New Beginnings Ch. 09

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It has been less than a couple of weeks since my time with the guy in the showers at the gym and was still waiting to hear from him.

After his wife caught us he quickly dressed and they disappeared into the night. I hadn’t seen Tara or my ex and was getting a little tired of jerking off. Thinking I might have to go on the prowl I came home as the phone was ringing. As I was returning from an away job I hoped it wasn’t my boss with another assignment as I needed a break.

As I picked up the phone the number was vaguely familiar but I was drawing a blank as to where I knew it.

As I said hello a low girlish voice said: “Is this the beautiful man I met at the beach?”

Remembering Benni now I replied: “Yes, is this the little cutie I sucked off with the sweet cum?”

He laughed shyly and said: “Yes I was afraid you might not remember me, you naughty man.”

Well I could see where this was going and was ready for something new so played along.

“So, hot stuff, what’s up? Have you been thinking about us?” I ask.

“Yes, especially you Daddy, I would really like to show you something special that hardly anyone ever sees. Would you like that?” He continues in a voice that makes me think of a young girl.

“What is on your mind sweet thing? Looking for a top for that cute bottom of yours?” I say playing along with him.

“Yes, I am wondering if you would like to come play with me. I have been thinking about playing with you all the time.” He continues.

“You know, I have been wondering about you too. Tell me the nastiest thing you want to do to help me decide if we meet.” I say, not telling him I was ready almost as soon as I heard his voice. The girl thing has me hard thinking about the possibilities.

“Well, I like to play dress up. Would you like me to dress up for you?” Benni asks.

“Sure, tell me about your outfit, what will you wear?” I ask squeezing my cock through my pants.

“Oh, Benni Girl can’t tell you that. It’s a secret, but you won’t be disappointed. I will tell you that my little boi pussy is ready for you to do to it what you did to your friend. Benni really liked watching Daddy’s handsome cock sliding in and out of that other nice man.” He says really getting into the girl role now.

“Well Benni Girl, Daddy will be glad to fuck that little boi pussy for you. But, you know what, Daddy likes cock sucking too. Does Benni Girl like cock sucking?” Now I am really getting into this myself and have reached into my pants to fondle my hot cock.

“Oh boy! Benni Girl loves to suck a nice hard Daddy cock. I will love to suck for you.” Benni says.

“No Benni Girl, Daddy wants to suck your cock too. Would you like that?” I confess.

“Oh yes, the other men never suck Benni Girls clitty for her. I would love it but want to do yours first. Will you come visit me, please, please, come see me all dressed up!” She says. Shit, now I’m thinking of him as a her! She is taking me somewhere really new and it is making me hot.

“When do you want this nastiness to happen?” I ask hoping for right now!

She tells me where she lives and I figure I can shower and be there in a couple of hours and she (I keep doing that!) says she will be ready.

Fuck it if someone wants to be identified as such I am fine with it.

We say our good byes and I am off to shower and shave. I shave everywhere expecting Benni to do the same.

When I arrive at the address in a nice apartment building,I knock trying not to make it sound like I am trying to take the door down and hear “Come in.”

Opening the door I see she is standing there with one tanned leg off to the side. Platform shoes, purple and pink stripped socks to mid-calf. Micro shorts with a prominent ball and cock bulge. Her balls bulge out in front and her cock looks pretty hard as it points off to the side. Bare mid-drift with a sequined black mini top. She has long straight brown hair that looks real. She must have had it tied back when we met at the beach.

She puts a hand on her out-thrust hip and says: “What do you think Daddy?”

“I think somebody is going to get fucked tonight! And sucked, maybe a couple of times. Come here sweetness.”

As she stepped to me I took her face into my hands and kissed her, wetly and Kadıköy Ukraynalı Escort with a lot of tongue. As I broke the kiss I looked at her and said: “I can’t believe this, you look so different and so fucking HOT. I am thinking about you as a girl, is that weird?”

“No Daddy, when I dress like this I am a girl. I’m your Benni Girl and will do anything you like. Tell me what you want me to do for you and I will be your slave.” She says.

“Well baby, the first thing I want is to take off those hot pants of yours so I can see that hard cock of yours.” I say as I search for the opening to her shorts.

She shows me a zipper on the side and tries to open them for me. I push her hands away and pull the zip down and spread her shorts open. She helps me lower them by wiggling her hips and looks so hot doing it. We have a little trouble getting them by her platforms but we both are on a mission and get it done. She has a pink bikini like bottom on but it is only big enough to contain her shaved balls. Her hard uncut cock is under the string to the side and very hard. I didn’t really get a good look at it at the beach and it is beautiful. She is fat, long and oozing juice. I fondle her foreskin and work it back and forth as I cup her balls.

“I can’t believe how hot you look baby! You look so feminine even with this beautiful cock. I cannot wait to feel it in my mouth.” I tell her.

