand and started jerking off with the other. Since I haven’t had sex in a while, jacking off did not last long especially being overly excited. The video was less than a minute long. I was in bliss to watch myself live so I played the video back before sending it to Stella.

The video consisted of seeing my entire face with her G-string wrapped and my hand stroking my dick up and down. I heard myself moaning Stella’s name and shortly after a small rope of cum come out. Then a much larger rope come out, followed by 2 more ropes shooting out. Lastly the rest just oozed out.

Cum was everywhere. It took me longer to clean up all the cum that was all over my hand, stomach, thighs and seat then it took me to cum.

I did not feel like going back in the office, just staying in my car and going to sleep but I know I needed to get something done before the weekend.

When i walked back in, Stella gave me a devilish grin as I walked by looking half dead. She did not look at my video until later that night. I received a message stating that that was hot. I could do nothing but smile to myself and apologize about being so messy.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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