She reaches to my belt and smoothly opens my pants and before I know it I am stepping out of them. I step out of my loafers easily as she moves to unbutton my shirt. I am glad I didn’t wear socks.

“Do you want me naked Daddy?” She asks.

“No my beauty I want you just like you are, just maybe somewhere more comfortable.” I say and she takes my hand and leads me to her bedroom.

It looks like any other young girls room all frills and pink with fresh flowers and candles. She steps out of her shoes and now is just a little shorter than me. We kiss softly as we both try to cover each other’s body with our hands.

She drops to her knees and takes my pulsing cock into her mouth. Before I know it she easily has half in her mouth and is running her tongue all over my length. Spit is flowing out from between her lips and covers my ball sack.

She breaks away to say breathlessly: “Oh daddy you have such a perfect cock. I need to do this before anything else. Please let me suck your wonderful man cock.”

Wanting it as much as she does but know I will not be able to stand long so try to move us to the bed. She quickly gets onto the bed but holds me standing next to it. Before I can say or do anything she is laying on her back with her head hanging over the edge.

“Fuck baby’s mouth Daddy, put your big cock in my mouth.” She moans reaching for my hips to bring me to her mouth. This is one of my favorite positions, either being sucked or doing the sucking and spread my legs around her face and present her my cock. I am pointing up at a 45 degree angle so my balls more easily find her mouth.

She sucks each of my balls working them over very nicely. This does nothing to slow the massive quantity of blood flowing through my cock. She wants my cock and has enough experience to know what to do.

She spins me around so I am facing the other way and pulls my ass cheeks open and lowers me to her mouth. Her tongue finds my ass hole easily with a familiarity of a long time lover. As she works my anus over I almost pass out and all I can do is moan: “Oh baby, eat Daddy’s hole for him.”

She is covering my ass hole and licking it very nicely. But she reaches up to find my cock, and like most guys, it has drooped some and she spins me around again and sucks my cock into her mouth.

“Baby, Daddy liked that, will you do it again?” I ask not knowing what I want now. My cock feels so perfect in her mouth and she made my ass feel so good, but as I look down her body I see her nice cock pointing straight up begging for my mouth.

I can feel my cock hardening and it is making it difficult for her to comfortably suck me so I lean forward to take her into my mouth. Now my cock and her mouth come together smoothly.

As I bury my face in her crotch swallowing her cock I smell and taste something I have never experienced Kadıköy Üniversiteli Escort in all the cocks I have sucked.


Over the last year and a half I have sucked and really enjoyed sucking a lot of cock. Many different and some a lot, but I have never tasted or smelled anything this nice.

Her balls are still cupped by the pouch she is wearing and I caress them as I suck her tasty cock.

She raises her ass pushing her cock to meet my mouth and reaches behind me to run her fingers down my ass crack to tease my anus again keeping me hot but not so hard that I still easily slide into her mouth and down her throat. She works my hips without removing her fingers from my crack to start a fucking motion of my hips to match hers.

We frantically get into a rhythm fucking and sucking each other. Still cupping her balls I pull back enough to suck her foreskin, running my tongue around her cock head while stroking her hard shaft with my free hand.

She is working me in and out of her mouth like one possessed. Before I know it I am shooting my load down her throat. Shot after knee quivering shot of hot man juice fills her mouth and she takes it lustfully, moaning all the time.

As my orgasm subsides I realize I have forgotten her cock and as I try to take her back into my mouth she moves out from under me and pulls me to the bed beside her.

“Baby, let me make you cum. You made Daddy feel so good; I want to do the same for you. Let me suck your beautiful boi cock.” I say as I reach for her.

“If you really want to make your baby cum, put it in my little boi pussy. Fuck me like you fucked your friend on the beach, except this time it will make me cum. I bet if you fuck me with that nice cock of yours I can cum without touching my little clitty.”

As I reach for her “clitty” I say: “If this is a clitty it is the biggest one I have ever seen and I would love to have it cum in my mouth.”

She moves so that I lose my grip on her clitty and we roll around gently wrestling. I easily pin her and have her struggling between my legs and the rubbing of my cock and balls starts making me hard again.

As I have her under my outstretched arms and legs she moves rubbing her thighs together and I feel her now very hard cock slip between my ball sack and leg. My cock and balls are sliding around her belly on our mixture of cock leakages.

I could get off again like this but when someone is begging me to fuck their ass when I have had to work so hard to get some women to try it, I am ready to please her.

“Roll over sweet cakes and let Daddy make love to your boi pussy.” I tell her.

She rolls over and pushes her sweet little ass up for me. She reaches back to move the string of her ball pouch out of the way exposing her ass hole to me. It glistened and looked like she had put pink lip gloss on it. As I leaned forward I could smell more cinnamon. As I kissed her anus I knew where the aroma came from, she had used some type of anal lube and was ready for me, but I wanted this ass and was going to eat me some before I pushed my cock into it.

“You are a nasty little slut aren’t you, all lubed up for Daddy’s cock. I bet you have a lot of experience getting cock don’t you my slut.” I tell her wanting to see her limits.

“Yes, Benni Girl is a real cock slut but yours is the one I have wanted the worst. Your juice tasted so good fill my boi pussy with it and make me yours. Fuck me daddy.”

I lean forward and stick my tongue into her ass hole and she opens right up. She taste like her scent and it excites me to know she is such a slut and wants me so wantonly.

As much as I want to eat her ass out I am surprised that my cock is so hard so quickly and as I raise up to place my cock head at her entrance I say to her: “Is this what you want my little sissy slut? You want this hard cock? Tell me bitch!”

“Oh please Daddy, give me that cock I want so bad. Give all of it, every inch until there isn’t any more. Oh Daddy fill me with your love.”

“Hold your pussy open for me.” I told her as I reached between her legs and pulled her now semi hard cock and balls back between her legs and holding her legs between mine I run my balls over her cock and ball sack. This Kadıköy Vip Escort rubs my cock head over her hot open anus. I am holding her in place but she can cause us to rub our genitals against each other’s. When my cock head runs across her ass hole she says: “Put your perfect cock in me and fuck my pussy Daddy.”

Not being able to wait any longer I angle my cock head to her ass hole and slip inside of her. I have fucked a lot of people in the ass lately but no one has been able to take half of my cock all at once. She easily takes it while tightening her colon squeezing my cock.

“You little cock slut. I can’t believe how easily you took that much cock. You are a tramp and I really love it. Here can you take all of me?” I ask as I push my cock slowly into her until our balls rub.

Her moans almost make me cum right then. I have never felt anything as nice as her ass feels right now. I don’t move I just hold onto her hips and relish the feel of my cock inside of her.

I reach for her hair and pull her face to mine, glad she isn’t wearing a wig and kiss her hotly forcing my tongue into her mouth. Force is an overstatement as she welcomes it and meets it with hers. We fuck each other’s mouth wildly.

“My little fuck bunny I have had my cock in a lot of pussies and more than a bunch of asses, male and female and I have never had my cock anywhere as heavenly as your boi pussy right now.”

I start rolling my hips fucking her ass as I tongue fuck her mouth. She reaches around to slide the fingers of one of her hands between my ass cheeks to find my ass hole and press her middle finger into me.

Always wanting more I say to her: “Baby I wish you had two more cocks. One to suck and another to fuck my ass while I am in yours.”

“You nasty man, you are a bigger slut than I am, but I bet I could find some for you.” She laughs. “Now fuck me properly.”

We fuck like this for a while but I want to make her cum before I do again and without pulling out of her roll her onto her back. She knows what I want and pulls her legs up spreading them and exposing her sexual center to me. I take her still semi hard cock into my hand and start to stroke her.

She starts to harden in my hand and I say to her: “That’s it my little slut, get that clitty big for Daddy, I want you to cum for me. Shoot your load everywhere so I can lick it up and taste your juice.”

This pushes her over the edge and she starts cumming while still only semi hard and I stroke her faster and faster until she slows. As she is cumming she is squeezing my cock in her ass and it brings me to the brink and I race over it and shoot my second load into her guts. This excites her and she starts cumming again before she has stopped cumming from the first time. This is a first for me, but one of so many today. I have cum so many times in so many ways and been with many men who have done a lot of cumming too, but never saw this before.

She has thrown her head back and has her eyes tightly closed as she pushes her ass to my cock. Silently begging for all I can give her.

We are lost in the intenseness of the moment. Her ass gripping me. My cock filling and fucking her and my hand stroking her cock.

We both are covered with the sweat of our coupling and I am overwhelmed by the immensity of the fuck. My senses are overwhelmed. Seeing this, the feelings in my cock and hand, hearing her cries of joy and the smell of her cum, my cum squirting out around my cock, our sweat and the change of sent in the lube. To complete the flood of stimulation of my senses I reach down to scoop up some of her cum and lick it off my fingers. As she feels me touch her belly she opens her eyes and sees me sucking up her cum.

“Oh Daddy, you are the nastiest man ever and the best lover I have ever had! I will never forget this moment. You make me feel like a complete girl.” She tells me as she wiggles her ass on my still hard cock.

Sensitive now my cock cannot take any more stimulus and I slowly pull out of her ass. I watch and love watching her ass work around my cock until I am free of her and she remains open for a moment before slowly closing. Almost immediately my man juice leaks out of her anus. I lean down to slurp up some of it and she pushes her butt into my face. I tongue fuck her boi pussy for a moment but am beat.

I roll to lay by her side and pull her into my arms and say quietly: “That was out of this world my little fuck toy.”

As she pulls the covers over us she snuggles under my arm and says: “Well maybe we can try for something more after a little nap…….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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